Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Raus Nigger, Coon, Wog und Paki. Ihr gehoert doch nicht hier!

 By Stanley Collymore

Onward Christian soldiers
On to heathen Lands;
Prayer books in you pockets
Rifles in your hands!
Take the glorious tidings
Where trade can be won,
Spread the peaceful gospel
With a Maxim gun.

By Henry Labouchere: 19th Century British Liberal MP and radical journalist.

As genuinely befits the stinking and rather racist Nazi that Aidan Burley the MP for Cannock, Staffordshire in the English Midlands is, I thought it highly appropriate that the headline of this article is written in German the language spoken by those elements of the alleged Master Race that Herr Aidan Burley obviously feels he belongs to and who murderously exterminated many millions of hapless victims, those that they contemptuously referred to and accordingly treated as die Untermenschen (The Undesirables) and that this nauseating piece of filth by the name of Aidan Burley, one of this country’s lawmakers and undeniably a constituent part of the detritus of humanity and proof positive of what a veritable cesspool the House of Commons is, decades after the vindicated demise of these barbaric savages significantly through the altruistic efforts and ultimate sacrifice of their lives by those who Herr Burley disdainfully lumps together and vilifies, and not just the memories of those that sadly aren’t any longer with us but equally their descendants as well living in this country, as leftie multiculturals; his euphemistic depiction of those he clearly looks down on as niggers, wogs, coons, half-castes, sandniggers, Pakis and the derogatory rest of it, while at the same time ebulliently praising and even venerating those who sought to destroy Britain along with their contemporary verminous sewer rats as well, as was distinctly made clear on the 3rd December 2011 at the French Alpine resort of Val Thorens when Aidan Burley and they happily dressed up in German Waffen SS uniforms and chanted Nazi slogans. Not befitting of a British MP I don’t think; and perhaps before going off to his odious Nazi get-together Herr Burley should have visited the German cemetery on Cannock Chase to pay his respects; if he hadn’t already done so.

The English translation of the German heading that I’ve used for this article is: Get out Nigger, Wog, Coon and Paki. You don’t belong here! And to complement that I also decided to use the sardonic poem of Henry Labouchere the remarkably ethical, honest and distinctly conscionable MP, no such persons these days amongst the throng of MPs sitting in the House of Commons I assure you, who was neither moved by nor accepted for a moment all the propagandistic crap revolving around the British or for that matter the other European empires as he knew full well what they were all about; and in that regard nothing has changed as Herr Aidan Burley and his loathsome ilk manifestly testify to.

Cannock, fittingly so perhaps, is a suitable constituency to entertain the likes of Herr Burley as its MP. And I’m not being gratuitously offensive towards the residents of Cannock caught up unmistakably and irreversibly it would seem in the self-perpetuating time warp of an outmoded and illogical let’s be brutally frank English imperialism, while all around them their neighbours in places like Wolverhampton, Walsall and of course Birmingham our second largest city both sensibly and unequivocally embrace not only the 21st Century but also the vibrant multicultural mix that’s evidently a contemporary factor of British life and society and importantly is here to stay, as for a number of years I lived and worked in Cannock and for that reason alone have an intimate perception of the place, the mindset of the locals there, as well as that of those residing in the districts that comprise Cannock’s environs.

Therefore as a fully paid up member and keen supporter of Britain’s multicultural society – and before I progress further let me first state this indisputable fact; the imperialist ancestors of you diehard colonialists were over there before contemporary immigrants came over here – let me honestly affirm from a personal perspective that there is arguably nothing more contentiously and vituperatively vile than observing racist slimeballs, and particularly MPs who are supposed once elected to represent all of their constituents and not just those who racially look like them, belong to the same political party as themselves or even share the same racist views which they find succour in thus enabling them to spew out their reactionary and vitriolic hatred against others based primarily on their personal inadequacies as Aidan Burley, although he’s not alone in this, is clearly doing. And furthermore using these personal deficiencies of theirs as a rite of passage to plant the risible myth of their supposed racial, intellectual and cultural, whatever that entails for them, superiority over those they actually fear but would be quite loathed to admit it, and to compensate for this irrationality which they cling to like a frightened child does with a comfort blanket or teddy bear take to ludicrously thinking, on no other basis than skin colour, that those whom they deem to be such are actually people that are vastly inferior to themselves.

Yet despite this highly illogical conclusion that they diligently nurture and passionately think is all the irreproachable proof they need to back up the demented ramblings of their minds, for all that they none the less still find it impossible to conjure up the balls to proverbially call a spade a spade and do so explicitly and credibly, honestly saying what they mean, choosing instead to spinelessly hide their real agendas and that absolutely detestable and dishonest manner of theirs behind the highly abusive, disparaging but conveniently useful epithets that they readily resort to and disingenuously utilize to obliquely convey what they intentionally mean and really want to say.

In this regard multiculturalism, or rather the virulent and dishonest concept of it that racists like Aidan Burley and his political boss and the leader of their Conservative Party David Cameron depict it as, has become the fashionable byword for them to conjure up the erroneous but never the less frightening spectre to many racist whites in Britain of a monstrous non-Caucasian bête noire embedded within the confines of Britain that is pervasively and perfidiously injurious to the body politic as well as the general welfare of a homogenous white society, which in reality Britain isn’t and never was, and in the process is massively endeavouring to rampantly destroy everything that Albion Britain once proudly stood for and vitally must regain and therefore it is imperative for every red and blue-blooded Englishman and woman that truly love their country that this threat now acknowledged be keenly and drastically checked and eradicated; that’s of course if this fanciful notion of Britain that these racist dinosaurs hold dear and perceive as real is to survive.

It’s pathetic and for some I know quite disturbing to have this fantasy portrayal of a Britain that only exists in the warped minds of these cretinous numbskulls being played out by our media and dishonest politicians who know the truth –Aidan Burley isn’t one of them as he’s much too thick to know what the word truth represents and like all morons simply and robotically feeds off his unsubstantiated prejudices – but cynically choose instead to play the race card for their personal advantages. That’s why I’m especially delighted to profusely rub salt into the wounds of their historical inconveniences and racial perturbations by contributing factual historical data that I know will considerably embarrass, significantly inconvenience, and imperatively debunk the clichéd myths and arrant nonsense that these people cling to and diligently seek to promote that Britain had always been, until the arrival on it shores of immigrants and multiculturalism that is, a pristine, lilywhite country and consequently all steps must now be taken to restore that status quo.  Dream on imbeciles!

When England acquired its empire that later with its unification with Scotland became a British one this entity took on many of the characteristics and practices of the Roman Empire of which it was previously a part and one of these was to endow everyone within the limits of the British Empire with the designation of British subject indistinct from that accorded to persons resident at home in the British Isles and regardless of whether or not these global subordinates regarded themselves as such or even wanted to be British. With the Romans however this procedure was completely different with the clear element of choice as to whether or not they preferred to be Roman citizens granted to those living in lands that Rome considered to be a part of its empire or countries it had a mutual strategic and or military pact with; the kingdom of Nubia in Africa had such an alliance with Rome.

Therefore when Rome made the decision to invade Britain and make it a part of its extensive empire it was Nubia that it turned to and whose troops and administrators it entrusted with that task, and it was these Africans who were the Romans that successfully conquered and occupied most of Britain and were physically here for almost 500 years; with the only part of Britain that they didn’t fully vanquish being Scotland whose inhabitants periodically proved themselves to be an irritant prompting the Romans in return to build the famous Hadrian’s Wall to keep them out. The Romans altogether stayed for almost a half of a millennium in Britain and during that time had an enormous impact on all spheres of British life and particularly that in what we now call England and whose principal inhabitants at the time were the Celts other than these black Romans from Nubia clearly a black African country as was Egypt and all the other countries of North Africa then which hadn’t become prey to Arab migration, occupation and demographic displacement by these interlopers from the desert of Arabia a situation that would in due course occur, and grimly reminds one in more modern times of what befell Australia’s Aborigines as well as other indigenous peoples globally at the hands of white Caucasian Europeans, and quite infamously so in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Argentina.

