Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Anti-Semitic my ass! Get real; go get a life!

By Stanley Collymore

The United States of America: the land of the free and where freedom of thought and expression are enthusiastically encouraged and actively supported so long as those who are brave, naïve or 6committed enough to their respective points of view and this intrinsic, constitutionally enshrined right don’t actually think for themselves and the views that they hold don’t conflict, even mildly let alone diametrically so, with those which are publicly and expediently peddled, whether or not they’re personally and privately believed in, by those in all sectors of the US establishment, from the White House and its administration, Congress with its deeply vested political and economic interests, an extremely biased and partisan Supreme Court right the way down to the fawningly embedded so-called US mainstream media that in one way or another effectively run the country, perversely and arbitrarily shape public opinions and jointly among themselves dictate the agenda that others in the United States must follow if they’re to be socially accepted and not gratuitously ostracised, vilified and even demonized as being anti-American.

The two examples I’m going to use in this article to fully exemplify what I’ve unequivocally and most unapologetically outlined in the tenor and text of my headline to this article could not have been any more non-American than I am and like me have no aspirations whatever either to live in the United States of America now or in the foreseeable future let alone to become a citizen of that country. You may well ask why not? My facetious answer to that would be why does a duck swim? But to be absolutely honest with you it has never been a country that I could honestly find myself identifying with, and that emblematic of a feral, thoroughly self-absorbed and completely spoilt brat that would drive even the most forbearing of psychiatrists to complete distraction and possibly even the prospect of suicide, is seemingly too stupid to see the error of its ways let alone mend them; in short the United States of America is a recidivist thug that barbarically glories in its thuggery that it then just as asininely seeks to pontificate to the rest of us is civilized conduct.

For lets face it this isn’t a country that one can either sensibly let alone realistically call a nation, although it has grandiose pretentions of being one, for actual fact the United States of America is nothing more than a glorified assortment of ghettoes or Bantustans some of them extraordinarily wealthy others dirt poor but feel free to call them what you will, of people that are essentially the detritus from other regions of the world that have either been cast out or invariably taken away as the Blacks were by sheer brute force from their places of origins and who frankly have bugger all in common with each other and have no real desire to change that other than their possession of a communal penchant for unmitigated violence which quite frequently borders on sadism. And if you want a classic example of the true embodiment of jungle culture epitomizing the most basic and deplorably the worst characteristics of human nature in their most extreme form then look no further than the United States of America one of its chief proponents.

This kind of crass insensitivity, inhumanity, a marked inability and unwillingness to see the point of view let alone acknowledge the indisputable rights and entitlements of anyone but themselves and a compulsive and even neurotic mania to have their way at all times irrespective of how right or dishonest, and more often than not it’s the latter case, their assertions are, are just some of the myriad vices that are endemic to and greatly affect the American psyche. This after all is a settler state that was founded on the worst kind of genocide that by any definition surpasses that of the much vilified Third Reich’s. The land of the free therefore is in effect naught of the kind, and is nothing more than a cynically contrived, seductive and glorified mirage whose inherent dangers are never freely advertised or even brought to the attention of the unwary voyager seeking respite from his or her travails and therefore stay forever lurking, apart from the periodic instances when they dramatically and unexpectedly erupt to the chagrin of those that would much prefer nothing of the kind ever happened, deep within the erratic bosom of this satanic empire; that is, of course, unless you’re fortunate enough to be one of those that are sitting pretty and permanently atop this rather unattractive dung heap.

We all know of about the European holocaust between 1933 and 1945 and essentially that is all those that currently run the world, write our history books and dispense our news reports want us to know about; a wholly dishonest and subjective narrative that fits neatly with their selfish, self-absorbed and materialistic agendas and doesn’t in anyway enlighten the ignorant or the populace of their countries as to why that holocaust occurred in the first place or the contributory roles that their respective countries played in fomenting and actually bringing it about. Nor do they for that matter consider it necessary to inform their individual constituents that this wasn’t by any means Germany’s first 20th Century holocaust, since that ostensibly highly civilized, European state had previously, between 1905 and 1914 and evidently as a testing arena and prelude to what it would subsequently do in Europe, carried out two and by far much more horrendous holocausts than the much hyped and iconic status one in Europe where not a mere six million European inhabitants of a particular confessional faith but the entire Witbooi and over 80% of the likewise indigenous Herero people of the region were on the explicit orders of Berlin exterminated; amidst then and now, and in marked contrast to Europe’s holocaust, the ongoing and virtual anonymity accorded to Germany’s two African holocausts in what then was its colony of South West Africa but now is the independent and sovereign state of Namibia.

And the fundamental reasons for the gross disparity in attitudes and the crass indifference on the part of the Caucasian west to the Namibian people vis-à-vis their ebullient, fixated, selective and plainly guilt-ridden stance with respect to a mere fraction of those that actually died in Europe’s holocaust - for instance I have neither seen nor have I ever been aware of any similar concern by these people for the gypsies of Europe that were also major victims of the Nazi holocaust; have never had that acknowledged in the same way as those singled out for this preferential treatment; have never been monetarily compensated, and there’s no sign whatever of that ever changing, by their collective mass murderers to the tune of an apparently bottomless pit of US dollars, German deutschmarks (now Euros) or Pounds Sterling for what was deliberately done to them, and are to this day still habitually and nastily persecuted, ostracised, marginalized and victimized across the length and breadth of Europe – is unquestionably race and skin colour.

These white Caucasian, Christian Nazis in common with their secular European allies may have wanted initially to collectively and rather perversely remove from the face of continental Europe all Jews in their midst but at the war’s end attendant with their humiliating and calamitous defeat and moreover as usually happens even among the best of families at war there came the reluctant recognition by the losers of that war that those whom they were trying their greatest to get rid of were undeniably, despite their obvious differences and the quite violent, internecine conflict that had been waged between them, of the same family as themselves: white Caucasians principally divided by two distinct and seemingly conflicting religions but which, when more closely looked at and done so particularly from a strictly ecclesiastical point of view, are fundamentally no more dissimilar from each other as is often dishonestly portrayed or should be given any greater status in that regard than one would either normally or sensibly attribute to the common vagaries they could identify or actually single out in any given family which for better or worst is very closely biologically linked to each other though not necessarily psychologically so, and therefore has the same common ancestor. Incidentally, the name of the German official in charge of the Namibian government at the time of Germany’s holocausts there was Heinrich Goering, the father of Adolf Hitler’s most loyal Reichsmarshall, Hermann Wilhelm Goering.

In spite of what has been said earlier the totally flawed notion of racial superiority and with it the damnable but supposed, inalienable right to gratuitously deprive others of what is and has always been lawfully and irrefutably theirs by those hankering after their assets, whether these consist of land, human or mineral resources, simply because they know they can do so and get away with it by virtue of either being afforded the opportunity or else possessing a superior military capability to achieve their goals isn’t something that’s peculiar to Germans or Germany alone but rather is a salient part of the DNA of most white Caucasians wherever on planet earth one regrettably finds them; and as such there are myriad examples, stretching across several centuries and that are still very much ongoing to this day, to fully substantiate this perfectly valid point of view. Among the earliest examples of this kind on perfidy on what was arbitrarily renamed the American continent are the much heralded, iconic and risibly so in my view Pilgrim Fathers from England.

The use of the term from England and not referring to these people as English is quite deliberate on my part; it’s also accurate. Accurate because the vast majority of them were either refugees or their offspring that had arrived in England from their native Holland or its surrounding countries and were granted asylum in England because of the religious and other various persecutions that they claimed they were habitually subjected to at home; so when for the second time and in what was basically a comparatively short time frame they rather impulsively decided to up sticks again and head off for the entirely unknown, and most assuredly so in their particular case, continent of North America, that of itself ought to give any prescient-minded researcher a perceptive glimpse, at the very least, of the true character of these rather conceited, narcissistic and unsurprisingly to me at any rate, as they predictably proved to be, adeptly treacherous, white, Caucasian, European nomads; and my word, how they lived up to their insightful billing.

Completely ignorant of the vagaries of the North American weather, as quite simply they were to everything relating to that unknown continent the colonists were soon decimated in terms of their number, many of whom had died off as a consequence of the severe hardships and privations that nature in tandem with their own follies had inflicted on them, and the experiment they were so excitedly a part of would in effect have collapsed completely were it not for the entirely unselfish and humanitarian actions of the indigenous people whom these self-absorbed settlers would later dispassionately dispossess not only of their ancestral lands and a continent but also their lives as well but who at the time had freely stepped in, willingly taken them into their beneficent care and altruistically not only helped them out but also significantly, and this is most crucial to remember since it’s either generally unremarked on and therefore largely unknown or else conveniently and quite calculatedly discarded or scurrilously revised by so-called objective western historians and commentators to readily fit their implacably racist, white supremacist and white Caucasians can do no wrong, macho, all-conquering, imperialist agendas, saved their bacon by teaching them all the rudimentary and much more besides about how to survive and prosper in North America.

It was as I said earlier an act of beneficence which was treacherously rewarded with the massacre of these indigenous people by those whose own lives were indebted to them, and this became the pattern of behaviour not only favoured by those white European interlopers to what later became the United States of America but also in Canada where many of them had re-migrated to in their compulsive and remorseless pursuit for even more land to lay their acquisitive paws on. And I’m referring here explicitly to those who went to Nova Scotia and on arriving there happily took part in some exceptionally violent acts of brutality not only to the indigenous people they found there but also to an established colony of French settlers that some time before had preceded their own arrival in Nova Scotia and like them had arbitrarily chosen to make their home there. Massacring the indigenous people of Nova Scotia was a straightforward enough and unconscionable business for these purportedly devout Christian souls but who at heart were nothing more than Caucasian barbarians who, in order to secure their exclusive hold on this new territory they’d encamped to, then turned on the French whom they either killed or at the point of their bayonets frog-marched from Nova Scotia in a concerted act of ethnic cleansing. White revisionist historians at the time and now have dishonestly described this murderous, forced removal of the French as their having peacefully “vacated” Nova Scotia, but the authentic contemporary records of the period invoke a completely different picture of what actually happened.

It’s the same white, Eurocentric approach that is uncaringly adopted to the barbaric and senseless massacres of the indigenous peoples and not only during the 17th Century emergence of Nova Scotia and Boston but also elsewhere across the entire North American continent and incredibly are immensely revered not only as epic but also iconic moments in the history of the white man’s heroism, daring and fortitude, together with that of his invariably acquiescent mate that was often dumber and much more bigoted than he was; but were one to use this same crass but analogous discourse so treasured by most whites every time they depict their more widespread and greater acts of barbarity towards others, whether these embrace past, present or ongoing occurrences, to illustrate and resplendently iconize the same barbarically-inspired type events of 9/11 but instead do so from a totally different perspective from their own, you can bet your last dime that those of us who don’t share the official version of what took place on that fateful day wouldn’t hear the last of their recriminations and condemnations and possibly would even be viciously subjected to a whole lot more; such is the enormity of the mindboggling conceit, rank hypocrisy and manifest double standards that aggressively burn in the bosoms of these utterly self-absorbed and patently idiotic folk.

And it’s these blatant double standards, insensitivity and perverse hypocrisy that get up my nose; for the message they convey is quite an unambiguous one which says that while most whites feel they can with impunity and at will literally go around the world massacring, ethnically cleansing and depriving all and sundry who don’t look or behave like them of what’s lawfully theirs and on doing so can then equate this wanton barbarity of theirs to splendid acts of chivalry suitable to be cosily and unquestionably revered as they’re formally parcelled up with the finer characteristics of human nature to create a fanciful scenario that in truth they’re alien to, but were they to rarely and temporarily find themselves subjected to a little of what they often and quite high-handedly dish out to others that however, as we’ve repeatedly seen in the case of 9/11 and the blowing up of the Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, both of these incidents very contentious issues and viewed by many impartial spectators to be either US regime false flags or else those of its governmental agencies, on past form not beyond the bounds of reality, should automatically be regarded by the entire world as cataclysmic and even seismic world changing events that those aggrieved whites and their kith and kin, irrespective of where on planet earth the latter have located themselves or what direct impact if any at all those particular events had on them, nevertheless felt obligated to promptly relate to and moreover entirely at liberty to give their unreserved support to the strident din for widespread white revenge, as they collectively reacted in the most violent way possible to what had happened; no thought though for why these events happened or were even necessary in the first place, irrespective of whether those that were guilty of sanctioning, carrying them out or expediently permitting them to happen were state or jihadist terrorists.

Pure theatre merged with stupidity of the highest order on the part of those that gullibly and even freely swallow all this garbage they’re profusely provided with is frankly how I see it; since the crucial question that these people should be asking themselves is, cui bono? Who benefited? And one doesn’t have to look very far to ascertain who those culprits are, or for that matter determine that what they get up to is by any definition of the term serial criminal conduct on their part.

Irrationally hating someone often stems from recognition on the part of the one doing the hating that it’s really himself or herself that they actually hate but because of cowardice fostered by an inability or unwillingness to do something positive about excising the cancer of hate that’s eating away at the fabric of humanity within them they instead asininely glory in the pretence that the latter doesn’t exist and rather predictably continue on their destructive path of life, not dissimilar from an addict hooked on dangerous and illegal drugs knowing full well that they will ultimately kill them but content nevertheless to delude themselves that the fleeting high they get from every fix they inject themselves with is worth the risk. It’s the same with power addicts and acquisitive junkies, and the United States, Britain, France and Israel in particular, along with those that run these states, firmly belong to this category of junkie.

The example of France emboldened by Nicolas Sarkozy’s macho Libyan invasion to barefacedly buy popularity at home and at the same time rescue his 2012 presidential re-election bid from the doldrums has seen Sarkozy and some of his senior government ministers keenly set their eyes on repeating the same mission with Iran never mind such a venture won’t be the pushover, that even Libya wasn’t, they imagine it will be and could very easily become the catalyst for a third world war. But since when has reason ever filtered through the minds of such diabolical idiots full of it as well as themselves, with all this set ironically against the backdrop that had it not been for the stalwart efforts of a Second World War, exiled Charles de Gaulle then billeted in England, some expatriate French citizens and various French colonials - even the home based French Resistance movement consisted overwhelmingly of French colonials, a few white, French expatriates and a collection of non-French foreigners like the black, American singer Josephine Baker - buttressed by the committed labours and resolve of British and largely non-white Empire forces, the France that Nicolas Sarkozy and several others in France of his ilk now dishonestly boast about, as if it’s existence owes everything to whites like them, would never have materialized.

