Thursday, 24 April 2014

It’s clearly a case of black and white!

By Stanley Collymore

The well-publicised and expected acquittal by an English court jury on all rape and sexual assault charges against the self-confessed, acknowledged and British House of Commons, homosexual MP Nigel Evans, who numerous people within Britain and most certainly outside the borders of the UK previous to this court case, and probably even now, have still never heard of, has nevertheless sent the customary gaggle of so-called celebrities, their wannabes, some pretty inane and incredibly narcissistically self-absorbed media pundits together with several of Nigel Evans’ fellow MPs, many of them with a similar, albeit closeted homosexual or lesbian propensity to their names and therefore with not only much to be guarded but also ultra-defensive about; a situation bizarrely compounded by the UK’s Attorney General, who curiously, one must say, feeling himself likewise obligated to jump on board this peculiar, somewhat carefully orchestrated and conspicuously self-serving bandwagon for all those concerned, and manifestly characterized by a right fulminating exposition of weird public criticisms, contradictory statements and a right rabid foaming at the mouth tirade of vitriolic accusations, themselves enjoined with a calculated and liberally barbed spitefulness, directed at the Crown prosecution Service (CPS) for having, in its accusers skewed opinions and far from objective observations, dared to bring this case against Nigel Evans in the first place.

For apart from their glaring refusal to admit to, much less so unreservedly recognize that determining the merits and any subsequent prosecution thereafter is the officially prescribed function of the CPS, in other words to specifically bring cases to the courts against those whom the CPS feels have transgressed the laws of the land; laws, by the way, that each and everyone of us is legally obligated to fully observe and also unconditionally comply with; these moronic critics, in this particular case, of the CPS that only pay lip service to our laws in public but privately robustly subscribe to something very much different, since they strongly believe that legislation, whatever it is, ought only to be directed at those whom they either irrationally fear or else have an obsessive hatred against, have one-sidedly, thoroughly selective in their self-opinionated judgement, as well as unfailingly precipitate and reliably inclined, as is their wont, to rush to their skewed conclusions in matters they’re entirely bigoted about and, furthermore, acutely ingrained with their intentional distortions of the motives of the CPS for having brought its case against Nigel Evans, has led to the quite ludicrous situation where once more, and in the wake of the acquittal of Nigel Evans, the media airwaves of Britain have been ridiculously and volubly assailed by these oddball talking heads, who’re individually, as well as collectively, having a right old go at the CPS and incredibly accusing it of effectively having a bigoted and open-season policy of persecution and retribution against celebrities per se and MPs in general within England.

What utter rubbish! If anyone is genuinely entitled to make such accusations then that right surely belongs to Britain’s racial minorities, in particular its Black citizens and residents, along with certain elements within its white working class and predominantly local council estate communities that with familiar regularity, although by no means a surprising occurrence to them or for that matter by any means an uncommon practice either where these two latter groups are routinely hauled up before the British courts, prosecuted, convicted and harshly jailed for crimes - notably of a drug-related nature - that the police and CPS customarily turn a blind eye to when the culprits, who’re deeply enmeshed in these criminal activities, are white and so-called celebrities.

A premeditated and at the highest level of both these law and order bodies an officially sanctioned and condoned procedure that allows even the worst perpetrators of these criminal activities to regularly walk away scot-free without even a caution to their name or the proverbial mild slap on the wrist, and of course no criminal convictions of any kind attached to them regarding their illegal propensities when the criminal offenders are from amongst the well-heeled, privileged, the influential, supposedly upper crust or those that are unwarrantedly perceived and ludicrously classified as much vaunted celebrities and de facto the new breed of Untouchables.

In reality a most reprehensible game of double standards that even the legal eggheads at the United States immigration department enthusiastically play in tandem with their equally odious British counterparts. For as everyone who is desirous of going to the United States even on a short vacation let alone to live or work there well knows, if you’re publicly exposed as a drug user or even admit, with or without a criminal conviction, to having taken illegal drugs of any kind US laws permanently ban the individual involved, if he or she is not an American citizen, from entering the United States.

Interestingly enough though if you’re a “drug-head” but a so-called celebrity and the incumbent UK prime minister is a publicly declared and self-confessed admirer and fan of yours, not only do the British police and CPS not arrest and prosecute you for your illegal drug usage, the United States immigration authorities also automatically go to great lengths to discriminatorily in your favour circumvent and even abrogate their own otherwise strictly enforced national laws on drug abusers from outside the USA thus enabling you to live, work and earn a handsome living in the United States with all its attendant and high profile celebrity status.

