Tuesday, 4 August 2015

White virtual reality clowns with no real idea of the country which they claim to be exclusively theirs!

By Stanley Collymore

How very typical of these double standards practitioners of numerous instances of past and ongoing public office malfeasance, endemic corruption and myriad cases of systematic injustices across the board within the UK, who wouldn’t insist in any given situation that their much vaunted white kith and kin and transparently economic migrants that are quite cheerfully utilizing for themselves life enhancement opportunities afforded to them abroad and who evidently lack any intelligent comprehension and all definable similar articulate expression of the English language they nevertheless bizarrely and idiotically claim as their own much less so any erudite understanding, knowledge or demonstrable capability of, or even the willingness to learn the language of the respective country they migrate to, are all the same most happy to indifferently carry as they’ve been previously doing.

Yet always expecting instead that the locals whose countries they emigrate to speak English to them or in their presence and with those who’re avidly supportive of this but observably want something entirely different at home for migrants to the UK, wouldn’t insist that these UK emigrants should or even worst had to learn the languages of the countries they go to live and work in, and would be literally up in arms together with their embedded and toadying media “stenographers” if the authorities in these host countries where their white kith and kin migrated to, and particularly those of any EU state, applied these same draconian but largely and intentionally prejudicial  measures and practices that they, the UK authorities are now introducing and cheerfully implementing against foreigners to Britain.

And furthermore would lose no opportunity at all, naturally arisen or perniciously contrived, to  vilify and lambaste in typical British hypocritical fashion identically instituted actions by these countries that would now be publicly and vociferously attacked by the very same UK authorities as not only subjectively discriminatory and unmerited acts against British subjects but also unwarrantedly hostile and illegal intentions towards Britons per se as well as a gross affront to their self-esteem and the dignity of Britain itself; while threateningly demanding at the same time that these one-sidedly perceived and condemned prejudicial measures against the British community in that specific country were withdrawn immediately.

Now while I’m tremendously in favour of people deciding to live or work in countries whose languages they don’t speak at least making an earnest effort, for obvious reasons and patently commonsensical reasons, to appropriately familiarize themselves with the local languages of the country they freely choose to go to, such action nevertheless must always, in my opinion, be voluntary in nature and most emphatically with measures of coercion of any kind strongly resisted and permanently kept out of this particular equation. And most specifically so if the new arrivals to that country are enforced, already evidently and deeply traumatized as well as vulnerable refugees that have personally risked defyingly oppressive odds, incredibly lengthy and hazardous journeys and even risked death in that process, literally fleeing for their lives, to subsequently reach their final but discernibly in many instances unwelcome destination of relative “safety”.

I’ve happily lived and worked in Germany for several years and apart from being fluent in German and academically qualified in it as well, a large number of those who’re very close and important to me in my life, personally and professionally, are German. But I do know from personal experience that many Brits that I come across in Germany, an experience also encountered by my several German friends, and who actually live in Germany don’t speak German at all or have any intention whatsoever of learning the language, and when asked to rationally explain why they don’t, all they can absurdly say in their ludicrous defence is that most Germans speak and understand English, and therefore as Brits they don’t have to or see the necessity to learn German.

And it’s a pretty safe bet that those British economic migrants swarming – David Cameron’s current xenophobic and racist buzzword – Berlin at the present time in all probability don’t speak German either and furthermore see no need to learn or converse in it. In the same way that the multiplicity of bigoted politicians that they left behind at home and together with the many jobsworth public officials that autocratically want to impose on the UK a monolingual dictatorship, simply haven’t the inclination nor the ability, to be perfectly honest, to learn or speak another language if their pathetic lives depended on them doing so.

And some of you will doubtlessly recall that during Christopher Soames’ tenure of office as Britain’s ambassador to France, our closest continental neighbour, he was the solitary Briton among the entire British diplomatic staff posted to France that spoke French, with the bizarre situation, and one replete with its obvious opportunities for espionage of the Foreign Office in London having to literally employ scores of locally French based Frenchmen and women to carry out crucial translation and other vital work within the British embassy in France and also between the relevant French authorities in Paris and their British counterparts in London.

And strikingly the irony in all this and ongoingly so in 2015 is that FRENCH and not English and furthermore by statute is the official language of England and was made so by none other than William the Conqueror and his invincible Normans, accepted by the conquered English populace whose leaders personally and quite enthusiastically it appeared embraced this move that was consolidated over the subsequent centuries and generations, either actively so or de facto by default, by consecutive English regimes, and among whom none of them have either parliamentarily or in any other way repealed this still en vogue and legitimate statute.

So I must confess that I couldn’t resist a wry smile on learning what these profoundly idiotic, manifestly intellectually handicapped and astoundingly lunatic ignoramuses quite obviously lacking even the most basic truthful historical knowledge about England or the rest of the UK come to that preferring instead to blissfully immerse themselves in their entirely maladjusted and evidently dishonest virtual reality world of the most confusingly fanciful delusions about Britain generally and England expressly are self-publicizingly committed to doing – namely to unilaterally and without the mandatory and properly approved parliamentary legislation in situ turn English, in their skewed perception of what reality is all about, into the official and a supposedly unmatched language in our country; something that positively and significantly in all respects at present and to all well informed persons it lawfully is NOT!

“Dieu et mon droit” – clearly French and not English – is the official motto of the Monarch of the United Kingdom outside of Scotland. Not extraordinary that, as Norman French was the principal language of the English Royal Court and ruling classes following William the Conqueror’s rule and during that of the Plantagenots. Also the motto of the august Order of the Garter is in French and reads as follows: “Honi soit qui mal y pense.” So French cultural and linguistic influences not only significantly impacted on Britain but were also pervasive across the historical development and civilizing landscape of Britain generally and England in particular.

