Friday, 24 July 2015

Radicalization doesn’t only have demerits; good is a salient part of it too!

By Stanley Collymore

The evil that men do lives after them the good is oft interred with
their bones. How true and prophetically apt in the case of the
evil assemblage and loathsome bunch of Labtory charlatans
and carpetbaggers who’ve conspiratorially infiltrated and
collaboratively for their own obsessively selfish, self-
centredly and grasping Zionist inspired financial
ends and mass murderingly executed and
handsomely profited from ill-gotten
gains concertedly usurped the
Labour Party. And who despite their comprehensively
reprehensible and mind bogglingly sickening behaviour,
still from their staunchly ensconced and hopelessly
out of touch virtual reality tower of pernicious
double standards and deep rooted hypocrisy that to
all sensible and intelligent persons everywhere
and who’re firmly in control of their own
individually functioning brain between
their ears well know is nothing but
ludicrous sanctimoniousness.

Yet in spite of that these hoodwinkers – past and present
and uniformly similar: Tony Blair, his trying shadow,
Gordon Brown and both of them coldblooded
mass murderers; Margaret Beckett, a self
confessed moron but who markedly
and mendaciously in her forced confession failed
to admit that yes she is precisely that but for all
the wrong reasons. David Miliband, him of
reinforced Diego Garcian Chagossian
ethnic cleansing ignominy; vile Liz
Kendall with more testosterone
embedded in her warped torso than
would ever be found in her effete,
theoretically biologically male,
and House of Commons
opposition front bench
and similarly inept

Yvette Cooper the typical doltish bonehead, and Andy
Burnham the unfailing space cadet dead from the
waist upwards – each and every one of them
individually and collectively carrying on
regardless not only to declare but also
delusionally and aggressively assert
what an outstandingly propitious
asset their Labtory presence within the Labour Party
has been and what a Heaven sent blessing it has
beneficially conferred not just on Labour
Party members generally but also the entire
United Kingdom specifically. Well I adamantly
beg to disagree and most earnestly wish it wasn’t only
your evil legacies we shall have to contend with but
that some from among the UK regime’s recruited,
trained, financed, equipped and both actively
and logistically supported Jihadist Useful
Idiot Terrorists will quite soon and in
the process very advantageously
oblige all of us peace loving
citizenry with the immense
pleasure of finally and
fittingly able at our
total leisure to read
your collective

© Stanley V. Collymore
24 July 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
It’s high time to uncompromisingly cull by whatever means, fair or foul, the Labour Party we love of its iniquitous, perfidious and loathsomely pernicious, interloping and usurping Labtory elements that have rabidly infiltrated it; and why it is that I unambiguously back any move that will effectively do just that. #Ignominious oblivion to the Labtory morons! I say.

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