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Crimea is going home!

By Stanley Collymore

Angela Merkel has threatened Russia with “massive damage” if the referendum in Crimea takes place on Sunday 16 March 2014. Oh yeah! Have I missed something here or what? Isn’t this analogous to the bastards who run the Royal bank of Scotland, which exists only because of a massive taxpayers’ bailout yet still continues to run up massive financial debts, attempting to blackmail the British public by threatening to do even more badly if we the taxpayers don’t allow its executives and other principal employees to continue having their enormous and quite ludicrous bonuses on the asinine pretext that they need to have these as incentives to attract and keep the best staff there is in the banking business? Well if these are the best then give me the worst I say!

In her condemnation of Russia and Crimea Angela Merkel also echoes the hypocrisy of the US, the rest of the EU and that of other western satrapies that such a referendum is illegal and unconstitutional and infringes Ukraine’s territorial and sovereign integrity. How odd, when Germany did exactly the sorts of things Angela Merkel is now complaining about in Yugoslavia on behalf of its wartime ally Croatia and equally in Serbia when with its NATO partners it dismantled Yugoslavia and wrenched Kosovo from Serbia at the barrel of a gun, with no plebiscite granted to the Albanians in Kosovo on whose behalf this unilateral independence move was trumpeted, compounded by the aforementioned UDI by a bunch of terroristic, criminal and other odious henchmen doing the west’s bidding in Kosovo. Furthermore, this so-called independence was recognized by Germany, its EU and NATO pals long before the UN was strong-armed by them to follow suit.

German MP Gregor Gysi following Merkel’s speech in the German Bundestag caustically lambasted her for her hypocrisy and blatant double standards regarding the Crimea when set against her quite enthusiastic support for and hasty recognition of Kosovo as an independent country when it was in effect an integral territorial part of Serbia in the same way that Hamburg or Hesse are of Germany, while Crimea is an autonomous republic in Ukraine, transferred to the latter in 1954 from being an integral part of Russia for centuries in an administrative move when both the Ukraine and Crimea were part of the then USSR.

As for Germany and the rest of the west’s alleged respect for other’s territorial integrity how about Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, the Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Venezuela and Syria among many other countries where the west has not only shown a marked lack for such integrity in these countries but has also gone on to meddle in their internal affairs politically and militarily with disastrous consequences for the local people, varying from attacks and invasions by the west, usually NATO, to the funding, training and arming of terrorist insurgents sent into these countries by these western states to operate in these targeted countries; fostering armed conflict, to the break up of these countries and the recognition of the west’s hived off portions as occurred in Kosovo and again in Sudan as independent nations and where with indecent haste, in the case of Sudan, the US recognized Southern Sudan as an independent nation the very next day, and even sent an ambassador promptly there.

In Syria the same mindset prevails with scores of German, UK, US and other NATO and EU countries’ Special Forces covertly operating there in an undeclared war by the west that was entirely responsible for starting all the mayhem currently being witnessed there in the first place. And in neighbouring Iraq despite Britain and the US having theoretically exited from that country they and their allies are still very instrumental in all the bloodshed we hear about and witness going on there. All of which has one specific purpose in mind, namely the geopolitical objectives of the west and most specifically the US and its EU satrapies. Additionally the west and that includes Germany funds, trains and arms jihadists now fighting in Syria as they did in Libya; while the US in particular does the same in Latin America, most notably Venezuela. Clear examples of blatant double standards and outright hypocrisy on the part of the west now bellyaching about Crimea.

Then there are the US and Britain’s drone wars in Afghanistan, North Africa, Yemen and elsewhere, and Britain has made it known that when it pulls out of its illegal invasion of Afghanistan in a war that has gone one there longer than the duration of World Wars I and II combined these UK killer drones will be moved to bases in Africa and the Middle East. But the US and Britain aren’t alone in these acts of contravening other countries’ sovereignty. France and the rest of NATO also do the same, and while apparently it’s okay for a dictatorial and puppet president of Mali very much under the thumb of his former colonial ruler France to invite French troops into Mali.