To begin with the quisling, Vichy, Nazi regime of France was overwhelmingly welcomed and wholeheartedly supported by the vast majority of French people from all walks of life in wartime France; a land of people who happily would have carried on being what they are at heart: fervent racists, fascists and Nazis had the shocking events to whose mast they’d tied their true colours to not dramatically and irreversibly changed for them, and whose enthusiasm for the extermination of Jews and Gypsies was so committed that even their puppet masters in the Berlin government of Adolf Hitler was gobsmacked by this; since France’s willingness to be a part of this shameful enterprise significantly resulted in that country’s regime, its enthusiastic citizenry and informer’s network sending many more Gypsies and Jews to their premeditated deaths in Europe-wide, Nazi death camps than any other European country, including the Third Reich, managed to. What a let off and opportune intervention, the Allies victory I’m referring to here, for the Jewish family of Monsieur Nicolas Sarkozy who the world would never have heard of, what a pity I hear some of you say, had this not occurred. Yet Monsieur Nicolas Sarkozy, a first generation Frenchman of East European Jewish origin, is one of those quite prominently in the vanguard of a new wave of Nazi and fascist re-awakening throughout Europe. Josephine Baker must be turning in her grave!

And how trebly ironic that Britain which authored the Balfour Declaration and presented it to the rest of the world as a fait accompli, France with its entrenched anti-Jewish sentiments, Germany which began the process that premeditatedly and eventually led to the systematic annihilation of Jews and Gypsies; Russia where the widespread centuries-old pogroms against Jews first started; the European Union with political entities like Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Spain, Greece, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Holland and Belgium; so-called neutral countries like Sweden, and the United States that at the very highest administration level: the US Secretary of State Cordell Hull no less, callously and self-servingly (the United States was doing a roaring arms trade business in addition to participating in other highly lucrative, commercial business enterprises with the Third Reich) prevented several Jewish refugee ships from Europe and specifically those from Germany from entering let alone docking at US ports, effectively forcing their ships’ captains to return to Europe with their Jewish passengers, all of whom without exception and following their enforced return to that continent ended up in Europe-wide extermination camps and no more to be heard of.

Despite all that these are the very countries whose existing leaders obsessively imbued with the same deep-rooted, fascist and Nazi mindset as their equally vile forbearers that now comprise the self-appointed and so-called international quarter charged allegedly with straightening out the criminal mess that their kith and kin wilfully made in the Middle East and Palestine in particular. Not to put too fine a point on this fiasco of what this so-called international quarter is doing is very much analogous to a known paedophile priest not only thinking that he has the basic right to but furthermore takes full charge and does so with the Vatican’s blessing (switch the Holy See for the United Nations in the case of the international quartet pretensions) of a confirmation class of naïve, pubescent girls and boys (the Arabs and Palestinians).

By the way Cordell Hull, the Jew hater, Nazi sympathizer and active contributor to the European holocaust was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Then again he’s by no means the only implausible recipient whether from the United States or outside of it to receive that adornment, which goes to show just how politically motivated, manifestly corrupt and totally discredited the Nobel Prize is and has always been; and as far as I’m concerned equates to Caligula making his horse a member of the Roman Senate. In passing, Mahatma Gandhi wasn’t considered a suitable enough person by the racist and fascist Nobel Prize awarding committee to be a recipient of that prize although he was nominated several times for it by external bodies. But ask yourselves has he lost anything or will he ever be forgotten by future generations yet unborn by not being chosen as the recipient of a prize the world can well do without and subjectively awarded by a bunch of nonentities few people have ever heard of and no one with a functioning brain cell in his or her head would want to know; part of a manifestly mediocre and narcissistic clique of nobodies that think and forever delude themselves that they have an unchallenged right to rule the world and de facto the rest of us in it?

Of course this is all encouraging music to the ears of the Zionists of which they’re also a part and who frankly couldn’t care less and never will just how many Jews, or anyone else for that matter, were butchered in Europe’s Nazi death and concentration camps, viewing them simply as critical collateral damage in an essential war, as they see it, of social, political but even more importantly for themselves financial aggrandizement; since the only real interest that they have in those who were viciously sacrificed on the altar of Europe’s holocaust is to callously and fraudulently make as much money as possible out of their memory by capitalizing on the deplorable and inhumane manner of their annihilation that strikes a very strong empathetic chord with every sentient and right-thinking person that is fully aware of what took place in Europe under the tutelage of Nazi hegemony that gripped the entire European continent at that time.

It’s been for the past 66 years an astonishing but all the same an ongoing and extremely lucrative financial scam that in every imaginable way is quite analogous to the 9/11 one; and I would go as so far as to say that the current batch of fraudulent 9/11 beneficiaries and in my personal opinion among the coterie of those who were either directly or more cunningly (a situation not unlike that of the local town mayor in “Mississippi Burning” who at least had the common decency to hang himself when he realized the game was clearly up, although no sensible person would hold their breath that these utterly loathsome bastards associated with 9/11 would ever honourably emulate him and do likewise) indirectly behind it, have learnt a great deal from the dishonest, past master scammers linked to Europe’s holocaust and therefore but not unsurprisingly are profiting just as handsomely and callously from their own 9/11 power-crazed but crucially financial scam.

Chronic bullies all of them who have studiously honed their duplicitous cons to a fine art when it comes to capitalizing as well as exploiting for their own selfish benefit the genuine emotions and tragedies of others that otherwise they personally don’t or would ever empathize with or have the slightest interest in. For let me ask you this, who the hell outside the close relatives and friends of those that died in the twin towers on 9/11 can honestly, hand on heart, say that they genuinely do or can empathize with those killed there; people they didn’t know, never met or had any dealings with? And if you can’t why then do you carry on 10 years after the event with this ostentatious, seemingly hypocritical, manifestly politically-motivated and ritualized donning of sackcloth and ashes for something which didn’t touch you personally and there’s no conceivable way, however indulgently one sees it, that any of you given those circumstances could still possibly be grieving for? Even when close relatives die and regrettably do so in the most tragic of circumstances there finally comes a time, though we don’t ever forget our dear departed ones and carry on treasuring their memories, that the grieving has to stop and we attempt to carry on positively not mawkishly with our own lives; and were we not to do so true friends and relatives wouldn’t think twice in telling us to get a grip of ourselves. So what’s your excuse for not doing so in terms of 9/11?

Isn’t this all suggestive of the customary Facebook scenario where one frequently hears so-called celebrities, wannabees and others claim they have thousands of friends online but who when one, even perfunctorily, scrutinizes their claims these are essentially people whom they’ve never met and possibly never will; haven’t any clue about or the remotest likelihood of that ever transpiring in terms of their everyday lives or anything else of worth come to that, and would quite honestly be absolutely appalled were any of these so-called friends to pry either too deeply or personally into their private affairs or, worst still, request from them financial help because of their evident capability to give such vital assistance particularly in these trying financial times for so many people; an appeal that would most certainly be refused were any of these so-called friends stupid enough to approach them in this way, since they would promptly, effectively and even irately be perceived as workshy scroungers and categorized as what they actually are, mere strangers in the proper meaning of that word.

Which fittingly brings me to one of the most organized, protracted and extremely lucrative scams presently going on that set against the tremendously emotive backdrop of the European holocaust has been premeditatedly, blatantly and corruptly played out right under our noses for the past 66 years; that of reparations exclusively, subjectively and allegedly for the Jewish survivors of what transpired in Europe circa 1933 to 1945. Basic justice, and specifically interpreted so in countries that pride themselves on being civilized, specifies that those who’ve been wronged by others and where this wrong under scrupulous and objective scrutiny in a duly established court of law has been proven to be the case should be appropriately compensated by the wrongdoers; it’s a central tenet of any judicial system which is worthy of the name, and since justice is often ostentatiously portrayed as blind and not subjected in anyway to human prejudices by those that are quickest to use it for their nefarious purposes, ought indisputably to be universal to all victims irrespective of who they are. This evidently has not been the case nor to be absolutely blunt was it ever intended to be by those that visualized, created and with their enthusiastically accommodating government collaborators in the United States of America, Europe and throughout the other western countries had organized this debauched, global scam, to be the financial deliverance or social rehabilitation of all of Europe’s surviving holocaust victims, the overwhelming majority of whom, and lets not obtusely play around with semantics here, have been treated most appallingly.

No one can sensibly criticize Jewish groups, organizations or their staunch supporters for having robustly pushed for compensation for Jewish survivors of Europe’s holocaust and even insisting that substantial reparations be paid to them as well for close family members who at the hands of their abhorrent and somewhat barbaric European neighbours and Caucasian kith and kin were in gruesome ways forcibly subjected to untimely deaths; that’s normal and perfectly understandable in the circumstances, and I’ve no problem whatsoever with that. What I do utterly detest though is that Jews, who by even the wildest stretch of the imagination or the rewriting of history by the most despicable of revisionists weren’t the only victims or survivors of the European holocaust, have inexcusably and rather discriminatorily turned out nevertheless to be the only people whose suffering is officially acknowledged in the west, just as it’s they alone who’ve been sumptuously and endlessly recompensed, in discernible contrast to the studied indifference regularly shown to their less fortunate holocaust inmates and victims, for it. We all think we know, or at any rate are reminded ad nauseum how many Jews died in the European holocaust, but as a point of reference do any of those that fixatedly and self-interestedly churn out this passé and rather selective stuff to those disposed to listen intently to them as they hang on resolutely to every word they express while tamely and unquestioningly subscribing to every syllable that emanates from their mouths know or more crucially even care how many Gypsies and others were also massacred in the same barbaric way by Europe’s Nazis and their white western, Caucasian, Christian accomplices?

Well here are some interesting facts and figures for you to deliberate on that put into real focus the undoubtedly narrow and even twisted mindset that folk like you, always keen to have others do your thinking for you, profusely radiate. Over 60 million people were killed in World War II, which corresponds to the entire population of present day Britain; and out of that total 20 million were Russians fighting against the havoc of fascism and Nazism that the United States was more than happy to support financially - lets not forget that one of George W. Bush’s grandfathers was the chief international banker of Germany’s Nazi Party while the other supplied the toxic gas that was widely used in Europe’s death camps to kill Jews and others just as the US administration at the time was similarly busy providing Das Dritte Reich with all the weapons it needed, and as we all know and is fully illustrated in all three examples given business is everything to the US way of life surpassing principles and every other moral virtue that one could possibly think of – until that is the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour rudely scandalized and simultaneously exercised the collective mind of the United States Congress (these guys all think and act the same and like the robots they’re so obviously are it’s pointless attributing to these self-centred, automated morons any kind of individuality) and out of absolute necessity national pride took ascendency over that body’s customary and well-established acquisitive instincts.

More sickeningly though was the cynical and self-serving way post World War II that the United States, Britain and France in common with Russia, and between themselves the co-authors of the rules specifically created, endorsed and enacted to manage the Nuremburg Trials and much more besides and moreover were the self-appointed judges overseeing these trials, totally ignored their own remits. Impartial observers and researchers of these trials know all too well that it was only the small fry and expendable Nazis that were brought to book while the really prominent, loaded or those possessed of skills then unfamiliar or else in their emergent stage in the aforementioned countries and would undoubtedly be beneficial to them– the nuclear industry both militarily and civilian on top of the rocket and space exploration industries of the United States, Britain, Russia and France are exclusively and unquestionably in the debt of Nazi scientists spirited off to these countries at the end of the war – were encouraged and actively assisted particularly by the United States to leave Europe and settle abroad, with many of these mass murderers often equipped with new identities as well as guaranteed safe passage and secure sanctuaries by their political patrons literally conveyed to their new found homes across Latin American, specifically South America, and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean islands of the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Puerto Rico.

A disreputable situation that was further compounded by the fact that having among themselves been either directly or covertly responsible for the European holocaust these same western states with the consummate and impassioned zeal of Saul on the road to Damascus to help out with the persecution and eradication of the Christian community there, except in the case of these western countries it was predictably Jews and other minorities in their firing line, but all the same with no hint whatsoever of the genuine conversion of heart which Paul experienced en route to Damascus and that turned him from being a relentless opponent into one of Christianity’s most revered and iconic figures, these purportedly Christian and enlightened, western countries and their typically dishonest political leaders with no parallel change of heart or any obligation on their part to Jews privately, notwithstanding their many public pronouncements to the contrary, as they’re likewise now engaged in doing in Libya and also in relation to the Arab Spring of 2011, saw and took for themselves what they identified as a glorious opportunity to deceitfully thrust themselves into the vanguard of this mood change that post World War II had gripped Europe and more significantly the rest of the world.

Graphic pictures juxtaposed with vivid news reports of horrific European death camp atrocities; gruesome piles of concentration-camp dead callously and disrespectfully heaped on top of each other like discarded household rubbish and underlined by the personal and heart-rending stories of pitiful, painful to observe and hideously gaunt survivors had chilled the bones and completely turned the stomachs of those who saw them and vowed never to let such barbarity happen again; and that is precisely what the Nuremberg Trials and the Geneva Conventions were conceived to ensure. But the road to Hell as we well know is frequently paved with good intentions, and sadly there are none more adept at negating not only the spirit but also the essence of these laws to suit their own selfish and materialistic ends than the same countries, the vast majority of whom are western ones, that created and furthermore have publicly, internationally and legally signed up to respecting and adhering to them. Therefore, with Europe’s holocaust and its grim impact having struck a vibrant chord in the hearts and minds of scores of millions of ordinary people worldwide the shameless instincts of the chameleon west, very aware of this global sea-change, swiftly took over, rapidly rose to the forefront of their self-interested agenda and assumed pre-eminence there in a manner that still impacts negatively on most of the rest of the world.

For example, Jews in complete isolation from everyone else on planet earth instantly became the new Untouchables, incapable of any wrongdoing and as such unquestionably entitled by virtue of being Jews to every consideration they demanded for themselves or that others regardless of how misguided, inexcusable or unwarrantable these wants or proposals were considered correct at the time; and because the world was still rigidly divided into colonialists and the colonized and those agonizingly weighed down by their demon guilt feelings due to their culpability for the European holocaust and the systematic genocide of their white, Caucasian, European, Jewish kith and kin were solidly ensconced in the still powerful colonialist and imperialist camp it’s not challenging to envision how their abhorrent, guilt-ridden and utterly hypocritical narrative was expeditiously, expediently and self-servingly brought into play, and to secure it forcibly thrust down the throats of those that had nothing whatsoever to do with Jew-hating, Jew-baiting, Jewish pogroms across mainland Europe and Russia; no ill-will at any time throughout history to Jews per se, and most importantly weren’t responsible for the horrors of Europe’s holocaust, but instead had selflessly risked their lives and even died in the process to save Europe and its white, Caucasian European populace, and that includes European Jews, from their own conscious and inhuman barbarity.

