Saturday, 14 November 2015

The political mood has drastically changed and Momentum is now with us!

By Stanley Collymore

For our incomparable leader Mr Jeremy Corbyn – who we
don’t need meaningless or disingenuous titles attached
to him to recognize or accept either his compelling
astuteness or his greatness – and with attendant
heartfelt sentiments similarly bestowed on
all present and prospective members and
the several fully-fledged supporters of Momentum. And to
our adversaries, detractors and critics: genuine or simply
naturally delusional, unlike you, we comprehensively
know, entirely understand, methodically appreciate
wholeheartedly respect, and steadfastly support
with every fibre of our body the precepts of
genuine democracy – not the sham mirage
which is passed off by odious charlatans
as such – and, importantly too, won’t
depart one solitary iota from any of
them. And that’s why we’ll eventually win and you,
unless you transform your antediluvian, untenable,
wholly unlawful and quite discriminatory ways,
will unavoidably and deservedly lose. For put
bluntly and compelled to face glaring facts;
as you inevitably must, time, justice and
irreversible change are most definitely
on our side as is political momentum,
which likewise is with us. And only
doltish losers or those that clearly
and fatuously are ensconced in
their fantasy, virtual reality
world totally removed, as
that is, from all real life
situations predictably
won’t ever be able
to grapple with
or understand
any of that!

© Stanley V. Collymore
13 November 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
Politics should be about tackling serious and other key issues that impact on the daily lives of the citizens of the countries involved and where the politicians who’re democratically entrusted with such power apply it to conscionably deal with these issues in a mature and adult manner, and not aspire to joining or becoming members of ludicrously antiquated and privileged secret clubs that in reality have nothing to do with democracy or how effectively that country should be run; and I’m referring here specifically to the Privy Council. Unfortunately, however, that invariably is far from being the case and is itself often compounded by the fact that should anyone deviate from this accepted norm he or she rather than being seen as a welcome breath of fresh is on the contrary treated as a dangerous pariah and outcast that in no circumstances should be tolerated let alone belong to that assumed privileged club.

That’s exactly the position that Jeremy Corbyn found himself in and because he does see such behaviour as utterly reprehensible, refuses to countenance or indulge in it, and furthermore makes his views unambiguously known in relation to such matters is therefore viewed as a dangerous threat.

Now sensible and intelligent people don’t buy any of this nonsense and to assume or even assert that in the 21st Century this absurd form of outmoded behaviour should be seen and accepted as the fulcrum of civilized behaviour is rather nonsensical to say the very least. And popular though this conduct is with the overwhelming majority of snouts in the troughs MPs, Simon Danczuk among them; current or ex-public service officials financial pimps, of the “calibre” of John Scarlet, and the plethora of those that enthusiastically collude with each other and additionally go to great lengths to safeguard their own paedophilia practising, condoning and the intense safety of their friends comparable activities not only speaks volumes about these persons that in all conscionable terms constitute the individual and collective elements of the detritus of humanity that they undeniably are but also, in my opinion, equally demonstrate just how sick the country they infest is.

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