Monday, 7 December 2015

My pledge as a lone wolf assassin!

By Stanley Collymore

If I must live then please let it be as a free man purposely endowed
with the unfettered and unchallenged realization concomitant
with a universally accepted right to openly and at all times
act in accordance with my personally and deeply held
convictions attendant with the inherent beliefs and
precious value system that stem from them and
which combined, definitively represent my
conscience. A well thought out, earnestly
engaged in, fully implemented and thoroughly moral situation
completely devoid of the fraudulent influences of coercive
actions or other insidious and pernicious measures that
either blatantly or else surreptitiously endeavour to
forcibly undermine my will or self-confidence as
a rational, conscionable and principled human
being fully and of my own free volition and
accordingly greatly aware and therefore
not having to continually be reminded,
not just of the individual responsibilities that I have to myself
as a prescient-minded and thinking person but also in terms
of my benevolent duties to those among my fellow man
who are extremely deserving of them; and willingly
and daringly doing so in both of these instances
without either asking or expecting anything
in return. And in such circumstances, as
any genuine right-minded person will
intentionally do to achieve such a
creditable ambition, voluntarily
make the essential sacrifice
of their life should they
ever be required to!

© Stanley V. Collymore
7 December 2015.

Author’s Thoughts:
I could have written this poem in the third person and additionally as some abstract dissertation but intentionally and unapologetically chose to pen it in the first person – those of you with any intelligible knowledge of the English language will instantly know what I mean, the rest of you it’s much too complex I know for your quite limited brains to grasp so do yourselves a massive favour and just forget it – that I’ve accordingly done and for the quite simple and unambiguous reasons that the markedly ethical sentiments that are unequivocally and sincerely articulated in this literary exposition of mine are those that deep-seatedly and conscionably resonate with my own honest opinions which are themselves consciously conceived of and given birth from very exhaustively well-researched, compellingly convincing and most significantly a moral compass-instituted, comprehensively implemented, recurrently fostered, moral, religious, cultural and also a profoundly and enduring familial upbringing to which I instinctively and irreversibly owe a great deal and consequently attach paramount and unalterable importance to.

Those of you with functioning brains and who’re in the routine habit of thinking for yourselves are already familiar with the numerous false flags and other similarly dastardly scenarios which your domestic political regimes, elected representatives, risibly named security services and the entire kit and caboodle of state apparatuses which habitually control and even dominate your lives have been conspiratorially involved in and at the proverbial drop of a hat, so to speak, are quite murderously, dementedly, sociopathically and with the evidently frenzied and feral intensity of the toxic and inbred psychopaths that they are, rather venally and most enjoyably go about their homicidal work.

In quite recent times the premeditatedly formulated and lethally realized false flags operations of 9/11; the dodgy Iraq dossier; the Libya scenario; the Tunisian beach “massacre”; the Charlie Hebdo affair; and the 13 November 2015 Paris “slaughter” to cite only a small sample of them are all examples of the perverse and conspicuous evil that wholly permeates the sick minds of those with their well established and white supremacist delusions, deeply ingrained imperialist, colonialist and to the Manor Born class-based and antediluvian hereditarily endowed illusions coupled, as is markedly the case in Britain with social-climbing aspirations of the most hideous kind, that are symbiotically conjoined with the avaricious zeal derived from and consummately engendered by those like the Military Industrial Complex, affiliated financial organizations and their media associates whose sole agenda is death, preferably and as is usually the case effected in the Global South, and  accordingly grotesquely profiting from it. However, to carry on doing so they must have at their disposal an incredibly gullible, brain-dead or otherwise an easy to manipulate public and lamentably there’s no shortage of such persons across the west and most noticeably so throughout the United States and Britain.

In conclusion, do I see myself for whatever reason as a lone wolf assassin or empathize with those who might categorize themselves as such? Well as the old saying goes that’s for me to know and those, whoever they are: official state players or mere curious or nosy individuals, that are desirous of ascertaining the true facts about me in that regard to find out. But trust me; you won’t! However assiduously you monitor me. Now there’s a challenge for you!

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