Interestingly enough the Celts of Britain who were the only people to successfully migrate all over the British Isles and settle most of them were also originally from Africa. And as the late Basil Davidson demonstrably showed in his brilliant and illuminatingly educational, television documentary series “Africa” (worth getting hold of I guarantee you) they came from Africa to Britain via the Iberian Peninsular, through France and across the land bridge to Britain, as there was no English Channel at that time to hinder their progress since Britain was physically linked to mainland Europe. All this didn’t happen overnight of course, took centuries to implement and involved various levels of sexual and other forms of personal and communal fraternization with the peoples they encountered on their journeys while producing progenies with them and all the rest of it; but for all of that manifestly accounts even with the infusion of other DNA and racial characteristics like skin colour for why today’s real Celts are biologically different and in many other instances visibly so from their eastern, northern and western European neighbours; resulting in one continent Europe but home to different peoples.

Anyone who has been in the military or lived in a garrison town or community where troops are permanently billeted know perfectly well the level of sexual liaisons that routinely take place between those in the armed forces and the local civilian population; a mode of conduct that’s also commonplace in theatres of war among the military and those whom they mutually fraternize with at best in occupied countries. Therefore to seriously let alone idiotically suggest that the breeding of children in tandem with these sexual liaisons whether they’re the resultant outcome of planned, wanted or just casual or even illicit sexual affairs are nothing more than the inconsequential by-products of a coming together (no pun intended) of the military and the local civilian community is a major understatement to say the very least for the simple reason that quite frankly this sort of thing is an habitual occurrence and has always been so.

The world saw its disturbing consequences in Vietnam with literally thousands of Vietnamese-American children resulting from such sexual liaisons whether these were serious relationships or not, and the same thing happened in Kenya between British forces stationed there at the time and local Kenyan women. So one would have at best to be completely addled-brained as Herr Aidan Burley plainly is and assuming they knew the facts pertaining to Britain and the United States’ real history that is to think that contingents of Roman soldiers from any nationality and especially drawn from black Nubia, and moreover encompassing all the stereotypes that whites jealously attach to black sexual potency even in 2012, that neither these African military men, administrators nor their comparable replacements over the half a millennium period they were stationed in Britain didn’t at some time or other consensually by way of the bonds of marriage or whatever else type of sexual relationships which they mutually had with the local women in the communities they all resided in, have children that initially and quite obviously would have been mixed race with numerous other racial permutations occurring in the subsequent centuries that went by; a microcosm of which we see every day in multicultural contemporary Britain.

Here then are just two examples of a number of others I could have chosen from to exemplify what I mean. An extremely close and enduring friend of mine from Barbados who as a young woman just out of her teens emigrated from there to England in the 1960s where she lived and worked continuously for several years being the exemplary British citizen all this time until her voluntary return to Barbados; while in England for all those years had settled in Walsall which isn’t far from Cannock, married her childhood sweetheart and fellow Bajan émigré to England, gave birth to and later successfully raised a family of four children any parent would be justly full of pride of and like everyone of her family members is black and exceedingly proud of her race and heritage. However like all West Indians that involuntarily for the most part carry the white male Y chromosome in their biological make-up occasioned by the officially sanctioned, systematic and systemic rape of black women by white men during slavery and colonialism my friend had a supplementary helping of this as her biological grandfather on her mother’s side of her family was an Irishman who emigrated to Barbados, met her grandmother, fell in love with her, a situation which was reciprocated by the lady concerned, and married her producing eight children between them from that marital union, one of whom was my friend’s mother.

As a result my friend inherited much of her Irish grandfather’s skin tone as did her mother and is what they call in Barbados a light-skinned Black. However, all of my friend’s children who were born in England to their Bajan-born father are like him also dark-skinned. Anyway during the course of time these children grew up, individually attained an excellent education which is something that all Bajans at home and abroad are extremely committed to not least so because their country is among a tiny handful of those globally with a UNESCO certified 100% literacy rate, considerably higher than that of the United States or Britain where sadly in the UK’s case it’s hovering around the 75% mark, accounts for the asinine closure of libraries in England and the dumbing down of the educational system here, and why in marked contrast Barbadians and their descendants in Britain always send their children off to Barbados to be properly educated in a country where free education exists from the kindergarten stage to postgraduate university level and has been for a considerable period of time complemented by a correspondingly free and universal National Health Service system (NHS) and where pro-rata Barbados literally has more centenarians than any other country in the world.

The education of my friend’s children successfully finished and all of them now holding down well-paid professional jobs both in the UK and overseas one of my friend’s three sons decided to get married, his wife is Swedish, blonde and Caucasian, and a couple of years after tying the knot they started a family and have two children of their own. As nature always does it decided what the physical complexion of these children would be just as it did with all of us. A boy and girl the spitting image of their dad both these children have classic Nordic complexions having inherited not only the Caucasian characteristics of their Swedish mother but also those that had remained inactive within their father until their arrival in this life and which through his mother he’d inherited from his Irish great-grandfather. Proud of their families as all Barbadians are my friend and her husband are no different in this regard and their grandchildren just adored their Nan and granddad; and every chance allowed her and her husband to have them around at their home and be able to make a fuss of them my friend and her husband eagerly took and made the most of with the children in turn loving every moment of it. A true joy to observe until one day tragedy struck, proving in the process to be very disconcerting for everyone concerned.

It was the weekend and the children were with their Nan who had decided as the weather was fine and it being Saturday she would take tem into Walsall town centre, given them both a treat of their choice and make a day out of it for them and herself. However while sitting on a park bench with her grandchildren, who at the time were three and five years respectively, my friend was abruptly and impudently approached by four white police officers, three of them males the other one a female, who arrogantly told her that she was under arrest, and when my friend who is blessed with an amazing sense of humour and thinking that it was a windup decided to laugh it off and in that frame of mind ask them what for was arrogantly told it was no laughing matter as she was being apprehended for child-knapping.

Immediately thereafter she was summarily handcuffed and escorted to one of the three waiting police cars parked nearby – why oh why is it that every time the police are called to an incident involving a black person of whatever age or sex and regardless of whether it’s real, imagined or usually non life threatening they must always turn up with a posse of cavalry? – while both her grandchildren shouting, “Gran! Gran! Please stop her!” were dragged off to another police car by the policewoman who’d snatched them with the assistance of one of her male colleagues from their desperate bid to clinging on to their grandmother, and all this in full view of several white onlookers whose only reaction was to utter adverse comments regarding my friend. How then did all this come about and what on earth prompted it in the first place? It later transpired that a white female busybody observing a black woman together with two young and distinctly Caucasian looking children had concluded with no evidence whatever to support her prejudices that my friend had kidnapped them and so decided to call the police, something she afterwards admitted at the police station when the matter was acceptably resolved she wouldn’t have done if she saw a white woman with two black kids the same age as my friend’s grandchildren were.

The really maddening thing though in all of this was that the police who arrived at the scene in response to this racist woman’s bizarre complaint never engaged my friend in any conversation about the children in her care and didn’t even pause to consider that something might be wrong relative to them arresting my friend for child-knapping with the said children they thought they were seemingly protecting screaming their lungs out for their Gran as they were forcibly taken away from her while having seen their grandmother handcuffed asking the other police officers not to hurt her. Not rocket science I would have thought for anyone with a functioning brain to have deduced then that there was some biological link between the children and the black adult female they were involved with. But racism is so perniciously engrained in British society and more especially our police forces that all these officers could see was a black person, it didn’t matter to them that she was a female and not posing a danger to anyone; in their eyes she was just another nigger and as they certainly think they know and expect everyone else to hold that view too, as all Blacks of whatever gender or age intuitively have a propensity for criminality. Isn’t that so Herr Aidan Burley? And on that premise alone why the hell should white Britain celebrate so-called black multicultural achievements?

The black British father and white Swedish mother of the two children involved wanted to take legal action against the police and imploringly asked their mum, my friend, to sue for wrongful arrest; a comparable attitude to the one I took as I was hopping mad to say the least at what had taken place. However as fate would have it one of the senior police officers at the station who wasn’t on duty but had popped into the station for something or other, knew my friend and her family well as his children and hers went to the same school and both families were members of the same Anglican Church; utter appalled by what he’d learnt read the riot act to the officers involved, made them apologize to my friend, an apology that in spite of the humiliation they had put her through she graciously accepted, and being the remarkable and forgiving Christian lady that she is decided to let the matter drop. Good for her; but to this day, and she knows it as I told her how I felt, had it been left to me and taking into consideration that the children’s dad is my Godson and I’m their godfather too I’d have had no hesitation whatsoever in wasting the racist bitch that started it all and wouldn’t have given a shit how many years I spent in jail for it as she would have been dead. That’s my no nonsense approach Herr Burley to those who think that racism is cool and perniciously employ it under whatever guise, multiculturalism being the latest one, to perfidiously ruin the lives of others that have done them no harm whatsoever.

