Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The west’s gut-wrenching hypocrisy re Boko Haram chair-led by Michelle Obama!

By Stanley Collymore

Forcibly taking someone or persons against their will for whatever reason and especially so when the reasons for doing it on the part of the abductor are primarily ideological or political ones that don’t in anyway complementarily mesh with the opinions or beliefs of those who were arbitrarily abducted is by any logical explanation of the term reprehensible and constitutes both in legal and moral parlance an indisputable act of kidnapping; and therefore what Boko Haram has done falls squarely within that particular milieu.

However before anyone either ill-advisedly or misinformed allows those with their demonstrably vested interests together with the discernibly gullible, utterly naïve or the pathetically brain-dead that readily permit everyone but themselves to do their thinking for them to either jump on their sanctimonious bandwagon or convenient hobby horse and dishonestly arrogate to themselves the moral high ground over the illicit actions of Boko Haram, effectively and exclusively carried out in a country that many of those who’re having hysterical orgasms over know absolutely nothing about, would be quite hard-pressed to locate it on a map of the globe and, furthermore, even if they could prior to the deliberate and orchestrated hullabaloo caused in the west’s media over the Boko Haram kidnapping didn’t really give a damn about Nigeria other than venally exploiting it’s oil resources for the principal benefit of western multinational corporations, ought to first acquaint themselves with the obvious fact that the population of Nigeria is African and Black!

So against that specific backdrop let me give you a precise explanation of the contemporary as well as the historical context in which what is going on has occurred and why all the hot air over Boko Haram’s actions are just that, and more cynically devised by those in the west purely for public consumption. To start with, Nigeria like many other African countries is an artificial construct created by the imperialist and colonialist European countries that imposed their hegemonic will on Mother Africa without any concern for the diversity in culture, customs, ethnicity or even the languages of those whom they were arbitrarily subjecting to the jackboot of their militaristic, administrative - interpret that as the calculated process of divide and rule - and, of course, their so-called white Caucasian, Master Race civilization and superior culture; in the process effectively but significantly compulsorily ruling over peoples that didn’t matter to them in the least and who were there simply to be exploited at will.

Britain wasn’t alone in this scandal but as the European power with the largest global empire it was responsible for the lion’s share of this particular and quite obnoxious conduct, and Nigeria was just one territory in a long line of those that were victims of this kind of behaviour. With the collapse of the British Empire along with those of the other European rivals of Britain it was mutually agreed among them and without any consultation with the African peoples concerned that the artificial countries which the European colonialists had created would remain inviolate after they got their supposed independence and this is actually what happened, with peoples of different cultures and languages forced to live in countries whose configuration and boundaries they had no say in deciding; analogous one might say to some foremost imperialist superpower in the 21st Century deciding that Britain and France were now one unitary country and neither of their populations were allowed any say in this matter.

And with UKIP, Tory sceptics, as well as other Euro-sceptics inside Britain alone completely averse to any kind of federalisation let alone a unitary political union between Britain and the rest of the EU then looked at solely from that standpoint you would, I hope, have a clearer perspective of how millions of people across Africa feel, forced as they are to live in what for them aren’t their own countries of choice. Sadly, however, the venally corrupt politicians of Nigeria, like many others across the African continent, entrapped in their mental and colonial slavery have done nothing at all to rectify matters through proper consultation and dialogue with their diverse populations and have only been interested in feathering their financial nests and those of their puppet masters and former colonial rulers. And this has increasingly been the case where natural resources that are beneficial to the west like oil, gas, diamonds, gold and other precious or vital metals are concerned. Money from which doesn’t go to enhancing the lives or wellbeing of the local African people but instead comprehensively does that for the grasping western multinational corporations and their political clients who run the United States, Britain and the rest of the EU on their behalf; while the glut of crooked, criminal and brutal dictatorial African leaders, and most notably so the Nigerian ones in a country where such behaviour is quite literally a customary way of life for all of them and has been so ever since that country attained its independence from the U, carries on apace.

And quite indifferent to positive change Nigerian regimes carry on doing so in the present, while grotesquely adding insult to the pernicious injury they’ve already occasioned their longsuffering population who they assiduously continue to keep in stark poverty by consistently and perversely depositing their ill-gotten gains from pillaging their own country and which run into billions of US dollars in miscellaneous western bank accounts, with the resultant and huge attendant benefit in doing so to these western economies and most characteristically not their African ones, quite apparent for all to see. Thus it was that against this backdrop Boko Haram was initially created as a people’s movement to galvanize constructive and meaningful change in Nigeria and quite expressly so for its oppressed and marginalized peoples, particularly those in the north of that country.

