Saturday, 20 June 2015

What’s the problem? They’re only dead Niggers!

By Stanley Collymore

This fine specimen of the Master Race was only exercising his inalienable right to bear arms and kill those species of the sub-human race as convention and commonsense dictates; and this is just what he did and ought to be congratulated for it, not vilified.

However, in the world of conscionable people far removed, as is humanly possible, from the rather sick one characterized above, how absolutely sickening and predictable by the western media is its dilatory reporting and generally muted response to this South Carolina church massacre of Blacks at worship in one of their historic Black churches and actively engaged in Bible study there. And what is even more horrific, if anything else can be in these appalling circumstances, is that this heinous act of Dylann Roof - whose name the world now knows but the same can’t be said for his victims who are still wilfully kept in the shadows of obscurity by the white corporate mainstream media, which had no problem in listing all the dead who lost their lives at the hands of German terrorist Andreas Lubitz – premeditatedly, callously, and unquestionably most racist in its conception and execution is calculatedly not perceived as let alone referred to by the white western media as what it actually is: an intentionally racist-perpetrated crime as well as a premeditated terrorist act.

Instead, these media outlets of “selective truths” even go to great lengths in their preference not to mention the words race or terrorism in their conspicuously subjective “reporting” and with some of them distinctly stating that it wasn’t a race crime at all never mind that all the multiple and entirely innocent victims were unquestionably Black; that the location of this racist act of terrorism was an exclusively Black church, and the evil perpetrator of what took place in it is a white Caucasian male that shouted racist abuse at the victims as he cold-bloodedly killed them; was especially well known for his white supremacist views and was actually wearing a jacket with the defunct flags of apartheid South Africa and its neighbouring state that was then white minority controlled Rhodesia; both of them, when they existed, entrenched racist entities that despite their demise and the development of black majority, democratic rule in what’s now Zimbabwe and the Republic of South Africa, Dylann Roof nevertheless still assiduously - even though he’s just 21 years old and would not have been at all aware of, from a personal perspective, what apartheid actually meant or represented – clings on to and worships as the epitome of what white supremacy is all about. Never mind his conspicuous idiocy in not recognizing that both South Africa and Zimbabwe are African countries and the downtrodden people there were, and still are the indigenous peoples of those lands, and the African continent where they’re located.

Considerably more insulting though on the part of the western media to the relatives and friends of those slain by Dylann Roof, as well as those whose lives were physically threatened by him in that church and every self-respecting person in the wider US Black community, is that this same white mainstream US corporate media and their counterparts throughout the west are already collectively making lame excuses for as they equally and assiduously set about downplaying the heinous crime of terrorist and racist criminal perpetrator Dylann Roof, just as they instinctively did with terrorist Timothy McVeigh and his co-conspirator Terry Nichols who were both directly responsible for the Oklahoma bombing; Anders Behring Breivik the unrepentant Norwegian terrorist and mass murder and Andreas Lubitz, the manifestly absolutely committed, mass-murdering terrorist and co-pilot on the Germanwings aircraft which he intentionally flew into the side of the Alps Mountain killing all 150 on board that plane, including himself.

But in their extremely subjective reporting the mainstream western media all went out of their way and furthermore decidedly bent over backwards to be sympathetic and even empathetic to all these white terrorists, who most ironically but rather correctly they had initially called terrorists, but that was before they knew who they really were and likewise were very much unaware of the authentic ethnicity of those responsible for those horrendous acts that they none the less quite bigotedly, and typically for them as a reflex action, had unquestioningly assumed were perpetrated by non-whites; but all that dramatically and was drastically adjusted when the true identity of the terrorists became publicly known. No more references to terrorists or mass murderers nor were the activities of these white terrorists either acknowledged or referred to as terrorist-related, since these white Caucasian perpetrators were conspiratorially by these white media outlets resolutely no longer to be classified or characterized as the terrorists that they actually were.