When asked by Lisa Dowd of Sky, and who like you thought the matter was a humorous affair, if anyone in the hierarchy of the Tory party had criticised you for the remarks you made you Herr Burley boastfully said no and forcefully stated that you wouldn’t be making any apologies for them either. It isn’t rocket science to have deduced that no criticism would have come from the Conservative Party as the opinions of its MPs and root and branch members in relation to issues of race are the same as yours and would’ve been comparable to Der Fuehrer censuring a junior member of the Waffen SS for deprecating remarks made about Jews; not that your Tory lot like Jews any more than they do Blacks, they don’t; but with your leaders heads stuck so far up the putrid assholes of the Americans that they can’t see daylight for this; Britain the willing puppet of the USA; the US Congress perpetually in the pockets of AIPAC and the other Jewish lobbies that along with the Christian fundamentalists have them in the deathlike stranglehold of these paranoid cretins, there’s absolutely nothing, even if they wanted to do something about it and all the evidence to date points to the contrary of this, that Cameron, Osborne, boy William Hague, Nick Clegg or the rest of these repulsively pusillanimous Con-Dem jokers can do about it except go along with what their puppet masters in Washington direct them to do; so Zionism and those who sign up to it have become the new sliced bread, and in addition since Zionism is dishonestly conflated with Judaism giving the deliberately erroneous impression that all Jews are an integral part of it, then Jews whoever they are, whatever they might actually think, agree or disagree with must officially, at any rate, be liked by the Conservatives, as criticism of them is off-limits; and that’s the end of it.

This isn’t peculiar to the Conservative Party though as the other mainstream parties are replete with similar idiots, but it does give an indication why it was that after his Nazi escapade at the French Alpine resort of Val Thorens on the 3rd December 2011 Herr Aidan Burley was stripped of his job as a parliamentary private secretary and forced to return to the backbenches. All the same please don’t hold your breath that there’d be any criticism of him for his remarks from on high in the Tory party relative to the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, remarks that our dyed-in-the wool racists steadfastly support as Herr Aidan Burley’s right to freedom of expression, which it is but not so it would seem to these same people his Nazi shenanigans and those of his equally odious Master Race friends. I wonder why knowing full well the answer to that rhetorical question? That said, Europe’s overtly commemorated holocaust lasted arguably from 1933 to 1945 and certainly millions of people were killed but there were other holocausts where Blacks were exclusively affected and also carried out by Caucasian mass murderers: two of them in what’s now Namibia, the Germans were solely responsible and these were a prelude to their European one. But the most appalling of these black holocausts was the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade with its attendant activities of colonialism, Jim Crow Laws, segregation, pervasive racism, systematic lynching and extensive degradation of black people and all the rest of it and whose consequences are still felt to this very day.

This isn’t a plea for your sympathy as I wouldn’t demean myself to stoop that low nor would I expect any in return were I to do so; it’s simply to put things into their proper perspective. The Black holocaust lasted for over 400 years and there are many with justification that will say it’s still an ongoing process and during that time scores of millions of Africans of both genders and of all ages - not just six million people or whatever figure one may conveniently and somewhat subjectively wish to exploit so as to validate their case when contemptuously and dismissively at the same time they provide no figures for the corresponding victims of that same European holocaust, those like the ancient Romany people of Europe for example that in contrast to some I could mention got and still receive no compensation for the monstrous barbarities perpetrated against them – these captured and enslaved Africans were without pity unnecessarily and in the most brutal of circumstances either wiped out on their enforced transportation to the so-called New World or when they arrived on the plantations and within the societies there compared to the 12 years the European holocaust actually lasted for. And to those who hypocritically say it happened a long time ago, is better forgotten and that the descendants of those Africans who to this today are still extremely affected by what occurred should each get a life and move on with it, why aren’t identical sentiments I’d like to know similarly directed at the beneficiaries of the European holocaust that were massively compensated from the very outset and still continue to be for what it’s said was done to their white European forbearers?

I shan’t hold my breath on that one since I know perfectly well that these incredible hypocrites won’t provide an answer to that question in the same way that David Cameron and those at the Tory party’s HQ wouldn’t contemplate doing in Herr Aidan Burley’s case. To start with David Cameron’s attitude to multiculturalism not just in Britain but also relative to the rest of the EU countries and even the wider arena of Europe is identical to that of Aidan Burley; furthermore both men are known to tacitly but actively support the so-called English Defence League more generally known as the EDL: that overtly, overwhelmingly racist and xenophobic body of Slav progenitorial Waffen SS murderous, Nazi death camp operative migrants from the Ukraine that Clement Attlee the post-war British Labour Party Prime Minister pusillanimously permitted the United States to command him to have in excess of 150,000 of these odious scumbags to settle in the UK because they were supposedly anti-communist and with its fixated and rather tedious paranoia of communism the US which had notions of waging a future war with the USSR, this coming directly after the sterling efforts the Soviets had made in combating Nazism in Europe, felt that this detritus of human kind, these abhorrent Ukrainian filth would be beneficial to that endeavour in Europe. Now true to form their equally sordid descendants in Britain are showing their true colours, while pretending not only to be British but Anglo-Saxons as well and getting covert racists like Herrn David Cameron and Aidan Burley to go along with it.

David Cameron who has never had a proper job in his entire life and I guess with the ill-gotten and tax-evading income of his father never actually needed one until by a fluke he became PM, and with his wife also loaded, inherited money again, neither they nor their offspring will ever be short of a bob or two, so it’s no surprise that Cameron doesn’t give a toss about the average Brit let alone those who don’t have the same skin pigmentation he does, and crucially accounts for why he’s making such a horrible mess of the one real job that he’s actually had. What about his previous job as a PR operative I hear you say? Since when has public relations been a real job? Frankly it’s nothing more than an inbred, accumulative bunch of posh gits of both sexes along with their cronies operating in the same nepotistic loop to advance their specific agendas and using their contacts in the media and elsewhere to systematically hype and push ideas and things that were the same to emanate from the lower classes as they dismissively perceive them as would summarily be dismissed out of hand.

The sad thing is that our hideous British class structure is so engrained in the psyche of most of those that live here they don’t even seem to recognize that they’re being used and like turkeys voting for Christmas apathetically and even in many cases actively and quite bizarrely go along with it. Take for instance David Cameron’s general election PR enterprise on behalf of Michael Howard who then was trying to become our PM. Here’s the PR mantra that David Cameron came up with, was comprehensively used in all Tory advertising and leafleting and undeniably shows where this man’s heart really lies. Knowing that there’s an overt but more significantly a strong latent current of racism in England, the Tories don’t have any representation in Scotland despite trying their best to as the Scots are too canny to be taken in by them, and with the firm belief that most non-whites and particularly Blacks that bother to vote support the Labour Party our David decided to tap into this latent and in particular its white working class component of racial prejudice to garner support and of course political votes for the Tories by overtly playing on the constructed fears and prejudices of these people.

The not too subtle racist slogan that David Cameron with overall control for running Michael Howard’s campaign used was: “Are you thinking what we’re thinking!” That’s like suggesting to fellow Brits whether they’re monarchists or not that we have the most impressive monarchy in the world inducing national pride in our country to naturally say that we do. Anyhow racism aside a significant number of floating voters didn’t trust the Tories, Michael Howard or David Cameron for that matter and the Conservatives lost the election. But the dishonest nature of the campaign aside the irony of the racist tone of David Cameron’s campaign endorsed by Michael Howard himself didn’t escape me and here’s the reason why. Michael Howard is an Ashkenazi Jew. What’s wrong with that I hear you question? And my response is, absolutely nothing at all as we have a sizeable number of them living in Britain, several of them born here and therefore they’ve every right to be here as anyone else that identifies with this country and make a useful contribution to its advancement. However where and why I take an especially robust exception to the likes of Michael Howard and this man in particular are outlined below.