And from its inception and throughout its earliest days Boko Haram was very much a peaceful organization not distinct from the Mahatma Ghandi movement in India or the South African ANC, but like the latter was driven to changing its policy of non-violence when with the discovery of large quantities of oil in Nigeria and at the explicit behest of major western oil companies like Royal Dutch Shell and the Chevron Corporation that were making enormous financial pickings from ruthlessly exploiting this Nigerian oil bonanza while despoiling the areas where this oil was being extracted, arrogantly not bothering to carry out any clean up operations even to this day and have systematically ruined the lives and economy of countless Nigerians where this oil resource is located and exploited, successive and distinctly obsequious Nigerian despots acting on these oil companies behalf turned their western instigated fury on Boko Haram.

And in doing so rounded up, tortured and killed many of its leaders: prominent, international and charismatic figures like Ken Saro Wiva that together with several others and despite numerous international calls for their lives to be spared were nevertheless hanged after quite exceptionally farcical kangaroo court, guilty verdicts that were delivered by hand picked tribunals explicitly chosen for this purpose by the then Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha; judgements that manifestly were devoid of any semblance of natural justice or due process of law. A state of affairs that has continued unaltered ever since towards Boko Haram by successive Nigerian regimes.

Vince Cable - currently the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and a senior member of the UK’s Con-Dem regime who disingenuously sees and dishonestly likes to portray himself as Mr Squeaky Clean and is similarly and ludicrously regarded by likeminded white imperialists as such - was at the time of Saro Wiva’s reprehensible, high-handed and illegal hanging by the Nigerian dictatorship that had an ongoing, characteristically savage and venomously corrupt stranglehold of that West African country, a senior executive with Royal Dutch Shell: the multinational oil corporation that is conspicuously but has always, ever since its initial entry into the Nigerian arena, been profoundly conceited and completely uncaring in its corporate attitude about the multifaceted and nefarious evils it has intentionally inflicted on significant numbers of the most vulnerable and marginalized of Nigeria’s population; a situation that has markedly remained unaltered in 2014.

And even after his elevation from the bleak and comprehensively pervasive wilderness of Lib-Dem politics in the UK to cabinet status in the Con-Dem regime that presently runs Britain Vince Cable has assiduously maintained his intimately close and intrinsically umbilical links with Royal Dutch Shell, and has done absolutely nothing to rein in or assist in the amelioration of its pernicious and criminal exercises. So much so that Vince Cable is generally regarded by his purportedly “ex-bosses” at Royal Dutch Shell and many others in the oil industry as the Minister for Royal Dutch Shell. A situation greatly substantiated in reality when this supposedly “noble and resembling Caesar’s wife by being above suspicion” UK cabinet and government minister vigorously, passionately, shamelessly and most crucially, while in government office, lobbied on behalf of Royal Dutch Shell!

It all happened in the Kiobel versus Shell, United States Supreme Court case when a significant number of Nigerian nationals finally and desperately at the end of their tether over this recurrent white Caucasian, imperialist and neo-colonialist humiliation of themselves and the grotesque and ongoing venal exploitation of their country’s huge oil resources primarily for the overwhelming benefit of western corporate elites and their political sycophants, having decided to seek financial restitution for the multiple, longstanding and devastating catastrophes routinely inflicted on the Nigerian people and their country by the grasping, self-serving and obsessively predatory petro-beast that is Royal Dutch Shell, took that company to court in the United States.

However, notwithstanding Royal Dutch Shell’s enduring criminal exploitation, wilful and heart-rending despoliation of large areas of the Nigerian landscape in tandem with the similar crimes committed by the Chevron Corporation and dastardly concomitant with their total disregard for and nefarious degradation of the Nigerian people en masse, Vince Cable true to form acted like all antiquated and Neanderthal-like imperialists, of which he’s a prime example, reliably do when either they or their ilk are justifiably challenged by their victims regarding these repulsive oppressors’ wrongdoings; and forcefully using a cricketing metaphor Vince Cable gamely went in to bat for the aforementioned oil companies that were being brought to book in court.