However any notion of the Crimean people who are overwhelmingly ethnic Russian, having seen what has transpired in Kiev and how the west has embraced it even when the language of the Crimea people has been proscribed, to ask their close neighbours and countrymen in Russia and de facto the Russian parliament and government to come to their assistance in an emergency, that according to the warped minds of these western leaders is wrong and an interference in Ukraine’s domestic affairs. This despite the fact that neither Crimea nor the vast majority of the people of east Ukraine played any part in the coup that brought odious Fascists and Nazis to power in Kiev with the support of the west and don’t want to have anything to do with them.

So these western countries condemnation of Russia for not doing what they themselves routinely do in other peoples’ countries and consent to their bullying to influence Crimea not to hold its referendum, even if Russia could or felt disposed to, is double standards gone barmy. And as for Russia having military personnel in Crimea that’s like wilfully ignoring the fact that the US has hundred of bases in 139 countries globally; British bases in Cyprus and French ones in several African countries where these supposedly now independent African countries but once French colonies have no say in them being there, with France unilaterally deciding where to have them and how many and what kinds of personnel they have located there. Read my published article France loots Africa, liquidates dissidents on

Whilst in marked contrast Russia has had a military presence in Crimea since 1783 when the former 13 British North American colonies that formed the fledgling United States of America having declared their independence from Britain in 1776 after their successful war of Independence to determine their own future, as Crimea is now attempting to do, were just six years in existence and Cyprus with its UK so-called sovereign bases where the Cypriots have no jurisdiction at all wasn’t a colony then, as it is now any longer of Britain; yet the UK still sees fit to have bases there thousands of miles away from its borders of the UK and by no stretch of the imagination in the region of western Europe.

As previously stated elsewhere Crimea is culturally, linguistically and psychologically part of Russia; something that one can’t say for the Cypriots vis-à-vis the UK. Moreover the population of the Crimea is overwhelmingly ethnic Russian and see themselves as Russians. And to reiterate the point earlier made the Crimea has been physically a part of Russia for several centuries until 1954 when President of the USSR Nikita Khrushchev administratively made it a part the Ukraine not expecting, as did anyone else for that matter, that decades later the USSR with western interference would break up. And even then Crimea’s link to Ukraine was a loose one with Crimea retaining full autonomy within the framework of a greater Ukraine; so Russia presence in the Crimea is by any definition far more legitimate and logical than that of Britain’s in Cyprus ever could be classified.

Yet Britain and the west see nothing wrong with Britain “occupying” sovereign bases in Cyprus but Crimea which has Russia on its doorstep shouldn’t have its kith and kin anywhere near that place. How utterly bizarre when the Australian regime can send Aussie troops to Afghanistan to assist their white kith and kin there. For if that’s not the case please explain to me if you can when was the last time that Afghanistan threatened attacked or invaded Australia located on the other side of the world and isn’t even, or could it logically be, a member of NATO: which as far as I know literally stands for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and Aussie-land is very much located in the far reaches of the South Pacific Ocean. So if white Caucasians who have ethnically cleansed large parts of Australia that dwarf the entire British Isles several times over of their aboriginal populations, stolen by savage brute force their country where these people lived alone, continuously and undisturbed for over 60,000 years and still treat those Aborigines that have managed to survive like dirt, can send forces to help out what they see as the Mother Country in its illegal wars, why the hell shouldn’t the Russians who are next door to the Crimea not do the same in respect of their own kith and kin?

Which begs the further question if after all Russia is condemned by these jerks in the west, and we know who the usual suspects are, for its association with Crimea, what the hell is Britain doing in Cyprus, France in supposedly independent African countries and the US in all these bases that it has globally, including those in Britain, Germany, Japan but most notoriously Guantanamo Bay: a very physical and integral part of a sovereign and independent Cuba where for in excess of 50 years now the Cubans have been demanding their territory back and requesting that the US leave their country; but to no avail! And if this is a classic example of disrespect for and the blatant usurpation of the rights of another sovereign and independent country as well as its national integrity then I don’t know what is.