Michael Howard was born in Britain to Jewish parents that originated from Romania and came to Britain as refugee migrants with neither parent despite their common Romanian heritage and nationality not in the least aware of the other’s existence until they met in Britain. The word is that while Michael’s mother came to the UK as a genuine asylum seeker his father did not and arrived here as an illegal immigrant who on being found to be such was kicked out of the UK; however he tried a second time as an illegal immigrant to be here and successfully managed on this occasion to stay in the country. Quite prevalent for Jews escaping persecution on mainland Europe and Russia for personal security in Britain anglicizing their names became a customary part of that ritual; so it was with Michael’s parents who readily ditched their Romanian family name and took on the British one of Howard. However the problem as I see it with such people as previously shown in the case of the Waffen SS progeny of Ukrainians masquerading as what they clearly are not is that many of these Ashkenazi Jews once in their comfort zone of security suddenly and irrationally taken on personas that can only at best be described as utterly bizarre.

For how the hell can a Jew that clearly wouldn’t have seen the light of day if his parents hadn’t made it to the safety of Britain, as if not they would most certainly have had their lives brutally snuffed out in some Nazi death camp or other vent his racial fury and alleged superiority on the non-white and particularly the black descendants of those: two million Indians and hundreds of thousands of black Africans and Caribbean servicemen and women whose exceptional efforts and supreme sacrifices in many cases stopped his parents from being turned into fertilizer, soap or the other merchandise that the Nazis habitually made of their Ashkenazi Jewish victims; and whose equally sadistic brothers in arms the Ukrainian Waffen SS ironically have their progeny firmly implanted in the UK that the same Michael Howard, David Cameron and others of their ilk readily empathize with. Quite sickening wouldn’t you say. Yet this man aspired to being the Prime Minister of Britain a position that no black Briton or Asian on the basis of race and skin colour alone could realistically seek to do and in the process was ably assisted by this posh boy aristocrat and others whose parents secretly conspired with Adolf Hitler and his Nazi cohorts to turn Britain into the same despotic state Germany was and that David Cameron and his ilk now in 2012 dogmatically want to recreate in Britain.

The endemic problem on the part of these people is that they live and happily continue to do so in a nonsensical bubble of their own making that quite frankly makes them totally out of touch with reality. So when Aidan Burke cheerfully told Lisa Dowd of Sky that no one from the Tory party’s hierarchy had got in touch with him concerning his remarks let alone criticized him for them this was really par for the course as he confidently knew that this wouldn’t happen partly because David Cameron, publicly at any rate, trying his level best to convey the dishonest idea that he’s endeavouring to detoxify the Conservative Party from being seen by a large swathe of the British voting public that have it in their hands to either re-elect or dump him into obscurity once more as the “Nasty Party,” and furthermore currently under attack from many within his own parliamentary ranks and the wider Conservative party too that he’s much too liberal, that’s like one saying that during the apartheid era in South Africa Pik Botha wasn’t racist enough, is literally placing David Cameron between a rock and a particularly hard place and preventing him even if he wanted to from criticizing the odious Herr Aidan Burley.

And to add to Cameron’s woes as well as brazenly highlight the dreadful hypocrisy of the Tory party its HQ rather ludicrously let it be publicly known that no one there or with any influence in the party knew for sure that the Twitter account that carried the Aidan Burley tweets actually belonged to this appallingly narcissistic and pompous, British Nazi. Oh Yeah! Get real! Britain is the country that is most under incessant and intrusive surveillance in the entire world and not only are our individual email, twitter, facebook and all other social media accounts consistently intercepted, perused, monitored and recorded by its official intelligence services together with GCHQ, our main electronic global listening outfit and the police, this current Con-Dem regime that regrettably we must endure until its term of office ends as we have no British Constitution far less any impeachment processes to rid ourselves of it, is also about to introduce even more draconian legislation to further facilitate much more of its pervasive, intrusive snooping. So the ludicrous idea that Conservative Party HQ or anyone in its hierarchy neither knew nor couldn’t easily find out that this twitter account actually belonged to Herr Aidan Burley is utter crap and should dismissively be treated as such.

Continuing the contention that one’s physical looks proves nothing in the racial context, two of my established friends that I first met when I enlisted with the RAF are white Caucasians who are undoubtedly blessed with three absolutely gorgeous, exceedingly charming and remarkably talented daughters two of whom are happily married, one to an ex-RAF fighter pilot and now a pilot with an iconic commercial airline the other to a Chinese scientist that she met and fell in love with at the prestigious university they both attended as students, both of these ladies have children of their own; the third and youngest of this amazing trio of daughters is engaged to be married to a British black man of Caribbean descent and who like her is a physician. Both my friends are tremendously proud of their three daughters, their professional successes and their individual choice of a lifetime partner. Extremely proud too that each girl in her own inimitable way is making an invaluable contribution to the creation of a truly multicultural and multipolar world which can only be of tremendous benefit to mankind as a whole and their own happiness specifically. Amen to that I say!

Which brings me to another equally matter, the specious claim that Blacks are a recent addition to the English scene which was always replete with Anglo-Saxons later to be called the English making it one of the biggest, most monstrous and intransigent lies among numerous others that pervade the average British consciousness, since there is enough empirical data to emphatically debunk these idiotic and deliberately misleading assertions. For even after the Nubian Romans left England for good with the impending collapse of the Roman Empire a major priority for them doing so with their services urgently needed to shore up what was left of a disintegrating empire about to be swept away forever neither the Angles nor the Saxons had at that moment in time arrived in England and didn’t do so for a considerable time afterwards. And while these black Romans had physically gone they’d none the less left their legacy of black genetic DNA in bucketfuls throughout those areas of the British Isles that they’d controlled for so long. True to say that with their absence there would no longer be the ongoing continuous input of black male chromosomes and the sexual relationships between their mixed race offspring and whites would inevitably lead to the predominantly Caucasian look of the local population but there is no mistaking the fact that the black DNA of these Nubian Romans and others was every bit as omnipresent as it always was.

Moreover the first usage of the term Anglo-Saxon which much later became English only came into parlance after the successful conquest and subsequent occupation of what we now know as England in 1066 by the Duke of Normandy, aka William the Conqueror and his Norman forces who weren’t French at all but the descendants of Norsemen, Scandinavians in other words, that  were summarily kicked out from that part of the world by their kith and kin there because of their mindless brutality, given refuge in France, particularly Normandy, and who treacherously repaid their French hosts for the hospitality given to them by taking over France itself.

Preceding the Normans arrival in England the Angles and Saxons essentially belonged to two distinct Germanic tribes who’d sporadically settled in a somewhat desultory fashion in eastern England, hated each others guts, constantly warred with each other and only came together out of the reciprocal wish for personal survival in the wake of the Normans onslaught on England; and after that would themselves become subservient to the Normans who in actuality became the real driving force in England both domestically and in terms of foreign affairs. So whatever these much lauded and unwarrantedly so in my opinion Anglo-Saxons came by was as a direct result of other peoples brainpower and endeavours and very rarely their own. Parasites in other words prostituting themselves to the progress of others and falsely claiming the accompanying successes as their own; and frankly nothing has changed over the centuries in this regard.

In AD 658 the people of Ireland mourned the death of their black bishop Dinman who’d served the Irish diocese in that particular post for many years and was later canonized as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church. English kings and queens had Africans, the term customarily used for what nowadays are called Blacks an expression that itself only came into common usage after the inception of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, in their regimental bands and Henry VIII had an African among his trumpeters. Margaret Queen of Scots had two African ladies-in-waiting and her husband King James had several African minstrels. William III had an African page whose bust is displayed at Hampton Court while George I had two of them, Mohamet and Mustapha. At Queen Victoria’s coronation which took place in 1838 there was an African drummer in the Grenadier Guards who regularly played at Buckingham Palace and one of the British Military’s most celebrated drummers was Fraser of the Scots Guards while in 1926 Edmund T. Jenkins an African, or Black to employ its modern usage, was the instructor in a British military musical college. But long before that Queen Victoria whose grandmother Queen Sophie Charlotte, the wife of George III, herself Black and the great great great grandmother of our current monarch Queen Elizabeth II, reared an African girl and adopted an African boy.