Boko Haram’s unchallenged right to confront the odious corruption of and endemic sycophancy by successive despotic Nigerian regimes is unquestionable and acknowledged as such by all fair-minded, conscionable and impartial individuals; and there is a clear indication that like all very popular peoples’ protest movements have done in the past, and I dare say will continue to do in the future if compelled to because they were or are forced from their perspective to reasonably presuppose that those in power will consistently refuse to talk to them, listen to and respect their legitimate grievances much less so negotiate a sensible and realistic solution to their genuine and pressing concerns, that they feel they have no other alternative but to dispense with their peaceful approach and accordingly adopt a more militant stance if they’re to get anywhere near realizing their lawful demands. And in doing so Boko Haram’s graduation to what it has become in 2014 is no different from the actions of the IRA or any other western devised or supported liberation movements.

As such generally, and more than most specifically, I would say that Boko Haram’s aspirations to have political, cultural and even religious autonomy, if not all-out independence, from the rest of Nigeria for that region of the country that they’re indigenous to and where they evidently and exclusively operate from have more legitimacy I believe than many western backed entities like Kosovo, South Sudan and East Timor, for example, that have attained purportedly independent status, which in reality is nothing more than a western orchestrated and supported sham. How so?

Well prior to colonialization and its ensuing annexation, both states of affairs non-consensually carried out by the British, the territory where Boko Haram is currently active was ruled by the Bornu Empire. In effect, the latter was a sovereign sultanate run according to the principles of the Constitution of Medina, had a Kanuri Muslim population as its citizenry and was essentially a highly organized, perfectly functioning and well governed empire which had been in existence for in excess of 2000 years prior to its destruction by the British.

Scotland, for instance, doesn’t have that equivalent longstanding political, cultural or religious pedigree but no one in the west, up in arms over Boko Haram’s actions and actively engaged in their ludicrous, self-serving and vilifying political stunts over these, even though they might not relish the idea of the UK breaking up, wouldn’t deign to openly deny the Scots the right to their own self-determination. So the rampant hypocrisy by these people over Nigeria when one takes into consideration how the people in the north of that country have consistently been mistreated by both the west individually as well as in consort with consecutive dictatorial Nigerian regimes along with so-called “democratically” elected ones is stark to say the very least.

However from both an objective and a highly damaging perspective Boko Haram has undeniably squandered a considerable amount of goodwill towards it by rather misguidedly and asininely in my view aligning itself with the west’s specifically created, militarily trained, heavily armed and automatically on call to do its bidding agent provocateurs al-Qaida together with other cut-throat, cannibalistic, absolutely abhorrent and medievally barbaric-mindset jihadists sponsored and also enormously financed by the despotic Persian Gulf, Arab Bantustan, salafist doctrinaire and petro-dollar satrapies of the west most notably the United States of America and carefully organized in the region by conspicuously odious entities of the likes of Bantu-Saudi and Qatar.

Nevertheless to observe western politicians, media broadcasters, pundits and so-called celebrities self-righteously jumping on the Boko Haram schoolgirls’ kidnap bandwagon is gut-wrenching hypocrisy of the worst kind; more particularly so since these are the very same people that would be most averse to ever having a black family of any calibre as their next-door neighbour; would go into a paroxysm of rage were their white daughter, son, other family members or even close friends to date much less so express their genuine desire to marry a black person.

This despite their oft repeated mantra, before they then go on to vent their true racism, claiming that some of their best friends are Black when in actuality that’s a barefaced lie because they have no such black friends; and in Britain and the rest of the EU where xenophobia and racism are on the increase would be most glad to see the backs of their black minority population. And if measures like ethnic cleansing, eradication of minorities, or even a 1933-45 type European holocaust were once more white Caucasian permissible instruments of enforced demographic population change, would quite happily deploy them to rid themselves of what they inherently believe to be inferior races in their midst, with Blacks at the top of that list.

But considerably aware of this, isn’t it just typical of the likes of David Cameron and Christiane Amanpour to indulge themselves in political stunts like posing together, for example, for social media with a makeshift banner bearing the slogan : “Bring back our girls.” Our girls? These are nigger females as Christine Amanpour and David Cameron, I’m sure, personally regard them as and in private refer to them and other members of their race as such; by no means people, whom they quite happily console themselves, don’t belong to their posh and privileged world or would they ever want them to be.

