Friday, 2 August 2013

Verpiss euch rassistische Briten! Unabhaengiges Simbabwe hat nichts mit euch zu tun.

By Stanley Collymore

So there are those in Britain who want the UK to leave the EU and among these are current British Members of the European Parliament or MEPs particularly those on the far right of the political spectrum as well as the intellectually challenged and unsurprisingly the brain dead among the growing and nauseating throng of xenophobic, imperialist and colonialist mindset Colonel Blimp morons ensconced in their cosy bubble of unreality and who’ve yet to come to terms with the fact that we’re living in the 21st Century and not the 18 or19th ones when Britain had an empire on which their predecessor sort boasted that the sun would never set.

Well sorry folks but the sun has set and permanently so on this imperialistic travesty whether you like it or not! And as someone steeped in and very much an aficionado of democratic principles especially when it comes to people determining how they live their own lives with the unassailable entitlement to determine what government they have and who they democratically ally themselves with or not, I wholeheartedly agree that the British people as indeed those in residing in Scotland who want independence for that nation have an inalienable right to make these choices which in turn should be fully respected and steadfastly adhered to by everyone that values the concept of Democracy as well as its practical implementation.

Pretty straightforward stuff one would have thought; but not so when it comes to these British political and other intellectually challenged Luddites. For while claiming that Britain, which campaigned vigorously to enter the EU to the constant rejection of a “Non” snub from France’s President Charles de Gaulle who evidently had Britain pegged to a T and knew that letting it into the EU would be a monstrous mistake and with Britain only allowed in after he died, has subverted its sovereignty to Brussels, these said morons have quite conveniently overlooked the fact that the UK is by far most subservient in multiple respects that manifestly tarnish its so-called sovereignty well beyond anything that it would ever dare to contemplate far less permit in relation to itself as regards the EU when objectively contrasted with the multitudinous demands, requirements and even the facile whims of the United Stasi of America, which realistically is essentially the world’s premier rogue state as well as one of the least democratic, despite the myriad of sanctimonious claims it arrogantly and lyingly promulgates to the contrary, that there is on Planet Earth.

And if one wanted categorical proof of this among the USA’s many infamies they need look no further than the way it treats its whistleblowers forced to reveal to the public, because there are no legitimate channels opened to them to do so, the perverse and endemic criminality of their elected rulers and others. But rather than being actively encouraged, ably supported and openly lauded by the public generally and especially those who have no problems at all in fraudulently sequestering the moral high ground for themselves whenever it suits their pertinacious and self-interested ends, for their outstanding courage, altruistic public service and public spiritedness are instead viciously hounded and deceitfully branded as traitors, witch-hunted and brazenly without the due process of law subjectively and publicly characterized by those in power as criminals, something which they most evidently aren’t.

Meanwhile the real lawbreakers and loathsome traitors not only against their country, its lawfully enshrined constitutional requirements and their fellow citizens and who themselves are fanatically aided and abetted by authentic war criminals in and out of political office or power but who all the same are possessed of official immunity for their wrongdoings, those that premeditatedly commit crimes against humanity, intentionally abrogate every manner of international law there is in their avid pursuit of greed, public, official and personal malfeasance walk free unmolested and carry on benefiting financially from doing so. And the most asinine excuse for the UK not bothering about its manifest loss of sovereignty to the United Stasi of America while obsessing about Brussels was offered by a British MEP whose name I shan’t mention as I have no intention of giving the oxygen of publicity to this prized asshole, who idiotically declared in an interview aired on RT’s “World’s Apart” hosted by Oxana Boyko on 1 August 2013 that Britain, the US, Canada and the other white Caucasian colonial outposts like Australia and New Zealand are English speaking countries, share common values and must therefore act in concert with each other at all times.

That’s like asininely saying one’s father is known to be a serial paedophile but even so his family, other blood relatives and friends must support him through thick and thin and anyone who points out the lunacy of this ludicrous assumption must be castigated and dealt with in the most savage of ways, which is precisely what this savage Caucasian collective of western led nations do in respect of any country, notably those in the Global South that insist on the same rights to their sovereignty and independence that this British MEP claims he wants for Britain but that he and his ilk are none the less very much ill-disposed to granting to other countries which resolutely refuse to kow-tow to their imperialistic, neo-colonialist, fascist, Nazi-driven mindset, and the markedly fraudulent, venal and avaricious plundering of their natural resources demands.

