Friday, 7 August 2015

It’s high time that the white male Y chromosome was scientifically and severely circumscribed!

By Stanley Collymore

First my sincerest congratulations to 12 years old Nicole Barr and her family. Well done young lady for making your parents, friends and supporters exceedingly proud of you. But amidst that I couldn’t help noting the stinking and typically naked hypocrisy exuding itself in media reports in relation to your outstandingly remarkable, by any concrete and genuine definition of these words, intellectual capabilities, Nicole Barr.

Normally very derogatory of people whose ethnicity that persons like yourself belong to, calling them every conceivably insulting name under the sun rather than acknowledge their own stupidity and bias, these media outlets unable to either disguise or ignore the truth that in their bigotry they unexpectedly find themselves confronted with, still experience considerable difficulty in bringing themselves to honestly deal with their utterly vile prejudices.

So instead of you Nicole Barr, who’s far cleverer intellectually and strikingly mature than these media jerks or their kind will ever be, being publicly described as you and your people routinely would otherwise have been as “Gypsy”, “Gypo”, “Pike” and all the rest of it, you’re deliberately more humanely and even euphemistically portrayed as being a member of some nebulous group referred to as the “Travelling People” with its seemingly and intentionally determined innocuous overtones.

Saves embarrassment for these media nerds and their racist kind. For logically how could they on the one hand habitually refer to and vilify people like yourself Nicole Barr as the scum so the earth and fit for nothing of any worth and who additionally are no good to either man or beast, yet on the other extol the intellectual virtues in the form of yourself, Nicole Barr emanating from within these very same and much denigrated ranks which comprise not only your people generally but also your own parents specifically that were biologically responsibly for bringing you into this world?

A 12 year old girl emerging with an astoundingly superb genius IQ. Think on that! And so to save their blushes these media morons and others like them categorically placed in the rather awkward position that they were could only and readily so resort to the easiest and most disingenuous device that they could in the given circumstances adapt and employ; namely to temporarily abandon using the customary disdainful terminology relative to and in general use with regard to your people and instead resort to the application of the more amorphous, not totally comprehended or even hostility driven expression of the “Travelling People.”

For to have done otherwise and have a banner headline screaming Pike or Gypsy Girl, whichever was their preference, has a genius IQ that outstrips those of Stephen Hawking and even the much more iconic Albert Einstein would unquestionably have made ordinary people stop, start to think and naturally ask themselves, how is it possible that a supposedly and inveterate no-good bunch of allegedly societal misfits, criminals and the like that to their haters and detractors make biological vermin appear far more enchantingly adorable  than they are, can produce a bona fide genius from within their ranks, and expanding on that logical question deduce that surely Nicole Barr can’t be the only one.

And from that analysis sensibly conclude that there must be others of a similar calibre among these people, and who if not exactly all geniuses as you obviously are Nicole Barr, are none the less just as brilliant too in their own right. And additionally from arriving at that conclusion would not only not unnaturally put pressure on these media and other societal bigots to rein in their unwarranted, tiresome and abominable prejudices and antipathy towards their victims but moreover commence treating these subjectively selected victims of theirs as normal people; and not differentially from how they expect to be treated themselves by others, would in turn treat those who’re important to them, and naturally expect that other people would themselves do the same. But that’s not the case where these bigots are concerned!

For notwithstanding this obviously sensible piece of advice bigots being the creatures of habit that they are don’t like changing their modus operandi unless it’s absolutely necessary for them to do so, and not least so because neither intelligence nor commonsense is a forte of theirs; so naturally when enforced change is vitally essential in their case these bigots instinctively look for other ways to cynically ameliorate their stupidity, and employing a neutral and completely amorphous term, as “Travelling People” in your case Nicole Barr, to describe the object of their habitual detestation is one such way of them responding they feel to the challenge they’re confronted with and therefore require to determine in their favour by metaphorically rearranging the deckchairs on the proverbial Titanic while it catastrophically sinks under them.

Besides, as Gypsy or Pike isn’t being openly used in your case Nicole Barr the associated link in the sick minds of these morons and perceived sub-humans like you and your people isn’t in any way clearly established; and not in any positive sense that the 12 year old with a genius IQ is one from among your denigrated people as every effort was concertedly made to carefully ensure that that no such link was established in the minds of the readers of those articles relating to you. And it rather emphatically reminds me of when Colin Powell was appointed Head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Armed Forces, Not wanting to properly, and for manifestly vile racist reasons, to accord to this obvious Black man, and the first of his race to hold this post, his rightful dues of ability, competence and all the other requisite characteristics deemed necessary, and which would not have been questioned if he were white, to professionally and proficiently command the entire American military, the western media instantaneously went searching for clues to explain, in their skewed and sick thinking, this “unusual” phenomenon that had taken place.