Similarly not suitable candidates to be educated at the same schools that their children go to or to form friendships with. So please David and Christiane fool those who are dumb enough to permit themselves to be gullibly taken in by you; but don’t you dare as white Caucasian supremacists – notwithstanding that Christiane Amanpour is effectively only half so through her British mother and while resoundingly rejecting her other Iranian half does evidently see herself as exclusively white – give me any of that crap, and moreover expect me to believe it, that these kidnapped and conspicuously black Nigerian girls are in the remotest sense yours.

For in doing so that would most certainly and quite perversely be the equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan embracing Trayvon Martin as “our boy.” Frankly it doesn’t wash with me, and if you want my honest opinion quite literally stinks, and is rather offensive to all conscionable black people everywhere, and with whom you David, Christiane and a growing multitude like you across the west generally and in Britain and the rest of the EU particularly have no genuine empathy or any kind of solidarity with; and significantly in your everyday lives unequivocally demonstrate that you don’t want any such things.

For how can you convincingly give the impression David Cameron that you genuinely care about these rather hapless Nigerian schoolgirls’ welfare, their future or their education when your own Con-Dem regime and your Home Secretary Teresa May barbarically through its agents the Circo Group had a black Jamaican woman Christine Case, aged 40 years old and manifestly a member of the Commonwealth as these Nigerian girls likewise are, killed at its Yarl’s Wood Immigration Detention Centre on the 30 March 2014 by some of its employees there who deliberately denied Ms Case her legal right to have and make proper use of the life-saving medicines that she’d been medically prescribed for her health condition, callously doing so despite their distinct awareness of her critical situation, her frantic pleas for help and that she be urgently given her medication to alleviate her perilous state of affairs. Preferring not to do so and instead uncaringly stood by and watched Christine Case die when they could have saved her life.

However it’s looked at David Cameron that’s murder! And it’s not the first time that Blacks in the UK have been savagely treated in this manner by such so-called security company agents acting at the behest of the state, as the corresponding murders, for example, of deportees Joy Gardner, also from Jamaica, and Jimmy Mubenga from Angola in Africa at the hands of these government hired thugs who act with complete immunity from the law – police investigations regarding their actions are mere instances of the former going through the motions rather than seriously seeking to solve a crime and is strictly for public consumption as the police themselves are also under the direct auspices of the same Home Office that hire these murdering thugs – and therefore feel at liberty to do whatever they want, even going as far as committing acts of murder demonstrate, since they know they’ll get away with it.

Consequently, if you’re so concerned about the plight of these Nigerian schoolgirls David how come then that your government through the auspices once more of Teresa May had Mauritian asylum seeker Yashika Bageerathi who as a child came to the UK with her mother plucked from the London school where by all accounts she was an exceptional student and was doing her “A” level studies in preparation for her ensuing tertiary education at university; plunged into the very same Yarl’s Wood detention centre where Christine Case was murdered; and despite a grassroots campaign and a petition with scores of thousands of signatures attached to it from a cross section of UK society as well as the students and teachers at her school demanding that she be allowed to stay in the UK if only to finish her forthcoming “A” level studies, non-white Yashika Bageerathi was nevertheless summarily expelled from Britain.

Yet you want to dupe those in the UK and indeed the rest of the world David that you really care about a group of black kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls who weren’t in Britain when their ordeal began, have no wish to be here, and that the likes of you readily pandering to the hardcore racists and xenophobes in our midst certainly wouldn’t want to have here anyway. And this against the very sickening backdrop that in quite discernible contrast to the treatment meted out to Christine Case, Yashika Bageerathi and many others like them, white American, and the serial paedophile William Vahey, with a known criminal record for paedophilia, was granted carte blanche to live, work, teach and further abuse others among his myriad global victims here in the UK, in London and not all that far from No.10 Downing Street and the epicentre of your Con-Dem regime. Sorry David, but your hubristic grandstanding on the Nigerian kidnappings is pure theatre and political gimmickry, and frankly should contemptuously be regarded and treated as such.

As for Michelle Obama lending her weight as the US President’s wife to this spurious, primarily western orchestrated and utterly politically motivated, anti-Boko Haram campaign the justifiable and social backlash against her obviously shows that globally people aren’t deceived by her rank hypocrisy. Since with an undeniable ancestral heritage of white Caucasian Transatlantic Slavery for her to be so immensely passionate about these Nigerian schoolgirls yet consistently and quite consciously remain mum, no pun intended, about the centuries old and still virulently ongoing reprehensible evils that are routinely and gratuitously inflicted on Blacks across the United States just beggars belief.

