Monday, 2 June 2014

The constant Pavlovian response to the Judaists’ financial-exploiters of Europe’s holocaust by EU leaders

By Stanley Collymore

A Brussels Jewish museum is entered and occupants there summarily killed by a lone gunman. Instantaneously without appraising themselves of the facts, or even caring to do so, the knee-jerk condemnatory response from those who can best be described as European Jewish aficionados - after all these European Judaists: man, woman and child, are purportedly God’s chosen people – goes rapidly and incontrovertibly into full sycophantic, deification genuflection, and sackcloth and ashes top gear.

Forthwith, David Cameron an avowed, and distinctly proud of it too, neo-con Zionist gets on the telephone, calls his Belgian counterpart, expresses his sincerest and deepest condolences to him on behalf of the British people, even though he didn’t ask my opinion on the matte or that of anyone else that I know, and vows to fight this kind of barbarity; but intentionally, as it happens, falling short of calling what took place a terroristic act – which it may or may not have been, but even so David Cameron like the rest of us without concrete proof one way or another to support his or our own personal, perceived or even prejudiced suppositions about this shooting couldn’t possibly have known that – because as we saw with the Anders Behring Breivik mass murders in Norway and other similar cases across Europe and the United States where such killings have noticeably been perpetrated by white Caucasians, western politicians and their obsequious media don’t regard these acts as terrorism.

Because in their sick minds whites don’t do terrorism, and which is a terminology anyway that they use exclusively to define the actions - almost always invariably in response to the savage barbarity cold-bloodedly and premeditatedly unleashed on them or their families in the Global South by western governments and their military forces - carried out by non-whites, whatever the precise circumstances are, or however justifiable these responses might be.

So, if instead of a Jewish museum it had been a mosque or even a Christian church frequented largely by non-white Belgian worshippers it’s a safe bet that David Cameron wouldn’t have wasted the British taxpayers’ money to make his phone call to Brussels, any more so than European leaders do to offer their condolences and assistance when iconic Blacks like Stephen Lawrence, or thousands of others who routinely die at the hands of the British police, Border Agency officials, the hired security thugs that work for the Home Office, or the prison guards who, as it also happens, come under the direct auspices of this key government ministry; but alas where none of these killers are ever charged or prosecuted by the state let alone found guilty in a court of law for their heinous crimes – this despite coroners’ courts repeatedly concluding in their verdicts that those murdered were killed unlawfully and their deaths constitute murder.

Furthermore, on the same day as the Brussels’ shooting occurred two distinctly unarmed teenaged Palestinian youths were likewise cold-bloodedly shot down dead in an empty street in the occupied territories by masked Israeli soldiers – wilful murders recorded by CCTV footage and supported by eye witness reports, some from shoppers, others by pedestrians on the footpaths in the vicinity of the killings and yet more by observers from the windows of their homes nearby, and all without doubt showing what happened to these two boys, but this atrocity like many others that have gone on over the years in Palestine and unfortunately will certainly carry on being the case, unlike the Belgian shootings didn’t warrant any mention it seemed in the western media.

And of course David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg all highly supportive aficionadas of everything that Israel, its killer authorities and military do, will carry on doing what they’ve always and hypocritically done, either ostrich-like and deliberately so bury their heads conveniently in the sand of indifference, intentionally choose not to know about what occurs almost on a daily basis in Palestine or just simply don’t care; while, at the same time, instinctively, stridently and with every fibre of their body condemn what took place in Brussels.

British leaders that are also one-sidedly supportive of the Nazi and fascist Kiev regime they helped to install there and that kills and maims its own citizens in the east and south of that country who resolutely refuse to recognize the illegal putsch as well as the corresponding illegitimate regime enforced on them; an enthusiasm markedly shown for it nevertheless by these western and profoundly hypocritical politicians that were its sponsors and are now its committed backers.

And we all know that if the legitimate and ousted former President of the Ukraine had used even a fraction of the same lethal force now comprised of fighter jets, attack helicopters, tanks, troops, Special Forces Units and in Kiev’s case US Blackwater mercenaries now employed against those in the east and south of Ukraine against the Maidan bête noire elements that helped to topple him, there would have categorically been a resounding chorus of condemnation from all western leaders and a demand from them also for UN Security Council and NARSISIES intervention to save, as they would claim, the lives of innocent Ukrainian citizens on their customarily fraudulent premise of humanitarian reasons.

Meanwhile there’s the matter of Boko Haram which everyone knowledgeably acquainted with Africa honestly knows is unquestionably an African one, and more specifically so a Nigerian problem, since this indigenous liberation movement has always operated and still continues to do so exclusively within the generally defined and internationally accepted borders of Nigeria. So it’s indisputably a domestic Nigerian problem alone – in the identical fashion that the various factions of the IRA and the longstanding internecine civil war in Ireland are exclusively British and Irish problems passionately regarded and solely treated as such by those directly involved along with their western chums, and which have absolutely nothing to do with anyone else.

Likewise too, the Boko Haram issue, that outside of Africa generally and Nigeria in particular is quite frankly no business of European countries or their interfering leaders, fully bearing in mind that Nigeria is an African country that is evidently far removed from Europe geographically, and considering Europe’s disreputable record there as well as across the entire continent of Africa, is not a place where advice for Africa should be coming from.

