Thursday, 5 February 2015

A Ubiquitous St. Valentine’s Declaration Of Perpetual Love!

By Stanley Collymore

From a personal perspective I don’t know you at all
even though I’ve run into you a number of times,
albeit briefly so and always distinctly in
a formal situation that essentially,
both disappointingly and
rather problematically for me, precludes any
meaningful or social intercourse between
the two of us. Clearly not an ideal state
of affairs for me or one that I would
have wished for I readily admit,
and furthermore a situation
that most uncomfortably
sits quite contrary to what I’ve
expectantly and earnestly wished
it might otherwise have been.
For both physically and
amorously, and completely beyond doubt,
the intensely remarkable and prevailing
emotional stimuli which you liberally
and overpoweringly generate inside
me have, on my part, indubitably
most consciously, and with a
gratifyingly consummate
abandonment, warmly
thrown wide open
the portals of
my heart.

So on this St. Valentine’s Day now positively
emboldened by and additionally fortified
with the historical licence of and
customary practice afforded
to would be lovers in speaking either
openly or anonymously, but nevertheless
freely, about the profound emotions
they’ve previously closeted but
all the same amorously and
for some time carried
inside, as so many not unlike
myself recurrently do; and therefore
fully committed this time to utilizing
what for me are appropriately and
will hopefully also successfully
prove to be a transformative
state of affairs in my life
this St. Valentine; it’s my resolute
intention to boldly, truthfully,
unhesitatingly but with the
utmost humility as well seize
with both hands this wondrous
opportunity to earnestly express
my deepest feelings towards
you as I explicitly let you
know with unqualified
confidence how very
much I do actually
love and totally
adore you!

© Stanley V. Collymore
5 February 2015.

Author’s Remarks
Actually knowing that you’re in love and having that love fully reciprocated is one of several astonishing things possible in one’s life; itself fortified with the excellent and truly self-satisfying feeling of encountering this remarkable experience and mutually sharing it with that valued individual in your life. However, to unrealistically or worst still rather delusionally persuade one’s self that a tangible or even a consequential love relationship is in the prospect of happening or actually does exist when no such thing is in vogue or remotely possible is altogether a wholly different issue which a competent, professionally qualified and considerably experienced psychiatrist is far more fittingly suited to deal with.

So at this St. Valentine’s time that like all previous ones, and completely depending on your own and, dare I say, decidedly subjective personal perspective is characterized as infamous and consequently highly irrelevant, or else as noteworthy and therefore must be consummately treasured in every possible way, I wish you all the very best and hope that you truthfully manage to work out for yourself which is the more commonsensical or appropriate of these two contradictory alternatives in your case. But either way that you have a wonderfully pleasurable time while doing so.

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