And conveniently like some sections of the black US community we also regrettably have their British equivalents who consider themselves to have successfully made it educationally, socially or financially, on having done so then summarily and forcibly kick the ladder of their ascendancy from underneath and well away from themselves in order to intentionally create the false aura of exclusivity among themselves with the principal aim of precluding other ambitious or genuinely gifted Blacks from joining them much less so assuming their rightful positions of prominence by adeptly making use of that same ladder of ascendancy to not only forge better lives for them but also their families, is unhappily a recurrent phenomenon and a damagingly pernicious affliction which bedevils a considerable number of black communities globally and particularly so in the west.

But even worse still are the conscious actions and activities of those whom the iconic Jamaican reggae legend and international singing star Bob Marley uncompromisingly, and justifiably so in my view, contemptuously characterized as essentially ignorant individuals that are happily, and seemingly unconcernedly so, totally unliberated from their imposed mental slavery. The likes of Michelle Obama in the United States together, for example, with her British black counterparts; among whose numbers I have no hesitancy whatsoever in naming two such prime individuals to substantiate my point.

David Lammy that regrettably, in my opinion, was allowed to succeed the late and great Bernie Grant – who, unlike David Lammy, never shirked from defending the genuine interests of Black people or those of his other constituents; never forgot his roots and was always true to his fellow man or woman and of course his race – as the Labour Party’s representative, just as Bernie Grant also was, and subsequently the also elected MP for the London constituency of Tottenham.

Next on my disparaging list of loathsome members of the black race, within the British context anyway although I’m absolutely convinced that all of these odious nerds comfortably see and also readily acknowledge themselves as “Honorary whites” is Adam Afriyie: the incumbent Conservative MP for the ultra-rightwing, white Caucasian entrenched and demographically dominated constituency of Windsor; and in case you didn’t know, that’s the family seat of the present British monarch and her family.

So how come then that this “Nigger Boy” as the vast majority of whites in 21st Century Britain still disparagingly in private refer to black men regardless of their age, got to be a candidate for the Conservative Party, of all political institutions in mainstream British politics, in the first place and furthermore in what’s noticeably a traditional, posh Tory region of England, and additionally got himself elected by constituents with a profoundly ingrained Colonel Blimp mindset and who passionately rue the loss of the British Empire – not the quite legitimate and moral handing back mind – to its indigenous and rightful owners?

Quite simple really; because Adam Afriyie embodies everything that whites, like those he serves as an MP, expect of, wholeheartedly encourage and resoundingly endorse from Blacks, of either gender, with a decidedly marked and rather manifestly transparent self-hatred, as Adam Afriyie evidently does have, of their own race; and particularly so when this indisputably and distinctly treacherous racial attitude enthusiastically and comprehensively incorporates the full scope of the worst excesses of this offensive white supremacist, Master Race narrative that the likes of Adam Afriyie cheerfully buy into. And once again Adam Afriyie – deprecatingly ridiculed in our black communities as a “Coconut” (look it up if you don’t know what it means) – was able to set white minds completely at rest and have his snow-white constituents in Windsor sleep soundly in their beds at night, knowing that their affairs were being well taken care of.

Does this mean, or am I suggesting, that competent or suitable meritocratic black men or women shouldn’t stand as political candidates on behalf of whatever party they choose for parliamentary seats across the UK in whatever constituencies they honestly feel that they can best contribute to the general wellbeing of those they aspire to and hope to represent, the enhancement of their own country, or for that matter that their political participation should be restricted either voluntarily or indirectly through coercive means to certain political parties and none others? Of course not!

However, I do live in the real world, have longstandingly played an active role in local politics, and while I never wanted to be an MP – I’m extremely fussy about those whom I associate with and frankly can’t abide the sewerage politics that the overwhelming majority of our MPs wallow in and so consciously decided to give them and de facto the House of Commons a wide berth – I have nevertheless been a political activist for all of my adult life; and significantly to stay sane in a world that has increasingly lost its marbles, constantly keep my feet very much on the ground; a move which enables me to sift fact from fiction and plausibility from implausibility.

