Monday, 24 November 2014

I’m not racist!

By Stanley Collymore

I’m not racist; just happen to be someone who massively
considers it to be great fun to behave that way and,
accordingly, simply love to take the piss out of
other people that I arbitrarily can’t stand and
literally hate, largely for no other reasons
than that they’re ethnically different
from members of my family and
me; and, significantly, their
skin colour, as is visibly
shown, is obviously
not at all similar
to our own.

I’m not a racist – something I take great offence
to being called and therefore profoundly object
to my critics taking to labelling me as such
and denouncing me for it; and anyway
how could I possibly be remotely
racist when what I’m really
doing is just behaving
normally like many
others I know do, who
clearly think like and
passionately hold
the perceptibly
identical and
as me

Freely and candidly in the process, I must say,
firmly but unreservedly expressing our
truly God-given, justifiable and
unquestionable mantle of
absolute power, unmistakable
dominance and unique superiority freely
and enduringly granted to them and
me of course over all other races
that quite evidently are vastly
inferior to each and every
one of us, it’s pretty
clear, in every

And consequently, as such, are rightfully
entitled, either selectively, randomly
or even generally to be constantly
at liberty to unilaterally and
with no provocation of
any kind from anyone to freely behave
totally offensively to whomsoever
we please that patently doesn’t
look like any of us, or in any
way share our illustrious
and matchless white
Caucasian, racial identity.
So sensibly then, why
all the trepidation
and absolutely

© Stanley V. Collymore
21 November 2014.

This poem is specifically written for and also dedicated to the following persons: 1) Zoe Williams, columnist with the Guardian newspaper; 2) Robin Tilbrook, founder of the English Democratic - formerly the National - Party; 3) Simon Johnson of the Jewish Leadership Council; 4) Dave Whelan, Chairman of Wigan Athletic FC; and 5) Malky Mackay, manager of Wigan Athletic FC and ex Cardiff manager.

Along with the plethora of other feral, sociopathic and utterly demented boneheads that blissfully but pathetically continue through a discernibly convoluted fusion of intentionally misleading, downright fraudulent, thoroughly imbecilic and self-centredly vainglorious actions and pronouncements of what’s essentially ignorance in its purest form, asininely essay to both transport and implant their twisted, ludicrously self-delusional and profoundly embedded absurd notions of what they’d have the rest of us unquestioningly believe constitute white racial superiority, attendant allegedly with all its myriad and intrinsically permanent and inescapable precepts, into both social and societally accepted norms of human conduct.

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