But you see when it comes to justice and fair play these aren’t characteristics that are interpreted as they should be by the west, but are essentially determined by what the west and most particularly the US and its European satrapies decide are in their own best interests and to hell with anyone who thinks differently or raises the issue of hypocrisy and double standards. So basically justice should be defined and spelt, relative to the behaviour and mindset of the west, as JUST-US, as in just us; namely the US and its satrapies. But when these utterly abhorrent and absolutely moronic clowns want to vilify others and parade themselves dishonestly and self-centredly as the fanciful champions of others with all the garbage they hubristically employ of human rights and the sickening rest of it that they don’t actually believe in except in respect of themselves and never practice even at home, then we hear a lot about JUSTICE. The sort of justice that all honourable people recognize, but now in these selected and quite perverse incidences on behalf of people the west sanctimoniously claims it’s rooting for but don’t even bother to consult, we see the pretence of JUSTICE being disreputably used by the west as a battering ram to clout those who highlight and condemn their dishonest and perfidious actions.

Gregor Gysi the German MP who lambasted Angela Merkel for her dishonesty in the speech she gave to the German Bundestag on Thursday 13 March 2014 immediately after she stepped down from that podium where he would subsequently deliver his attack on her equated Crimea’s situation to that of Kosovo with two major differences. The Albanians in Kosovo had no choice in Kosovo becoming a so-called independent state which it clearly isn’t, as it can’t exist unilaterally financially and depends exclusively for its funding from western handouts and the multiplicity of criminal activities organized and run by the odious bunch of mafia thugs put in charge there by the west.

In marked contrast all the Crimean people will have their democratic say in the plebiscite being carried out in Crimea on Sunday 16 March 2014; and while Serbia was bombed into submission by the west and threatened with a land invasion as well by that same entity unless it relinquished Kosovo to the unilateral control of the thugs that the US and its European satrapies had put in place there for their own geopolitical objectives and the expansion of NATO onto Russia’s borders, Russia hasn’t done the same with Crimea nor would it embark on doing so with what are essentially its Russian kith and kin in Crimea.

And why posits Gregor Gysi is it okay on the part of the west for Kosovo to have its independence unilaterally and with no plebiscite in that province; okay too for the Falkland Islanders to have a western backed referendum; for South Sudan with the west’s covert military intervention and open political support to also have its independence; for Scotland to have a referendum on whether it wants to stay in the United Kingdom or not, but when the Basque people of Spain and the Catalonians there want to decide their own future for themselves; and when Crimea states that it wants to do likewise, the same western countries that sanctions all of the aforementioned and are quite comfortable with their instigated outcomes suddenly, truculently and rather bizarrely declare such objectives by these latter groups of people to be illegal, unconstitutional or else infringing the sovereignty of the lands they don’t want these people to separate from, be it Spain or Ukraine.

The very Spain that while refusing the Basque and Catalonian peoples the right to make their own informed and free choices relative to their future in or outside of Spain, none the less demands that the people of Gibraltar and that territory be transferred lock stock and barrel to Spain since Gibraltar was once a part of Spain before Britain sized it militarily and kept it as a British outpost in the region. But even so Britain doesn’t look good either in this since its stance is one that Gibraltar is forever British and that Gibraltarians  have an inviolate right as to whether they remain British or not. So to hell with Spain’s claim of sovereign integrity; however the same Britain has no such regard for the democratic wishes of the Crimean people because what they want doesn’t tie in with the geopolitical wishes of Britain’s puppet master the United States of America.

Frankly, all this has absolutely nothing to do with the wishes let alone the best interests of the people directly involved or the countries they live in and which are either unhappily or unwillingly implicated in this ludicrous political tug of war, but rather everything to do with western global hegemony and geopolitical interests. And if breaking up sovereign states or supporting the nebulous or even the non-existent claims of non-state entities under the rather spurious guise of affording them the right to self-determination or even independence, ploys that serve the goals of these western state players, then in the minds of their leaders and those of their satrapies self-determination and all the rest of it become paramount; must be respected; vigorously encouraged; and most certainly adhered to by any means at the west’s disposal. However, when it’s not in the west’s own self-interests identical situations must be instantly condemned and those supporting them dishonestly and virulently vilified.