Given the circumstances therefore its not surprising although wholly reprehensible that Europe’s Jews primarily because they’re of the same blood and race as their Christian or secular murderers and persecutors became the new global pin up boys and girls although those that are running this expedient and extremely profitable propaganda poster campaign like those that started it 66 years ago are still inwardly Jew haters; and if you disbelieve this then I suggest you visit the plush golf clubs, especially in the United States, that these people are fully paid up members of and just see for yourselves how many Jews are either members or willingly accepted there. But the barefaced lie of rock solid solidarity by these people with Jews lives on and is fervently promoted from one generation of western brainwashed members of the public, especially those of the US, to the next as part of this enduring myth, the key advantage of this cynical pretence being that it ensures that an unbroken deluge of cash flows in for these unprincipled and hard-nosed Zionist capitalists that manipulate our politicians and control the world, and that after all is what really matters to them.

After all, that’s what they visualized their lives as and genuinely wanted to achieve when the war ended; and if that meant reprehensibly exploiting Jews and the European holocaust as a means of furthering their vile aspirations while seemingly appearing sympathetic to both these causes and quite literally getting away with it primarily because the engrained racist attitudes of most whites that see race and skin colour as the be all and end all of everything thus allowing them to identify with white Jews, even if they basically hated them, more readily than they could or ever would with Gypsies, then so be it. And this is precisely what happened and still holds sway to this very day with Gypsies intentionally left out in the cold and Jews, or more fittingly their Zionist puppet masters, very much in control, which when looked at impartially doesn’t say much at all for the publicly flaunted, so-called principles of those that self-righteously set up the Nuremburg Trials.

These after all were the post-war controlling powers that purportedly, they would have everyone they routinely subjected to their propagandistic discourse believe, had firmly and publicly pinned their personal colours to the moral mast of integrity, honesty, justice for all, fundamental human rights, and the unchallengeable right to freedom and self-determination for those that aspired to, desired and were justifiably entitled to it for themselves. These though were just words, as reality away from the spotlight of public scrutiny and accountability was very much different on the part of these reprehensible hypocrites that ran the United States of America, Britain, the Soviet Union and France as secretly they weren’t committed to any of these things and were in fact every bit as evil while at the same time even more acquisitive than the Nazis had ever been. Fat chance then, given the deprived status of folk like Europe’s Gypsies who prior to World War II were already hugely discriminated against and wittingly thrust to the sidelines of everything European by their home governments and fellow citizens despite being Europe’s oldest established inhabitants, that there would be any chance of these aforesaid countries with their own long-standing and sadistic history of persistent maltreatment, persecution, genocide, discrimination against, pogroms, ethnic cleansing, and the systematic annihilation of indigenous or minority peoples at home and abroad would either independently or jointly step in and help Europe’s Gypsies. Predictably they didn’t, and as we continue to see have without exception throughout Europe earnestly and with absolute impunity continued their errant ways towards European Gypsies, without a whisper of disquiet or condemnation of this from their erstwhile European, Jewish, holocaust inmates or the plethora of organizations that supposedly work on their behalf.

Furthermore, notwithstanding all that, the whole world by diktat of these self-same, harebrained hypocrites is supposed not only to parade due respect for and wear sackcloth and ashes whenever references are made, as is constantly the case, to the plight of Europe’s Jews during the European holocaust but these pathetic, guilt-ridden sods would also absurdly have us globally and uniquely declare in the exact manner that countries like Germany and France which were up to their necks in these hideous acts of mass genocide refutation of the European holocaust, solely because Jews were victims of it, a criminal offence statutorily punishable by a substantial fine and a swingeing jail term, and what’s more the phrase holocaust, forever and linguistically endorsed with a capital H, should be used solely in connection with Jews and the European catastrophe. How extremely dense and self-centred can one get! But were one just as stupidly in my view to similarly suggest the same way of thinking with identical penal sanctions levied on those that denied the Namibian holocausts previously and also carried out by Germany, where an entire people the Witbooi and over 80% of another the Herero were wiped out, or the iniquitous transatlantic slave trade where scores of millions of black men, women and children for nearly half a millennium and not a mere six years as happened in Europe were systematically stripped of their dignity, humanity, freedom and lives and whose descendants today are still consistently discriminated against as simply two more examples among the several acts of barbarity that whites embarked on worldwide and still carry on doing at present, there would be an almighty uproar and sanctimonious chest beating by most of the global white tribe as they rail about political correctness and the rest of it, just as they are doing in France at the moment over the belated righting in history school book there of that country’s colonial past.

I’ve news for you guys; and it’s simply this, get real; and while you’re doing so get a life as well. For the straightforward way I see it is this; the entire world, including those who at the time were forcibly under the jackboot of European imperialism and colonialism but still altruistically risked and even sacrificed their lives to save Europeans from themselves and their own idiocy between 1939 and 1945 know all about the European holocaust and more besides, as they were physically there or else passed on to their relatives and friends before they departed this earth what they saw with their own eyes and experienced firsthand; so they don’t need any lectures or reminders from despicable, totally dishonest and guilt-ridden Krauts, Frogs or snipped-dick, money-orientated, Zionist greed merchants or their similarly abhorrent supporters to tell them there was a European holocaust or more importantly how they ought properly to revere, which is a lot more than can be said for them, the memories of all those, not just the chosen few, who died in such horrendous circumstances.

It’s been a popular, handy and extremely successful, in terms of financial greed and exploitation, but nevertheless an utterly fraudulent and revolting myth persistently propagandized post World War II by the western allies and their co-opted materialistic cohorts that every European Jew and particularly those who were resident in Germany during the Third Reich weren’t only the hapless victims of Nazi persecution or extermination but were also committed and unyielding adversaries of Germany and the Nazi regime there. This though could not have been further from the truth of what actually transpired, as my own research, lengthy and detailed discussions and conversations with past wide ranging, Nazi personnel and their families privately arranged through the auspices of close German friends and colleagues of mine or their trusted contacts; access to contemporary, wartime, classified German archive material through identical means; and the work of individual, unbiased researchers like the American Bryan Rigg whose findings on this subject matter were in a radical departure from the norm, and furthermore in what is unquestionably a rightwing, British establishment newspaper published in the Daily Telegraph on Monday 2, December 1996 under the banner headlines of “Jews who wore a Nazi uniform” and incontestably support. Predictably, no other British newspaper, either on the right or deplorably on the left, followed up on this story and it’s not rocket science to construe why they opted not to, which still placed them in an utterly hopeless state of affairs, since they couldn’t very well belittle Bryan Rigg for being anti-Semitic, a prevalent and infamous last resort of theirs when all else fails, since he isn’t only a Jew but his research odyssey was actually prompted while he was studying in England by a desire to uncover his own German roots.

Unsure as to what he would find but imbued nevertheless by the anti-Semitic, perennial victim narrative he was brought up on and is so prevalent in relation to Jews in the United States it was, to say the least, a huge shock for Bryan Rigg to discover that the childhood narrative he’d been fed so earnestly wasn’t so one-sided as he was led to believe but instead comprised a multiplicity of stories all rolled into one. To begin with Germany’s Jews or those in the widespread European Diaspora come to that weren’t by any stretch of the imagination or fanciful desire a homogenous or decidedly monochrome group of people who shared an identical language; had corresponding social, political, educational or even the same religious aspirations or customs; nor did they have a common perspective on life or their status as citizens in their respective countries and how that should be interpreted or fulfilled in terms of their own patriotism or lack of it; not dissimilar I’m sure to how others in the past and the vast majority of us nowadays that aren’t Jews, never were or have any wish to be feel occasionally about ourselves, our respective countries and those who share it; and quite frankly it’s how most normal citizens behave. Bryan Rigg’s Daily Telegraph article is worth reading, check it out!

My research, which was carried out 15 years prior to that of Bryan Rigg completely substantiated what I’d been told by close relatives involved in the war, knew in my heart to be unquestionably the case and what’s more had always suspected was a vile propaganda campaign of collaborative lies to foster financial gain for privileged, vested interests; so Bryan Rigg’s valuable contribution to this growing band of those ready, and often in the face of organized hostility, to bravely delve into every avenue they encountered in search of the truth never mind the obstacles placed in their way wasn’t only a commendable enterprise but also highly encouraging one as well.

German archive information buttressed by reliable research data distinctly show that the German army personnel office prepared in January 1944 a comprehensive list of high ranking officers of Jewish, mixed Jewish race or married to Jews who were serving with the German Wehrmacht or armed forces. Significantly the figure was in excess of 77 then considering the late stage the war was in at the time, a critical state of affairs further aggravated by the fact that Germany was very much losing it. Among these 77 officers were two generals, five major generals and 23 colonels, but the officer charged with drawing up this list openly admitted in January 1944 that his list was incomplete; so as Bryan Rigg and I much earlier had discovered there were by far several more such high-ranking officers in the German Amy, Navy and Luftwaffe than were acknowledged or generally known about, with Bryan Rigg freely admitting, “I could add 60 names to that list.” It didn’t just stop there though with Jews either voluntarily enlisting or else accepting commissions in the Wehrmacht, and as records distinctly show several of them were awarded the Ritterkreuz, or Knight’s Cross, Germany’s highest military honour, by the Nazi hierarchy that knew exactly who they were; with Bryan Rigg’s own research uncovering at least 17 of them.

Bryan Rigg went on in his article to say what others like me already knew that thousands of Jews and Mischlinge (mixed race Jews who had Jewish and primarily Christian parents) served in the German military under the Nazis and personally documented 1,200 cases; interviewed more than 300 such soldiers or their relatives; collected 30,000 documents; and detailed the Jewish ancestry of two field marshals, 10 generals, 14 colonels and 30 majors in the Wehrmacht. Interestingly he vividly recounts that: “While these soldiers served, many of their Jewish relatives were murdered in concentration camps. Close to 2,300 Jewish relatives of a group of nearly 1000 soldiers I have documented were [European] holocaust victims - cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, mothers [and] fathers.” Adding that one of his interviewees was a Wehrmacht veteran who had visited the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in 1942 wearing the Iron Cross he’d earned in battle Bryan Rigg related the man’s story of being challenged by an SS officer as to why he was there, and on being told he’d come to visit his father, a Jew was accosted by the SS officer who told him: “If you did not have that medal, I would send you straight where your father is.” Another man who was interviewed by Bryan Rigg, was 76 years old, resident in Germany when that interview took place and had freely admitted to being a full Jew, said he’d run off to German occupied France in 1940 where he enrolled in the infamous Waffen SS under a new name, prompting Bryan Rigg to conclude that many of those he’d interviewed were at a loss to know their place in history.

I disagree intensely with that appraisal seeing it simply as convenient post war, exculpatory cant, since I profoundly believe that they knew full well what they were doing or letting themselves in for; that these were conscious choices willingly made and were therefore embarked on with eyes wide open, and consequently those involved cannot be allowed to escape even posthumously the then anticipated or even the unpredicted consequences of their exploits but instead must bear full responsibility for their decisions and ensuing actions; but that inopportunely doesn’t fit the useful narrative of Jewish victimhood which the Jewish controlled so-called mainstream media and film industry emotively exploit to the full, that plays out so incredibly well at western banks and other financial intuitions and dominates the lives of most of us, since these are the people whether they are in Wall Street or the London Square Mile that own, control and stipulate the policies not only of individual politicians or political parties but also entire western regimes and their parliaments, most notably so the US Congress and the House of Commons. So the wilful lie that all European Jews and particularly those of German origin were simply the wretched victims of Nazi barbarity must be maintained at all costs and constantly propagated as such.

It’s an irrelevance to me whether those that are doing this really know the true and full historical facts about the role: victim or participant, that Jews were caught up in during the Second World War or are just plain ignorant of this, as they’re the same people who in other circumstances that are clearly beneficial to them will categorically assert that ignorance of the law is no justification for not knowing about it let alone breaking it. No matter; the facts are out there and no amount of attempting to airbrush them from history will change irrefutable events into what they aren’t, like pretending for instance that the man sent to rescue Rebbe Joseph Schneersohn the spiritual leader of Hasidic Judaism and Lubavitcher Jews in particular along with his entourage trapped as were several other Jews in Nazi completely besieged Warsaw (not unlike 2011 Gaza) and subjected to collective punishment as the Palestinians ironically are by the Israelis wasn’t a top-notch Jewish Nazi officer, Lieutenant Colonel Ernst Bloch, father Dr. Oscar Bloch also a Jew, a career officer having served in the First World War and one of The Third Reich’s most decorated officers. His opportune intervention would ensure that Rebbe Joseph Schneersohn together with his entourage were safely escorted to supposedly neutral Sweden, which was far from being that, and thereafter to sanctuary in the United States. Or for that matter that Germany’s popular, post-war Chancellor Helmut Schmidt and a decorated wartime, Luftwaffe fighter pilot was a Jew from an established line of Jewish relatives. It’s the same story with Helmut Wilberg the architect of the concept of Blitzkrieg first used in World War I to support the Germany infantry. He was a full-blooded Jew who commanded a squadron of German aircraft that went to Spain in 1936 to support Franco and was awarded the Knight’s Cross; was later put in charge of a flight school and rose to the rank of General der Flieger, the equivalent of an Air Marshall in the British Royal Air Force.

These revelations, conflicting severely with the totally dishonest and self-serving narrative which countless millions of you have lavishly been nurtured on for decades and in many instances even had this done to you from childhood, will I know be disconcerting for those of you choosing not to face reality as it’s too painful for you, opting instead to live in a constant state of denial where things are seemingly black or white, but real life isn’t like that and as sagacious folk know all too well there’s usually a lot of murky grey in-between. And the stark reality is that for a significant number of Jews a conscious and personal decision was made that their nationality and patriotism eclipsed by far any commitment they either had or may have subconsciously thought they had to their religious faith. And I personally find it absolutely mindboggling that those who are the most fanatical purveyors and obsessive supporters of this utterly fraudulent rhetoric with its attendant and pervasive myth of wartime, homogeneous Jewish religious solidarity are the identical people that waste no time castigating Iran for supposedly being a theocratic state, while at the same time smugly lauding theirs for being the epitome of secular conviviality, and moreover would happily use their nukes to wipe Iran from the face of the earth because it’s independently different.

