Saturday, 13 February 2016

I’ve no need of a Valentine reminder when in you I already have my saintly Goddess!

By Stanley Collymore

Do I love you? Of course I do as I always said I would,
unquestionably wanted to and solemnly promised to
you then, and as I still do, that I shall forever carry
on loving you. And do you want to know why?
Because I really and truthfully do love you!
And nothing that I know of or could ever
conceivably foresee will ever alter that
fact, which for me is a constant and
undeviating reminder of and also
a committed and my enduring
reality of how precisely it is
that I actually feel for you.
So bearing all that seriously and objectively in
mind I don’t see why I should permit myself
in any shape or sense to either logically or
as a perceived matter of fact willingly or
unthinkingly on this annually paraded
and vastly commercially conceived
postulation with its conspicuously
attendant commercially devised
bandwagon, whose financially
compensated beneficiaries
cynically and covetously
prey on these vulnerable
and credulous morons.

Themselves irrationally more preoccupied with the
ephemeral and populous notion of being in love
rather than uprightly, studiously and eruditely
concentrating on and cultivating, as a matter
of choice, their own productive conception
of love which, accordingly, could then be
generously expanded into formulating a
distinct and tailored form of love that
transparently meets and fulfils their
own identifiable, individual needs;
not the desires of the collective
masses as is so unashamedly
disseminated. And why it is my dearest Darling that
there’s an enormous world of difference between
what I unalterably feel for you and will forever
carry on doing so, and what these plethora of
toadying and credulous fools, manipulatively,
premeditatedly ensnared by the counterfeit
trappings of every foisted St. Valentine’s
Day thrust on them, and the financially
motivated superfluities churned out ad nauseum
by the carpetbaggers of that trade that overly
support these monetary intrigues, allowing
themselves to be influenced it’s right and
hence to routinely do. Quite improper I
would say for the likes of you and me
and why emphatically it’s a senseless
game I categorically wouldn’t even
contemplate being associated with
in any possible way far less so in
an entire month of Sundays opt
to play! For love I indomitably
feel should judiciously never
be a profit making activity;
and won’t ever be so for
those who actually like
me rightly believe in
taking it seriously!

© Stanley V. Collymore
28 January 2016.

Author’s Remarks:
As you celebrate either of your own free volition or at the dictates of those with a marked and graspingly manipulative agenda just remember that true love is and has never been a “commodity” that can be bought and sold but rather is a combination of personal and other meaningful factors that of their own accord as well as having purposely been encouraged by those concerned developed between two individuals that truly and lovingly cared for each other and to whom all else within that amorous and loyal equation is significantly secondary and even tertiary!

So bearing that in mind do enjoy your St. Valentine’s Day, which from my perspective should be personally celebrated everyday, and strange as it might seem often is by those who genuinely care for each other; and not simply consigned to just one day in the year that’s publicly designated by those whose only purpose is to make money out of it and your supposed affections for some other person.

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