Monday, 14 December 2015

Debenhams the commercial Ku Klux Klan of the British high street!

By Stanley Collymore

Debenhams like every other company, whether commercial
or otherwise, has an inalienable right to appoint whoever
it wants to award is promotional campaigns to, as well
as determine the material content that it consciously
and premeditatedly in these endorsement, or more
aptly stated propaganda, ads implants to basically
represent the purported public image of the said
company, the products it sells, or the services
which it either provides or promotes. But
not dissimilar from the hubristic and self-publicizing individual,
and importantly one who is somewhat obsessively quite full
of himself or herself, such intentional actions do none the
less demand, and should indisputably also carry certain
specified responsibilities, and especially so when that
persona is deliberately bandied about in the public
arena: truth and the recognition of reality not the
least amongst them. Requirements that clearly
shouldn’t be overlooked or evaded if those
concerned either individually and most
undeniably so corporately, have any
concept of their responsibility or
even the slightest modicum of
maturity, common or garden
decency or any plausible
credibility about them.

Debenhams a high street store in the United Kingdom, and
somewhat vaingloriously and most markedly ludicrously
and laughably self-publicizing itself as some kind of a
treasured and national icon, has depressingly, most
offensively and with racist intent deliberately but
oh so asininely in this spurious process readily
circumvented even the most basic protocols
that in the given circumstances that it has
foolishly placed itself in, and were one
so imprudently disposed to persuade
themselves not to notice or be hoodwinked into thinking that
Debenhams is even remotely what it exaggeratedly claims
to be, that transitory moment of unrepressed insanity on
the duped observer’s part would instantaneously and
permanently be resolved and promptly depart on
intelligently learning of the authentic veracity
pertaining to and elaborately coupled with
the devious shenanigans engaged in by
Debenhams, which are self-servingly
introduced and similarly dishonestly directed by its
bosses and salaried advisers: moral losers to the
umpteenth degree all of them, bereft of logic
and additionally as any person gifted with
a conscience and fully cognizant of the
patently duplicitous carryings-on at
Debenhams would previously have
recognized, as being principally
deficient of an apparent moral
compass together with the
visible non-existence of
even the deception of
an individual or any
collective integrity.

Otherwise how else can any authentic and seriously
minded person not only with a fully-fledged and
energetically functioning conscience but who
is similarly in total possession of a genuine
moral compass and moreover has it fine
tuned and properly switched on, make
any appropriate sense of, rationally
explain or much less so remotely
attach any credence whatever to
what Debenhams is corruptly,
meretriciously, revoltingly,
exceedingly unethically,
quite intentionally and
moreover has clearly
and demonstrably
small mindedly
as well, vilely
to embark
on doing?

For commercially inspirational icon, although in reality
it’s far from being any such thing, as the asinine and
brain-dead bosses at or the lowlife, tawdrily inept
but all the same extortionately avaricious “spiv”
advisors to Debenhams risibly see this high
street company as or not, only the inane,
those who’re delusionally, and happily
so it would seem in their bitter state
of make believe and additionally
entrenched in an 18th and 19th Century respectively
mindset quite prevalent at the time and before
any of those concerned were conceived let
alone born, or else are so conspicuously
blind that they cheerlessly fail to see
that the United Kingdom isn’t and
honestly historically never was –
the spontaneous conclusion of
several millennia of ongoing
immigration - or is it significantly ever likely to be,
as those associated with Debenhams ludicrously
think it rightfully should become and hence
unpardonably espouse – to distinctly be
the restricted and untouchable domain
to be set aside for, and exclusively
assigned to white Caucasians of
the alleged “Master Race.” To
which I say to these pillocks
who manage Debenhams,
and like minded morons
like them: “Dream on!”

© Stanley V. Collymore
14 December 2015.