It’s senseless, egotistical and exceedingly dangerous, since those that ostentatiously every year in carefully choreographed ceremonies next to cenotaphs and other centralized war memorials from which the authentic heroes and heroines are deliberately and conveniently excluded, fraudulently wearing their hearts on their sleeves while brazenly pretending to decry the pernicious nature of war and very publicly promising it must never happen again as they deceitfully mourn its victims and pay tribute to the memories of those that fell in battle in the two world wars, notwithstanding their much trumpeted but dishonest patriotism that is never translated into action by either they, their families or friends ever putting their own lives on the line for the country they say they love or to fight the wars they haughtily and selfishly initiate purely for financial gain and imperialistic ambitions, are the very people that enthusiastically incite at every manufactured opportunity they can contrive the warmongering and drumbeats of war that increasingly cause totally preventable but bloody world turmoil that inescapably destroys or ruins yet more innocent lives.

It’s the same blatant hypocrisy, total lies and unrelenting cant that pervades everything to do with anti-Semitism or remotely passes for debate on that subject either in the west or Russia, since the public of both entities have a one-sided view that consists entirely of misinformation fed to it by powerful and influential Jewish, Zionist lobbies; so if one doesn’t know the facts how can they be objective about anything? To start with white, Caucasian, European Jews are no more Semites than Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England is an Eskimo or an Aborigine because she’s the Head of State of Canada or Australia. Without wasting too much energy or time on this myth that those with vested and primarily financial interests will continue championing; those too dumb or naïve will unthinkingly fall for; and the vast majority of those left are either too apathetic or lazy to check out the facts for themselves routinely choosing instead for others to do their thinking for them, European Jews aren’t Semites and never were; and there’s now a great deal of unanimity among several prominent, global anthropologists, sociologists and historians that they’re actually descended from the Khazars, a nomadic people of Asiatic origin resident on the northern shore of the Black Sea, whose rulers embraced Judaism for political reasons in the 8th century.

Does this sound familiar to you in terms of Christianity reaching Europe and where on face value at any rate most Europeans consider themselves Christians; Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy and others of their racist ilk clearly think so that’s why they’re not so keen on predominantly Muslim Turkey over half of whose territory actually lies in Europe entering the EU, expediently claiming that Europe is a Christian entity and effectively belongs to Christians; that is as long as they have acceptable pink skin tones. But as any undergraduate student studying the three monolithic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam knows there are classed as Semitic religions primarily because they’re closely connected to each other in numerous ways, with Christianity and Islam regardless of whether one is keen to admit this or not being direct offshoots of Judaism; an analogous state of affairs in England for example, although not exclusively so in Christian terms as events across the rest of Europe can bear out, where first the Roman Catholic Church was supreme only to find itself replaced by the Church of England that in turn had its own schism when those that became the Methodists broke away from it and as the Church of England had previously done set up their own church.

Furthermore those people that were responsible for creating these three monolithic religions were biologically and racially Semites, utterly distinct from European Caucasians as the Chinese are; that’s exactly why Judaism, Christianity and Islam are similarly referred to as Semitic faiths and, as such, isn’t an identity that any of these three religions or their followers, however devout they may regard themselves to be or appear ridiculous as they more frequently are, can co-opt as their own, assert exclusivity to, or ludicrously abuse in the manner that so many Zionist Jews and their greedy, Gentile factions predictably revert to whenever it suits their vested interests. Overblown nonentities on the outside but privately are in actuality immensely insecure people who, in their customary temper tantrums as they flail about searching for sensible answers to logical questions put to them, gratuitously hurl acerbic abuse, rancorous rhetoric and contemptuous disparagement at those that differ from them, in the self-same manner of someone rather insensitively snatching stolen flowers from the grave of a recently departed stranger and with the same feral intent using them to acknowledge the nuptials of impecunious acquaintances; but when these efforts abjectly fail, swiftly resorting to employing their only remaining option, that of an anti-Semitic charge, so as to disreputably sway the argument; conduct that isn’t only despicable but also unforgivable.

Essentially it’s nothing more than a top-notch scam that has succeeded so far and continues to for the primary reason that its creators, their offspring now charged with operating it, and together with those avaricious, unprincipled and corrupt political figures – which literally accounts for the overwhelming majority of politicians throughout the west and Russia aided and abetted by their political parties’ hierarchy and large numbers of the party membership – that comprise an elite of fixatedly powerful people: politically, economically and influentially, who not only exercise total control over our financial and political structures but also our means of communication, certainly in the so-called mainstream or more aptly and critically the corporate media that they either own or routinely dictate to, actually determining to a large extent in the process what those who either can’t or don’t want to think for themselves, a sizeable chunk of our population I’m afraid to say, take on board and invariably unquestioningly believe. The debauched use of anti-Semitic charges is the chief of these idée fixe; yet were Palestinians, who are all physically and racially Semites unlike their white Caucasian, European imposters, to use this scam in order to secure advantages, fair or foul, for themselves those that are making use of in addition to financially and politically profiting handsomely from this exclusively white Caucasian, European anti-Semitic confidence trick would be most furious by this as they instantly set about doing all in their power to castigate and thwart them. Pathetic, since it’s analogous on the part of these western dolts, I must say, to a quack art dealer incapable of recognizing the Leonardo da Vinci magnum opus of the celebrated Madonna in the Louvre while at the same time paying out millions of Euros for a fake he didn’t have the expertise or common sense to know was such, and when this was finally pointed out to him instead of contritely acknowledging he was had, start coming to terms with his stupidity and begin the process of making amends for this, instead rails at everyone in sight and even goes so far as to say Leonardo da Vinci didn’t exist and it’s the Louvre painting that is a fake.

Sorry folks but the overwhelming majority of you have been callously and systematically had by those who for decades, and even more, you have put your trust in to do right by you, the truth is they haven’t reciprocated that respect or loyalty and furthermore never had any intention of ever doing so. That’s tough as you idiotically, there’s no more refined way of my putting it, brought it on yourselves by lazily taking these crooks at their word and repeatedly refusing to hold them to account for their criminal acts. Let me be perfectly blunt with you; you should know by now that appearances aren’t always what they seem to be and that actions always speak louder than words and if you’re not at all sure of anything check it out first before you sign up to it. For example, if someone that wasn’t au fait with the history of Sweden took a perfunctory glance at that country, he or she could be excused although not forgiven for thinking that Sweden had from the dawn of Christianity always been a Christian country; but nothing could be much further from the actual truth since it was the very last country in Europe to embrace this religious faith and that occurred only some nine hundred years or so ago.

But as Christians Swedes like all other members of this faith living in Europe or residing elsewhere in the world can honestly say they are adherents of a Semitic religion but that recognition doesn’t give them an entitlement to call themselves Semites, or if they’re criticised by anyone for whatever reason, and particularly for matters that are wholly unrelated to any religion and especially their own, to asininely claim that they’re being picked on by persons who are anti-Semitic. To do so would be quite risible to say the least, in the same way as if Belfast Catholics up sticks and moved to Palestine claiming they were being persecuted by the protestant majority in Northern Ireland in conjunction with the British government, which we all know to be the case, couldn’t any longer live in that country and as Christians were moving to the Promised Land and essentially home because as Christians that naturally made them Semites giving them an irrefutable right to be in Palestine the land that the Great Real Estate Agent in the Sky, or wherever the dickens it is that he, she it or resides, had bequeathed to them in perpetuity.

Were this to happen as outlined above the first reaction from ordinary sensible folk after they fell about themselves in spastic fits of uncontrollable laughter would be to openly question why these Irish Catholic lunatics, as they saw them as, weren’t sectioned and carted off in straightjackets to secure mental institutions, and if there weren’t sufficient of these existing to house them because Margaret Thatcher’s government had previously shut down large numbers of them on the pretext that it was much cheaper to care for such people in the wider community, the major downside of which is we now have several of these English nuts proliferating both houses of parliament, the legal, judicial and magisterial services as well as the top brass of the UK’s armed forces, then we ought to invest in building more. But guess what, Zionist Jews and their supporters are routinely permitted to get away with this utterly dishonest nonsense of theirs, and we also have Germany, France, the United States and Russia, among the foremost pre-war haters and abusers of Jews, in the vanguard of this self-righteous and virulent travesty, as it’s largely about money juxtaposed with global, imperialistic aspirations on the part of the United States and Russia; political control by Germany of Europe that it didn’t achieve in two world wars, knows it will never militarily be able to accomplish hence the neurotic obsession by its political class with a federal United States of Europe; and in France’s case lingering and wacky notions of a resurgent French colonialism.

Ein grosses Deutschland and Lebensraum fuer das deutsche Volk has chimes with the notion of a greater Israel; this isn’t at all surprising as many prominent European Jews are of German origin and it’s a situation quite synonymous to that of black Britons who although they’re marginalized and discriminated against in British society as Jews were in Germany their mindset is none the less largely in sync with that of majority British population thinking; an identical situation to that vis-à-vis German Jews and Germany’s majority Christian population. In addition, Germany’s notion of German identity together with its nationality laws are based on blood lineage and this is widespread embracing not only Germany proper but German settled areas across Europe, Poland and the Sudetenland among them, and reaching out as far as Russia where centuries earlier many Germans had migrated to at the time of Catherine the Great who was herself German and typifies the same stringent features that pervade the core of western and central European Jewish thought and behaviour that attach the same obsession to blood lineage symbolized by the encouragement of considerable inbreeding among Jews giving rise to the deceptive myth that because they look very much like each other they therefore constitute a distinct race.

Well Pakistanis, even those living in the UK, do the same thing incestuously marrying very close biological family members often related to each other on both sides of their families, but sensibly I don’t hear anyone or know of anybody, other than these people themselves, hailing this practice or classifying its results as creating a new race. In fact the British government, other civic as well as the medical authorities would like nothing better than to prohibit the practice if only on health and economic grounds alone as caring for the aberrant, deformed issue of such incestuous unions is costing our NHS phenomenal sums of money that in these straightened financial times we can ill-afford, but lack the bottle to do so scared of being branded as racists, Islamophobic or seen by these people and their supporters as attacking their cultural practices. Where’s the commonsense in that when these so-called customs are inimical to the general welfare of the nation as a whole and not just the Pakistanis themselves?

I came across an odious Scotsman some years ago who was a dog breeder. He began the business he said with a bitch and a bulldog that were full-blooded siblings; had the bulldog mate his sister, then the female issue she’d produced by him as soon as they came into oestrus. But it didn’t just stop there for each of their female offspring was in turn mated by what was effectively their own father and grandfather; and so the process continued with the original bulldog being the stud that serviced every female he had produced. Questioned about the ethics of doing this I was brushed off with the perverse notion that he was producing the ultimate purebred dog. After that I found out he wasn’t a rarity in this, from my perspective, disgusting practice that is a commonplace one particularly in the horse as well as the dog breeding industries.

At the close of World War II the Germans realizing and acknowledging just how many village idiots as we used to describe them in England: mentally and physically defective persons in other words, there were across the country as a result of the constant inbreeding among close relatives outlawed the practice and secretly sterilized these village idiots with commendable results for the health and moral wellbeing of the German people. Within the British Royal family marriage to close relatives gave rise to a genetic blood defect that having been detected they were medically advised to widen their gene pool and sensibly, although critics would say it was a survival tactic, did so, accounting for the sizeable numbers of commoners we now see marrying into the Royal family. Even so elements among their German relations that continue to wield political influence in Germany still cling to the notion of blood lineage as the supreme element of German identity and nationality; that’s why it’s much easier for a Russian with no cultural, linguistic, political or social links to Germany but who claims that a distant ancestor migrated to Russia from Germany at the time of Catherine the Great to get German citizenship and a passport than it is for a fourth generation born and bred German of Turkish origin, yet any German can emigrate to Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the United States for example, where there are over 30 million of them resident in that country alone, and become citizens of these countries without any bother. Utterly ludicrous is that, just as allegedly being purebred or blueblood is; which as I see it is just another way of saying that those who subscribe to these beliefs have a fixated proclivity for fucking close family members, a glorified form of incest and paedophilia if you ask me.

Just as bizarre is the idea of a Promised Land which apart from being significantly flawed is also downright idiotic at best and at its worst is quite fraudulent, since there’s no global homogenous religion even now in an era of globalization where everything is virtually uniformed, and this has never been the case in Europe where this nonsensical concept was hatched. The Druids of Britain dominated British life for several centuries and they’re still potent elements of druidism in Wales to this day despite the ascendancy of Christianity in all its forms within the UK. Moreover pagan beliefs have flourished across Europe for millennia and for far longer than either Christianity or Judaism, and many of the rites and beliefs of these pagan religions, like celebrating Christmas on the 25 December for example, were borrowed wholesale from pagan rites and incorporated into Christian ones.

Additionally, countless other religions flourish around the globe and they all have their own gods and goddesses so it’s nothing but obtuse arrogance to assume let alone assert that the god of one tiny religious faction in an otherwise vast sea of humanity could seriously parcel out and allocate land exclusively to his worshippers and do so to the total exclusion of all other people, their own religious beliefs or godly affiliations. To believe that smacks of the arrogance displayed by these same white European countries and their inhabitants in 1884 at the Berlin Conference when with no reference to or consultation with or even the knowledge of the indigenous peoples of Africa these entities arbitrarily decided to carve up the entire continent of Africa that dwarfed their own continent of Europe among themselves for their own benefit, aggrandizement and to the burden of the Africans themselves. Even so, that action with its horrendous and perpetual consequences that are still burdensomely experienced to this day by many in Africa and its Diaspora around the world didn’t, because those that did this thing and benefited hugely from it were able to, make it morally right, justifiable or legal even if those involved lyingly convinced themselves that it was all of these things.