In his justified attack on Angela Markel’s speech in the Bundestag and her fraudulently contrived bellicosity against Russia and the Crimean people Gregor Gysi pointed out that when Germany and its NATO partners were championing Kosovo’s unilateral independence and then actually recognized it a full two years before the UN did so, he’d warned his parliamentary colleagues and most specifically the German government that they and the rest of the west involved in what was going on were literally opening a Pandora’s Box through sanctioning this illegal action, and whose repercussions would not only set a dangerous political precedence but also backfire on all of its participants and supporters.

Notwithstanding this they’d all refused to listen to him Gregor Gysi went on, additionally caught up he explained in their hubristic self congratulations and backslapping of each other on what they saw as their successful efforts at having forced upon the USSR its own dissolution, and entirely buoyed up by this undoubtedly considered themselves to be the Invincibles capable of doing no wrong and in effect very much entitled in the circumstances to unchallenged embark on whatever they chose to, regardless of how reckless or criminal these activities were. The major problem with this being that the nightmare they created has come back to haunt them.

For if they genuinely believe that what they instigated and that subsequently actually transpired in Kosovo, Sudan, the Falkland Islands, Gibraltar and with the west’s active participation or approval at its worst will take place in Scotland in September 2014 is just and fair, why using the same criteria is it wrong for Crimea and other territories or regions like the Basque country and Catalonia to likewise be free and entitled to choose their own self-determination?

And who that saw his performance can forget David Cameron’s smug and hubristic remarks as he gleefully rubbed salt into the wounds of Argentina’s incumbent President, in the same way that a feral and unsophisticated moron would pull the wings of a live butterfly, when he said that the Falkland Islanders had in their referendum spoken and in doing so had unequivocally made their choice to be British; a clear-cut decision for self-determination David Cameron went on to say that the Argentinean President should both respect and recognize. A fait accompli in other words, notwithstanding the long running dispute between the UK and Argentina over these islands, also known as the Islas Malvinas, that are on Argentina’s continental se shelf but over 8000 miles away from Britain.

But David Cameron is not alone in this kind of hypocrisy which has been par for the course with every US president in living memory and includes the incumbent holder of that office Barrack Obama who likewise mouthed ad nauseum the same self-serving and dishonest mantra as and when required to mask their numerous, profoundly unconstitutional and undoubted criminal activities. For example no one asked the indigenous inhabitants of Diego Garcia and the rest of the Chagos Islands whether or not they wanted to be ethnically cleansed in the 1960s from their homeland and for it to be turned into yet another US overseas military base on the main island of Diego Garcia,

The result of a secret bilateral deal between a dominant US calling, or rather dictating the shots to a subservient Britain because the former arrogantly wanted to have the Diego Garcia location for a military base, yet another overseas one with no comparable quid pro quo situation foreign military bases to be legally permitted on US soil. A situation made relatively easy due to the fact that consecutive post World War II UK governments and the British elite as well persist in living, even in 2014 as it happens, in a distinctly permanent and patently comatose state of denial, refusing to accept that Britain no longer rules the world and the days of the Raj, Bwana and Memsahib are gone forever.

So to keep up the pretence, like a lady of leisure who’s fallen on hard times, Britain and France too have facilitated the US becoming their sugar daddy, willingly allowing it to use them both for its own ends while enabling them in turn to bizarrely delude themselves that life for them hasn’t changed at all from what it actually previously was even though in reality it’s altogether quite different. A ludicrous delusion that has Britain and France thinking that they’re still world powers, and with permanent seats and vetoes in the United Nations Security Council reinforcing that view, with the absolute right, albeit with US sanction, to run the world regardless of whether or not those that are targeted for this dubious honour actually wanting to be singled out in this way.