And in their sick thinking they conveniently “found” what they thought and quite advantageously desperately wanted to explain it. And their exhaustive conclusion? The evidently biologically and visibly Black Colin Powell wasn’t black after all, and in actuality had gallons of white Caucasian British royal, other European royalty and in addition significant amounts of white aristocracy from across both sides of the English Channel blood generously coursing through his arteries and veins, plus that imperative white male Y chromosome that in special circumstances if one wasn’t visibly white nevertheless approvingly in the right circumstances linked them to the white Master Race!

Consequently the verdict of these white and incredible cretins examining Colin Powell’s suitability for the military position he was entrusted with was that he’d passed muster and as a result the rank he was appointed to and the status he was accorded were perfectly in order and understandable, for he owed everything in his meritocratic and meteoric rise not to his Black Jamaican parents who’d emigrated to the US where Colin was born or, for that matter, any of his other Caribbean ancestors that were the product of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, but incontestably in the eyes of these media stenographers  to a white rapist and paedophile governor of Jamaica who had sexually abused and raped a direct biological female ancestor of Colin Powell and got her with child; as he’s also done with other defenceless Black slaves.

So best to forget, they argued, the surfeit of black blood and even Colin Powell’s undeniable black skin colour, for what really mattered as well as actually and realistically counted from the point of view of these white media jerks were those particular elements of Colin Powell’s biological DNA and Y male chromosome that were white Caucasian, never mind that they were enforcedly injected into his biological system as a direct consequence of his black Jamaican female ancestor, in every sense very much an involuntary slave, having been raped and made pregnant by a white governor of Jamaica – par for the course at the time by white men generally in the Caribbean towards Black females – who was extensively blood-related to every European royal house as well as most of the aristocracy of Europe.

But it’s a safe bet that if Colin Powell had been an illegal drugs trafficker instead of holding the highest, most powerful and influential rank in the entire combined forces of the US military the media’s slant relative to their coverage of him would have been a totally different one and with a narrative that calculatedly, subjectively and characteristically dishonestly would see no necessity or any relevance whatsoever in drawing attention to the fact let alone highlighting his significant and crucial connections - which they were peddling because he wasn’t – to, and that also formed part of a family tree that was the proverbial Rolls Royce of white lineage. And despite the stance that was taken relative to Colin Powell as the very high ranking military officer and concluded he was more white than Black, would conversely not have been the case had he been a drugs pusher, and would have had him  firm and unequivocally castigated as a Black man!

Just as you, Nicole Barr are viewed through the same prism by these same media pillocks as one of the Travelling People while your people, as well all know, are regarded quite differently. And were these media jerks and others like them to even temporarily or much more likely unintentionally put the Romani, Gypsy or euphemistically referred to Travelling People and others like them who’re routinely and contemptuously ill-treated in a manner that the perpetrators of ill-will towards them wouldn’t want, even in the remotest circumstances, to be meted out to them, their family members, friends or even their work colleagues, nevertheless have no compunction at all in systematically and perniciously abusing at will a situation that’s comprehensively attendant in their case with all sorts of perfidiously lying, purposely misleading and unquestionably as well the most vilifyingly fabricated information about their victims that they possibly can and with the maximum malicious intent they’re capable of spitefully and injuriously disseminate at will to further muddy the waters of their victims already parlous situation.

However, driven by circumstances that are completely outside their control they’re nevertheless now reluctantly obliged instead to report on one of their victims number, yourself Nicole Barr in an unusually positive light, just for once,; but well know that if taken beyond that solitary and most perfunctory measure could result, these media cretins and their dastardly like-minded moronic and bigoted ilk fear, in a questioning societal opening up of the floodgates of responsible doubts as to why people like yours or mine were treated like this in the first place; give rise as a consequence to a situation where the perpetrators’ lies and misinformation were seriously questioned for the very first time; more than likely observe a marked shift away from the media’s perennially skewed and bigoted narrative together with the persistent vilification of its targeted victims; witness the genesis of a constructive attitude by the general public towards these picked upon victims; and effectively begin the long overdue and highly constructive process of adjusting to and significantly rectifying the several decades and even centuries-long physiological – the Romani people or Gypsies were in their several millions the “Untermenschen” victims and barbarically inflicted fatalities of Europe’s holocaust let’s not conveniently forget, and to this day August 2015 are still widely discriminated against across the length and breadth of mainland Europe and inclusively as well Britain – and also the psychological harm unconscionably meted out to these people.