Meanwhile these reprehensible slime ball stenographers risibly masquerading as “journalists” and their like-minded editors specially went out of their way and jointly did everything in their power to humanize these white terrorists and mass murderers as hard-done-by-individuals unfortunately saddled with psychological problems or deep anxiety syndromes which they found they couldn’t cope with and that in turn contributed vastly to their, unusual for whites, aberrant behaviour. How very different it would all have been though if Anders Behring Breivik, Andreas Lubitz, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols for example weren’t white Caucasian; since everyone knows that the identical “tags” of terrorist, mass murderer etc would have been widely, virulently and repeatedly used and circulated ad nauseum by the western mainstream media in all its forms in their wall-to-wall coverage of those involved.

So what we actually have, as far as the white western corporate mainstream media is concerned, is a constant state of pernicious denial of even the most basic instances of reality when those of their racial ilk are involved in these kinds of murderous, terrorist atrocities, because these white media prats, and their non-white lackeys who work for them, are so ferociously hell-bent on villainously propagandizing and maliciously promulgating the so-called evils of the mote in other peoples’ – take that to mean Blacks and other non-whites – eyes and to such a ludicrous and bigoted extent that they either can’t or are most unwilling to see let alone objectively report on the monumental beam – Biblically and literally – in relation to their own and other white Caucasian barbarity!

Therefore, Blacks who kill, irrespective of how infinitesimal the number of deaths there is or the circumstances that gave rise to those killings, are branded as thugs; brown-skinned Muslims who are caught up in the same scenario must be - according to the same white prejudicial assumptions, and accordingly that’s what always happens – labelled as terrorists; while whites whose criminal activities are identical to other racial groups are and must be automatically categorized as having mental problems or in the worst case scenarios are being unhinged; but under no circumstance are they to be referred to or God forbid branded as terrorists.

The kind of asinine crap narrative that a supposedly “non-white” incumbent US president Barack Obama readily and brazenly buys into. Not afraid to publicly tarnish those Blacks in Ferguson and elsewhere across the United States, understandably protesting about the murder of Michael Brown and other conspicuously unarmed Blacks nationwide by racist white cops, prison officers, security guards and even self-appointed neighbourhood vigilantes, as “thugs” – Obama’s own description; a word that he again unashamedly used in a Black church, of all places, to publicly castigate Black men who Obama said didn’t step up to the plate of responsible fatherhood – something that’s quite commonplace to men of every race, but which selective colour blind, House Nigger Barack Obama either couldn’t see or didn’t want to acknowledge. However when a white terrorist and supremacist gratuitously assassinates several Black Congregationalists and worshipers in a well-known historic Black church in Charlestown, South Carolina as Dylann Roof callously did, castigating his Black victims with a harangue of racist abuse while simultaneously and rather asininely claiming against all empirical data to hand that “Blacks aren’t only taking over HIS [the white man’s and a distinct reference to the United States] country but also the rest of the world” – I personally wonder where the indigenous Americans, or what’s left of them after the wide scale genocide which whites have routinely subjected them to, fit into all this where the United States is concerned, or for that matter features in this perceptibly, intellectually challenged and, from a historical perspective, brain-dead white moron’s raison d’être; presupposing of course he knows what the latter is all about and does actually have one.

Which doesn’t in anyway let Barack Obama off the hook, as it were, for instead of branding what Dylann Roof did as a terroristic act and race crime he can only see it, as a sop to his white handlers and their sensibilities as a gun control problem. Really? Is that all it is Barack? Meanwhile, Loretta Lynch, the US Attorney General, and FBI Director James Comey who were both all over the FIFA purported corruption case, which by the way is a politically motivated one that they’re both deeply mired in, like the bubonic plague wildly out of control, are nowhere to be seen or heard in relation to this clear-cut home-grown and domestically perpetrated terrorist act, even if one were to briefly set aside its perfidiously racist connotations.