Author’s Comments:
On Thursday December 10, 2015 Debenhams took out a full colour front page advertisement - I invite you to see it for yourself – with the London Metro a freebie newspaper to the public but is otherwise well connected politically and commercially with the Zionist far right in the UK and beyond, and distributed nationally across England at least. Furthermore and quite predictably it’s regularly featured, in the Metro; on the Rupert Murdoch owned Sky News and additionally and without fail is prominently every night routinely highlighted as well on Sky News Press Preview slot that comes on air every night directly after the 10pm news has finished at 10.30 pm and lasts for the next half hour. A routine that is repeated ad nauseum at the end of each subsequent news segment and every time lasts for its half hour duration. So quite an exposure for the London Metro and Debenhams, or more appropriately in the case of the latter the views of those who run this company, and who undoubtedly are quite cognizant of this, and therefore where better to push and actively promote their subliminal and pernicious bigoted messages.

So having read my poem and during that process taking into consideration too the old maxim that people should be judged by the company they regularly and happily keep it would be most remiss then of me not to append the same axiom to Debenhams. And for me it isn’t about one repulsive advertisement authorized by Debenhams that provoked this poem but a gross accumulation of racist conditioning and insider whistleblower information passed on to me and which are coupled with my own astute discernment of what I’ve seen personally for myself in relation to how others not of the white Caucasian kind have been treated by Debenhams and consequently have resulted in me now for several years ongoingly pledging to myself that whatever the circumstances or however acute these might be I won’t be seen dead in any branch of Debenhams let alone in any way reinforce their grasping, unconscionable or their pernicious racist propensities towards their own and markedly objectionable self-aggrandizement.

And as you mull over what I’ve said earlier I again invite you to consciously scrutinize that full page colour advertisement of Debenhams I previously made mention of and note the marked and conscious absence throughout that advertisement in what’s essentially a multi-ethnic Britain of anyone, from babes in arms to the elderly and of both genders, who isn’t white and Caucasian. Clearly in the ostensibly and oft-stated “Christian” United Kingdom and at a time of peace and goodwill to all mankind – moreover it might be worth mentioning at the very least and even appropriately stressing that additionally it could also serve as a most salutary exercise by reflecting on the true, historically authentic and not as has become so commonplace and beloved by those who infest the “leadership” of Debenhams and other likeminded nerds, the delusional and make believe racial origins of Jesus Christ and his parents – Debenhams’ bosses evidently have no such courteousness or common decency to dispense to others who don’t look like and moreover are staunchly considered to be inferior to them.

But typically they’ve not the slightest objections to these Niggers, Wogs, Sambos, Pakis, Half-Castes, Half-Breeds, Piccaninies or what other odious names they apply to these people shopping in Debenhams as money is the sole God of these talmudic-Zionists and wherever it comes from is immaterial, but other than that these sub-human types are perceived to serve no useful purpose at all. And who really cares if it’s Christmas? After all Jesus Christ is no longer who he originally was and transformationally is now an integral part, perhaps not religiously but most certainly commercially, of the sponging, privileged and well-heeled white Caucasian environment; and that’s how it must commercially and in every other profitable way unalterably remain. So why place sub-humans in a treasured Debenhams’ Christmas advertisement?

For those of you with convenient memories or who weren’t born then, Fords the motor car manufacturer did a similar asinine thing in 1990/91. Along with these tweets and my poem: “Debenhams the commercial Ku Klux Klan of the British high street”, I’ve also posted two highly relevant and contemporaneous articles by Advertising Age and the Independent Newspaper that reported on the insane Ford saga. A highly embarrassed Ford allegedly learnt valuable lessons it said at the time and grudgingly apologized after initially making a number of lame, unconvincing and downright lying excuses for those responsible for this racist faux pas at its Dagenham plant. Will Debenhams do the same? I won’t hold my breath on that one if I were you; I know I shan’t! For they haven’t a creditable ounce of integrity in them. Meanwhile, I shall resolutely carry on with my several years old personal boycott of Debenhams; but if those of you deemed by them as sub-humans want to keep on propping them up financially, quite frankly and no apologies from me, you’re most welcome to and evidently deserve each other!

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