Tuesday, 21 July 2015

I’d rather have one Leftist Jeremy Corbyn than 650 Zionist Nazi Paedophile MPs running Britain any day!

By Stanley Collymore

Incredibly these Nazi Labtories are the very elements of whatever sub-species of creatures you may wish to label them as that have infiltrated, usurped and manifestly brought into discernible disrepute what was traditionally the working peoples Labour Party, and have unquestionably done so for their own venal, narcissistic and deviously self-serving ends. Now we have them bizarrely and quite unbelievably, barefacedly lyingly claiming and what’s more furthermore unconvincingly publicly postulating that Jeremy Corbyn: who they’re absolutely petrified of because he conscionably represents and is actually everything they aren’t and could never be in a million light years is an existential threat not only to Britain but everyone in it.

And this incredibly of someone that undeniably and has always been an authentic member of the real Labour Party, what it genuinely represents and, furthermore, has himself always and productively endeavoured to courageously stand up for, as a committed demonstration of his cherished principles, the legitimate interests of the working classes, the terribly marginalized, not simply in our society but globally as well; the recurrently ignored who’re contemptuously treated as if they didn’t exist by the powers that be in the most reprehensible but unsurprising collusion between them and the West Minister Bubble Labtories, and most evidently what is observably witnessed every day of the week the politically and financially abused – at national and constituency level – across the length and breadth of our country. And amidst all this it’s the Jeremy Corbyns of this world and particularly within the appalling context of the United Kingdom who’re very consciously and most sickeningly aware of what’s intentionally going on.

That said this discernibly moralistically minded and good man, Jeremy Corbyn is nauseatingly viewed and fraudulently depicted by these sick sub-species that control both our country’s regime and the official opposition in parliament as something he isn’t. But when open-mindedly examined what else can one logically expect from completely repulsive, thoroughly twisted, profoundly perverse and perverted minds embedded – their favourite word and used ad nauseum in most respects by the likes of David Cameron and his minion Michael Fallon - in the visibly impenetrable skulls of these loathsome Zionist Labtories and their Tory Nazi Zionist accomplices and controllers? Both groups willingly entangled with their chillingly obsessive paedophilic propensity for innocent children.

The younger the better is their detestable mantra amidst their abusive practices in this ghastly regard attached with a perceptible penchant for public displays of self-righteous hypocrisy and stupefyingly mindboggling sanctimoniousness, that are themselves in turn reinforced with the fixed assumption by these agonizingly conspicuous nerds of their self-proclaimed and farcical delusional conviction in their exceptionalism, which they dimwittedly conclude automatically accords them carte blanche privileges in terms of governmental, civil service, police, other law enforcement and, of course, House of Commons licence to do with whomsoever they like and with impunity as well whatever they want, when and wherever they choose and to always and unchallenged get away with it.

How insulting and risibly farfetched then that these blithering and monstrously criminal jerks not only unwarrantably and perniciously set out to trash the reputation of Jeremy Corbyn but even have the audacity and temerity to say that if he democratically wins the leadership of the Labour Party they won’t work with him and will engineer a coup to replace him, boasting that they already have such scumbag scallywags in place to effectively do so; and says everything one needs to know I would have thought about these stinking Labtory fuckers: Andy Burnham, Liz Kendall, Yvette Cooper and the rest of their mob’s lack of commitment to the principles of true democracy! Do any of you allegedly “radicalized Brits” out there know the direct number of ISIS? Oh! Why didn’t I think? I can call up David Cameron or Michael Fallon and ask either of them for it; they’re sure to have it.

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