It speaks volumes too with regard to the much vaunted but sham claims of these pathological and pathetically sick Master Race, white supremacists, God’s chosen people Zionists that never miss a chance to deceitfully portray themselves as the spirited defenders of democracy and human rights even when they’re gleefully and at their perverse leisure massacring millions of innocent civilians including very young children, babes in arms, the elderly and infirm throughout the Global South. Whose democracy and human rights do they have in mind then, I wonder?

And continuing with the subject of democracy Zimbabweans went to the polls on Wednesday 31 July 2013 to elect a new President and parliament. But even before polling day arrived far less the first ballot was cast the west and its house nigger proxies in the so-called MDC were shouting that President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF Party would steal the elections, and post their balloting by the Zimbabwean people but with no official results declared as yet, Thursday 1 August 2013, the same MDC, perhaps anticipating its legitimate defeat, is ludicrously claiming that monumental fraud by the government has taken place. In the immortal words of Mandy Rice-Davies in the Profumo case all those years ago “they would say that wouldn’t they?”

Then we have the quite bizarre situation of the western media making a meal of the fact that there were no western observers monitoring these elections. Oh really? What outside agencies, including either British or EU ones, were allowed to monitor the US Presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 that the entire world well knows that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney blatantly stole? The same charge also applies to the elections in Canada that Stephen Harper the arch-Zionist there also stole. And when were elections held in Britain and the west’s favourite Persian Gulf state Bantustans of Bantu Saudi, Bahrain or Qatar for example that these western hypocrites flagrantly back to the hilt politically, diplomatically and militarily in exchange for the massive amounts of Dangegeld which they receive from these despotic, patently non-democratic and barbaric entities, in tandem with the right demanded by and pusillanimously given to western corporations by these western satrapies to plunder at the expense of the local population that have no say whatever in any of this their natural resources?

And wasn’t it the identical situation in what was then Rhodesia under Ian Smith when the majority indigenous Black population had no say at all in the running of their own country as they likewise had no political vote as was the case in apartheid South Africa? And what did Britain and the vast majority of its white British population have to say about that? As I recall these white racists were overwhelmingly of the view as was their governing regime in London that Rhodesia’s whites were their kith and kin and consequently nothing should be considered or affected which might impede them from embarking as before on what they were doing to these vastly inferior to white folk and even savage Blacks. And true to Britain’s racist past and form successive British regimes of every political persuasion knowing what was eagerly expected of them and evincing the views that they too racially and zealously shared acted accordingly and very much to the detriment of Zimbabwe’s black population.

Therefore to have these same people and their equally racist politicians in tandem with the west’s quite markedly sycophantic media which at the time were the zealous flag bearers of this insensate prejudice against Black Zimbabweans to now ludicrously demand that President Robert Mugabe’s government permits western election observers with their entrenched racist bias not only towards him but also his elected government to monitor elections in a Zimbabwe that literally had to fight Britain and its white colonialist surrogates in what was then Rhodesia for its independence would be rather analogous I think to the parents of Stephen Lawrence being forced to acquire the services of independent criminal investigators and experts to get evidence to put the remaining racist killers of their son in prison, then for the police and Crown Prosecution Service that both individually and collectively did everything in their power to prevent Stephen Lawrence having justice and with the police additionally going out of its way to reprehensibly and quite inexcusably smear the Lawrence family, their friends and supporters as well, conceitedly assuming the right and even insisting that this evidence the Lawrence family came by through its own volition must be handed over to them: the very people who treated this family so abysmally and that they obviously don’t trust, would be a gross insult not only to the Lawrence family but also anyone with a functioning brain that chose to use it honestly and objectively.