So the black DNA and its ingrained multiculturalism of our green and pleasant land go right up to the top of our hierarchal British tree Herren Aidan Burley, David Cameron and Co. and have been for some considerable time, just as it’ll surely continue to whatever mistaken imagery the exterior physical appearances might portray and the resultant racist interpretations of these that you conjure up to nonsensically satisfy your twisted notions of the farcical Britain that you and others frantically cling to. So for once you have my explicit blessing to take the advice that the Americans who you so sycophantically in the most supine manner always accede to their every wish usually dish out: “Wake up and smell the coffee!” Britain isn’t the country you want it to be, never was and isn’t about to be. And while you’re getting your heads around that I’d like to suggest that you and all Brits for that matter download the article and biography: “Black Queen of England; Queen Charlotte and her Contributions to Britain.” And when you’ve done this and carefully read it please desist from your racist contentions and fully acknowledge we’re living in 2012 not 1912 or even 1812, and that the Empire with its Massas and Memsahibs has thank God irrevocably gone.

One of the principal Anti-Slavery agitators in England was an African called Gustavus Vassa. He was a physician, poet, writer and naturalist. Born in Africa in 1754 he was sold into slavery in Barbados but through a variety of circumstances, travails and enforced name changes by his several slave masters ended up in England where he got an education. While living in England Gustavus Vassa or Olaudah Equiano as he was also known as became a major pioneer of the abolitionist cause, later married Susan Cullen a local white woman of aristocratic background on April 7, 1792 in St. Andrew’s Church in Soham, Cambridge, the original marriage register which contains the entry of that marriage is held today by the Cambridge Archives and Local Studies at the County Record in Cambridge, had a family and became a best selling author; his The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa was published in 1789 and rapidly went though several editions, and is one of the earliest known examples of published writing by an African writer to be widely read in England. Olaudah Equiano died on the 31 March 1797 aged 52 years old leaving an estate worth over £80,000 in today’s money. His descendants would themselves also marry into the British and other European aristocracies. As well as other research information found elsewhere Olaudah Equiano’s biography can also be discovered on Wikipedia.

In 668 Pope Vitalian appointed an African called Hadrian to be Archbishop of Canterbury but Hadrian refused the appointment and recommended instead that one of his charges a monk by the name of Theodore from Tarsus be given the position. Disappointed by Hadrian’s refusal of the post Pope Vitalian eventually reluctantly agreed to Hadrian’s suggestion on condition that Hadrian accompanied Theodore to England which he did. Lappenberg a scholar of that period writes: “The Pope wishing to set over the Anglo-Saxon bishops a primate devoted to his views, venerable by age, experienced and [highly] distinguished by his rare knowledge and learning offered the dignity to an African named Hadrian a monk of Niridano near Monte Cassino in the Kingdom of Napes.” The Venerable Bede England’s first recognized historian knew Theodore and Hadrian and wrote copiously about Hadrian as has Margaret Murray a much later English writer both of whom often made references to Hadrian as the Negro in Margaret Murray’s case or in Bede’s own as Uir natione Afir, that is he is one of the African nation, the term used then for someone that was black. During his stay in England Hadrian organized the Roman Catholic Church in 7th Century Britain. Hadrian died in England and is buried in St. Augustine’s Chapel, in Canterbury.

In 1765 the Bishop of Exeter the Right Reverend Dr. Kepper in front of a large congregation in attendance ordained an African into the English ministry; but before that and 34 years earlier in 1731 there were enough Africans in London to affect the labour situation that the town council passed a law forbidding trades to be further taught to all Blacks. Samuel Coleridge-Taylor one of England’s greatest musicians was a Blackman who was born on August 15, 1875 in England to Daniel Taylor an African and distinguished member of the Royal College of Surgeons and Alice Hare a white English woman. Samuel Coleridge-Taylor studied and excelled at the Royal College of Music in Gloucester and at the age of 23 one of his major compositions Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast was performed there with him universally praised and compared to Mozart and Shubert. A prolific reader Coleridge-Taylor was fully acquainted with the works of Dumas, Du Bois, Pushkin and Browning all of whom were themselves of African ancestry, with Frederick J.Furnivall, head of the Browning Society verifying that Robert Browning the poet was indeed of African descent. Samuel Coleridge-Taylor died in 1912.

References: W.C.B Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, London 1915; Browning Society Papers, Feb 28, 1890, pp 31-36; Sutherland Orr, Life and Letters of Robert Browning, p 7, 1908. D.M Wallace, Russia, New York 1877; E Hanmant, Pouchkine, Paris 1911; Pushkin: The Negro of Peter the Great; Consult Mass Njie’s African Revolutionary Library. D.A. Molza, Les Negres, p 175; W.H. Ferris: The African Abroad, p 934, New Haven 1913.

And anyone who hasn’t yet managed to read the masterpiece; Staying Power: The history of black people in Britain, I ardently encourage you to do so. Peter Fryer is a white journalist with a Yorkshire background. Sent to cover the anticipated arrival of the Windrush that had brought black Caribbean migrants to England that the urgent pleading and personal visits to the English Caribbean by Enoch Powell: that treacherous bastard that long may he rot in hell ruthlessly and with all the perfidious political opportunism he could marshal turned on the very same people he’d implored to come to England and help rebuild post-war Britain after they’d successfully fought for it in its internecine war with its Germanic kith and kin and had returned home, Peter Fryer by his own admission states that he undertook the assignment with loads of prejudices as well as dire misgivings about Blacks coming into what he perceived as white Britain. However evidently endowed with the kind of integrity and a sense of objectivity that the overwhelming majority of his white contemporary counterparts fundamentally lack Peter Fryer decided not to let his personal prejudices get in the way. And by not allowing this to happen set off on a path that beforehand was unfamiliar territory to him, and as the events unfolded became much more than a personal eye-opener; for as he discovered contrary to the deeply engrained and prevalent myths of Blacks being recent émigrés to the British Isles the information Peter Fryer unearthed not only revealed they have a lengthy history of being present in Britain but that they were also here for a considerably longer period of time than those so-called iconic Britons the Angles and Saxons that bizarrely and with narcissistic misconception some among our population attach so much importance to. For me the most impressive beginning of any written work bar none in the English language is the incomparable opening paragraph of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, so it expresses a great deal of what I really think about Peter Fryer’s book, The history of Black people in Britain, when I say its opening lines are as succinct and iconic as one can get to those universally famed ones of Jane Austen. [Staying Power: The history of Black People in Britain. Author Peter Fryer; published by Pluto Press. ISBN: 086104 749 4; Hardback: 086104 774 5.

Remarkable as the presence and contribution of Blacks were and continue to be even though these are either deliberately ignored or fraudulently downplayed in Britain, it wasn’t something that was limited to the British Isles as mainland Europe and Russia benefited immeasurably as well; and here are just a few snapshots of a much wider picture of what I’m referring to. In 904 AD Leo the African invaded southern Greece and ruled it for years. In 1840 Egypt sent 30,000 African soldiers to conquer Southern Greece an exploit they accomplished and Africans were a major part of the military contingent that vanquished ancient Troy. Abram Hannibal was a man of African ancestry who under the Empress Elizabeth became General-in-Chief of the Imperial Russian Army; previously he’d served in a high ranking military position under Peter the Great and was decorated with the Red Ribbon of the Order of St. Alexander-Newski. Hannibal’s first wife was Greek his second a German Regina von Schelberg. Their eldest son who also entered the military comprehensively defeated the Turks at the Battle of Navarin in 1770; another son Joseph became an esteemed naval commander and on Prince Potemkin’s orders established the port and fortress at the mouth of the Dnieper. Hannibal died under the Empress Catherine at the age of 92.

Another top Russian of African descent was Michael Egypteos a Major-General in the Russian army; appointed head of St. Petersburg’s naval dockyards he built many ships and took as his wife a Russian woman, one of their daughters married a senior Swedish officer. However more recent than that another Russian of African ancestry was a prominent member of the Military Revolutionary Committee of the Bolsheviks in 1918 and subsequently became a General in the Red Army. His wife was Estonian. Very much closer to home to England Napoleon Bonaparte had at least 12 Africans and people of African ancestry as Generals in his army. Among them were Alexander Dumas commander of Napoleon’s Cavalry until 1798; Andre Rigaud, Antoine Cloualette, Alex Petion, Martial Besse, J.B. Belley, B Leveille, Magloire Palage, Barthelmy, Villate Etienne and V Menter. Additionally the great French General and empire builder Alfred A. Dodds was also of African descent, He was born in St. Louis Senegal, was very popular and could have become ruler of France but chose not to.