And listening closely to what passed for a debate in the United Nations Security Council’s chamber on Thursday 13 March 2014 where an essentially warm welcome was given to an illegitimate coup leader heading an illegal Nazi, fascist, murderous and bloodthirsty regime in Kiev, quite unsurprisingly so it must be said when apart from Russia and China all the currently members of the UNSC, including the US, UK and France as permanent and veto wielding members, are western, white Caucasian states and satrapies, while wholesale condemnation by these cretins were hurled at Russia for what are basically its fictional violations of international laws and the rest of it vis-à-vis Crimea. While at the same time declaring Crimea’s upcoming and republic-wide plebiscite and Russia’s support for this as illegal. To be honest with you that really turns logic on its head.

This notwithstanding the fact that not only Britain but also the EU, US and the west generally still refuse to countenance let alone acknowledge or accede to the wish for the return of their country and the desire for self-determination by the overwhelming majority of the Chaggossian people brutally treated and savagely evicted en masse and without compensation from their homeland by Britain at the behest of the United States and their swift  replacement by a US military base on Diego Garcia, have routinely seen these actions that manifestly and blatantly violate international law declared as illegal by the UK’s highest court with a binding recommendation by it that the Chaggossians be given back their homeland and resettled there at Britain’s expense.

Legal rulings however that consecutive UK governments have contemptuously ignored over the past decades using the antiquated Royal Prerogative to arbitrarily and without parliamentary oversight, not that our MPs or House of Lords members care a damn either about the Chaggossians or would have acted any differently, to override the UK’s Supreme Court’s rulings in the same way that these PMs and government ministers have used the same Royal Prerogative to grant immunity from prosecution to Northern Ireland terrorists and even Royal Pardons to some of them who were properly convicted in court and jailed.

And Britain is most certainly not alone in its contempt for the UK’s courts relative to their rulings on the Chaggossian issue. The United States also does the same. For having turned these paradisiacal settings into an integral part of their illegal rendition programme: unlawful kidnappings, torture and even the murder in other words of those unfortunate enough to be caught up in the US’s war on terror, the United States has additionally throughout its presence on the Chagos islands and as it still does in 2014 continues to add gross insult to injury not only to the Chaggossians but also British MPs, other UK parliamentarians, members of the British public and curiously even Her Majesty the Queen who is the constitutional Head of State of the Chagos Islands, in prohibiting them all or anyone else for that matter from setting foot anywhere on the Chagos islands without the express permission of the United States President, Secretary of Defence or specified senior military commanders based at the Pentagon.

Permission that is rarely ever granted; creating a situation where British citizens or officials can’t visit what are in international law legally British overseas territories. Can you believe it? And do you think that the US government or people would in anyway tolerate any such situation taking place in reverse by a foreign power in Puerto Rico, Guam or the US Virgin Islands for example? So all the ranting and sanctimonious humbug loquaciously emanating from moronic amateurs like Samantha Power, Victoria Nuland, John Kerry and the rest of them is so much noxious shit that there just wouldn’t be sufficient sewerage plants across the entirety of Britain, the rest of the EU, the United States or for that matter the western world to contain and clean up if it were actually human bodily waste disposal instead of the verbal diarrhoea that these consummate prats and jackasses are simply crapping the rest of the world with.

I began with Angela Merkel and will end with her. However, before I do let me state unequivocally that British though I am I nevertheless have a profound love for Germany, the German people and thoroughly enjoy my stay in Germany and nothing, not even a Chancellor like Angela Merkel will ever change or mar any of this. All the same that won’t stop me from outspokenly speaking truth to power no matter where such abuses take place. Angela Merkel is a product of her upbringing as are most of us in one way or another. Her parents who voluntarily left what was then West Germany went with the entire family to live in communist East Germany. That was a committed choice and not one that was forced upon them.  In her youth and as a student Angela Markel worked as an informant for the Stasi that employed the same tactics as the Nazis did in unified Germany during World War II. As an adult Angela Merkel continued her covert work with the Stasi and benefited enormously. However always the skilful survivor and egotistical with it Angela Merkel was astute enough as the collapse of the USSR loomed and the Berlin Wall came down to reinvent herself.

