Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Well Bugger Me!

By Stanley Collymore

Not literally you see, as I’m only speaking
metaphorically and consequently must
choose my words most carefully so
as not to inadvertently convey to
all and sundry the wrong
impression that either previously or
currently have I ever directly, indirectly
or even remotely so been personally,
Good gracious me, involved in
buggering or having myself
buggered by anyone; or,
euphemistically put,
indulged in acts of

Presently activities that quite lawfully can
be participated in by both women and
men who, in Britain at least, can
now legitimately get married
in the process and thereby
assist, to some degree,
in gradually alleviating the entrenched
public aversion to what many among
it resolutely with an undisguised
and undiminished hostility still
perceive as unnatural and
even ungodly liaisons.

And seemingly conveniently overlooking the
glaring fact that female sexual deviants
were neither similarly affected by
nor ever subjected to the same
judgemental, public opprobrium or judicial
sanctions that concertedly were highly
damaging and likewise a constant
bane in the lives of their male
counterparts. How so?
Quite simply really;
Queen Victoria
just didn’t
want to

For doggedly, dishonestly and blatantly masquerading
behind that cunningly contrived, imperious and
puritanical façade of hers she’d implacably
refused to sign into law the House of
Commons Act which would have
outlawed lesbianism as
well as homosexuality, lyingly declaring
that women weren’t corrupted by any
such deviant condition; and so
the Prime Minister of the
day meekly caved in
to her barefaced
and flagrant

Fast-forwarding to the 21st Century what concerns me
most is not how many queers, poofs, bottom-bashers,
leslies, dykes or fanny- thumpers – politely put
gays and lesbians – there are in our country,
who they are personally or what they
lawfully and consensually get up to
in their private lives, as none
of this bothers me in the least. But as the character
Rigsby in the TV series, Rising Damp pithily put
it, there are many influential and Establishment
figures here in the UK, who if they had their
way dual gender homosexuality laid bare
in all its diverse forms wouldn’t just be
legal, they would damn well ensure
as well it was made compulsory.
And that, quite, frankly, is a
bridge too far; even for
someone as clearly
tolerant as me!

© Stanley V. Collymore
25 January 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
In January 2015 in the immediate aftermath of the Zionist, false flag operational attacks in Paris the sane residents of Europe and the rest of the world through the fawning courtesy of the western corporate media: state as well as privately owned and controlled, were zealously, fulsomely, premeditatedly and most cynically subjected to the calculatedly pre-planned and absolutely ludicrous, in my opinion, totally obscene spectacle of the naively good, heinously bad and obdurately evil-minded, in tandem with the habitually crass, easily manipulated and brain-dead gullible [how ever I wonder would the 21st Century manage to operate so entirely dysfunctionally without the presence of these mindless jerks?] collectively corralled into rather effusively supporting and actually physically participating in a Paris, France street march that ostensibly its lying and dishonest organizers – who are no strangers themselves to egregiously and calculatingly instigating most of the political and societal chaos, mendaciously contrived mayhem, unwarranted destruction, and even some of the most callous and savagely executed murders throughout the world - barefacedly and quite fraudulently maintain was a necessary public manifestation of their resolute, uncompromisingly determined and daringly undeterred commitment to the absolute tenets of freedom of expression, free speech and the individual’s inalienable and unchallenged right to permanently and in every possible situation exercise the aforementioned at will.

This notwithstanding the transparently observable and instantaneously recognizable fact that these infernally cretinous, odiously demented, demonically hypocritical and the consummate and perfidious past masters of the most inimically-conceived duplicity imaginable evidently don’t practice what they hubristically and markedly egotistically preach to others, especially those whom with no rationalization at all they care little or nothing about and conspicuously disdainfully despise. Since for them and their numerous supporters freedom of expression, attendant with its free speech assertion, is highly selective and all about them and their assumed exclusive right, as they perversely see it, to gratuitously and even with intent abuse, denigrate and also publicly humiliate at will, and in whatever form they elect to, those groups or individuals whom they intentionally marginalize or disfavour and, furthermore, with the expectation and enjoyment of absolute impunity to do so.

And should they be challenged on any of this ought with blanket immunity to be at liberty to dishonestly claim that such “unreasonable” requests which they then disingenuously interpret as “demands” being made on them are totally absurd and, what’s more, are clearly motivated by what they untruthfully characterize as “political correctness.” However, were their opponents or others thoroughly sickened by their hypocrisy and double-standards to adopt the same approach and spearhead a similar campaign of vitriol against them, even through the art form of satire which these charlatans belatedly claim to love so much, then that becomes wholly unacceptable and those who’re responsible for this must be severely punished; even if it entails having to fully deploy the full extent and apparatus of noticeably skewed laws against them to get the desired result that these egocentric nerds want.

And it would be wise, I think, to generally recognize that Charlie Hebdo, their latest standard bearer in this Machiavellian crusade of theirs, is to satire and free speech what prostitution or unequivocally running a brothel is to Catholic nuns in an established nunnery; in other words these activities are wholly incongruous and implausible with the prescribed status and known proclivities of the particular body concerned. And since Freedom of Expression and also Free Speech are now seemingly the rediscovered, overtly as well as overly publicized and actively encouraged buzzwords formally endorsed by and with the official imprimatur of our virtuous rulers stamped all over them, I’ve consciously, of my own volition, decided to test the waters of this panacea of western libertarianism by simply not only writing but also publishing this poem, “Well bugger me!”

I’m neither a homophobe nor an aficionado of homosexuality in any of its gender forms [why should I be when it’s not my bag and I’ve no personal axe to grind one way or another?]; but I’m well aware that homosexuality is being cynically and rather concertedly used by the British political class, our rulers – economically and politically - and most typically and quite incontestably our Establishment too. And I say this because while the overwhelming majority of these people are quite prepared to either cowardly or deceitfully hide behind the façade of marriage to mask their homosexual proclivities and attendant perversions, and moreover have been doing so for yonks; with the unanticipated revelations of paedophilia and other forms of child abuse in their ranks coupled with a surge of historical cases virtually daily coming to the fore, as longsuffering victims have finally found the courage to speak out knowing that finally they’ll be listened to, which clearly wasn’t the case in the past, our Establishment and other elite paedophiles have become tremendously rattled concomitant with the profound and very pervasive fear that they’ll be found out at last and appropriately dealt with.

And so what the British people are being cynically subjected to is a raft of homosexually friendly laws that are calculatingly designed to create an environment which is conducive to homosexuality per se, give the appearance that it’s entirely free of all its past stigmas and, in the process, create an environment among the many morons within our society, as we observed with the Charlie Hebdo scenario, that homosexuality is officially quite cool but with the unspoken and sinister undertones that hopefully the perversions of political, so-called celebrity and Establishment paedophilia and other heinous child abuses including murder, can summarily and permanently be swept under the elitist carpet, while the “Sacred Cow” of homosexuality prevails.

Now how’s that for Freedom of Expression and Free Speech?

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