Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A Clueless and Dinosaurian NATO rumbles on!

By Stanley Collymore

NATO: Narcissistic Arrogant Terroristic Oligarchical, the endemically racist, culturally myopic, overwhelmingly Caucasian even if you racially include the eastern half of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s useful idiot Turkey; white supremacists; conspicuously outmoded, born again colonialist and comprehensively imperialist morons. Sadistic to the core like feral, immeasurably intellectually challenged and sociopathic individuals who derive their sick and perverse pleasure by needlessly inflicting pain and trauma on those whom they can comfortably bully and terrorize while getting hugely sexually turned on from doing so because that’s the only way these gender confused and largely cuckolded Caucasian imbeciles can publicly display their fanciful and predominantly non-existent alpha male credentials, knowing that their victims are either physically too small, militarily or economically weak or else without the kind of influential clout to significantly strike back, creating a situation that consequently enables these NATO aggressors to get away with their criminal and perfidious actions, not dissimilar from that of sickeningly pulling the wings off a live butterfly.

Come the 4th April 2014 NATO – henceforth, and most certainly from my perspective, to be known and also referred to as the “NARSISSIES”: sociopathic retards completely absorbed with and exclusively in love with themselves, full of illogical and contradictory bullshit, and as trustworthy and reliable in what they say and do as the public and lying pronouncements of consecutive US administrations, officials, their allies and collaborators deliberately giving the completely erroneous impression that the Guantanamo Bay hellhole and systematic torture gulag  they’ve collaboratively and collectively created is instead some kind of a state of the art upmarket health spa , while all the time masquerading as macho males but inwardly going to great lengths to conceal their embarrassing and perverted female propensities, will chalk up 65 years of a mostly useless, realistically unproductive, futile and self-aggrandizing existence that has created significantly more international catastrophes and globally related problems than it has actually solved or is ever likely to, and quite frankly has long outlived any usefulness that its creation initially ever envisioned; but like those around Ariel Sharon, the late, universally unlamented, Israeli mass murderer PM and diehard terrorist, those associated with the “NARSISSIES” just as asininely refuse to let this equally odious entity die a natural death.

In normal circumstances 65, certainly in the civilized world, is the age at which most adult and genuinely mature people retire from a previously active career or working life and thus devote their time to other enlightening and beneficial pursuits not only in their own interests but also those of others. The “NARSISSIES” haven’t done so however nor have they shown any willingness to, because with the identical entrenched mindset of serial paedophiles that obsess with and thoroughly enjoy preying on the utterly defenceless or the very vulnerable the “NARSISSIES” don’t see or appreciate any reason why they should.

So I shan’t be wishing the “NARSISSIES” happy birthday come the 4th April 2014, as they’re wholly unworthy of any such recognition from the likes of me or anyone else for that matter with a functional brain in his or her head. For in terms of promoting or securing global or even western stability let alone general peace the “NARSISSIES” have failed quite miserably and spectacularly in these explicit endeavours, which to be perfectly honest with you was never their real remit in the first place; and if you think otherwise you and they aren’t only welcome but most definitely belong to each other, and quite deservedly so!

The “NARSISSIES mission and principal objectives are and have always been to justify their own existence, to extensively expand and strengthen their political membership and additionally firmly reinforce their military capabilities. Other than that just honestly ask yourselves what realistically are the “NARSISSIES protecting Europe, or the rest of the world come to that, from? Russia? How absurd! Russian tanks aren’t about to roll through the streets of Paris for example as they wouldn’t be able to anyhow even if President Putin were so disposed to have them do so, which evidently he most certainly isn’t. And besides, such tanks in the ludicrous and fictional imagination of western leaders wouldn’t be able to get through the Paris traffic anyway. As anyone who knows Paris and is familiar with its customary traffic congestion already knows full well that the latter would quite significantly hamper and even preclude such an unlikely occurrence from ever happening.