In this regard Angela Merkel acted exactly like the Nazi enthusiast and Austrian camp commander Kurt Waldheim who masked all his Nazi past and post World War II portrayed himself as a having been a staunch anti-Nazi activist during the war; a persona he used with US, British and French help to become Secretary General of the United Nations. And if you seem surprised by this let’s remember that these three aforementioned entities of the UK, United States and France assisted many prominent and even quite odious wartime Nazis when doing so coincided with their own selfish interests and the figure of those helped literally run into the thousands. At Nuremburg only those convenient for giving the United States, Britain and France the fig leaf that they were determinedly against Nazism in all its manifestations and were unwavering in their efforts to eradicating it were tried in these show trials and expediently executed. You mightn’t know this but apart from the many prominent Nazis that the US not only covertly took in but also helped to develop new lives for themselves in Latin America, over 175,000 of them from Ukraine’s Waffen SS Brigades along with their families were relocated to the UK at the United Sates’ insistence, and where their descendants live to this day and go around calling themselves the English Defence League and pretending they’re more English than the rest of us.

Still Nazi at heart like their parents and grandparents the US had them resettled in the UK as it had these delusions that after the end of World War II the US could use these odious bastards with their pathological hatred of everything Russian to be the foot soldiers in the war which US was secretly planning against the Soviet Union. Somewhere along the line commonsense prevailed and that war which would have been a hugely devastating one never occurred, but in its place the Cold War as it came to be known was born. And in case you gotten ahead of yourselves as to where I’m going with this one, yes the Nazis now in power in Kiev thanks to the United States are the very descendants too of those World War II Waffen SS, Ukrainian Nazis that created so much mayhem in Eastern Europe specifically against the Russians and what are now publicly at any rate the US, France and Britain’s post World War II favourite people, although not so at the time, the Jews; with David Cameron even proudly declaring his Zionist Jewish credentials and supposedly Jewish familial links on his recent official visit to Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu in response referring to him as family. Consequently none of what is happening in the Ukraine with its US installed and backed Nazi regime is coincidence or an accident; as it’s simply a case of the wheel, in this case the US’s one, have turned full circle.

Similarly Kurt Waldheim’s meteoric rise in UN politics wasn’t as a result of him duping the US, UK or France; oh no! They already knew who and what he was and like the Nazis currently in charge in Ukraine they knew exactly what he was and moreover what he’s done. After all France had expelled more Jews to Europe’s death camps than any other country and prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour the overwhelming majority of Americans were very pro-Nazi; the US government had been consistently supplying Germany’s Third Reich with sophisticated weaponry; ships bringing Jewish refugees from Europe to the United States were refused permission to dock in US harbours and sent back to their ports of origin in mainland Europe where their Jewish passengers ended up in the death ovens that were replete across that continent; one of George W. Bush’s grandfather was the official banker for the German Nazi Party, while the other was deeply involved as were many others of his ilk who were associated with corporations doing the same and either producing or marketing the Zyklon B gas that was used to kill many of the Nazis’ holocaust victims. You could use if you like the famed expression in Death of a Salesman that “Business was Business, but there is no getting away from the fact that the American, the French and British leaders pre and post World War II knew exactly who the real and even the most dirty Nazis were.

An America friend of mine was told me that her country didn’t have any friends just useful idiots that they use and who are expendable if and when the need arises. She was spot on. And to them, the Brits and the French Kurt Waldheim was such a one. This trio knew all along what Kurt Waldheim was but the era of the cold war had begun and therefore the United States of America with Britain and France clinging on the coattails of the new heavyweight on the block felt that their interests would be better served, and particularly so in the UN Security Council that they controlled, in having a hardened Nazi there at the helm so to speak, even if he was publicly pretending to be something that he wasn’t, rather than someone who was a socialist or God forbid a communist; although there was no differentiation between the two where Americans are concerned. And furthermore someone they could control since they knew his past, he knew that they did, and the very last thing that Kurt Waldheim wanted was to be publicly exposed for what he really was. So both sides got what they wanted.