But what radically grabbed my attention even more so than all the other things that have transpired so far is the video of the local police physically surrounding Dylann Roof’s car – let’s face facts as this is a wanted man and a fugitive on the run to another state after his multiple acts of murder - in the casual manner they were, and although very aware of what he’d done and was wanted for most extraordinarily in this white male’s case no customary aggressive gun display or the latter’s usage; nor any physical aggression meted out in any way to Dylann Roof; but as the corporate media was most obligingly and quite satisfying from their perspective all too happy to inform the world, lest it might be thought that Dylann Roof was perhaps revengefully gunned down by the cops simply for killing Blacks – by the way I distinctly noticed that when Dylann Roof was extradited from North Carolina back to South Carolina where his murders took place he was protectively wearing a bullet proof jacket; frankly I couldn’t see that being done in any Black man’s case as dead men which a Black Dylann Roof would most certainly have been don’t need bullet proof jackets or vests – any way the white corporate mainstream media was determined to inform all good white supremacists and pure-blood Caucasian racists out there and their House Nigger supporters that Dylann Roof is still very much alive and was merely “apprehended” by the police.

Would a Black individual who’d gunned down a number of whites – in a church of all places – and precisely in the identical fashion and circumstances to how Dylann Roof has quite cold-bloodedly acted throughout his terroristic and racist murdering spree, merely have been “apprehended” by the US police? Work it out for yourselves, if you can., that while Dylann Roof is still very much alive many unarmed Blacks who summarily  had their lives brutally cut short by means of extra-judicial police executions weren’t so fortunate, or were they ever given, even like 12 year Tamir Rice, the opportunity to carry on having a life.

And not even the universal, voluntary and publicly expressed statements of genuine “forgiveness” on the part of the close family members of the victims of Dylann Roof aired at his indictment court hearing in Charleston on Friday 19 June 2015 and carried live by Sky News were enough, it seems, to persuade Adam Boulton – Sky’s bigoted presenter, in a distinctly patronizing and obviously not wished for interview which afterwards he had with Martin Luther King III: the highly articulate and educated son of the late, assassinated and iconic Dr Martin Luther King and whose own Grandmother, Martin Luther King III I’m referring to, was herself brutally assassinated at worship in a Georgian Church by racist, white supremacists – to even temporarily desist from the reprehensibly asinine and profoundly insulting notion of his that the distinctly terrorist and racist killings of Dylann Roof had nothing to do with both of the former and were in effect the acts of an unhinged loner,

A question he insultingly and patronizingly, in my view and there must be others who feel the same, put to Mr King, notwithstanding the pain and grief being experienced by the relatives of the slain, the recurrence of more racist murders perpetrated against Blacks in the United States, and the very clear knowledge of what Martin Luther King III had to tragically experience as a child, as he’d said so himself on the programme, at the age of 10 and 16 years respectively in relation to the murders of his late Grandmother and father. But none of this evidently mattered to Adam Boulton whose only goal was to do what he and his ilk always do when white terrorists – which they never ever describe as such unlike their mad rush to demonize all non-whites as such regardless of the evidence in either case – go on the rampage killing Blacks and other non-whites; quickly labelling such acts as either random, not characteristic of the white community or the actions of mentally ill or unhinged individual whites who are then empathized with in a way that the victims never are; unless they’re white.

And just ask yourselves this: How many fellow whites do you know of if the boot was firmly on the other foot and Dylann Roof rather than being white was instead a Black Man who’d gratuitously and indisputably racially murdered several white people who were at prayer in a white church would themselves freely, openly and wholeheartedly - whether they were the victims relatives, understandably consumed with grief, or not - be quite willing and would actually be completely forgiving towards that Black killer? The simple and straightforward answer is NONE; and voluble vilification and revenge would be very much on the cards.

Yet this is supposedly the civilized Master Race, as it delusionally refers to itself! While the unpretentiously Black Christian and most intuitively forgiving race, despite all the several adversities heaped upon it, is ludicrously characterized by that same “Master Race” as a sub-human species of humanity! Food for thought I would say! Plus a genuine re-evaluation and correct definition of what the words MASTER and RACE separately and when connected DO actually mean.

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