Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Dr. Conrad Murray's trial: or when celebrity vengeance collides with commonsense

By Stanley Collymore

What a pathologically sick society the United States is and how all pervasive the banality of so-called celebrity culture is that it not only infects the common sense, in very short supply in the US anyway, of a significant number of that country’s citizens and residents but also the judicial system as well, with a jury of incompetent nonentities and wannabes desperate to have their 10 minutes or whatever the going rate is these days of fame having been catapulted from their customary depths of obscurity into the spotlight of transient fame to achieve this.

The Michael Jackson tragedy would have happened regardless of who his doctor was. Michael was a sad, pathetic creature and the product of a distinctly dysfunctional home. A father who was both psychologically and physically brutal to him; a mother who was inept to say the least, the kind that ought to have been sterilized at birth and of whom I’m being extremely courteous to her here; and siblings just as warped and mentally imbalanced as Michael was and indeed his parents are.

No one in their right mind can say either with a straight face or any honesty that Michael Jackson’s overall behaviour, particularly in his private life, was normal. Psychotically wanting to erase one’s race as he evidently was determined to and going to the great lengths that he did to accomplish this is as much a symptom of the sickness engendered by endemic racism, still prevalent in the United Sates of America: the land of the free and the brave let’s not forget, as it was of Michael’s own and deeply troubling insecurity, lack of self-confidence and a marked absence of self worth on his part. For despite his enormous talent as a performer, and this was phenomenal let’s not forget, this quite clearly wasn’t enough for him, and looked at dispassionately what does this say for a community or a country when no matter how gifted one is that’s not the criterion that matters most, if at all, but rather what the colour of one’s skin is. Shame on you USA! Not that that will induce any kind of remorse on your part since to respond empathetically one must first be in total possession of that human quality, which looking at the US from this side of the Atlantic is non existent. Since to be able to comprehend and inculcate such finer points of life one has first got to be exposed to them; and quite bluntly you are not.

The day Michael died and shortly afterwards his scumbag of a father: another prime candidate that should have been permanently sterilized at birth, and not too late now I would imagine, was clearly more occupied with peddling his next commercial transaction than grieving as any normal parent would for their child who had died in such tragic circumstances. Michael’s sister sadly is just as much a fruit cake and fervent attention seeker as her odious father is, and if you ask me the entire family seems wholly incapable of discerning the difference between reality and make believe. Not unsurprisingly children that are brought into this world not because they were wanted and deeply loved but are perceived as commercial entities first and foremost to satisfy a warped notion of success, the American Dream at any cost, are destined for the most part to have troublesome lives and generally come a cropper as Michael has done and many others before him did. And Michael’s alleged children, test tube type products to satisfy his insane yen for whiteness at all cost and that money being no obstacle could buy,, the Caucasian dream instigated in its most bizarre way by a very gifted and wealthy black man who’d gone to great lengths to expunge his blackness ranks in my mind as one the worst expressions of self-hate.

Dr Conrad Murray’s crime isn’t one of involuntary manslaughter but is simply a case that he too was a victim, albeit consciously so, of this celebrity cult nonsense where he allowed his insatiable lust for it to get in the way of his professionalism as a doctor; a weak man but not in my estimation a murderer. And whoever Michael’s doctor was unless that individual had the professionalism, the decency and the guts to say no to the demands of a deranged and egotistical addict that Michael was, the resultant death of Michael Jackson in similar bizarre and tragic circumstances was always going to be just more than a probability; but were the victim other than a so-called celebrity figure the matter would never have seen the light of day of the appallingly corrupt and racial US judicial system. In truth, what we’ve witnessed is nothing more than lynch mob violence!

The fact too that the media carried the story as if it were some kind of soap opera says more about the society of which it is a part than it does of Dr. Murray. A society that sends its men and women into foreign countries to fight illegal and immoral wars; uses assassination drones as if they were play station games to arbitrarily slaughter innocent people in countries the United States chooses to pick fights with knowing these countries don’t have the military capabilities to fight back; that gets on its hind legs in sanctimonious outrage at the alleged evils of others which more often than not is a reflection of its own base standards of conduct and of doing things or else outright fabrications, but domestically, as we see with the anti-Wall Street protests and demonstrations against corporate greed, has no compunction in dispensing dispense a vicious brutality and inhumanity completely at odds with what it dishonestly preaches, really sums up the nature of US society.

Well the US judicial system, if one can grace it with such a dignified term, got what it always gets in these black on black scenarios: a dead nigger who death it then compounds with the moral and entirely dishonest moral character assassination, victimization, instinctive incarceration and more often than not the utter humiliation and judicial lynching of another nigger. Justice, probity and the rule of law never comes into the equation and the lack of quality of most US judges and those who minus their white robes and KKK masks don dark suits to carry out the same remit are all racist clowns concerned primarily in ensuring that yet another nigger bites the dust. Were Dr. Murray a white physician there would not have been any case and the blame would have been laid squarely at the door of Michael Jackson where it rightfully belongs.

I’m sure that the United States has far more relevant criminals than Dr Conrad Murray that it could justifiably prosecute if there was any such will to do so, but hey this won’t be theatre; this won’t be a reality TV spectacle to be gawked at; nor would it up the TV ratings and significantly boost the greed of the corporate magnates that own these companies; and anyway those criminals I alluded to are the selfsame ones that create and run the political and economic systems in the United States and to prosecute them would sure as hell constitute a conflict of interest.

Rest in peace Michael Jackson: flawed genius; but your self-destruction was every bit as inevitable as that of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe or Amy Winehouse, making the expedient prosecution of Dr. Conrad Murray the classic case of celebrity vengeance colliding with commonsense as those among the unwashed masses with their own sad, pathetic lives that love nothing better than living their pitiable existences through the successes of others cheering on from the plebeian seats of their present day Roman or perhaps more fittingly that should be American Empire amphitheatre.

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