The physicians of Charles VII and Louis XI were Africans as was the private physician of the creator of contemporary Germany Count Bismarck and another African Foli was a professor of modern languages at Berlin University during the Third Reich. In fact Adolf Hitler had over 30 Africans teaching as professors or lecturers in universities and colleges across Germany. Quite interestingly enough and something which I must point out here Britain didn’t appoint its first black professor until the early 1980s, this despite the fact that home-grown as well as overseas black students from the Empire have habitually been attending prestigious British universities like Oxford and Cambridge and graduating from them for ages and many of those who weren’t born in Britain stayed on here for sometime prior to returning home. The high-status Barbados Scholarship which is a local creation and has been going for nearly three centuries and initially enabled Barbadians to study at Oxbridge universities in the UK when the standard of education in England was seen and admired by Bajans as matchless but isn’t any longer so because of the awareness by the Barbadian government that funds this scholarship and the people living there that England’s educational system is basically crap now owing to its systematic dumbing down over the past decades and so these Barbadian undergraduates’ choice of universities overseas if they opt not to study at home puts Britain considerably down their list of academic priorities, was in the heyday when they regularly came here just one pool of outstandingly qualified black graduates the British authorities could have enlisted from and make full use of their intellectual acumen and inherent abilities but racially refused to do. Yet ironically Nazi Germany was seen, and still is, by these same Britons as an archetypically racist entity in a way they wouldn’t ever consider Britain to be.

Predictably those in Britain with a pertinacious sense of their own entitlement to whatever it is they think they’ve an unchallengeable right to and whether these people are the venal bankers, MPs or those in the general population that are manifestly and ostensibly pleasantly hooked on the benefits culture of literally getting something for nothing, have jointly taken to fraudulently alleging that Britain’s many problems have nothing at all to do with them and should therefore be laid securely and irrevocably at the door of what they characterize and venomously castigate as a new and extremely dangerous phenomenon not only for Britain but also the rest of Europe and that they contemptuously label as multiculturalism. That’s the narrative which they would have us all believe even those that know differently but nevertheless have reclusively chosen to having what at best can only be described as a selective memory. For the truth is that although the phrase multiculturalism is undoubtedly a contemporary idiom the concepts that it embodies are far from new to Britain let alone alien to it or mainland Europe for that matter.

So how is this then for an eye-opener among all those nincompoops that rigidly and ignorantly cling on to the farcical notion of Britain and mainland Europe throughout their entire history of human settlement having been a completely homogenous white Caucasian entity and as a result should revert to being just that? He wasn’t alone in this nor were his the only exertions then or beforehand in accepting the acknowledgement of its benefits or to actively nurture the progress of multicultural advancement in his own country and across Europe. But I’ve naughtily chosen him both as agent provocateur and Devil’s advocate and primarily too because of his renowned and iconic status to make my point.

Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France, essayed to introduce legal, mixed marriages and gave the following reasons for his decision: “When one wishes to give liberty to the Blacks in the colonies of America and establish a perfect equality the legislator will authorize polygamy and permit at the same a white wife, a black one and a mullato one. Then the [mixture of] different colours making part of the same family will be mixed in the opinion of each. Without that one would never obtain satisfactory results. The Blacks would be more numerous and clever and they would hold the whites in abasement and vice versa.” Napoleon positively wanted to solve the conflict between Blacks and whites by permitting them to marry, and with this in mind had many conferences with theologians and tried to win the consent of the Pope. He continued: “In Africa and Asia it has been resolved but it has been so by means of polygamy. The white wives and Blacks there form part of the same family. The head of the family having white and black wives and wives of colour; the white and mulatto children are brothers, are bred in the same cradle, bear the same name and eat at the same table. Would it then be impossible to authorize polygamy in our islands, restricting the number of wives to two, one white, on black?”

References: Memories, vol. II, pp 152-4; 259-76, Paris 1904. Historical Miscellanies, vol. 1 p 217, London 1823.

What we effectively have in Britain at the present time and has been an ongoing situation since the 1960s is a society that is largely without any meaningful role models both for the young as well as the not so young. Ours is now a bling culture with a sizeable section of our population semi-literate at best and hopelessly illiterate at its worst, intentionally brought up in one parent, female dominated families where marriage is seen as passé but having illegitimate kids that the mothers see as exclusively theirs isn’t because doing so not only boosts what they sense is their incontestable social security entitlements but also provides them at the same time with the lame excuse and wanton chance to shirk work indefinitely rather than assume an adult responsibility for the children they’ve ill-advisedly conceived and brought into this world. It’s an aggravating situation for Britain where most of these children grow into adulthood and do so without ever having had any meaningful male figure in their lives; where right the way through our crucially critical, primary schools system the presence of male teachers is non-existent and the resultant products of this skewed educational process usually end up lacking self-confidence, turn angry or even nasty towards the rest of society, try to live their pathetic lives through those of an ever changing breed of so-called celebrities they put on a pedestal, and quite predictably become the lush breeding ground as well as the manipulative fodder for the disingenuous inducements both of the far right and Nazi scum in our fetid political system and of whom we already have more than our fair share.

Director Danny Boyle by any objective criterion did a remarkably impressive job regarding his conceptualization of Britain at the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics and must be thoroughly congratulated for what he did, which I’m quite sure that all unbiased Britons will acclaim and wholeheartedly endorse. For his edifying, visually creative and highly entertaining narrative was a thrillingly gripping and consummately gratifying representation of Britain that reflects our country as it really is while at simultaneously beautifully embodying in it a positive and instructive kaleidoscope of its historical past that sought and quite successfully managed to conjure up the image of an inclusive Britain that we can all genuinely be proud of and which is diametrically opposed to the intentionally divisive, harking back to a defunct, imperialistic and colonialist past that those Neanderthal, racist diehards within our communities like Herr Aidan Burley, living in their own barmy state of denial vis-à-vis the reality of modern Britain, would idiotically have us emulate and foster. So from the perspective alone that he wasn’t willing to prostitute neither his artistic abilities nor the truth about Britain to place these morons Danny Boyle was always likely to be regarded by scum like Aidan Burley as a disreputable traitor and therefore someone to be viciously vilified, which of course he was.

Aidan Burley disingenuously says that Danny Boyle should have concentrated his efforts on among other things those that he Aidan Burley regards as proper British, like Shakespeare and the Rolling Stones for example, instead of the multicultural crap, his exact words, that Danny Boyle engaged in. I don’t know how au fait Herr Burley is with the English educational system but I can categorically state that the overwhelming majority of our state school kids haven’t the foggiest idea who William Shakespeare is and ominously as well their parents have never read any of his works, as it’s only the Public Schools and traditional Grammar Schools in England and Wales, Scotland has a completely different and much superior educational system, with the methodical dumbing down of our system of education that the English classical works of the likes of Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy, Keats, Shelly, Wordsworth, Robert Browning etc are habitually taught, and what’s more these institutions that form a very tiny but invaluable part of our educational setup would, if the reactionary ignoramuses that control our school system had their way, effectively and completely be destroyed and swept away forever.

As for the Rolling Stones who I also like their music, appealing as it certainly is to a section of the British public, nevertheless belongs to a specific niche epoch of our entertainment history just as that of Cliff Richard and Elvis Presley before them do, but it can’t honestly be said that either they or the Rolling Stones have an ingrained and universal appeal among all Britons, and this is certainly not the case particularly with our young people and those under the age of 40. So what Herr Aidan Burley was alluding to but cowardly didn’t have the guts to openly say it, was that he wanted to observe an all-white representation of our country depicted in his farcical idea of what Britain is at the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony and not have his sensibilities rudely insulted by the presence of black or brown people or any references made to them come to that, or God forbid the invaluable contribution they’ve made to Britain in a diversity of ways over several centuries.