However when the Simon Wiesenthal Foundation exposed Kurt Waldheim for what he was the United States that had engineered his ascendency to the position of UN Secretary General, and let’s be honest here no one gets to be UN Secretary general without the US’s say so, together with Britain and France quickly dropped Kurt Waldheim like a hot potato, risibly pretending for public consumption, and also to cover their asses, that they were terribly shocked by these horrid revelations pertaining to Waldheim claiming that they knew nothing about them or his past which he’d evidently, they also pretended, kept from them; which to put it mildly was bloody lie! But since when has shamelessly and openly lying to the world or even their own people ever worried these western hypocrites? And with bigger fish to fry, among this scenario being that of not upsetting the growing and increasingly powerful Zionist lobbies, Kurt Waldheim was ingloriously sacrificed. Check out for yourselves what happened to him.

Having like Kurt Waldheim meticulously reinvented herself Angela Merkel happily jumped on board Helmut Kohl’s bandwagon; a quid pro quo situation for both of them. Kohl for his part wanted to be seen as the re-unifier of Germany and have that as his political legacy, Merkel just wanted initially to bury her nefarious Stasi past all the deeper than she’d already done so far, and having got away with that became emboldened enough to even openly challenge and usurp the leadership of Helmut Kohl whom she viciously stabbed in the back to get her way with Helmut Kohl never managing to get over this appalling betrayal of hers. Now this incredibly self-serving and highly ambitious woman could even emulate Kurt Waldheim and pragmatically aspire in her case to become the leader and also the first female chancellor of a reunified Germany and with few people knowing anything about her Stasi past. After all many Nazis, and not only Kurt Waldheim, did the same reinvention of themselves even pretending to be Jews and emigrating to the United States with New York alone full of such people. Since these Nazis knew the Jews that they betrayed or even killed quite intimately as they were their close neighbours or friends and therefore knew most things about them. Likewise Stasi members in relation to ordinary members of the East German public.

But we all know from whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations that the NSA spied extensively on Angela Merkel and with good reason from their standpoint; they knew who and what she really is, and with the United States fixated about communists they were simply treating her in reverse if you like as they did Kurt Waldheim before his public exposure. Now it’s not at all rocket science, so do ask yourselves honestly why when the US has spied on Angela Merkel so intensely does she none the less go out on a limb to fight the same US’s corner as she’s doing in the case of Crimea well aware that any resultant fractured relations with Russia a major trading partner and principal gas supplier to Germany will certainly damage Germany’s economy; and as Chancellor of Germany surely the well being of the Germany people should be the paramount equation in all of her deliberations?

The truth is that Angela Merkel has no choice. We all know that she power hungry and ruthless with it; likes being Chancellor of Germany and doesn’t want to end up if she confronts the United States like the Communist East German equivalent in her case of the Austrian Nazi Kurt Waldheim, exposed and disgraced; for it quite apparent to anyone with a functioning brain in his or her head that Angela Merkel has privately been given an ultimatum by the neo-cons in the Washington administration based on the NSA’s comprehensive snooping on her and which she can’t possibly ignore; support the United States in its Ukraine campaign against Russia or else.

And if you think that scenario is so much crap then ask yourselves this: if you publicly discover that a close friend or family member despicably betrayed your trust in them and went on to gratuitously spy on you and not only compromised your personal privacy but your integrity as a human being as well, would you taking all that into consideration go out of your way and on to a limb for that person unless you knew, because they told you, or else you suspected they had much more compromising dirt on you that they could publicly reveal and quite literally devastatingly destroy you? Blackmail in other words! A situation that becomes even more intriguing in Angela Merkel’s case since the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel having canvassed the German public for their personal views on Angela Merkel’s stance relative to Russia and the Crimea revealed that a whopping 80% of the German public strongly disagree with her approach. I rest my case!

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