Thursday, 21 August 2014

Cleansing the Sword!

By Stanley Collymore

It has quite evidently and gratuitously been
perfidiously besmirched with the precious
blood of countless martyrs ruthlessly,
disdainfully and ongoingly slain
over several centuries by white
Caucasian infidels hell-bent
on unilaterally imposing their
hegemonic dominance over
us Muslims, regardless
of what we wished for
or didn’t want and
totally uncaring of
our needs on
the part of

But thankfully all that is about to end, and God
willing it will be sooner rather than later.
For we the defenders of our people
have quite frankly had our
fill of your treachery,
dishonesty and endless bouts
of intentional calamities,
of all sorts, savagely,
dismissively and

So enough is enough and no more of it we say,
as we won’t allow for it to carry on this way;
for we who’re ISIS are committed to
fighting back, stopping you in
your tracks and, in the process,
cleansing the Islamic Sword
of its desecrated tarnish
by shedding your worthless
infidel blood, which is not only an
imperative for us but for Allah
and Islam is likewise, and
unquestionably so, an
absolute must!

© Stanley V. Collymore
20 August 2014.

Author’s remarks:
In praiseworthy fascination of the prowess of ISIS and laudable appreciation of the manner in which its Commanders and the cadre of courageous fighters within that organization that selflessly put principles and the unrestrained ruthless commitment to relentlessly uphold them above everything else, including the sanctity of their own lives. A remarkably impressive military outfit is ISIS, by any objective exposition of that term.

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