And as if this western and the “NARSISSIES purblind paranoia vis-à-vis Europe, and particularly Eastern Europe, wasn’t bad enough what logically is the “NARSISSIES rationale for expanding with increasing and significant alacrity, against the stark backdrop of justified global alarm, their presence in Africa and most especially sub-Saharan Africa, except for the “NARSISSIES own institutional self-justification, an irrational persecution complex that is itself firmly combined with an innate control-freakism characteristic of this intrinsically militaristic-mindset, white Caucasian and rogue outfit.

Many of the “NARSISSIES hierarchy have exceedingly well paid jobs that because of the Cold War paradigm that these self-serving bastards outmodedly cling on to would instantly become defunct if their “NARSISSIES outfit accepted reality, admit that the Warsaw Pact was dissolved with the collapse of the Soviet Union and that the “NARSISSIES should have as they now must realistically go the same way. But these hierarchical hawks and their warmongering leaders don’t want this to happen anymore than those benefiting hugely from the amorphous war on drugs or terror want that these issues be resolved anytime soon either.

So rather than the “NARSISSIES policymakers simply accepting reality and sticking if they must to their body’s founding charter which is the mutual defence of member states, the “NARSISSIES have instead quite unilaterally and hubristically adopted an “out of area policy” which effectively means that they’ve arrogated to themselves the exclusive right to act and operate at will anywhere in the world that they choose to and specifically outside the designated North Atlantic region that was their original remit.

Between you and me though what has significantly put the noses of the United States, the EU and the other “NARSISSIES satrapies out of joint is the timely intervention of both the Russian and the Crimean people through having Crimea freely and in an overwhelming display of mutual solidarity democratically reunifying itself with Mother Russia. Actions that assiduously pulled the rug from under the feet of the United States that asininely imagined it could waltz into the Ukraine co-opt it into the “NARSISSIES, provocatively oust Russia from its centuries’ old Black Sea naval base there and as in Bahrain, where there’s no democracy or human rights of any kind, implant another US imperialistic navy to further the interests of the America Empire.

Just imagine what the United States, its European and other western satrapies instinctive response, and that includes that of the “NARSISSIES, would have been if the Russian Federation had dared to similarly and barefacedly seek to co-opt or seduce Puerto Rico in the same way that the US and its European stooges wanted to do with Crimea and with the identical mindset and idiotic intention in Russia’s case of inserting a Russian naval base thousands of miles away from Russia’s national borders within the unmistakably undisputed waters of this United States colony in the Caribbean as these full of themselves and absolutely pathetic western morons tried their utmost to do in the case Crimea. There would immediately have been an outbreak of World War III triggered by the United States and its spineless puppets irrespective of whether or not that Russian decision was a mutually consensual one between the people and government of Puerto Rico or had been forced on them by the Russian Federation. Either way Washington wouldn’t have given a damn and would have reacted in the same way regardless!

And it chalks up memories of the United States double standards when the world was on the brink of a thermo-nuclear war because the then Soviet Union in a lawful and mutual agreement between the Cuban government and itself decided to install nuclear missiles in Cuba, 90 miles away from the United States mainland, provoking the infuriated and self-righteous response from Washington notwithstanding the clear and undisputed fact that the United States and its “NARSISSIES” allies had themselves, and for some considerable time previously, installed their own nuclear missiles in Turkey which, wait for it, had a land border with the Soviet Union; which even the most dumbed down educational imbecile even if he or she takes even the most cursory look at a map of the globe can say exists in the case of the United States and Cuba, not then in 1962 and certainly not now!

So as I’ve said earlier, written elsewhere and repeat again the behaviour of so-called US and other western leaders is analogous to that of adults who haven’t acquired the capacity or don’t have the ability to grow up and mature into commonsensical individuals; who are pathetic and contradictory in the way they act; are downright selfish and narcissistic with it and have this asinine view that the only opinion that matters, right or wrong but invariably wrong, is their own.

And in my view Russia’s two finger salute wasn’t only applicable but also long overdue; so well done President Putin and the people of both the Crimea and the Russian Federation. And if in response to this laudable action the American Empire and its white Caucasian and European satrapies want to act like spoilt brats throwing their dummies out of their prams just because they can’t get their way, personally I couldn’t give a damn, nor would any other sensible person either!

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