Yet while British leaders and their European counterparts would readily, rather scathingly and disdainfully regard Nigeria or any other African country, for that matter, unilaterally commenting on or making suggestions on how best, for instance, to resolve the longstanding, historical and internecine conflict in Ireland as an unwarranted interference in the internal affairs of the UK, as the custodian of Northern Ireland, or that of the Irish Republic that controls the remainder of that troubled island, David Cameron and France’s Francois Hollande have no scruples whatsoever in dictating to and, what’s more, insisting that Nigeria’s puppet and black House Nigger president forthwith dispense with a quite reasonably brokered deal between the Nigerian government and Boko Haram, in which in direct exchange for the Nigerian government freeing a specified number of Boko Haram’s combatants held in Nigerian government jails and promptly releasing them back to their Boko Haram family of guerrilla fighters, Boko Haram for its part would then release the 276 kidnapped schoolgirls it has in its possession – and who contrary to western media reports are unharmed and said by independent observers who have seen them to be categorically in excellent physical and mental condition – back to their respective families.

However, David Cameron and Francois Hollande have virulently condemned this all Nigerian deal and insufferably forced their Nigerian “boy” to block it. Digressing, slightly can you just imagine what the British response; that of the European Union or the United States would have been if any African country said that it didn’t like and consequently voiced its opposition to the Good Friday agreement between Britain and the IRA, and those states there that are Commonwealth countries then rather arbitrarily and arrogantly sought to put pressure on the UK government not to go ahead with the agreement let alone sign that Good Friday deal? No need to respond to me, as we all know what the white European players in this insufferably ongoing and sectarian, Irish saga and their US puppet masters would contemptuously tell any such African upstart, as they saw it, what to do with themselves.

But when it comes to Africa it’s an entirely different story where this lot are concerned, then the sky’s the limit for white Caucasian arrogance, hubris and their sense of entitlement to do whatever they like there. And furthermore, preferring instead to have a situation more intensely and gravely exacerbated by fomenting war in Nigeria, as they’ve done in the Ukraine, suits the purposes of David Cameron and Francoise Hollande, as they can then fraudulently and sanctimoniously parade themselves on the world stage as the good guys, who as the leaders of two of Europe’s major and former colonial powers in Africa they can say they undoubtedly know what’s best for that continent and naturally its people.

Therefore, because of that hubristic assumption on their part, they asininely believe that they have a duty, commitment and, of course, the military muscle to intervene and decidedly make a positive difference to the lives of, in this case, the Nigerians. A barefaced lie by any definition of that word, but say it often enough and they know full well that they won’t be challenged and furthermore will be widely believed by their mostly ill-informed and highly manipulated public. Even though from his personal and venal experiences of Africa Vince Cable would have adequately informed them of what could be richly derived from the west’s unilateral and military intervention in Nigeria.

For perhaps better than most in the Con-Dem regime of which he’s a senior minister Vince Cable knows that with its massive oil reserves Nigeria is a prized milch cow for energy hungry European countries and the respective EU regimes including his own; the superfluity of avaricious, grasping and odious toads in both houses of the UK parliament, along with the bevy of corrupt senior civil servants that advise them and that collectively, willingly genuflect at the altar of the massive oil and gas multinational corporations that routinely dictate what they do; since these multinational corporate entities not only handsomely pay our supposed democratic representatives - that don’t miss a trick in their book of fraudulent practices to dishonestly profess how much they care about the rest of us - for their obsequiousness but also effectively own them lock, stock and barrel – no pun intended, having bought, sold and traded them repeatedly as the commodities that they really are.

But there’s another reason for David Cameron and François Hollande’s intervention in Africa generally and Nigeria in particular at this stage, taking into account their xenophobic, racist and anti-immigration rhetoric which leaves no intelligent person in any doubt  what they actually feel about Blacks generally, as to anyone with eyes to see and a brain that dependably functions this perverse rhetoric coming from David Cameron, Francoise Holland and others of the same ilk, is diametrically opposed to anyone remotely bearing the appearance of these Nigerian schoolgirls coming to or settling in the UK, France or the rest of the EU, for example, even if they wanted to, which they most categorically don’t want to.

And adding to that as well that these prominent European leaders in concert with their likeminded colleagues are also, it would seem, completely oblivious of the fact that not only their dangerous rhetoric but also their terroristic actions in the Global South, matched by harsh austerity measures at home to placate the banks and other financial institutions that avariciously continue to want yet more of a pie from which the rich becomes richer and the poor goes to the wall of destitution, are largely responsible for fomenting and increasing the discontent on the left, right and equally even the middle of the political spectra across Europe that the insane policies of these leaders and their governments pursue, but which are profoundly flawed, out of touch with reality and inimical to the interests of everyone except these leaders and their political colleagues and, of course, those whom they slavishly continue to serve.

But as a deeply unpopular Maggie Thatcher - and other similar charlatans before and subsequent to her globally, and I’m absolutely sure they’ll be other similar ones in the future - discovered to their political advantage, when power at home is noticeably slipping from one’s grasp, then deceitfully and barefacedly orchestrate an overseas war or some other external conflict to cunningly divert the natives’ attention away from their domestic problems towards an outright contrived, patriotic, flag-waving enterprise; and with both David Cameron and Francoise Hollande having had a severe and hostile kicking from their respective electorate at home, maybe they think that another foreign war, perchance in far-flung Nigeria, would do nicely for their individual political resurrection.

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