Anyway, all of these Zionist Jews and their supporters belong to countries where property rights are enshrined in law. I’ve flown over the UK many times while serving with the Royal Air Force and on private flights as well and know that only a third of our land space is effectively inhabited with many areas sparsely populated or where there’s no one living at all. But I can’t envisage and I’m sure neither can you a situation where a group of immigrants or refugees however desperate they were for some place to live turning up unannounced in Britain, encamping in these aforesaid areas claiming that their god, who was totally different from the one we worshipped, had granted to them the areas of Britain they’d selected and we Brits unconcernedly going along with that on the basis of poor souls they’ve had a hard life and time of it and anyway there’s enough land for all of us, even when these intruders took to killing us and driving us out by force as they began to ethnically cleanse our cities, towns and communities which they had their eyes on from the start; for in reality it was our total removal and the possession of the whole country not just its vacant bits that they wanted all along and not just to live in harmony with us Britons already settled here for countless generations. But hey presto! It’s what Zionist Jews say they want, claim their god, not Yahweh but that all important financial manna they’re so addicted to, dictates, something an avaricious west and schizophrenic Russia with its sinister tweedledum and tweedledee Putin and Medvedev politics camouflaged as democracy can connect with, and therefore they’re entitled to demand; so that makes it okay!

To assert ownership to land or property or to inherit either or both in the UK one must credibly provide documentary evidence and legal documents like deeds or wills for example to this effect; and the same rules exist in every civilized country worldwide, including those located in the west that like to claim they are. A total stranger with no known familial or other links to the late singer Michael Jackson couldn’t just show up in the United States and claim possession of the personal, financial and property assets of Michael on the absurd basis that the above notwithstanding he or she is and has always been a devoutly religious fan of the late iconic singer. Such a person would at best be politely called insane or at worst be subjected to all sorts of harsh expletives, and were they to idiotically attempt to pursue their claim through the law courts would in all probability be arrested, charged after interrogation with wasting police time or abusing the court process, and if convicted find themselves doing jail time; so what’s the distinction between the behaviour of this pretend Michael Jackson fan and Zionists Jews? And to be brutally frank with you isn’t it remiss on the part of Yahweh to say the least, to have allegedly granted the Promised Land in perpetuity to a people he purportedly favoured yet to have seriously overlooked the key factor of physically providing them with incontrovertible concrete proof of his intentions and their right to ownership of the land he wanted them to have and supposedly designated to them; like providing them with legal deeds or a will for example?

After all he allegedly carved the Ten Commandments out of stone, so surely it wasn’t beyond his wit, power or celestial capability to do something just as decisive as this with a matter that would have immense repercussions not only for a few decades or even a few generations afterwards in a continuously changing world, but for all eternity. Seems to me, looking at it analytically, that this Yahweh was either taking the piss and having these people on; wasn’t so clever as he’s made out to be; or the whole thing is just a monumental lie cooked up by one or several con artists at the time this invention was first mooted and who were more than likely working in unison with each other for personal financial gain like sharks in Las Vegas casinos, but even they don’t claim that America belongs to them, their close family members and sharking buddies for ever. But I’m not in the least surprised that this scam holds sway and carries great traction with the political elite of the United States, EU, the global, white settler countries ensconced with their European kith and kin, and their lunatic fundamentalist, allegedly Christian, Zionists fraudsters that benefit from the widespread mass murder and genocide of indigenous people worldwide; the violent confiscation of their lands, countries and abundant natural resources; and have always clutched at straws, and still eagerly do so to this day, in order to justify their unconscionable barbarity.

Another issue that goes largely and quite conveniently unnoticed, is that the indigenous people of Australia, Canada, there are none left in Argentina now, New Zealand or the United States aren’t the ones running their affairs let alone those of their countries, but rather it’s the bloody Zionists and their neo-con bedfellows who are quite literally calling the shots; a sinister political situation that is dangerously replicated across an obsequious Britain and the rest of the EU that jointly and individualistically are nothing more than cowardly sycophants enfeebled by decades of servitude to the United States and forever on their knees to it and the infernal Zionist lobbies on both sides of the Atlantic. Let me candidly ask you this, when did you ever see an Aborigine prime minister or ceremonial head of state Governor General in that island continent acting for the Queen, since Australia is still a monarchy, as is Canada and New Zealand, with Queen Elizabeth II of England currently on an official visit Down Under the monarch of these countries that explicitly owe their allegiances not to their indigenous people or even the region where they’re located but to a white Caucasian, hereditary sovereign resident in Europe several thousand miles away. That about says it all, don’t you agree?

It’s the exact situation in New Zealand with no indigenous Maori there ever having ascended to the dizzy heights of New Zealand politics; anyone ever having seen a native Canadian trustingly charged with the privilege and responsibility of being the head of their country’s government; or any of those that are condescendingly referred to as Native Americans serving as President of the United States of America, playing crucial or influential roles in the decision making processes of the US Congress or any other public or private body countrywide for that matter, or ever likely to do so in the foreseeable future. But we all know damned well the enormous influence and undue power that Zionist Jews, their neo-con brotherhood and US cohorts have in determining who the president of ostensibly the world’s most powerful country will be and whether or not he ought to serve the two terms that he’s legally permitted by the United States Constitution.

It’s a classic case of the tail errantly and robustly wagging the dog in all these aforesaid western European and their supported stolen countries like the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Argentina; and this is especially so in respect of the US where out of all proportion to their actual number in the population there Zionist Jews and Israeli lobbyists along with the banks and other financial institutions they control, decide and dictate US foreign policy particularly in the Middle East, although it’s a terrible insult to dignify what passes for adult behaviour by the United States as worthy of the expression dignified and charitably is more akin to the worst excesses of Viking plundering, pillaging, and rampaging in Medieval Europe. A virulent toxic mix that is reinforced on the part of the US by its cohorts of neo-con lunatics and supposedly Christian fundamentalist, Bible thumping nutters that addictively subscribe to this Jewish Promised land nonsense because it fits in conveniently with their whacky ideas that by supporting this absurdity they’ll hasten the coming of Armageddon with God deciding on the destruction of the earth and using mankind as the conduit to facilitate this; and the method God will direct man to use in what is fundamentally his own self-destruction these Christian fundamentalists believe, and in addition transports them into paroxysms of wild anticipation and irrepressible delight because of this, is the nuclear option and, of course, World War III; at whose end God will arrive on earth from heaven, presumably in his space craft, assemble the souls of all the faithful – no need to ask who exactly these will be as I’m quite sure you would have guessed this by now – giving Jewish ones the straightforward but stark choice of whether or not they wanted to convert to Christianity with those opting to ferried off in the company of their fundamentalist fruit cases to heaven and eternal life, while those who declined together with the rest of us sinful ingrates of humanity will be condemned for all time to the fires of hell and eternal damnation.

I don’t know about you but I must say that given the lousy weather we keep having in England I personally wouldn’t mind having some of that metaphorical hell fire and its attendant damnation of the sinful variety if you get my drift and where better than hell itself with its wicked repute to experience and take pleasure in this, instead of allowing myself to be subjected to the unedifying prospect of floating around all day on some cloud or other plucking uninterestedly at a harp and with the added indignity of having wings attached to my back. At over two metres in height and athletic with it I’d look a right prat to say the least if that were to happen. So Hades here I come!

I know the answer already but I’m sure there must be many millions of you out there asking the same question, if the so-called Promised Land is for Jews and especially Zionist ones exclusively why on earth then don’t those who feel this way up sticks, move there permanently and just stay there? Quite a logical question don’t you think, so why then aren’t those of us that don’t or won’t ever fall for, far less swallow this garbage that were being coerced into similarly provided with a logical explanation for why these people are so reluctant to leave these places and expeditiously head off for the Promised Land they claim is theirs? Would Queen Elizabeth II perversely go and freely live on a working class council estate or even a swanky gated community in Florida when she has Buckingham Palace among other opulent castles and residents to cavort in while stupidly insisting that these places are and will forever remain exclusively hers? Of course she wouldn’t; but then our lovely and much respected Queen is an immensely intelligent and empathetic human being, qualities that these imbecilic Zionists totally incapable of pouring piss out of a shoe even with the directions visibly given on the sole of that footwear to sum up the late President Lyndon B. Johnson manifestly aren’t, and what’s more simply aren’t up to scratch to ever become so and just as Neanderthals would be hopelessly out of place in the 21st Century so are they.

It doesn’t make sense does it to have your own home but instead of utilizing it for your personal benefit you choose to stay indefinitely in somebody else’s. That would be akin to a married man claiming that he has the ideal wife but rather than paying attention to let’s say for discussion sake her sexual needs he routinely spends his entire nights and most of his days as well at the house of another married woman carnally and one-sidedly gratifying at will his insatiable lust for her, well aware that neither she nor her husband approve of his conduct but because of the immense power and influence that he wields they’re both unable they feel to do anything about his wanton abuse of this lady and must intolerably put up with his bad behaviour towards them, even as he brags to them how secure, untouchable and inviolate his own wife and property are, and were anyone to even attempt to let alone violate the sanctity of either of these two entities of his, there would be on his part hell to pay for them doing so. By the way, it was commonplace in England just over a century and a half ago for the Lord of the Manor across English shires to exercise his legal right on their wedding night to sleep with any wife newly married in his community with her husband, powerless to stop this happening, humiliatingly obliged to take his wife and hand her over to her sexual abuser.

Zionist Jews and Israeli lobbyists given the same kind of immunity to do what they want are very much symbolic of the scenario I painted earlier, people that while being abusive in the countries they don’t belong to and whose inhabitants, indisputably those that are indigenous there that they don’t have any respect, love, empathy with or regard for while wantonly abusing them and their own presence in these indigenous peoples’ lands, have no more desire to vacate the United States or any of those other stolen places where they wield enormous and even exclusive influence and power than I have of ever renouncing my British identity or nationality. Just ask yourselves, why should they when they have it made, consistently enjoying the best of both worlds as the media brainwashed, ill-informed, guilt-ridden populace in all these countries do their every bidding and like turkeys fervently voting for Christmas stupidly swallow the scurrilous lies mechanically but premeditatedly churned out by these Zionist reprobates. And the deeply pathetic and ironic thing about all this is that were the indigenous people of North America on both sides of the US border and specifically within the United States itself, or the Aborigines of Australia who’ve lived there exclusively for over 60 thousand years before the white man knew of the place or ever set foot there to use the same argument about their gods bequeathing in perpetuity their indigenous lands to them, even though it didn’t mirror the rank dishonesty of these objectionable Zionists relative to their claim over all of Palestine, these are the very same people along with their neo-con and allegedly Christian fundamentalists that would be the first up in arms about this asserting that the pre 1492 history of the Americas, specifically so in the case of the United States, and the rest of the stolen lands in the Antipodes was in the past, null and void, and it was events on the ground that mattered, just like they say in relation to the delinquent state of Israel.

No such argument or rationale though when it comes to the fraudulent claim of a Promised Land in perpetuity for Zionist Jews. And can any of you realistically see arch Zionist Rupert Murdoch, no Jew he but all the same an ardent Zionist and supporter of Israel because doing so makes him tons of dosh, quitting the United States, Australia or even Britain where he owns a considerable chunk of our media and heading off to live in Israel or even on a cooperative farm in rural China with his Chinese child bride? Or how about this; actually persuading every one of these Zionist, neo-con and indoctrinated fundamentalist nutters and unfaltering aficionados of Israel to agree to a legally binding, internationally ratified pact that expressly stipulates that in exchange for them taking over all of historic Palestine and moving there, every dispersed and dispossessed member of the Palestinian people will be granted the free choice to move into the countries that these new Israelis have left, like the United States, Britain and France for example, and once there would be accorded the same prominent rights and privileges those now resident in Israel formerly enjoyed and, of course, be similarly permitted to wield identical power and influence to that which these unlamented departees and sinister bodies with an infantile mindset like AIPAC now unpleasantly exercise. That would most certainly set the cat amongst the pigeons; but you know just as well as I that such a proposal would have as much likelihood finding favour with this current assortment of extraordinarily crooked, hugely compromised, bought and paid for western legislatures, prime ministers and presidents as a lead balloon has of successfully getting airborne; but when it comes to Israel: the enfant terrible and dreadfully spoilt brat of the west, that’s a wholly different matter and therefore anything is possible and permitted.

What all of these inveterate idiots fail to recognize or acknowledge is that the current state of the world with its ostensibly intractable problems has nothing at all to do with their affected concern about anti-Semitism, which effectively is a misguided, isolated and exclusively white Caucasian, European sickness not shared by the rest of mankind, but rather that the world’s ills stem chiefly from an continuous white imperialist and colonialist attitude perversely reinforced by a perverted sense of white superiority and infallibility; exploitation of and an arrogant disdain for those that don’t look like them: actions compounded by the wanton hiding behind an embarrassment of evil deeds; expediently fostered and utilized myths to mask their malevolent intent; and a fraudulent claim to the moral high ground corruptly designed to achieve what their architects want. Conduct akin to serial paedophile judges fulminating excessively in court about the revulsion of society to repulsive adults ruthlessly preying on the vulnerability of young children and handing out harsh sentences as a result, but doing this simply to disguise their own abuse, deceitfully preserve their stature in the eyes of their peers and the wider society, while deviously deflecting suspicion away from themselves.

Israel was established originally as a colonial outpost of the British Empire so Britain could exert key control through white Caucasian Europeans, indistinct from its own white majority populace at home, over the Middle East and therefore be in pole position and thus much better placed than its European rivals to control the locals and plunder the region’s natural resources, chiefly oil. So the invention of Israel had bugger all to do with religious beliefs or any obeisance to this claptrap notion of a Promised Land for Jews; that ruse would come later as opposition to the presence of a white colonialist entity in their midst by the indigenous people there grew apace, and even on the part of Britain chameleon-like took on a multiplicity of forms, changing and contradictory raison d’être as its dubious rationale for being there evoked rising suspicion and came intensively under increasing scrutiny; a situation analogous to that which Britain once more finds itself confronted with in 2011 but this time in Afghanistan; and on that specific matter I’ve lost count, to be honest with you, of the many vacuous, insincere, unconvincing and downright lying reasons my country or more pertinently consecutive governments here have given for being in Afghanistan.

Besides, the earliest Jewish settlers to Israel were largely atheists or secular Jews at best, many of them with staunch communist ideas and affiliations, and their British sponsors like Lord Balfour, the architect of the Balfour Declaration, were to put it mildly Jew-haters. In addition the founders of Israel and the parents and grandparents of its present-day crop of Zionist government terrorists were likewise terrorists and mass murderers who were quite adept at instituting terror among the Palestinian population as well as ethnically cleansing it from its ancestral homeland; barbaric and illicit practices, globally recognized and banned as such, that to this day 66 years after the end of the European holocaust, their nonstop wallowing in self-pity because of it yet blatantly milking it financially for all its worth and more while actively encouraging and relying heavily on the guilt-ridden remorse of their Caucasian, erstwhile abusers and mass murderers to obediently guarantee them the immunity they regularly demand and get to do whatever they please, these coldblooded Zionists and the calculated killers of innocent Palestinian men, women and particularly children are nevertheless still actively and committedly absorbed with; bolstering the fact that this harvest of poisoned Israeli fruits have predictably not fallen far from their parent trees!