And so I know that prospective black parliamentary candidates or even white working class ones who want a fairer and more equitable Britain where genuine ability, progressive aspirations and non-circumscribed meritocracy are the undiluted hallmarks and distinct passport to individual success and the creation, endorsement, promotion and consolidation of those intrinsic qualities and values consistent with fashioning a society that is both inclusive to and for the betterment of all and were to openly say so, such a candidate would immediately be ridiculed and disdainfully dismissed as a “loony leftie” even by political parties like the Labour Party that disingenuously, but oh so dishonestly, publicly wear their hypothetically socialist credentials on their sleeves but privately advocate and vigorously promote an altogether opposite point of view; and as far as the Tories and other neo-con parties are concerned wouldn’t have a snowflake in hell’s chance with them of ever being considered far less selected to represent their parties.

Which from a black perspective together with what’s generally known about the racist attitudes of the Conservative Party’s hierarchy, the xenophobic and otherwise intolerant views of many of its current and former MPs in tandem with similar sentiments to be readily found in the Windsor Constituency itself, makes the selection of Adam Afriyie all the more intriguing and particularly worrying for Britain’s diverse communities when, quite ludicrously in my opinion, this man is being touted in some Tory circles, and among its sycophantic media, as a prospective leader of the Conservative Party and, possible as well, a British Prime Minister.

Farfetched perhaps, hopefully, but let’s not forget that Barack Obama did become the first non-white President in the entire history of the United States of America. And as we’ve transparently witnessed there since his election racists in that country have become even more emboldened in their intolerant behaviour, brazenly acting thus while happily hiding behind the discernible cloak of respectability and lame excuses proffered for their criminal conduct and quite readily afforded to them by the so-called liberal corporate media, and even on occasions the rightwing ones, that between themselves categorically proceed to dishonestly trumpet the alleged dissipation of racial hatred in the United States because, the said media go on, a race-hating society wouldn’t – taking into account the noticeable demography of the USA that is massively white in its composition - elect a Blackman to be its national president if these people or their country were indeed racist.

So racism then, these revisionists of reality and contemporary history argue, is now dead; a thing of the past; rare and even then minimal at best, and largely a figment of the imagination of those with massive chips on their shoulders, or else the wild ranting of pathetic individuals deliberately hell-bent on using the phantom of racism past to effectively hide behind and fraudulently conceal their unsolvable inadequacies. The carefully orchestrated semblance of a genuinely perfect, well-ordered and utterly positive, white Caucasian-run society and world then which black Americans per se have been too shit-scared to honestly criticise since Barack Obama’s election to the United States presidency and his installation in the White House – built incidentally, if you didn’t know, by black slave labour!

Because to dare to criticize, however justifiably so, white “Massa” or “Miss” in the aftermath of the aforementioned stated circumstances would be perceived as the height of ingratitude and also considered as a most perfidious thing to do. So rather than run the risk, as they idiotically saw it, of having majority white Americans not repeating the “Obama Experiment” again by deigning to elect in the future another black person to the office of President of the United States, Blacks of every conceivable background across the entire USA collectively settled for convenient amnesia regarding the historical and ongoing wrongdoings perniciously inflicted on them; stoically opted to put up with having their asses constantly kicked in and even have their close family members racially killed attendant with the legal immunity generously accorded to their white killers by the US legal system to do so; continue to tolerate a burgeoning and disproportionate number of their community members to be jailed for inordinate stretches of time or placed on death row, and all this against the backdrop of their president and his wife voicing no concerns about any of this for fear of rocking his political boat, while whites mockingly and ebulliently comfort themselves in the clear knowledge that while Blacks might anthropologically comprise the first and oldest race to have emerged on Planet Earth and from which all other races stem, they’re also undoubtedly the most stupid of the genus Homo sapiens.

Therefore for all we know the Tory Party and the constituents of Windsor might well have also embarked on the process of creating the Barack Obama effect, instituted in the United States of America, here in the United Kingdom through their intentional choice of Adam Afriyie as their chosen boy. However, against the backdrop of that probable scenario there is something that all conscionable Blacks will feel they’re perfectly entitled to and furthermore also have a clear duty to strongly condemn, and it’s the appalling and unforgivable behaviour of all such treacherous black reprobates, regarding them as the utterly reprehensible House Niggers they evidently are. So much so in actual fact that to borrow liberally and with some poetic licence from the popular Money Supermarket TV advert, the likes of Michelle Obama, David Lammy, Adam Afriyie and Co are so House Nigger” they don’t even know it!