A situation comparable to the comments made by those just as idiotic as Aidan Burley that said what Danny Boyle portrayed on the night of February 27 July 2012 wasn’t the image of Britain that foreigners watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics on their TV sets at home in the countries where they live have of our country and especially of England and consequently were put off by the whole thing since they couldn’t follow any of it. To that I say, if that’s the case, who sensibly among us Brits really care what they think? And besides, who the bloody hell are these people to tell us who or what we are far less think that they have the right to determine how we see or represent ourselves? Would they for example or their bigoted British supporters tolerate the same impudence from us Brits, who are ecstatically happy with what Danny Boyle did, if it were directed at them? But as it happens I don’t buy any of this sham bullshit from our fifth columnist, Nazi scum that declare Danny Boyle seriously alienated the foreign viewership of this opening ceremony that they further say was utterly confused by his unrealistic portrayal of Britain, as it was completely contrary to everything that these people supposedly imagined and even wished for Britain to be.

So what better way to debunk Herr Aidan Burley’s arrant nonsense than for me to specifically choose someone that is arguably Britain’s most iconic figure and put him to the test of Burley’s asinine assumption that white Britons equal good and constructive subjects, as I’ve pointed out on many previous occasions in several articles we don’t have British citizens, while non-white ones equate to everything that’s inimical to British interests and shouldn’t even be allowed to set foot in Britain far less permitted to live here.

The man I chose and that I’m absolutely sure Herr Aidan Burley will unhesitatingly state and does unequivocally believe is quintessentially British and particularly English even though he’s essentially half-American is Winston Churchill. Now if he’s the best of white British or even a key representation of it, which I don’t believe for a solitary moment is the case, then those who feel that way are quite welcome to him, as frankly I’m not, never was or will I ever be a fan of his and below are a number, just a mere fraction in this case of the multiplicity of good reasons for my adopting the attitude I have and determinedly stand by. And all I ask is that you judge for yourself whether or not Britain in the 21st Century can’t do better than to cling on to utterly misguided or deliberate erroneous white supremacist stereotypes from Nazi scum whether alive or dead, even if an ill-informed, class-infected British electorate does vote them into the House of Commons; but crucially too and in the context of what this article is all about, who’s right; Danny Boyle or Herr Aidan Burley?

Saddam Hussein was born in 1937 in a village outside Takrit, Iraq. He became Head of State in Iraq in 1979.


Created the world’s first organized and large scale concentration camp in South Africa killing thousands of Boer women and children and forcing many more into utter destitution, and by the German’s free admission in relation to their own acts of barbarity much later formed the basis of and became the blueprint for their own concentration camps and slaughter houses first in Namibia where they carried out their first holocausts, and then in Europe where their Nazi successors did the same.

In 1910 as Home Secretary Churchill put forward a proposal to sterilize roughly 100,000 “mental degenerates” and dispatch several others to state-run labour camps. These actions, he claimed, were to take place in the name of saving the British race from inevitable decline as its inferior members bred.

As Minister of War Winston Churchill authorized the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1917 to “strangle at birth” the Bolshevik state. Britain was not at war with the Soviet Union but he wrote: “Were the allies at war with Soviet Russia? Certainly not; but they shot Soviet Russians on sight. They stood as invaders on Russian soil, armed the enemies of the Soviet government; blockaded its ports and sunk its battleships. They earnestly desired and schemed its downfall.”

In 1919 while serving as Secretary of State for War Churchill was asked for and promptly gave his enthusiastic permission for the RAF to use chemical weapons against “recalcitrant Arabs” as an experiment. His authorized gassing of the Iraqi Kurds pre-dates Saddam Hussein’s by almost 70 years. Churchill was officially quoted as as saying: “I’m strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilized tribes”; a policy he espoused yet again in July 1944 when he asked his military chiefs to consider using poisoned gas on the Germans “or any other method of warfare we have hitherto refrained from using.” Unlike 1919 his proposal was declined.

In language appropriate to the Israelis Winston Churchill had this to say about the Palestinians in 1937: “I do not agree that a dog in a manger has the final right to the manger even though he may have lain there for a long time. I do not admit that right. I do not admit for an instance that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly-wise race, to put it that way, has come in and taken their place.

Churchill wrote this in a letter to his close soul mate the Italian dictator and fascist Benito Mussolini in 1927: “If I had been an Italian I’m sure I would have been entirely with you from the beginning to the end of your victorious struggle against the bestial appetites and passions of Leninism. After World War II Churchill still found room in his heart for the Italian dictator; this despite Italy’s close alliance during the war with Hitler’s Germany against Britain and the Allies, explaining to the British Parliament in 1940: “I do not deny that he [Benito Mussolini] is a very great man but he became a criminal [but only then] when he attacked England.

Benito Mussolini’s “criminality for attacking England aside Churchill took note of Axis tactics [those used by The Third Reich and its Allies including Mussolini’s Italy] cavalierly observing that “everyone was bombing civilians. It’s simply a question of fashion,” Winston Churchill insensitively explained, “similar to that of whether short or long dresses are in.” Churchill must have been a slave to this fashion because in 1943 he ordered the wholesale fire-bombing of Hamburg; Dresden followed later and ironically almost at the end of the war when Germany was already on its knees.

Even with the outcome inevitable and independence for India and the rest of the Indian sub-continent was a foregone conclusion it was Winston Churchill who still vehemently opposed India’s impendence and the other countries in the region regarding the retention of colonial India as essential and an integral part of the British Empire as well as vital to England’s sphere of influence globally.

It was Churchill who lobbied enthusiastically for and thus succeeded in persuading Roosevelt and Stalin to create the UN in its present guise and block the entry of newly independent states, which were all non-white, from being part of that body on the racist pretext that “the UN wasn’t for subject peoples.”

Throughout his entire life and up until his death Winston Churchill was an active supporter and member of the eugenicist movement; the same supposedly inherent Caucasian and European, racial superiority with its automatic entitlement to global domination of the rest of the world’s population and their natural resources that was also fervently shared and espoused by fascists and Nazis alike across the European continent and formed a central plank of Germany’s Third Reich’s political and social doctrine.

An inspirational poem that Winston Churchill used in his propaganda speeches was written by a black Jamaican; Churchill was apparently unaware of this not only at the time but throughout the rest of his life.

Research by:
Stanley V. Collymore.
© November 2010.

Much is often made in some circles of Winston Churchill’s purported savvy as an inspirational wartime leader and politician; that too is a myth that has long gone past its sell by date. Yes, he most certainly had the gift of the gab by my service in the RAF, intimate conversations I had with commanding officers, officially classified documents that I had access to and even private correspondences by those involved in key wartime campaigns I was thankfully permitted to see all show that many of our wartime military commanders didn’t exactly think much if anything at all of Churchill’s competence as a war leader and as such would regularly and surreptitiously countermand orders he gave knowing full well that they either wouldn’t work or would simply be downright disastrous to the best interests and even the lives of the men they commanded.

Nevertheless there were extremely clever not to personalize their successes or try to attain any recognition or kudos from the public that was firmly kept in the dark about what they were up to and if disclosed would have seriously undermined the prevailing myth that had assiduously been built up around Winston Churchill pertaining to his almost godlike invincible capabilities, choosing instead to openly credit all their individual successes to his supposedly inspirational political leadership and incomparable martial genius, and being the pompous narcissist that he evidently was Winston Churchill readily went along with the deception. I wasn’t born then but even so I would like to think that the British public wasn’t completely duped by the purported indomitability of this Anglo-American straw man and that’s why at the war’s end it summarily kicked Winston Churchill out of office and into oblivion.

With the onset of the sporting events in these London 2012 Olympics Herr Aidan Burley I’ve keenly watched and enthusiastically cheered on the participation and successes of Team GB, and anyone who hasn’t gone on holiday to some far off galaxy from our own would have seen for themselves the valuable contribution that our multicultural sportspersons have made to the medal haul of Team GB in general and Britain specifically. So how are you coping Herr Burley with all of this? Are you going to do what your like-minded Nazi morons did when the English footballer John Barnes scored that excitingly brilliant Brazilian-type goal for England against Brazil in that country’s own backyard claiming because John Barnes is black and they couldn’t face reality that it was an own goal, and in your particular case Herr Burley have you saying of our non-white British Olympic goal successes that their Caucasian competitors perhaps feeling sorry for them allowed then to win? Or will you not count their goal medals as being part of the British tally of medals because they’re not worthy to be classed as such?