What’s more their bizarre inbreeding practices have made sure in a society where the matriarchal factor is predominant, giving rise to a situation where one is instinctively seen and acknowledged as first among equals due to a perverted interpretation of Judaic pre-eminence that automatically concedes that right to individuals whose Judaism was acquired through the maternal line, that the Oedipus complex and conversely as a direct result of this the Electra complex are more than just disquieting predilections, from an impartial observer’s point of view, afflicting Ashkenazi Jewish communities and those of Sephardic Jews living in Southern Europe or that migrated from there and were euphemistically persuaded to adopt the prevailing norms of Ashkenazi orthodoxy vis-à-vis Judaic culture; something the world again witnessed when the ancient tribe of Falasha Jews from Ethiopia, who had embraced Judaism from the dawn of time and by far predate anything to do with Ashkenazi Judaism, were coerced into doing when they were carted off from Ethiopia to Israel in a much hyped photo-op exercise and blatant political expediency as one of the lost tribes of David but on their arrival in Israel were nevertheless not fully acknowledged as the Jews they were and had always been until they agreed to the conceited demands of the Ashkenazi religious autocracy there to suffocate their Judaic customs and religious practices in complete deference to those of the Ashkenazi plutocrats that control Israel.

A society that nurtures the overbearing, clinging, compulsively domineering Ashkenazi momma and the burdensomely intimidated and submissive son, cowed, never really permitted to develop mentally, and seriously faced with the schizoid prospect of earnestly wanting to but never able to properly attain true male maturation; the archetypal mummy’s boy hitched eternally to momma’s apron strings and forever trying to dispel his lack of self-assurance, establish his worth, and more significantly publicly and farcically in exaggerated macho style seek to demonstrate a manhood that has been strictly circumscribed by the pervasive and overarching power and influence of his wife/mother or female guardian fulfilling a similar role. No myth this but stark reality for several Ashkenazi men specifically those drawn towards and who take jobs or professions in institutions associated with politics, law or the military that give and also legally permit them to exercise the kind of statutory power and authority and even compensatorily abuse these in a manner that their damaged lack of self-confidence would otherwise not have countenanced let alone dared them to embark on; a situation that is also prevalent among women who suffer from the Electra complex. Benjamin Netanyahu, Avigdor Lieberman, Ariel Sharon, Ehud Barak, Golda Meier, Tzipi Livni, Ehud Olmert and Moshe Dyan in no specific order of preference, to name just a few examples of a multiplicity of such people, are common illustrations of these types; a phenomenon highlighted by Sigmund Freud and comes as it were from the horse’s mouth as he was an Ashkenazi Jew.

These are ineffaceable complexes that prevail and thrive within the aforementioned environment; that govern the psychological outlook and attendant conduct of this Zionist collective, and when closely looked at is deviant behaviour to say the least. Benjamin Netanyahu, Avigdor Lieberman and Tzipi Livni are prime examples of this, and one doesn’t have to be a psychologist to know or understand that people who are either physically or psychologically damaged in this way or both, as this trio obviously is, consistently as a result and with the tremendous enthusiasm of the zealot summarily take on in their personal dealings with those that they bizarrely, implausibly and quite often even dishonestly claim to be their enemies and therefore treat as such, a corresponding role to that of their sadistic abusers or those whose unwarranted abuse they’ve observed firsthand and which unsurprisingly has played a key function in their own neurotic and tortured own lives. It’s called the Stockholm syndrome and the American Patti Hearst epitomized this behaviour.

Acknowledging Europe’s solitary holocaust: circa 1939-1945, planned, started, executed and run exclusively by Europeans on European soil, something that has never been repeated although the same can’t be said for other European holocausts that earlier and later were perpetrated globally by this same European breed against non-European people in their own countries and to this day is still an ongoing occurrence, for what it really is 66 years after it happened and should therefore be treated as the historical event it is, is one thing and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that; however to ludicrously endorse it with a lasting iconic status as is likewise being done in the case of 9/11, when those that desire and even insist on this are among the world’s most reprehensible human rights abusers, notorious mass murderers, ardent practitioners of genocide, committed and premeditated purveyors of ethnic cleansing, as well as persistent and conceited violators not only of the Nuremburg Accords that ironically they formulated and self-righteously employed against the Germans but also every Geneva Convention that there is, primarily because of the superiority of their military strength not based on morality or human decency of which they know absolutely nothing but largely on an array of nuclear weapons and WMDs and a significant but intimidating global influence because of this that they often and shamelessly exert in the most harrying way to get what they want for themselves or guarantee for their protégé Israel and its plethora of Zionist wrongdoers complete immunity for their several war crimes and crimes against humanity, from a personal perspective stinks to high heaven, and furthermore is something that needs to constantly be said until the message is finally heeded and those responsible for these barbaric criminal acts are legally brought to book and not permitted to carry on running around fraudulently haranguing ordinary decent people; countries that stand up to their bullying or whose leaders they disapprove of or else dislike, on issues of morality and democracy.

Furthermore Blacks, especially the scores of millions unfortunately caught up in the transatlantic slave trade, their descendants, Aborigines, Maoris, the Caribs of the Caribbean, indigenous North American inhabitants including those of Canada, along with other indigenous peoples around the world who were likewise thrust into an identical situation but luckily managed to survive against crushing odds while others didn’t and succumbed to total annihilation; whose inflicted genocide, insufferable anguish, the many indignities that were cold-heartedly and consistently meted out to these people, and much more besides for over half a millennium exceed in my view anything that Europe’s Jews ever endured collectively or specifically in relation to the European holocaust; but the perpetrators of these holocausts, those with the confounded arrogance to assume that they are the master race and the world must revolve around their wants however heinous or insupportable these might be, in the same way that spoilt brats do in relation to themselves, have unsurprisingly never found it opportune nor suitable to acknowledge their horrendous evils against these people, properly apologize to them for having carried them out and make requite compensations for what they did. Instead, whenever the matter is raised, these perpetual sufferers are haughtily and rather patronizingly told it all happened a long time ago, and in the words of John Howard the Beast of Australia they should get over it and get a life, as the likes of him, a point of view shared by a substantial number of whites I’m ashamed to say, have nothing to apologize or make recompense for. So there it is then; unless of course the injured parties of such barbarities or their descendants are white Caucasian, European Jews that look like the perpetrators of these European holocausts and as it happens are biologically and culturally indistinguishable from them, as they’re the same people; a family, in other words, who was at war with itself.

So why in view of what was earlier said, and taking into consideration too that many millions of those with more pressing and justifiable claims for reparations yet to this day are still conceitedly dismissed as irrelevant but who nevertheless, in spite of everything they were subjected to while still under the jackboot of European colonialism themselves, were among the first to voluntarily and selflessly, when they had no requirement whatever to do so, offer their committed services to fight for, and on doing so did in many cases make the ultimate sacrifice of their lives in the brutal bloody and internecine European war pretentiously referred to as World War II when in actuality it was simply a case of Europeans for once killing each other at home instead of murdering other people abroad. So why - I would like to hear from those odious, self-centred and mercenary sods that delight in making these pertinacious, prescriptive and post-holocaust demands exclusively in support of European Jews - should these altruistic victims that were actively engaged in your war and in addition helped to liberate Europe from itself, or their families and friends whose personal sacrifices greatly assisted in making this possible but nevertheless are totally invisible to the likes of you be now expected and even compelled by law, if you had your way, to compliantly iconize, obligatorily and even remorsefully wear sackcloth and ashes forever for something they weren’t accountable for; done to people they had no fight with and whose lives they helped saved; and all this simply to serve the selfish ends of a bunch of sadistic hypocrites and moronic ingrates whose cupidity and self-guilt are the true determining factors here; not the memories of or any concerns for the victims of the holocaust who they don’t really give a damn about.

Claudia is a trusted friend and confidante of mine; she’s 30 years old, married to a husband three years her senior who she’s passionately in love with and has a five year old daughter by; she also has the one sibling, a brother, who is four years younger than she is and parents born in 1950 and 1951 respectively who like the aforementioned persons are indigenous white Caucasian Germans that for the purposes of this article share another important characteristic among themselves, they were all born years after the end of World War II. However, like all Germans they’re statutorily obligated to pay reparations for the Nazi era and the attendant European holocaust that the Third Reich instigated and doing so solely for the benefit of Jews and the state of Israel, this despite the fact that post-war German legislation has explicitly restored wartime confiscated Jewish wealth and properties to their past Jewish owners, their descendants in lieu of them or designated Jewish organizations in the absence of these and all German Jews and their relatives have the undeniable right of return to Germany, something that ironically Israel with the full backing of the German government and those of its former Nazi client states like France mulishly deny to the ethnically cleansed and manifold refugee camp ensconced Palestinian dwellers who were violently expelled from Palestine and their ancestral homeland to construct the colonialist, settler, apartheid state of Israel that now exists.

My friend understands well enough and completely accepts that what Germany and its wartime allies did between 1939-1945 was absolutely abhorrent and that forcing Germany as the principal ringleader of this at the termination of the war to make reparations to the injured parties involved was the right and proper thing to do; even so she takes great exception to the preferential singling out of Jews alone for such treatment to the total exclusion of, disregard for, as well as the evident disadvantage of everyone else who like they also ended up as inmates in Nazi controlled, Europe wide death and concentration camps. In the same way that she abhors the way in which German reparations have become a convenient and never ending milch cow for greedy pro-active and self promotional Jewish organizations and an expansionist, fascist and similarly grasping Israel at the deleterious expense of millions of people like her parents, her husband, her brother and herself, the overwhelming majority of Germans in other words, who neither individually nor jointly have any liability for what took place during the war; weren’t even born then; and therefore should not unjustly and continuously be forced through collective punishment, which is a war crime, as her daughter undoubtedly will be subjected to when she grows up and starts working if this madness doesn’t stop, to fork out financially for the transgressions of her great-grandparents’ generation, considering that Gypsies, their families nor any of the others categorized as die Untermenschen - or the Undesirables - and that were exterminated just as viciously are, relative to this 66 years old largesse being pumped out ad infinitum at the expense of the grudging German taxpayers, given a moment’s thought let alone afforded a look in or a voice as far as all this money is concerned.

Claudia also believes, and I wholeheartedly agree with her on this, that it’s high time the German public takes a long, hard and objective look at the accursed mess its politicians have got it into in relation to this matter of reparations paid to Jews and particularly Israel but crucially nobody else 66 years after the end of World War II. “Every European country not just my own has carried out its own holocausts,” Claudia declared in a conversation for this article that I had with her, “but none of them have ever been put in the same invidious position that Germany has been placed in; certainly not the British, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch nor the French for example whose atrocities both individually and collectively of course eclipse by far what Germany ever got up to and were carried out for very much longer; almost a half a millennium to be precise.”

“No one kicked up a fuss which we Germans can remember when Germany executed not one but two holocausts as its plan and prelude to the 1939 European one in what’s present day Namibia,” Claudia continued, “and I don’t recall any of these self-righteous, white western countries at any time demanding that my own pay reparations to the Namibians, or any German government then or subsequently volunteering to do so come to that; in fact it was very much the opposite. And to be quite candid with you how many white westerners, including Jews, know of let alone actually care a fig about what happened in Namibia or any of those other far-flung foreign places for that matter whose territories and people their governments and countries routinely subjugated? But as whites we agonize and even obsess about a solitary European holocaust in our midst because our choice victims who were inconvenienced by it weren’t just white like us, they were us!”

It’s a collective emotion and common thread that together run through the narrative of what most Germans think and feel and have seriously and sometimes animatedly filled many discourses and deliberations I’ve had over the several years of my living and working in Germany with a host of Germans from all walks of life; so Claudia is by no means unique in what she says although like all her countrymen she’s fully aware that with German sovereignty a virtual mirage, and notably so under the auspices of Angela Merkel, and with consecutive governments and all the country’s political parties behaving like their North American, British and other EU counterparts and every bit like the compliant, mercenary and grasping sock-puppets and mouthpieces that they are of the international Israeli Zionist lobbies, the western military industrial complex and the much too big to allow to fail banks and other financial organizations that conspiratorially with the assistance of their host governments and lawmakers fleece the hard-pressed taxpayers and fund their cartel of criminal conspirators, the existing orthodoxy among the majority of Germans taking into account the country’s paranoid, extreme, guilt-ridden, anti-holocaust, pro-Jewish and post-war legislation is to prudently keep their heads down, bide their time, and using every democratic means at their disposal bring down the entire edifice of a corrupt, political system and the debauched economic one that it feeds off; neither of which has any place in the 21st Century.

Having witnessed a repellently mercenary Tony Blair shamelessly but handsomely cash in on his former status as British prime minister, a position he evidently used extensively while in office to copiously cultivate appropriate contacts that he confidently felt would ensure, as they manifestly have done, the hugely beneficial feathering of his private financial nest when he was no longer in government, Ossie, Angela Merkel equipped with her own predatory and grasping instincts and obviously no stranger herself to the black arts of skulduggery, ruthless disloyalty or plunging the dagger of ingratitude deep into the back of an altruistic benefactor that plucked her from the dank sewer of obscurity where she’d previously laid and rehabilitated her from her East German Stasi controlled past as she skilfully and cold-bloodedly did with Helmut Kohl, has also unsurprisingly to me hitched her personal wagon and that of the venal duo of the CSU and CDU parties that she heads to the corporate greed, pervasive corruption, and immensely profitable but wholly immoral financial terrorism studiously carried out with the breathtaking arrogance and absolute immunity enjoyed and made full use of by the principal banks, other financial institutions that routinely ape them and the Zionist, Israeli inspired but US-run mafia that control them all.