I referred earlier in this article to Michelle Obama’s quite bald-faced double standards pertaining to her rather sanctimoniously jumping onto the western, and especially the US orchestrated anti-Boko Haram bandwagon; and the global backlash that she promptly and justifiably got for doing so. And while no sensible or intelligent person would logically applaud the kidnapping by Boko Haram of those 276 Nigerian schoolgirls, or any other form of kidnapping for that matter by any one, here are a few sound reasons of many more why Michelle Obama and the plethora of other western hypocrites: political, social media and corporate ones alike, should have kept their own counsel, mull over the facts and thought seriously about what they were about to do before they jumped to criticize Boko Haram exclusively.


Over 250, 000, and still counting, under aged children alone are known to have been killed so far, 2014, by US killer drone attacks authorized by Barack Obama (Michelle’s husband) and his US predecessors in the past two decades, and there’s no sign of any letting up by President Obama in this regard.

In excess of 53 democratically elected governments in countries globally have been overthrown in coups or regime change adventurism orchestrated by the United States since 1945, following which these elected governments were replaced by US backed puppet and dictatorial regimes.

Three major and significantly telling examples of this criminal and barbaric US practice, and that in 2014 is still ongoing, were: Iran in 1953; Mohammad Mossaddagh government overthrown by the CIA. Congo 1961, Patrice Lumumba’s turn, his body contemptuously dissected like chopped meat on a butcher’s slab and cast to the wind; Chile 1973, Salvador Allende replaced by the US henchman Augusto Pinochet.

2014: Blacks, still quite disproportionately so to their overall demographic numbers in the United States, are routinely racially profiled by the police and other law enforcement agencies, regularly incarcerated on lengthy jail sentences and placed more frequently on Death Row by a manifestly racially intolerant and biased judicial system than any other racial group within the US, including the majority white Caucasian population, that generally hands down death sentences based on the skin colour of the alleged perpetrator or that of their purported victim rather than any semblance of genuine or natural justice.

So if a white person kills a Black they usually walk free – Trayvon Martin’s killer certainly did so – or else gets the equivalent of a legal slap on the wrist; however, if it’s the other way round the black defendant is sure to end up on Death Row even when DNA tests positively show that he or she wasn’t responsible for the crime and wasn’t even anywhere near where it took place at the time, and with state attorney generals even arguing that such executions should go ahead as a “competent” jury, usually made up of whites naturally, found the defendant guilty.

These are all vile travesties of justice that Barack and Michelle Obama are fully cognisant of but I don’t hear the same moral or fulminating righteous indignation over any of this emanating from either of them or the collective, western herd of likeminded hypocrites ensconced in their farcical bubbles of unreality on both sides of the Atlantic but who on the contrary are particularly swift to openly castigate Boko Haram for its barbaric actions.

And pray tell me, what is extraordinary rendition other than a fancy euphemistic terminology for brutal and unlawful kidnapping that not infrequently has led to the savage torture and intentional murder of the hapless victims unwittingly caught up in this barbaric US and European practice, and with those fortunate to survive the ordeal locked away in limbo for lengthy periods of time without any due process of law or access to any - and not even knowing why they’re treated this way -in gulags like Guantanamo Bay, Bagram, Diego Garcia or other US controlled and illegal detention black holes dotted across mainland Europe. The Third Reich at least flagged up where their concentration camps were not so the US and its conspirators in dastardly crime.

But the US is not alone in this inhuman barbarism since every European state, both EU and non-EU, are also deeply involved as well; so my practical advice to all those self-righteous jerks out there having a go at Boko Haram is this, “that’s fine”; criticize Boko Haram for what it has done and then genuinely assist in getting these Nigerian schoolgirls back to their families, not make a bloody, self-serving political saga out of what has taken place. But in doing so do see fit to spare a thought for the hundreds of thousands minimum, and realistically the millions of lives that your complicity together with the perverse, nefarious and venal actions of your politicians, countries and corporate entities have systematically destroyed, but unlike the Nigerian schoolgirls have no prospect of ever returning home; because they’re all dead! And when you’ve done all of that start putting your own house in order before you again choose to condemn others whose evils though bad enough are miniscule compared to your own.

For I fail to see how the lawlessness of the powerful is judged to be just while the response of the victims to it is regarded as terrorism!

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