Manifestly a privilege that no Black or white working class members in the UK or anywhere else for that matter finding himself or herself in identical circumstances would be granted; not in a million light years; and not least so because that individual from either of these two marginalized groups would have long been bunged up in jail for what they’d done, and without the additional benefit accorded to the so-called celebrity offender of him or her knowing that the perverse decisions arrived at in their favour weren’t only avidly supported but also heartily cheered on by other self-characterized and perceived exceptionalists, but who in actuality are consummate retards not dissimilar from the so-called celebrity or celebrities in question.

And how many, I wonder, of these largely white Caucasian hypocrites either knew or would have cared if they did that in the very same week they were spitting fire in their self-righteous rage at the CPS over what they consummately regarded as the insufferable prosecution of Nigel Evans: their white Caucasian and homosexual pin up boy, that Nicholas Jacobs: a black Londoner, was also freed by an English court having been found not guilty by an empanelled jury of the far more serious charge, also brought to court by the CPS with the active participation of the Metropolitan Police, of murdering PC Keith Blakelock 28 years ago in 1985.

Nicholas Jacobs who was arrested in 2013 and held in prison custody until his court hearing a year later in 2014 was found by the court to have had nothing whatsoever to do with PC Blakelock’s murder. A murder that occurred during a riot in London unleashed in the wake of the death of Cynthia Jarret a 49 year old black woman whose unwarranted and certainly untimely death in her own home in Tottenham’s Broadwater Farm District of London was the catalyst for the said riot. For it was the remarkably savage, erroneous and unbelievably bungled raid at her home and the accompanying violent assault on Cynthia Jarret herself in the dead of night, and while like all normal, decent and respectable people she was fast asleep in bed, that wholly contributed to her death.

The police, and not for the first time where black people are concerned, had raided the wrong address leading to the unfortunate death of an entirely innocent and well-known to her local community with whom she was closely involved as a deeply religious and profoundly God-fearing lady, who was also an exemplary member of that said community. But as black UK communities have regularly observed on numerous occasions previously, and this specific one was not out of character for the police and is still an ongoing situation – the police killing of John Charles de Menezes and Mark Duggan readily come to mind – a behavioural pattern that both individually and collectively is very much a thorn in the societal and cultural flesh of most black people in the United Kingdom; when Blacks tragically and quite often inexplicably lose their lives at the hands of the British police the same and quite chilling phenomenon, itself graphically characterized by a calculatedly cultivated atmosphere of arrogance and disdain for the victims, their relatives and supporters on the part of the police with no attempt at providing convincing or plausibly satisfactory answers, if any answers are forthcoming at all, rendered as to how and why the tragedy occurred in the first place is the commonplace approach by the police; dismissive insults that do trigger community anger that can and invariably does explode into full-scale riots.

This then was the unadulterated backdrop against which PC Keith Blakelock lost his life; a casualty of the police’s own high-handedness, gross incompetence and flagrant arrogance that collectively, it must be said, had caused the death of Cynthia Jarret; but that’s not how the police or the CPS either see it or want to regard it as. In effect, they haughtily want their pound of flesh hypocritically insensible of the obvious fact that it was the police’s own wrongdoing at the outset that created the situation in the first place and which was rather clumsily and conceitedly turned into a raging inferno by the proverbial oil that they gamely but rather witlessly poured onto this particular conflagration that was itself aided and abetted by the police’s own racist attitudes. And not prepared to face reality and accept the role which they played in all of this, they’re even now – 28 years on – still prepared to stitch up any Black whom they can lay their hands on for PC Blakelock’s murder, and what’s more are quite happy to ruthlessly pursue this endeavour!

As such Nicholas Jacobs is the seventh Blackman since 1985 that the police and CPS have charged with killing PC Keith Blakelock; and although they’ve secured convictions in the majority of these cases, on appeal by the convicted men the evidence that resulted in these young men’s convictions has proven to be at best tainted and at its worst downright and reprehensibly corrupt; with the inevitable result that all of these convicted men have justly been set free by the Appeal Courts. Among those that languished in jail for a crime they didn’t commit are Winston Silcott, jailed from 1987 -1991, and Mark Braithwaite.

