Tuesday, 18 August 2015

There’s nowt queerer than white British folk!

By Stanley Collymore

What a queer world Britain has become, outsiders are probably thinking! Not really; as it was always thus. Why do you think that over 36% of British women – that’s just the official figure, anecdotal information puts it considerably higher – consistently cuckold their white Caucasian British husbands, a state of affairs not restricted to the ordinary white Brit on the street but also permeates well into both our houses of parliament and notably the office of speakership of the House of Commons itself, and in the overwhelming majority of instances of this adultery that’s known nationally even getting these largely pathetic or unduly trusting men that are embroiled in it unwittingly and life-long unknowingly as well generally to father kids that they never or in several instances due to the physiological condition medically known as azospremia could not have biologically sired even if their lives depended on it.

And it’s not only men that British women are having a good time in bed with; several of them: the young, middle-aged, often having been previously traditionally married or were involved in a heterosexual relationship of sorts and in either of these two specific cases actually conceived and bore their own children, and even the elderly; effectively lesbian women who’ve covertly and fraudulently, from a perceived societal point of view, chosen to do so because they feared the hostile disapproval they might otherwise be subjected to had they not done so, and so lived their enforced twilight existence together over the years as “close” friends, biological relatives or even as “sisters.

No sexual bias therefore from a personal perspective. And what today’s young and our present generation per se are doing is simply bringing into the open from their distinctly dysfunctional “home” upbringing and social lives into which from the cradle they’ve been immersed into and essentially largely and incompetently raised in, instinctively and often unthinkingly duplicating in typical parrot fashion by copying or even emulating – the more “intelligent” among them in the latter case – what they daily see around them, accept on face value and predictably embark upon themselves.

Unfortunately but quite understandably the decadence that ultimately inflicts the administrative centre of all empires and degeneratively give rise to their inevitable obliteration, and Britain as the administrative hub of its own empire perceptibly hasn’t escaped this curse, and in fact prior even to the onset of World War I there were all the requisite elements in attendance and clearly indicating that an unstoppable momentum was building up and which would itself develop into an unstoppable force that would unquestionably challenge most if not all of the previously held and generally accepted social norms of conduct; and this disturbingly and especially worrying for some situation has simply immeasurably grown and massively accelerated over the decades reaching its apex in the aftermath of the Second World War and most noticeably attendant with the immensely relieved for those under the jackboot of British colonialism but discomfortingly so for their enslavers dissolution of the British Empire.

The totally sad and utterly pathetic thing about all this from an objective British perspective as well as an independent observer looking in is that few in Britain, and that includes its “leaders” their white public at large, and incredibly even those that should know better, idiotically refuse to acknowledge far less so accept the reality, strikingly staring them in the face, of their lives and bizarrely even with the compelling evidence to this effect to the fore still incredibly don’t want to or bring themselves to recognize and accept the truth in relation to the delusional world that many of them seemingly find a child’s blanket-type comfort in clinging on to.

Their problem; not mine! Heterosexual all my life and with the several T-shirts figuratively to prove it, my entire familial, religious and social backgrounds as well as my upbringing, plus my own individual character and personality are bulwarks in my personal life, that have always been so and will irrevocably continue to be, a categorical guarantee that there’s not even the proverbial snowflake in Hell’s chance of this Barbadian ancestry, Black Brit ever in lemming-like fashion following this queer – and I’m using that word here in it’s definitively, genuinely etymological connotation and not it’s utterly corrupted and debased form – trend.

A homophobe, I hear you say? Not a bit of it! For unlike many and perhaps the vast majority of you, you see, I studied Latin at the Grammar School that I attended as a boy and even have the Oxford and Cambridge GCE “O” and “A” levels to prove it. And additionally, since unlike the vast majority of you I’m also fully conversant with the phenomenal development and infinitely rich diversity of the English Language and the various other linguistic sources it has borrowed from over the centuries, and Latin being principal among them, I know what homo – humanity and phobia – an inordinate fear both mean. And to be absolutely blunt with you I neither have a dislike nor a fear of humanity, that to the contrary of any such twisted interpretation of my very genuinely expressed thoughts here some intellectually challenged and effortlessly manipulated nerds out there taking exception to them might asininely choose to misrepresent, but very much do and have always fully embraced humanity and its effervescence with an unreserved passion that no amount of deviancy on the part of others is every going to change.

And while the notion of live and let live has much to speak well of, at the end of the day we all of us supposedly have brains in our heads and hypothetically at any rate the capacity as well to think for ourselves. My basic wish therefore is that more people would simply do that and stop allowing others to do it for them.

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