And note the blood money rewards accrued by these pernicious parasites like Angela Merkel that sanctimoniously preach democracy, universal human rights and respect for the rule of law to the rest of the world but happily and unconscionably don’t see fit to practise these things themselves when dealing with those whom they’re averse to, and in Angela Merkel’s case unreservedly sells nuclear submarines to rogue state Israel with its notorious but even so domestically proud track record of unrelenting repression against and the wholesale genocide of the Palestinian people and their Arab neighbours; a situation exacerbated by her obsequiously requesting and patronizingly being granted permission by Israel to sell billions of Euros worth of state of the art battle tanks to Saudi Arabia: the world’s most odious and repressive dictatorship, already in possession of more weapons and sophisticated military hardware than it genuinely needs, can credibly use, and much more importantly hasn’t the trained personnel to operate them, in order to repress its own citizens as well as those of neighbouring Yemen and Bahrain while at the same time actively stirring up, subsidizing and carrying out heinous and mercenary, terrorist atrocities compounded by outright and completely insane, demagogic, perverted-ideologically and destabilizing insurrections across the Middle East region and beyond. Brilliant work no doubt if you’re mentally sick or a hopeless addict to that sort of thing; so while, given the circumstances, you won’t ever find me applauding you for your repulsive behaviour I hope for your sake that you’re pleased with and quite proud of yourself Angela Merkel, das verdammte Mistueck aus Ost-Deutschland.

The activities of these corrupt, quisling, largely inept, and consequent to the aforesaid comments tetchy lawmakers, government ministers and their grasping and criminal party leaders are much more than just an irritant to the daily lives of those who’re directly affected and unfortunately for the countries concerned comprise most of the population who aren’t privileged to be among that 1% of the materialistic super rich that instinctively take it for granted that their selfish perception and profligate ways of life aren’t just normal but is also a metaphor for what they think actually matters and ought therefore to continue that way and furthermore should stay exclusively in their own preserve, since the behaviour of this self-absorbed minority is also seriously impactful in a variety of much more damaging, indiscriminate and far-reaching ways on those who unwittingly or unjustly are forced to suffer the consequences of the purblind arrogance and astringent disdain that this privileged elite has for and cavalierly demonstrates towards the majority population that it actually despises. And this is particularly irksome to rational sentient folk when those whom ad nauseum they’re consistently told were luckless victims of Nazi excesses but providentially were spared being martyrs as well of their outrages to become the estimable survivors of the European holocaust and its attendant Caucasian carnage turn out to be nothing of the sort and instead are simply in every respect an identikit mirror image of their equally vile abusers.

One lone example of this selected for the purposes of this article but which nevertheless stands in company with a plenitude of others that can be readily found and which unwholesomely pervade the cancerous mindset of those that still infest the plush and opulent districts of supposedly post-apartheid South Africa, the settler-occupied areas of the West Bank and Jerusalem al-Quds, the grand, lavish and gated communities of Florida and the financial heart of New York among other locations globally, is that of Vera Reitzer. Who is this woman I hear you ask yourselves and why is she being singled out for this harsh but quite warrantable rebuke? Well, I suggest you read on and assimilate what you’re about to be told, at the end of which I’d like to invite you to truthfully and objectively appraise the hard, disturbingly inhuman but nevertheless irrefutable facts you’ve had presented to you, and if you have a conscience of the kind that all decent people do, although you may no be so blessed or else find you’re able to live with having none or are quite capable of and relaxed with ignoring your own if you fit into the mould of that category of persons, tell me, or more fittingly yourself, why anyone, let alone Blacks who’ve had multiple holocausts inflicted on them not only in Africa but globally by European whites; who weren’t liable for the European holocaust but in their hundreds of thousands selflessly, bravely but more importantly voluntarily assisted in successfully putting an end to the European one but have never had their own inflicted holocausts acknowledged, apologized for or recompensed by the same white race that carried out the European holocaust and of which 66 years after its end they’re still making a huge fuss about as if it happened yesterday, should show respect towards let alone have any sympathy for vermin and grade A nutters like Vera Reitzer.

Vera Reitzer was Jewish; her mother and sister were murdered in Auschwitz; and following their deaths she was forced into a gas chamber, but on that day – contemporary data since discovered show the camp came under allied attack – that stint of killing was shelved enabling Vera Reitzer to survive death and the extinction camp she’d been in. Soon afterwards this woman married and emigrated to South Africa and there in the early 1950s she joined the apartheid Nationalist Party; this was at the time that the incumbent and new prime minister D.F Malan was introducing laws in South Africa that were identical to Adolf Hitler’s Nuremberg Laws directed explicitly against Jews. In South Africa the infamous and repressive population registration act classified all South Africans according to race; forbade sex and marriage across the colour line; and debarred Blacks from many jobs. Despite this though Vera Reitzer saw no contradiction at all in having survived the European holocaust yet cheerfully signing up to a system that was disturbingly reminiscent of and whose underpinning philosophy was identical to the one she’d outlived in Europe.

In fact, Vera Reitzer vigorously defended apartheid as a vital means to avert black domination, in Africa of all places, and the communism she maintained had engulfed her native Yugoslavia; and incredible as it might seem this fortunate to be alive Jewess quite literally sprung from a Nazi gas chamber went so far as to openly state that she thought all Blacks and not just Africans - and that I suppose would have included black US GIs, African and West Indian servicemen and women, and French Resistance fighters like the black American Josephine Baker bestowed the Legion of Honour and at her death was given a state funeral in France, all of them risking their lives to save ungrateful yids like her – inferior to other human beings, and as a result weren’t entitled either to be seen or treated as equals. However when questioned by Chris McGreal the journalist who was interviewing her if Adolf Hitler hadn’t said identical things about her as a Jew and requested that she square that with the rabid, pro-apartheid stance she’d taken from the start of that movement, Vera Reitzer instantly and peevishly called the conversation to a halt.

It’s tempting and quite easy for racist sympathizers with and the usual suspects of apologists for the likes of Vera Reitzer, living in a perpetual state of self denial as they habitually do, to see and even charitably claim that this woman was an oddball, but the stark truth is she wasn’t. Neither was she unusual among South Africa’s Jewish residents the vast majority of whom was made up of the descendants of 19th Century refugees from white Christian, European pogroms particularly in Lithuania and Latvia: staunch wartime allies of Nazi Germany and of course current members of the EU and NATO who since the war have repeatedly boasted that they were able to do what even the Germans didn’t manage to and wipe out their entire Jewish population; yet for years the mass of South African Jews not only refused to challenge the apartheid system but chose instead to back it, and in doing so benefited and thrived enormously under its protection, making South Africa’s Jews even to this day the richest in the world.

In the vanguard of this categorical endorsement of the apartheid system in South Africa were the Zionist Federation and the Board of Deputies in South Africa who honoured men such as Percy Yutar who in 1963 prosecuted Nelson Mandela for sabotage and conspiracy against the country; conversely Jews who saw silence by fellow Jews as collaboration with racial oppression and did something about it outside the normal political system, people like Ruth First who was murdered by the South African security service BOSS: the bureau of state security for her opposition to the apartheid system, Joe Slovo and Ronnie Kasrils, were shunned and even ostracized not only by these bodies but the majority of other Jews the prevailing orthodoxy for this being that they were endangering the prosperity of South Africa’s Jews. This was a lie but believed all the same as it was based on the promise the South African government had given to the Zionist Federation and its collaborator in deceit the Board of Deputies that although the Nuremberg style laws would be implemented in South Africa they would not be used against Jews. The dishonesty of all this was that these Dutch-descended Boers who ran the country, were Nazi supporters to the hilt and had no love for Jews per se had a demographic problem in South Africa and therefore couldn’t afford the luxury of isolating a section of the white population even if it was Jewish.

As a result South Africa’s Jews not only came to feel secure and comfortable with apartheid and its status quo they also self-interestedly, materialistically and predictably sold out lock stock and barrel to unabashed greed and the haven, or perhaps more aptly the heaven, of the South African apartheid system. However when the Boers seeing the writing on the wall decided to throw in the towel of their grudging acceptance of this and apartheid in South Africa formally came to its end the Jewish establishment there totally to no one’s surprise conveniently and self-servingly rushed to embrace the very Jews it had earlier and publicly ostracised and who had been in the forefront of the anti-apartheid struggle. A state of affairs that resonate I feel with the Goldstone Report and explains why its author and a prominent, apartheid era, South African, Jewish judge cravenly and rather despicably backtracked on what he and his colleagues on that inquiry into Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians had written and which the entire world saw and was aware of; since it all boils down to trustworthiness and probity and in the case of the Zionist Federation, the Board of Deputies and Richard Goldstone these are qualities that are sorely lacking.

“Yet if any rational person justly criticizes these people not because of their religion but for what they’ve criminally, immorally and fraudulently been doing with absolute impunity for the past 66 years as they would anyone else up to no good,” Claudia chimed in, “they’d be instantly rounded on and in the current climate of complete obeisance to everything Zionist dishonestly accused of being anti-Semitic. I ask you!” Angrily recapitulating in her native German: „Antisemitisch mein Arsch! Gegen wen? Ein Volk, das nicht semitisch ist? Das ist bestimmt doof! Meiner Meinung nach diese zionistische 66-jaehrige Eskapade war von Anfang an und noch ist eine finanzielle Masche, die nichts mit Religion oder Antisemitismus aber alles mit Geld zu tun hat; und ausserdem ist fuer solche Leute eine guenstige Rueckfallposition zu haben immer wenn sie realisieren, dass sie die Auseinanderstetzung ueber ihre bigotten Vorstellungen vorloren haben.“ For those of you not familiar with the German language that translates as, anti-Semitic my ass, against whom; a people who aren’t Semites? That’s stupid! In my opinion this is a 66-years old ongoing Zionist financial scam that isn’t about religion or anti-Semitism, but has everything to do with money. And furthermore it’s a convenient fallback position to have whenever these people realize that they’ve lost the argument relative to their sanctimonious notions.

Claudia went on to say that if black people who in 2011 are still vastly discriminated against and extensively marginalized in an array of ways, even in Africa itself, were in similar circumstances to exploit the race card in the west with the same unwarrantable abandon, however justifiably so, that Zionist Jews unfailingly and dishonestly employ the fallacious anti-Semitic one to have their own way every time they conclude, whether reasonably or irrationally so, that regardless of their personal actions that may have contributed to the situation they felt they were in they were being psychologically or verbally abused, these black complainants would very rapidly find themselves facetiously or insultingly told they had a chip on their shoulder, should sensibly get rid of it, and ought preferably to get a life as well and move on with that. Just as coldly others with the same problem would be rebuked as being paranoid or sick and advised in the rudest manner possible to seriously get a grip of themselves and start growing up; yet Jews are the only people on earth that are routinely permitted to indiscriminately and crazily use such a defunct charge Claudia stressed and not only anticipate getting away with it before it even departs from their acerbic lips, but also as is the case with the political and establishment elites in my own country Germany and those of some other countries still on their guilt-trip despite the war having ended over 66 years ago, have those whom they accuse of this phony crime charged, prosecuted, convicted and even sent to jail on the sole basis of a fabricated accusation which they keep using with amazing success and their sock puppets: governmental and judicial, unquestioningly buy into but always to the detriment of those on the receiving end of this heavy-handed character assassination. „Ach die Daemonen von Selbstschuld,“ sagte Claudia resigniert aber trotzdem aergerlich.

During the course of my life in addition to the professional careers I’ve consciously undertaken, have derived enormous satisfaction from and still do, I’ve quite deliberately in parallel with these also done other jobs that were quite different from my professional ones. This was no accident as I’ve always believed life is about making the most of what is on offer as productively as one can and in harmonious association with others wherever possible, while making the effort to realize the best possible advantages to be gained by positively engaging to the full one’s innate abilities. Not always an easy task but worth embarking on even so, since by doing so one can increase the likelihood of being afforded the chance to study, experience and hopefully get a different insight into life beyond what is viewed as normal in the familiar but possibly constraining box linked to one’s familial, social, educational and even religious upbringing.

Two such jobs entailed my working as a nurse and also as an undertaker’s assistant with a firm that was officially subcontracted to carry out post-mortems and exhumations: employment which was very much involved with matters of life and death observed in the raw; generating the whole range of human emotions by those directly involved; as well as forcefully driving home the point of what a great leveller of, with a detached disrespect for persons, irrespective of the social class, educational advantages and wealth they fully enjoyed or the power and influence they personally wielded when alive, death is. I saw firsthand people who calmly, contentedly with commendable composure and in the most dignified manner conceivable accepted and went to their death utterly convinced within themselves and through their faith that there was a better life ahead of them on their journey of transition from this world to the next; but they were others not in the least at ease with themselves, their tormented consciences or the looming prospect of death let alone greeting it, and whose terrifying angst of the unknown was visibly and noticeably etched in the imploring look emanating from their insistent eyes, the unruly quivering of their taut body, and whose faces amid this turbulent and onerous disquiet were piteously contorted with palpable fear as with their remaining breaths and fading physical strength they vainly and pathetically struggled to resist the inevitable that we must all, whether we like it or not, confront one day.

Being present at and even physically involved in the procedures intimately concerned with post-mortems; laying out corpses for burial or cremation; and the unpleasant but sometimes necessary work of exhumations, the latter with its pervading stench of gruesomely decaying or assiduously worms-violated and feasted on putrefying bodies of individuals, who because of the unwarranted privileged existences that generally they once enjoyed and the attendant extravagant and hugely vulgar fantasies these stimulated, leading them risibly in the eyes of us mere mortals to convince themselves that they were immortal and invincibly untouchable, properly so in their view, to the legitimate concerns of those less fortunate than themselves who they contemptuously regarded as wimps, sad losers or as suitable candidates for the worst kinds of human exploitation or sadistic abuse they could administer, now themselves reduced to lifeless pieces of flesh in the impersonal setting of a post-mortem laboratory or as the decomposed and unsightly remains of a grave under phlegmatic and workmanlike exhumation, are on their own highly convincing arguments against mankind’s idiocy in expending so much time, energy, treasure and importance on the evanescent nature of his or her own existence on earth, and worst still compounding this with all the airs and graces, avid greed and spiteful one-upmanship so many among us have irresistibly been drawn to and obsess with all their life, and unfortunately have even honed to a fine art.