Maybe in extremis and principally because an Olympic gold medal can’t be sniffed at you’ll do to the black and other non-white elements of our multiethnic and multicultural Team GB what your white supremacist kith and kin in apartheid South Africa did when they’d no other choice but to recognize, albeit reluctantly so, black or other non-white achievements in whatever areas these happened that couldn’t be ignored or racially wished away and therefore pompously took to declaring such people to be honorary whites? Believe me Herr Burley I’ve tried very hard to fathom out this conundrum but to be perfectly honest with you I’m still puzzled as to how the minds of racist lunatics work; perhaps you could enlighten me?

I don’t know if you’re willing to accept this indisputable fact Herr Aidan Burley that Europe’s Nazis notoriously created their continent-wide Todeslager or death camps where they brutally annihilated their alleged Untermenschen or undesirable victims routinely recycling their body parts and everything else relating to them. Beneficial recycling of our waste is now vigorously encouraged in Britain but still has a long way to go although for some considerable time now we’ve known that our defecation when it leaves us is carried via our sewers to sewerage farms where it’s turned into fertilizer that can then be put to proper use. You and the rest of your sort Herr Burley would I know have no difficulty emulating the activities during the 1930s and 40s of your antecedent Nazi scum who you very much venerate and would happily do this if given half a chance against those that you derisively dismiss as the purveyors of multiculturalism and are filled with a frenetic hatred towards. But on their behalf I must say Herr Aidan Burley that were the boot on the other foot I can’t honestly think of a solitary useful purpose that you even in recycled form could be to the British farming community, in rural Staffordshire or any other for that matter.

I’ve long learnt as a teacher that if you teach something a 100 times and those you teach it to don’t understand what you’ve said either there is something wrong with what you’re teaching, the method you’re using is at fault or more importantly there’s a problem with the teacher. And if the problem isn’t rectified all you succeed in doing is to cause disillusionment at best and at its worst breed hatred, bitterness and despair that ultimately will spell destruction for those who pursue this bankrupt strategy. Slaves don’t produce the same as free men and for very obvious reasons. However make free men and women of those whom you either physically or mentally violate or enslave and they’ll spread the word of your goodness ensuring that the circumstances of both sides of this previous divide can positively work for the good of all concerned. And it’s also worth remembering that no worthy civilization or empire for that matter is ever conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within. So scoff all you want to Herr Burley but equality, freedom, respect for and living in peace with others aren’t empty concepts but crucial elements to the fabric of any society that wants to call itself civilized.

In Ancient Rome an African called Terentius Afer who became the greatest of the Latin stylists distinguished himself in the field of literature. Terentius was born in 190 BC, was sent to Rome as a slave and there was bought by the Roman senator Terentius Lucanus who named him after himself however recognizing Terentius’ exceptional talents his master set him free. Afterwards Terentius made numerous friends in the Scipionic Circle among whom were Scipio Africanus Minor and Laclius. Significant wealth and prestige quickly followed in the wake of Terentius’ success based largely on his literary works, notably six plays that were performed between 166 and 160 BC. They are Andria, Hecyra, Hautontimorumenos, Eunuchs, Phormio and Adelphoe. The works of Terentius were greatly studied at the end of the Second Century and became the standard work for all the schools then. Julius Caesar, Horace and Cicero used Terentius as their model and he was regarded as one of the greatest humanists of all times who famously wrote these epic lines that are as appropriate today as they were when they were first penned and that I draw a lots of inspiration from: “Homo sum humani nihil a me alienum puto” whose English translation is: I am a man and nothing human is alien to me. Terentius died in 159 BC while he was travelling back to Rome from Greece.

It’s a truly admirable and deeply inspirational sentiment which I’m absolutely sure all sensible Britons of whatever race, skin colour, ethnic origin or cultural background in 2012 and beyond and are worthy of being called  humans being will wholeheartedly endorse and promote contributing in the process to fostering intelligence of supreme excellence; but one I’m equally certain that a racist, Nazi, farcically white supremacist and moronic Halbmensch like you Herr Aidan Burley will never understand and therefore are both unwilling and incapable of ever subscribing to or being a part of.

But rather would prefer to continue actively supporting the inefficacy, immorality and illegality of the racist policy of police profiling cavalierly instituted by you Conservative and Liberal Democrats regime itself feverishly backed by several like-minded colour and ethnicity fixated MPs in the House of Commons that consciously permits the British police and especially their Metropolitan Police counterparts without due cause or reasonable suspicion by them to stop and search non-whites at will and in a manner that would never be contemplated in the case of whites, and where Blacks are 28 times more likely to be stopped and searched than whites ever will be.

It’s a manifest and worrying disconnect between the police and the people they’re supposed to serve which unquestionably gave rise to the English riots of 2011 when Mark Duggan a black Londoner was premeditatedly assassinated by the Metropolitan Police just as John Charles de Menezes and others previously were, and simply results in marginalizing and alienating entire communities. In London alone a black person is likely to be stopped and searched on average 30 times a week, and despite the police’s claim that it’s to stop knife and gang-related crime of every 400 of these stop and searches only one results in a genuine criminal arrest; so at best the procedure is considerably disproportionate though we all know its primarily racist as well.

Now if this isn’t a recipe for ongoing social tensions and future conflict then I don’t know what is. But it’s not coincidental, for despite his false and disingenuous claims purporting that we’re all in it together supplemented by his public attempts to fraudulently portray the Conservative Party not as the endemic and irredeemably nasty party it is but rather one that is inclusive of all Britons, this divide and rule tactic is one that David Cameron supports, wants to be successful and is actively pursuing in order to retain political power as well as to justify his pernicious and obsessive hatred of multiculturalism, the publicly expressed euphemism he and his like-minded bigots use to signal their preference for and intention to do their utmost to eventually secure an all-white Britain, and if making life absolutely wretched for Blacks and other non-white, ethnic minorities in Britain, even to the extent of deliberately killing them and forcing others to leave Briton, will help to accomplish their goal then so be it. And for all we know Herr Aidan Burley you may even be one of David Cameron’s stalking horses.

Mohammad Elmi is a black Londoner. He’s also highly articulate, intelligent and is training to be a lawyer. From his primary school days he can recall along with other Blacks being stopped and searched for no apparent good reason by the police. It’s a situation that hasn’t abated in all that time and currently he’s stopped and searched by the Metropolitan Police on an average of 30 times a week and has the confirmation slips of these stop and searches to prove it. Now one would have thought that intelligent police officers would have had wind by now of exactly who he, that he’s no criminal and promptly desist from their activities; but clearly we don’t employ police officers on the basis of intelligence that seems not to be a criterion in their recruitment.

Mohammad Elmi graphically outlined how his car would be pulled over; of him being verbally and racially abused; the contents of his vehicle heedlessly thrown onto the pavement regardless of the state of the British weather and quite literally left where they fell for him to retrieve after the police had had their way and left. No niceties or pleasantries of course extended to him at any time during this unwarranted police harassment. Besides, Mohammad Elmi like all Blacks, whether they’re personally subjected to it or not, know this particular police strategy quite well and why it’s implemented. The police like considerable elements within white British society are fixated with this notion that all Blacks are intuitively criminals therefore when they or more so officialdom come in contact with Blacks that debunk this ludicrous prejudice of theirs rather than adjust their biases to conform with reality they resort to the only thing that dye in the wool racists and white supremacists are adept at; they try to destroy what makes them feel uneasy or that quite simply they can’t handle. And their highly predictable and frankly unimaginable way of doing this is to provoke these intelligent Blacks in the hope of getting them to retaliate.

That way the Crown Prosecution Service can, as it often does, get its supine magistrates and corrupt judges to give these people criminal convictions, jail time and thus thwart their chances of making the best of their God-given abilities in addition to contributing anything positive to their community. Mohammad Elmi in spite of this constant police harassment of himself isn’t about to let that happen and is quite determined to complete his training as a lawyer and in turn act as a legal advocate for the community and people he’s an integral part of, is fully cognisant of the many hardships that he knows they daily face and is entirely committed to doing his best to alleviating and I for one wish him every success.

In conclusion I’d like to offer a piece of friendly advice to the Aidan Burleys, David Camerons et al of the UK; Blacks aren’t the 1930/40s Jews of Europe and don’t ever intend to be.

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