Saturday, 18 July 2015

Jeremy Corbyn – Britain’s intrepid and timely Messiah!

By Stanley Collymore

A man of steadfast principles and motivationally the highest
integrity is Jeremy Corbyn if not exactly characteristically
and discernibly so of the vast majority of people he’s
been altruistically forced through unwarrantable
circumstances, lamentably, grotesquely and
intentionally prescribed and engineered
by the powers that be: our currently
Zionist-Nazi-Tory authorities and their closet allies
the treacherously fawning, feckless and corrupt
hierarchy of the “Labtory” usurpers and their
minion-kind who’ve fraudulently and
injuriously embedded themselves
within what used to be a
traditional and real Labour Party, to step
in, evaluate and help to reconstitute
an infinitely better and much
needed national political
and social situation.

One that intelligent and conscionable folk are patently
aware would incalculably, suitably and exemplarily
be commensurate with the genuine needs and
aspirations of ordinary working people and
their representative trade unions, while
vigorously expurgating the callously
predatory and venal demands of the bevy
of avaricious MPs, grasping banksters
and the plethora of multinational
corporations, all powerful and not at all shy in
purposely bleeding the rest of us dry, while
simultaneously, clandestinely and most
industriously salting away in Swiss
numbered bank accounts and
other notorious tax havens globally
the proceeds from their tax evasion and
gratuitous criminality; gratuitous I say,
but when seriously and objectively
examined is very much par for
the course with them and,
unfortunately, rather despicably
and characteristically is very
much too a salient part of
their physiological
and cultural

So it’s high time to courageously grab the proverbial bull
by the horns, purposely and sensibly take a long hard
look at our country, and with undivided resolution
boldly entrust the control of the Labour Party,
the keys to No.10 Downing Street and the
proper governance of our fractured and
unequal nation to the one person with
the wherewithal, well thought out
and practical responses to what
urgently has to and will skilfully,
conscientiously, dependably
and decisively be done by
him managing at the
helm, the peerless
Jeremy Corbyn!

© Stanley V. Collymore
18 July 2015.

Author’s comments:
They crucified Jesus Christ too, don’t forget; the sanctimonious Pharisees and establishment political elite together with their staunch allies in public malfeasance, the clique of eponymous temple money changers, the equivalent then of today’s City of London, Wall Street, IMF, Frankfurt bankers, corrupt politicians and their financial puppet masters the multinational corporations. Principally and directly responsible through their immense financial power and political influence for either effectively buying or economically compromising crucial elements within the local population that on being recruited by their sinister paymasters with their vested interest agendas very much intact and resolutely committed to retaining and reinforcing the status quo, were then cynically and manipulatively used through a superfluity of artifices, intrigues, deliberate misrepresentations, falsification of facts, untruths and knowingly downright lies and malicious propaganda, to name just a few of these conspiratorial devices, to intentionally and concertedly create a divisive environment of uncertainty, fear, mistrust, distrust, antipathy and even outright hatred within the wider community itself and at large by those hired and delegated to do so, and with the sole beneficiaries from this deliberately engineered, highly disruptive, utterly misleading and societal insurgency being the said progenitors of this same unwarrantable insurgency.

We know what happened to Jesus Christ who was subsequently proved to be absolutely right about everything he openly said, stood for and ethically represented; and demonstrably in excess of two millennia years after the public lynching he distressingly endured and itself quite visibly characterized by his sadistic crucifixion and ignominious death, has notably inspired countless generations of people globally to fully embrace and earnestly endeavour to live their own lives accordingly as he did.

Now I don’t expect the purblind idiots and obtuse morons at the Daily Telegraph, their equally evil co-conspiratorial and sleazily decadent counterparts among the British Establishment, Zionist-Tory-Nazis, “Labtories”, self-serving snouts in the troughs MPs; their string pulling and diligent puppet masters among the coterie of crooked bankers and the domineeringly influential multinational corporations or their fellow travellers among the multitude of manipulatively conned and cynically exploited Useful Idiots at large in our population to openly, anyway, plan and orchestrate the assassination of Jeremy Corbyn much as they would love to, since he’s steadfastly and transparently anathema to everything they stand for or are cruelly duped into believing that they do.

So what we have instead is them lyingly, pretentiously and downright dishonestly pretending that they’re acting in the best interests of Britain and its people – interpret that to mean their own abhorrent self-interests – while aggressively doing everything in their power to maliciously orchestrate a national campaign of calumny against Jeremy Corbyn, that from the core of their utterly sick and twisted minds endeavours to paint him not only in the worst possible light that they can but also and absolutely ridiculously from any factual perspective that one can sensibly envisage and ironically so in that skewed process of theirs as well, since they’re the ones who’re the real threat to and the entrenched enemies of an authentically democratic UK - as a major existential treat to Britain and everyone who resides in it. Believe that load of crap at your peril!


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  2. It looks like a verse! Beautiful!
    I also hope Jeremy Corbyn would go well despite of some difficulties.
    - from Corea in the Far East Asia