So why under any circumstance then should President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe trust so-called western election observers; and furthermore what external election observer agencies and crucially from the Global South do you know of that monitor British elections or those held elsewhere in the EU for that matter? And don’t tell me that the British regime is genuinely concerned about the well being of Blacks living thousands of miles away in Southern Africa in a country that is no longer a part of the Commonwealth when that same British regime has enormous billboards festooning our metropolitan landscape, vans offensively driving around London effectively saying Niggers aren’t welcome in Britain and the British police and our border agency are authorized by a racist Theresa May, the Home Secretary, to carry out racist stop and searches exclusively against black and other non-white Britons solely on the basis of their ethnicity and skin colour, not to apprehend so-called illegal immigrants as she and her racist ilk maintain, since illegality in all its many manifestations has nothing whatsoever to do with one’s ethnicity or skin colour, but to appease racism in Britain, foment discord and suspicion among our diverse communities on racist lines but more importantly lay down her marker as challenger for the Tory leadership and vaingloriously PM of Britain.

For if these racist stop and searches were anything other than being manifestly racially motivated and were in effect intelligence led the police or the Border Agency wouldn’t be asininely utilizing their time combing the streets of London or parking themselves outside tube and train stations in a bid to apprehend so-called illegal immigrants who are in actual fact bona fide Black and other non-white British citizens lawfully making their way to work. Instead those providing this intelligence if it were genuine to start with would have no difficulty one would assume in telling the police or the Border Agency where these supposed illegal immigrants actually live, work or even hang out, thus precluding any requirement on the part of these law enforcement officers to make complete asses of themselves by aggressively behaving from all independent witness accounts exactly like their predecessors in Nazi Germany. That said I don’t suppose for a moment that being equated to Nazi or even East German Stasi scum would remotely trouble London’s intellectually challenged police forces or the Border Agency imbued with a similar mindset one bit out, for that’s precisely what they both are; and in the case of the police, despite the rather gentlemanly manner in which Lord McPherson phrased it that they’re institutionally racist, have effectively been scum for some considerable time now; and leopards, to mix metaphors, don’t change their spots!

Besides the Tory Party has past form in this particular subject area and one readily recalls the vile shenanigans of David Cameron in his racist political attack on British non-whites. And those of us who’re neither genetically possessed of short memories nor embarrassingly limited attention spans as is so commonplace among many Britons these days, characteristics which they liberally have in common with their American kith and kin, remember all too well his abhorrent racist mantra “Are you thinking what we’re thinking” that he unashamedly used to spearhead Michael Howard’s bid to become PM of Britain. So what Theresa May is up to though shocking to some isn’t unexpected to many since what we’re seeing from her is very much par for the course as far as the Tory Party is concerned. So why bang one’s head against a brick wall where these Colonel Blimp, Fascist and Nazi Conservative nutters are concerned? Herr Adolf Hitler and his Nazis as did Benito Mussolini and his Fascists deluded themselves that their odious regimes would last for a thousand years; they didn’t, and history has recorded what happened to them. Likewise, I have no doubt that in time the Tories and their similarly racist ilk will get their comeuppance.

What is of importance to me though amidst all the odious shenanigans, hypocrisies, blatant double standards and the sanctimonious outpourings that routinely emanate from Britain and particularly its politicians is that sane among us observe a sense of proportion and recognize that what Britain is indulging constitute the embodiment of a very sick society and its interests and indeed those of its western allies and likeminded collaborators in universal criminality in evidently resource rich countries like Zimbabwe are the same as they’ve always been, the rapacious white exploitation of these countries and the African continent as a whole. And what Britain specifically wants in black ruled Zimbabwe is the same as pertains in neighbouring official post apartheid South Africa where Blacks having grudgingly and at great cost having secured the right to vote are strictly restricted to just that while genuine power and indisputable financial control of the country stays exclusively in expatriate Caucasian hands with local whites overseeing this travesty of justice.

And because President Robert Mugabe from intense traumatic and personal experience knows the white racist mindset extremely well and simply won’t allow it to exist any longer in his country he must therefore be venomously vilified and vituperatively demonized by any means possible while the ingratiating House Niggers without any apparent significant support in Zimbabwe but even so preposterously fall over themselves to do their western puppet masters bidding at every turn of the wind up key implanted in their backs must be championed as the saviours of that country. We’ve seen it all before throughout Africa and in the case of Zimbabwe is akin to crying wolf and we all know the outcome of that particular story

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