So it flies in the face of reason and commonsense when the likes of Hillary Clinton, subliminally acknowledging the United States of America as the empire we all know it is, asininely and rather childishly for a supposedly adult female well past her menopausal years nauseatingly parodying Julius Caesar with her “we came, we saw, he died” ribaldry upon the hubristic announcement in the west of the murder of Colonel Gaddafi of Libya whose assassination, contrary to the Geneva Conventions and all other internationally ratified laws against such behaviour, she had called for, acted as if death is something that is peculiarly pertinent to and can be wished on or prescribed exclusively for those that she and her ilk across the entire gamut of the United States, Britain and the rest of the EU; the colonialist and imperialist entity known as the west; Israel; NATO: more appropriately, increasingly so and globally seen as the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization; the crooked ICC; the plutocrats, oligarchs and control freaks of Russia and China every bit as bad if not worse than their permanent counterparts on the UN Security Council, because unlike the UK, US and France whose track record of oppression, injustices and double standards we all know a great deal of and openly criticize China and Russia go to great lengths to hide their wrongdoings, at the same deliberately, publicly and fraudulently setting out to convince the subjugated peoples of the world they’re different when in point of fact they’re very much a part of the same rotten barrel of apples as the others; Rickshaw Charlie: the fawning figurehead Secretary General of the United Nations; incurably corrupt states like India, Brazil and Turkey that enviously see what the permanent members of the UN and their attack dog NATO get up to and always get away with, and as the wannabe bad boys behaving badly likewise aspire to being the new delinquents on the block.

A so-called mainstream media that is overwhelmingly corporate, profoundly embedded with the infamous 1% privileged elite that largely owns and controls it together with other vested interests it instinctive sucks up but hasn’t the foggiest notion what journalistic ethics or common propriety are about, can’t exercise what they’re ignorant of, and furthermore are quite reluctant to become involved with something which is entirely alien to their customary way of life. Then there are the global, sycophantic and western pampered autocracies that do what they’re commanded to and in exchange for their subservience are allowed to treat their already suppressed citizenry in the most disgusting manner possible as they appreciatively, repressively and inflexibly hold on to the reins of domestic power; and overseeing all this of course are the tedious Zionist lobbyists evincing as much bonhomie as one would expect from someone who was forced in the most unpalatable way imaginable to stand at their local sewage works, be obliged to carefully observe what those in the catchment area of that specific sewage plant regularly flush down their private toilets and having made their physical inspection must then report that data to those responsible for allocating them this obnoxious task in the first place. You must admit that only a certain type of person would be drawn to such soul destroying work and get pleasure from doing it; and that’s where your typical Zionist lobbyist fits in admirably with what they do.

Politics we’re persistently told, brainwashed is more fittingly how I would describe it, is a dirty game; but if you ask me the identical thing could be credibly said about religion or sex which are among other pastimes that when misused similarly cause a great deal of distress and unhappiness to countless millions of people worldwide. And those pushing this skewed notion of politics and who’ve been doing so successfully for some time now know exactly what they’re doing, as it’s a deliberate strategy to win over the untutored masses to the view that to be a politician one must either be corrupt and greedy or have a natural propensity to be one or the other or preferably both of these things. It’s a ploy that has worked extremely well preventing many decent people from entering politics in the same way as they would also restrain themselves however urgent the call of nature was from relieving themselves in a public arena because there were no toilets available or close by in that area to readily avail themselves of. The upshot of which is that by deliberately excluding themselves from politics this loss of exemplary, civic minded individuals has opens up the way and even gives a free pass to charlatans, psychopaths, outright crooks, the intellectually challenged, liars, the morally decadent, the dishonest and white trash aped by its black equivalent to freely and unchallengeably move in to, occupy and take unfair advantage of this gaping void that’s been created because there’s no one with any genuine stature or credibility that wants to be involved.

I’ll give you analogy of what I mean. I don’t have a mobile phone and resolutely refuse to have one. It isn’t because I’m ignorant of how to use one; am frightened of the technology involved; don’t understand or appreciate it; or can’t afford a mobile phone. None of these things apply, and what’s more I do think the technology and convenience of mobile phones are excellent. So why then do I so steadfastly refuse to have a mobile phone, even though despite my clear warnings to her not to my German friend bought me the latest state of the art, multifaceted Handy, as they’re known as in Germany, and which as I told her before she did were she to flout my wishes would remain unused and has been; and with her just as adamantly refusing to take back the present she bought me it now lies discarded as it has done from the outset unpacked and unwanted in one of the drawers of my study.

An overreaction on my part? No, I don’t think so; as I’ve long concluded and ably assisted by all the empirical data I could lay my hands on reached the logical decision that the vast majority of mobile phone owners, users and those that compulsively obsess with them, whatever background they come from, are absolute cretins imbued with nonsensical and excruciatingly irritating habits they self-centredly, attention-seeking, volubly and thoughtlessly flaunt and which tend to impact uncaringly, discordantly and disastrously as they likewise garrulously intrude on the tranquillity, sanity, privacy and lives of normal folk that more often than not can’t even hear themselves think because of the pervasive nature of these contraptions and their moronic users whenever we step out of our respective homes and venture into the public arena: be it a hospital, church, bus, train, shopping mall, leisure park, cinema, doctor’s surgery, lecture hall, committee meeting – I’m sure you’ve got the overall picture by now – and even places like libraries that legally and by tradition are meant to be quiet areas and completely free of noise pollution; not that these nurds care a jot.

Therefore not wanting to join this insensitive and feral brigade of nincompoops or even remotely be mistaken as being associated with them I’ll happily carry on not having a mobile phone, since those already hooked on them, who are evidently brain dread yet cheerfully continue to further endanger their pathetic lives courtesy of the ravages of cancer and deafness which the over use of mobile phones cause, increasingly can be seen treating themselves to not just one mobile phone per person as any normal person would but as I’ve person witnessed and seen with my own eyes bizarrely own and operate in tandem with each other as many as four of the damned things; and yet we keep closing mental hospitals when realistically in the aforesaid circumstances we should be opening more of them. So I know how potential decent politicians that choose never to run for public office feel when the alternative choice is such an untenable one.

Anyway, who sensibly would want to join the ranks of or be characterized in the same way most the public see David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Silvio Berlusconi, Angela Merkel, their government colleagues and the whole range of other slimy politicians and their stooges who cancerously infest the corrupt political structure and systems of government of the west, Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Asia proper; the Middle East, Africa, Mexico and key areas of Central and South America, notably Columbia. In fact it’s a worldwide phenomenon that is robustly driven by corporate greed, colonial fantasies, imperialism and Nazism dressed up as Zionism and collectively still employing the hackneyed concepts of racism and divide and rule to administer a 21st Century world. If this is what turns you on then you’re most welcome to it; as for me I want no part of it and there are many reasons for that but most crucially because I know the difference between right and wrong; and what these supposed leaders, their crooked regimes and venal lawmakers are doing is flatly wrong! So there won’t be any U-turns exercised by these people nor any astounding miracles worked by them that will be our salvation come to that, since to quote a favourite saying of my maternal grandmother: “You can always take the pig out of the sty but it’s much more difficult to take the sty out of the pig.”

The greedy United States Congress, its Zionist paymasters and actual controllers; 2012 rogue US presidential runners and the holder of the presidential office alike acrimoniously vying with each other to prove to, convince and grab for themselves the lion’s share of support from the powerful military industrial complex; Wall Street; the staggeringly influential, fundamentalist religious nut cases in the United States that weirdly conflate Christianity with sadism; and the less than 1% of that country’s elite that controls the bulk of the world’s wealth together with the already declared and secret nuclear nurd states that see and exploit their nuclear arsenals and other potent, state of the art military toys as an efficacious and unchallengeable means to blackmail the rest of us into tractable submission to their selfish wants and essentially control our lives, all apparently favour Armageddon.

Well, get on with it I say! Else stop your extortion by threats to get your way against those whom you know to be militarily and financially weaker than you, as you desperately seek despite this to convince yourselves how clever and strong you are: an effort that’s totally wasted I must tell you on those of us with working brains in our heads who don’t and never will buy into that conceited narrative of the master race’s invincibility that for centuries you’ve vaingloriously peddled; quite adamant that although for considerable periods of time you may manage to intimidate substantial sections of our domestic populations and even those of the rest of the world, there will always be others like us that will dauntlessly stand up to you, your criminality and injustices as relentlessly we also expose you for the fraudulent, cowardly and insensitive bullies that you are.

Furthermore and equally significant to this discourse is the fact that it took a cataclysmic event of horrendous proportions, even though this was solely nature’s doing, to successfully annihilate the dinosaur population that once dominated the earth but frankly isn’t missed, pave the way for the progenitors of mankind and us modern human beings to control this planet in the absence of the dinosaurs and that we’re still in charge of; but crucially, continuing with the annihilation theme, facilitate jerks like you to develop the capability, obtain the technological expertise and inculcate the insanity as well to by-pass nature and not have to wait on its vengeful whim to determine that homo sapiens as a species is effectively to all intents and purposes now surplus to requirements. And moreover whose extinction barring a thorough and constructive reappraisal of their existing priorities by those in charge of our planet and the urgent implementation of new and universally accepted and beneficial ones to drastically counter the immense harm previous policies gave rise to would in my view, just like the annihilation of the dinosaur did, auger well for the prospects of Planet Earth in the pragmatic recognition of the need for and the welcome of a new beginning by whatever life form was set to replace us.

Being viciously predatory or delusionary proclaim one’s self king of the human jungle and even to be submissively acknowledged as such by those too afraid or unwilling for whatever reason to defy you or the perceived status quo, especially when your conduct is forever and unreasonably less than exemplary, is no surety of permanent survival in this world as the dinosaurs discovered to their cost and those that for the past 66 years have been shamelessly behaving with incredible stupidity, haughtiness and murderous impunity in the Middle East and themselves came within a whisker of their own extermination if Germany, 99% of the rest of continental Europe and most white US citizens, until the providential intervention of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour that starkly jolted their minds to exactly what it’s like being on the receiving end of a bully’s hammer blow, had their way should know.

Regrettably, but unsurprisingly though, those who don’t learn from history’s follies or their own past mistakes are fated to repeat them, often to the unwarranted or threatened detriment of others as is happening at the moment globally; and instead of dishonestly and imperialistically looking for and even fabricating reasons to undermine the sovereign rights of independent countries like Iran, for example, that for 400 years has not attacked or waged war on any other state except in lawful self-defence as occurred in the case of the western-inspired, politically and diplomatically supported, and militarily backed Saddam Hussein, Iraq attack on Iran, Benjamin Netanyahu who is clearly a psychopath and like most psychos have some residual intelligence, unlike the likes of Avigdor Lieberman who is an automaton and physically looks like one, ought rather in my view to be aiming his country’s enormous nuclear arsenal and other WMDs at fair-weather friends like Germany, France, most of mainland Europe; Russia, the Irish Republic, acting on the flawed and disreputable precept that my enemy England’s enemy Germany is my friend, bringing down on the head of Eire the wrath of Winton Churchill who genuinely wanted to inflict the same kind of psychological harm and humiliation on that country that Britain under the auspices of Operation Catapult dished out to quisling Vichy France to stop that regime handing the French navy over to the Nazis; and the United States of America who collectively 78 years ago were all very much in favour of the Nazis’ Final Solution of Europe’s Jews.

And the harsh truth to anyone with eyes that are prepared to see it is that the west’s interests, and especially those of the United States, Britain and France, are imperialistic in nature; crudely and intentionally using the Palestine problem as a devious means to exert and strengthen their waning hegemony in the Middle East with the sole aim of exploiting for the benefit of the 1% percenters and the avarice of the multinational corporations the region’s vast oil and other natural resources; so essentially the congenital and perennial user Israel is itself ironically also being used.

I’ve witnessed life enter this world, seen it draw to its concluding phase in death, and physically observed firsthand the aftermath of that death; the latter not always a pretty sight I promise you. And knowing perfectly well not only from a religious point of view but also an observational one that none of us brought anything into the world with us at birth and no matter how much personal wealth, power and influence, or none of these things come to that, we accumulate and exercise in our lifetime or the way we managed this death is indisputably the accomplished leveller of us all, ensuring that just as empty-handedly as we arrived our earthly exit, irrespective of the pomp and circumstance, indifference or even the jubilation others greet our passing and accord to it, will no less in materialistic terms be as uncompromising.

But even if the greedy and exploitative among us grudgingly compelled to accept this but then to cheer themselves up conclude that despite this rather inconvenient inevitability their offspring or handpicked designators will inherit their ill-gotten gains, who with absolute certainty can say that this will be the achievable result when these exploiters are finally gone, or ill-omened for them that others who’ve long bided their time won’t do to them what their benefactors quite willingly, selfishly and callously did to others while depriving them of what was rightfully theirs. A whole life’s work of scheming, dishonesty, hypocrisy and double standards carried out in vain wouldn’t you say Tony Blair, Peter Mandleson, Nicolas Sarkozy, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Hillary Clinton, Silvio Berlusconi; Rupert Murdoch, John Howard, David Miliband, David Cameron, the multi-millionaire gang ensconced in his Con-Dem cabinet and the several billionaire tax dodgers, foreign and money laundering owners of our football clubs that the Cameron government, as did previous ones - Labour and the Conservatives - give free rein to among countless other offenders. Much better won’t you agree to instead create a world where meritocracy and not plutocracy is the cardinal and guiding principle of us all? Or is that merely a pipe dream and the aspiration of those whom you would see as wimps or losers, until the boot is on the other foot that is? But what do I know about such things when I’m just a mere observer mystified by the incompetence and pusillanimity of the 99% and the 1% percent’s total indifference to and utter disdain for the former; and crucially getting away with it every time!

Therefore, considering the reckless and crooked way the world is run by this 1% and its coterie of avaricious toadies, perhaps it’s time for human being across the entire spectrum of humanity to impudently take the wind out of the sails of this elite, deprive them of their initiative, and as the 99% that comprise their armed forces, specialist workers, cooks, maids, chauffeurs, barbers, you get the picture – everything that these egotistic bastards wholly rely on for their security, comfort and even their private pleasure – insist on a nuclear eradication pact using the same weapons that their fraudulently and criminally acquired billions paid for, had manufactured and were pitilessly used to wreak death and destruction around the world: premeditated actions which tremendously enhanced their already colossal bank accounts and continuing with this extinct theme prepare to step aside and make a similar permanent exit from this earthly scene as the dinosaurs were forced to but in the case of homo sapiens would be a voluntary act; and in the ensuing process allow some other creature that at present we may very well know absolutely nothing about or even if it exists to evolve and be granted a sporting chance to take on and do a much better job of looking after Mother Earth and everything positively linked with her and that mankind during his entire stewardship of the world has not managed to; shows no signs whatever of improving on this; and probably for all we know never had the ability, despite his insufferable arrogance to the contrary, to do so in the first place.

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