Wednesday, 16 May 2012


By Stanley Collymore

The Bible says that Eve, at the instigation of a wily snake,
seduced Adam who she then persuaded to eat her apple,
and for his impertinence or altruistic gesture,
depending on how you view the matter, the
snake, as indeed all of his descendants,
were henceforth condemned to crawl
on their bellies, making them the
first living creatures ever to be
officially and disapprovingly
slapped with a communual
and ongoing ASBO.

A particularly harsh punishment, when carefully
scrutinized, for bringing some much needed
joie de vie into Adam’s daily and evidently
boring existence, without which
presumably none of us would be
here - at least not in the form
we are – without the selfless action of
the snake. For without the snake’s judicious
intervention - having obviously first and
quite naturally demonstrated to Eve what it was
all about - Adam would still have been totally
ignorant of the facts of life and what his manly
duties entailed. A neglect that would have
been catastrophic for human kind.

So let’s hear it for the snake; and rather than
condemn and even demonize him and his
kind celebrate instead his entrepreneurial
flair and sexual initiative in getting Eve to
recognize the value of her apple, while
simultaneously encouraging her
fortitude in convincingly
persuading Adam,
although somewhat
belatedly, to
eat it.

© Stanley V. Collymore
27 December 2009.

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