Monday, 9 February 2015

The seductive atmosphere of St. Valentine’s Day!

By Stanley Collymore

I promise to love you in every conceivable way that
there is and moreover for as long as I humanly can;
never to intentionally lie to you, emotionally
deceive you, cause you personal anguish
by my behaviour towards you –
whether thoughtlessly or otherwise
embarked upon - and to let no action,
come what may, heedlessly essay
to ever split us apart or unduly
sway what I personally and
powerfully feel for you
and treasure most
deeply within
my heart.
But also permit me to candidly say that as much as
I resolutely care about you and me being together
as one; profoundly respect and passionately
love you in every way that it’s possible
for a woman to ever love a man,
and in that regard where you’re
concerned I categorically
do, I none the less do
intrinsically need to retain something for me
that’s exclusively mine, and which I really
can’t or won’t ever let go of, however
persuasive or engagingly so the
seductive overtures and the
complementary Siren
Song might be of

© Stanley V. Collymore
8 February 2015.

Author’s Remarks
This poem consciously written from a female perspective and assuredly as well my longstanding (from puberty onwards into adulthood actually) and committedly held point of view that in the arena of love absolute equality must at all times be an undisguised pre-requisite and salient factor in all amorous relationships between the two genders of our distinctive human race, is none the less dedicated to all those – whether committedly, casually or hopefully so – who at this time of the year are recurrently and ritually turning their concerted attentions and romantic designs to matters of the heart.

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