Yet it’s perfectly obvious that none of the aforementioned aspects of the real life tribulations of these people that their media tormentors with their infernally and insatiably bigoted approach to life and are quite willing to do everything they can and that their sick minds dictate, to retain this barbaric status quo of theirs; and don’t in the least want to see any change in that prescribed state of affairs. For apart from everything else that’s decisively and perniciously loathsome about these intransigent evil-doers within the media aided and abetted by their scum accomplices in the wider realms of our society they all nevertheless are fully aware and understandably from their point of view quite fearfully occupied with the prospective realization that if the unvarnished truth about them generally becomes known they would undoubtedly in the public’s eyes and consciences be finally confirmed and unforgivably damned as the abhorrent bigots and congenitally pathological liars that they are.

And between you and me that’s the last thing that these consummate purveyors of this damning litany of untruths actually want! So clinging on to their sick myths rather than sensibly, honourably and morally – assuming of course that they have the capability to do so – come clean and honestly give their series of victims, including people like yours and mine Nicole Barr, the break they justly deserve to be left unmolested and in peace, still remains an intransigent and urgent priority of these media stenographers – for by no reasonable stretch of a principled imagination can these feral louts ever realistically be classified as journalists – to carry on as they’ve always done. For, as yet, they haven’t been called out by the public at large and as such will concertedly continue doing their best to ensure that this state of affairs doesn’t happen, at least not any time soon!

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  1. During the apartheid era in South Africa British, American, Israeli and other western scientists both from the EU and beyond were actively and collaboratively involved in developing a serum or drug that would be able to effective and at will wipe out large sections of the Black race apart from those that the sick minds of these white Caucasians dictated were necessary to perform the domestic and other tasks they considered requisite for their privileged lifestyles. Information that came to light in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission but that people like me with our very well coordinated sources already knew about. Nothing new at all the barbaric carrying out of experimentations of all kinds on Black people and without their knowledge, as was quite routine in the United States; notably the Tuskegee Syphilis project that went on for decades. But apart from comprehensively decimating the Black race wherever these members of the Master Race decided such action must be carried out it also meant that they would have effective and exclusive control of the vital natural resources of my race and particularly so in Africa.

    This despite the fact that Black people – namely those in the Caribbean along with significant numbers of their race in the United States involuntarily carry the white male Y chromosome, the direct result of the savage and consistent rape of our womenfolk. So with a Nazi installed, white supremacist and endemically racist government in the UK with a paltry 24% support vote of all those eligible to vote and headed by a Prime who together with his wife Samantha and many other privileged parasites like them across the entire length and breadth of Britain have benefited massively off the enforced labour of my people and when they were finally emancipated were, insultingly to us, hugely financially compensated for the loss of their property or “chattel” and looking at Britain in 2015 and seeing how these pernicious racists with no regrets, compassion or empathy with the people they denigrate as swarms and the like while insistently doing everything they can to have an all-white Britain/England, well I do think it’s time to strike back.

    And as such I call on all Black and other conscionable non-white scientists or those studying the subject to industriously start working on and producing a serum or appropriate scientific element that unquestionably would be able to do the same to whites as they planned on doing to us. This is not a hate campaign against whites per se; as many persons in my life I care deeply for, largely German I must admit, are white! It’s against the scum of white racists, privileged or otherwise, that infect this earth we live on. And where better than Britain, and specifically England, to start carrying out such experimentations. For as I see it, if it’s fucking alright for white English scientists to plot to kill us in South Africa of all places, and as they did in other ways over 500 years of Slavery and Colonialism and is still ongoing in the extra-judicial executions of our people like the murder of Mark Duggan, why the fuck should turds like David Cameron, his Tory scumbags, their Labtory and other accomplices live? So get to work out there you Black scientist as fulfil this remit. More effective than gunning down Blacks and other non-whites at the French border as of the Master Race are recommending, or even blowing up their boats on the Mediterranean Sea; and a darn site more effective too than 7/7!