Thursday, 4 July 2013

The March of the mindless 21st Century Lilliputians

By Stanley Collymore

Regrettably we currently live in a world where the so-called leaders of the countries that comprise our global communities, not only in the west but also generally worldwide, recurrently, perversely and hedonistically indulge in the masochistic pastime of political, social and economic flagellation, analogous in many ways to the activities exuberantly participated in by these countries’ privileged, political, economic and social elites that patronize the whorehouses, bordellos or expensive hotels in major cities like London, Paris, New York, Washington and several others that I’m sure you’re fully cognisant off, to have their bare asses whipped rudely into submission by testosterone-driven dominatrices; gratuitous and downright humiliation that they get a huge buzz and turn on from and accordingly pay handsomely for.

Unfortunately it’s the same wretched humiliation engendered by the aforementioned mindset that these control power freaks routinely inflict on countless millions of innocent civilians worldwide while passing off their loathsome actions as humanitarian, heroic or even altruistic endeavours as they premeditatedly, self-servingly and quite fraudulently brazenly cloak themselves in the mantle of real heroes. One such conspicuous hypocrite among countless others in this tightly knit band of criminals is Barack Obama, and it’s him for a diversity of reasons that I’m sure you must be fully aware of that I’m highlighting in this article.

While President Barack Obama has been making the rounds in Africa being at various events and addressing a multitude of issues and in almost every speech he’s given taken time out to praise Nelson Mandela, the former anti-apartheid revolutionary who eventually became South Africa’s first black president, unsurprisingly the corporate media has jumped on the rhetoric; rhetoric that according to Barack Obama makes Nelson Mandela a personal hero of his.

These are some of Barack’s words relative to that claim: “Some of you may be aware of this but I took my first step into political life because of South Africa. And I knew that while great people were imprisoned just of these (Cape Town where Barack was speaking at the university there that awarded him an honorary degree) shores on Robben Island my own government in the United States was not standing on their side. And that’s why I got involved in what was known as the divestment movement in the United States.”

Yes, you heard that right folks; the young Barack Obama cared so much about justice in apartheid South Africa that it actually drove him into politics. What a moving (sarcastically) tribute. Too bad but I ain’t buying it. If Obama’s worlds held water he’d be standing on the right side of history, the same side that Nelson Mandela has always stood on. Living under full apartheid Nelson Mandela became involved in anti-colonial politics that worked to destroy the oppression and dismantle the effects of institutionalized racism that indigenous South African Blacks experienced and routinely suffered under white, racist colonial rule encouraged and supported at all levels by the west.

In 1962 Nelson Mandela was convicted of sabotage and conspiracy by the apartheid regime in his country of South Africa and sentenced to life imprisonment as a political dissident. This was a man who fought against corruption and oppression even if it meant landing him in jail for the rest of his life; and in total he spent 27 years incarcerated in prison for his principled stance. And then there’s Barack Obama: a man who arrogantly presides over a system of oppression; one that criminalizes non-violent dissent, and where under the same Barack Obama those who dare to oppose corruption are silenced, labelled as traitors or vilified as terrorists.

In fact for decades Nelson Mandela was officially labelled a terrorist by the United States, Britain every European state and those of the colonial outposts like Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and furthermore was on the United States terror watch list up to 2008 and shortly after Barack won that year’s US presidential election. And you know it’s quite interesting that Barack Obama went to the prison on Robben Island where Nelson Mandela spent 18 of his 27 years of incarceration on reflection for justice for his fellow South Africans.

I wonder if during that time in Nelson Mandel’s now empty cell Obama considered the inhumane imprisonment of the 166 men who are currently imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay; being tortured, forced fed; all held without trial, no prospects of release and no end in sight to their barbaric and completely disgraceful treatment. Yet against that reality we have Barack Obama’s hypocritical rhetoric about looking up to a man, Nelson Mandela, who represents everything he’s not.

Even so this somewhat hypocritical and double-standards’ narrative doesn’t come without a sense of irony. You see, perhaps the most tellingly offensive part of Barack Obama’s audacious rhetoric that South Africa’s apartheid inspired him to become a politician is this: Barack Obama currently supports apartheid! And a system that gives racial legitimacy to those who enjoy and use it against others whom they despise and consider inferior to them is alive, well and kicking in a little country called Israel.

And every year $US 3 billion of taxpayers’ money is used to sponsor Israel’s apartheid state and its oppression against the Palestinians. So Obama save your preaching for the blind. Because the only similarity that you share with Nelson Mandela is your grossly played down and at times even unrecognized African descent. For when it comes to everything that’s right you Barack Obama: the son of a Kenyan black man which is far more relevant one would have though than your treasured and spurious Irish heritage, allegedly acquired from a great-grandfather 6 times removed, couldn’t be more wrong.

Reference material my research; also RT’s Abby Martin’s: Breaking the Set.

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