At the 17th Century established Grammar School that I enjoyably attended as a boy, French together with English obviously, Latin and classical Greek were core subjects of my school’s curriculum and all the pupils’ standard studies and academic examinations programmes – the GCE “O”, “A” and Scholarship level exams set and regulated by the Oxford and Cambridge Universities Examination Board – that we all, the assembly of pupils at this quite trailblazing gender equality coeducational grammar school undertook. German though wasn’t part of our school syllabus; and for me the interest in and study of German would come some years later after I’d left school and by choice.

However, notwithstanding the varied influences of these other languages in my life socially and professionally my major and devoted love unquestionably in the past and most definitely still is, is English which I’ve not only studied academically, have an excellent knowledge and command of - I don’t believe in false modesty, don’t propose to start acting differently in that particular regard now and will not demean myself by ever embarking on it – but in turn have taught academically at every conceivable level as an academic subject and also as a foreign language; so I don’t mind in the least saying, and unapologetically too, that I’m not spouting hot air out of my ass but do know what I’m actually talking about! And while I have a most profound and everlasting love for English, but unsurprisingly not the dumbed-down sort that I have an absolute aversion towards, I most definitely don’t want to see semi-literate or worst still downright jobsworth louts prostituting English in any way shape or form, and especially doing so for their discernibly sick, unquestionably perverse, entrenched racist and revoltingly xenophobic and politically motivated agendas.

Therefore, from a completely personal and dare I say entirely commonsensical outlook then, and with Britain’s past imperialistic role still delusionally embedded as a blessing and firmly maintained in their ill-informed heads by many dim-witted and obtuse Colonel Blimp morons across the white spectra of British society, and with a prior global empire that encompassed a large array of countries with a massive diversity of languages between them, and additionally with a number of people from these former colonial territories or their British born and raised descendants living in the UK and significantly preserving close familial contacts and cultural ties and other critical relations with their birth or ancestral homelands, I would honestly have thought it not only far-sighted and prudent, because of these entrenched, longstanding, well established and evidently preceding, ongoing and intimately interwoven links with these ex-colonial entities but also completely from an economical, business creation, trade generating and a mutually beneficial perspective; concomitant with the UK being able to advantageously from a position of its previous and close familiarity with the social, cultural and the political infrastructure that invariably it created itself during its colonial era and controlling tenure of these now overwhelmingly independent nations  and developing states, could more than most “developed” countries in the world make the most of these multiple opportunities.

That is, if its political and economic leaders together with the overwhelming majority of the white populace generally had either the intellect, nous or foresight to do so, and recognizing at the same time that their oft-stated beloved Britain was better placed than practically most other countries to fully embrace all the transparent advantages of being the one country in the entire world with so many global languages operational within in and thus constructively go ahead  and make full use of this gifted blessing, rather than preposterously perceiving it as a curse, while at the same time asininely identifying this state of affairs as something markedly damaging to the interests of the delusional conceptions that they and their leadership jointly, idiotically and imprudently but even so intentionally deceive themselves that Britain either is or should be in the 21st Century.

For if they could effectively rid themselves of these delusional concepts of theirs and begin dealing with reality for a change the Britain, and England, that they profess to love so much could realistically and quite easily on the back of these linguistic propensities alone readily become a dependably valuable financial and industrial powerhouse with an unmatched and most authentically authoritative constituency markedly at its disposal; as well as provide a real stimulus and genuine force for enduring peace, stability and economic prosperity between these various constructively involved nations and the United Kingdom itself while, at the same time, clearly, beneficially and voluntarily reinforcing through a most reciprocally encouraged, universally applied, intense, insightful and together with a mutual respect for each other and between themselves and the UK of course set a positive benchmark for future relationships, rather than British whites somewhat wishfully, blissfully wallowing in their preposterous fantasies and in the process deliberately creating the currently existing and vile deception of general white Caucasian and particularly white British delusional ideas of their invented divine exceptionalism that in turn with its attendant and systematically insidious evils of endemic racism, xenophobia, imperialistic and colonialist attitudes of white supremacy and rampant nimbyism that are discernibly prevalent throughout the character of many white Britons and residents - and unsurprising to all sensible and intelligent folk - will continue to pose a real and sinister threat to the entire fabric of British society if things are allowed to carry on as they are.

Something that only someone who is unmistakably a justified candidate for a straight jacketing regime and a padded cell in a lunatic asylum wouldn’t be either able to acknowledge or willing to accept; and unfortunately among the  general white population there’re far too many such people living in Britain today who can’t grasp that this is the 21st Century that we’re living in and the “glory days” for their kind of the British Empire are long over and simply won’t be returning any more; regardless of how much they obsequiously shove their heads and faces up the ass of the relatively new white Caucasian bullyboy on the block, the United States of America!

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  1. It’s a generally well known and universally accepted tenet of legal jurisprudence, in Britain at any rate and similarly symptomatic of the legal system it colonially transported to and unilaterally imposed in its former colonies, that ignorance in whatever guise, shape or form is not a valid defence in law.

    Yet for some inexplicable and incredibly hard to construe reason that same repudiated ignorance buttressed by discernibly ingrained and congenital stupidity suddenly and inescapably it seems but rather bizarrely, it must be pointed out, jointly become salient and evidently indispensable characteristics for very high, powerful and influential office across the board and within the United Kingdom; a state of affairs that’s comprehensively and inanely endorsed, embraced and fully supported by significant numbers of Britain’s white majority population and even in company with deluded, brainwashed elements among the country’s Black and other non-white ethnic minorities.

    So welcome to the Unbrave and Psychologically Sick World of 21st Century Britain!