Either unwilling to or incapable of learning from their evidently blundering idiocy the police and CPS have nevertheless decided, it seems, to carry on full speed ahead with their policy of nailing any black male that they can, and who by any means their vindictive obsession will facilitate this process, for PC Blakelock’s murder. Now I know that Keith Blakelock was one of their own and such loyalty within its justifiable limits is understandable. But on the 22nd April 2014 it was 21 years since the racist murder by whites of the then black Londoner, teenager and student Stephen Lawrence, and what a marked contrast there has been in official attitudes on the part of the Metropolitan Police to the killing of PC Blakelock coming as it did as a direct consequence of Cynthia Jarret’s death, itself occasioned by PC Blakelock’s own colleagues, and how the said police and CPS have from the outset and subsequently dealt with the similarly tragic but additionally racist murder of Stephen Lawrence that had no catalyst, and none most certainly from any black community within the UK, attached to it; something that can’t be said relative to the killing of PC Keith Blakelock.

Hypocrisy, double standards or what? Nevertheless whatever it was it clearly didn’t stop the police from fitting up Nicholas Jacobs with a crime that he had nothing whatsoever to do with, and for the CPS to go along with this dastardly action in the bargain. And this is the scenario they employed to have their way. Fake witnesses provided with pseudonyms so their identities couldn’t be publicly revealed and that were paid to give the required evidence in order to secure the conviction of Nicholas Jacobs. In effect police narks that were hardened criminals and drug dealers and who comfortably confessed to physically and violently attacking PC Blakelock. Police agent provocateurs perhaps?

But notwithstanding all this these intentional and perjured liars were given immunity from prosecution if they went into court and openly regurgitated against Nicholas Jacobs, who incidentally none of these so-called witnesses knew, what the CPS and the Police wanted and had evidently coached them to say. As peculiar a situation as one could possible imagine particularly when two of these fake witnesses, one of them given the pseudonym Rhodes Levin but in effect was a convicted drug dealer and the other dubbed John Brown, both admitted in court that they thought all black people looked alike. Meanwhile the third fake witness who claimed that he saw Nicholas Jacobs stab PC Blakelock with a “tool” was revealed to be the cousin of John Brown and had a history of drink and drug problems.

This then was the calibre, if one can logically associate this terminology with such abhorrent conduct, of the witnesses whom the CPS and the Police had no compunction in parading before a court of law and at the same time assiduously utilizing every act of chicanery at their disposal to convict an innocent black man. That said, this is what they do all the time and not necessarily because they’re evil men or women, they certainly wouldn’t see themselves as such, but because they’re institutionally racist and the system of which they’re an integral part is likewise institutionally racist and corrupt.

Just imagine what the furore would have been not only within the courtroom itself but also the British media if black witnesses in let’s say the Stephen Lawrence court case, no matter how exemplary they were character-wise, made the same racist remark in reverse about the white defendants in the dock, namely that all whites looked alike. It would be headline news everywhere in the print and electronic media; but when whites offhandedly but earnestly make such remarks about Blacks suddenly it’s not newsworthy!

I came across a letter in the London Metro newspaper written obviously by one of its readers and as I was about to write this article I thought it might be appropriate to share it with you. I don’t know the racial origin of the writer but that’s irrelevant as far as I’m concerned; since the really pertinent issues that resonate with me and should with you also are what the writer actually has to say.

“My heart goes out to the widow of PC Blakelock following the acquittal of Nicholas Jacobs, who was charged with his killing. However, it’s also a sobering thought that, yet again, a man has spent a year in hell awaiting possible sentence for a crime he was not guilty of, having been charged 27 years after the tragedy.

“All this after the previous case brought against Winston Silcott and two others ended up being quashed in 1991, the defendants having spent four years behind bars. Back then, of course, there was no CCTV or DNA profiling but as much as the Metropolitan Police wants closure on this one – a crime against one of their own – they cannot go on clutching at straws.”
Dave Degen, London.

So to all you self-serving, perceived hard-done-by aficionadas, supporters, grandstanding media pundits, colleagues, friends, likeminded fellow MPs et al of Nigel Evans and other so-called celebrities that feel they and your ilk are unjustifiably picked on by the CPS, and are being bulshy about it, my response to you is simply this: “Dry up; and go get a life!” Reality is much different from your sick perception of it.

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