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By Stanley Collymore

Yvonne Fletcher a policewoman serving with the Metropolitan Police Force in London was, during a demonstration outside the Libyan Embassy there in 1984, shot and killed. There was never any proof provided, although a great deal of speculation was put about, as to who her killer actually was; but the British media and particularly the gutter tabloids had no hesitation in pointing the finger of blame at the Libyans who at the time were effectively Britain’s self-confessed bĂȘte noire, not least because of the huge financial support which the Libyan leader, Colonel Gaddafi was giving to the Irish revolutionaries the IRA.

David Cameron in the intervening period since that shooting and specifically when British arms manufacturers, exporters and oil companies, most notably BP, and Toni Blair himself a former British prime minister were enthusiastically cosying up to Colonel Gaddafi having in their words thoroughly rehabilitated him they claimed, and between themselves were literally making billions of Pounds Sterling from these acquisitive deals, Tony Blair’s own payoff as a consultant to Colonel Gaddafi was in excess of £1million Pounds a year, didn’t give a toss about Yvonne Fletcher or her family and never once mentioned them, but if a year in politics is a long time as the late Harold Wilson, also a former British prime minister once said, how about 27 of them?

For quite dishonestly and most self-serving as this infuriatingly and most odious of British prime ministers, David Cameron has suddenly discovered it seems, he can make political and redeeming capital for his murderous slaughter of the Libyan people out of the memory of the late Yvonne Fletcher, openly stating without a shred of evidence to support this as there was none also at the time it happened that the Libyans were to blame and that Scotland Yard, the last time I checked it was a British police institution, would be sent to Libya to investigate the murder of PC Yvonne Fletcher.

The arrogance is mindboggling since Libya is supposedly a sovereign independent state and Scotland Yard, no other British police force or such forces from anywhere across the globe come to that have any legal jurisdiction or automatic right to be there let alone for an imperialist minded, privileged Conservative Party moron to publicly declare that he’ll be sending members of a British police force from a well-documented and abhorrent, former colonial power to uninvited carry out investigations that relate to a death in London not Libya in 1984 that the British police then unsurprisingly made no headway with and is believed by many was a false flag, just as Lockerbie later became, and was extensively used to indict Colonel Gaddafi seen by many in the west’s establishment and particularly that of Britain’s as more than an irritating thorn in their collective sides.

Now quite reprehensibly and dishonestly using praiseworthy arguments about seeking justice and closure of the case for Yvonne Fletcher and her family to in effect publicly haul himself out of the sewer of deceitfulness and misinformation he’s quite at home in but periodically feels the compelling urge to climb out of in order to further hoodwink those stupid enough to believe what he says, analogous to Frankenstein hypocritically presenting himself as a model citizen to those he habitually deceives, David Cameron is after all a professional liar, PR and spin doctor operative, this Tory toff is unashamedly and cynically using the hoary chestnut of Yvonne Fletcher’s establishment murder to lift again the false flag of British imperialism and justify his avaricious presence in Libya.

Meanwhile, in David Cameron’s Britain and my own over 2000, I repeat over two thousand, black men and women, 490 of them alone since 1999, have been extra-judicially executed by British police forces, most of them by the Metropolitan Police, Mark Duggan whose police murder caused the August 2011 English riots being the latest of them, that Yvonne Fletcher belonged to and was an active part of; but unsurprisingly none of the police officers that were involved in these black lynchings were arrested, charged or prosecuted for them even when forensic pathologists reports but more importantly statutory coroners’ inquests declared these deaths to be unlawful murders. These are multiple murders calculatedly being committed at home of black British citizens but for all that David Cameron has nothing to say about then; however the death of a solitary white woman in highly suspicious circumstances and carried out 27 years ago belatedly arrests his vigorous and undivided attention.

But don’t be taken in by all this as David Cameron no more care about Yvonne Fletcher than he does about the black victims of an organization she once belonged to, and never will. The Wall Street Journal, several reputable alternative media outlets, journalists, eyewitnesses and You Tube footage among them have scrupulously documented the organized and widespread lynching of black Libyan citizens and legal, sub-Saharan migrant workers to Libya of several years standing by David Cameron, Liam Fox and the rest of NATO’s special forces and so-called Libyan revolutionaries. We don’t though see these reports or hear any mention of them on the BBC, Sky News, in the British press, France 24, CNN or any of the other so-called mainstream, western media, and with good reason from the west’s perspective; as these black lynchings are being ordered and orchestrated from No.10 Downing Street and the Ministry of Defence of which Liam Fox as Defence Minister is in charge and wholly culpable; the Elysee Palace; and most ironically of all, considering who his biological parents were, someone who is truly an African-American, the White House, where sits the first black President of the US and whose wife is herself a descendant of African slaves.

Farfetched? Definitely not as there is empirical data to substantiate this. In the Middle East it was routine, and still is, for the colonial and imperialist powers to use the sectarian card that these supposedly religious, but in practice otherwise, Arab and Muslim cretins constantly fall for to have them violently, perpetually and barbarically go hammer and thongs at each other while in contrast the highly organized western colonial powers scrupulously use the tried and tested approach of divide and conquer to suppress them, all the while keeping their preferred dictators on the spot in power and with explicit orders to do what they’re told and expected to in relation to their own nationals.

In Libya though a different ploy had to be employed by the west; with a substantial black population in the south of the country and known to be largely supportive of Colonel Gaddafi, London, Paris and Washington with the other EU capitals and even Moscow with indecent haste following suit, the white racism card amply fortified by the Europeans long-established awareness of and total acceptance of traditional Arab racism and hostility towards black people - these savage, desert mongrels after all were intimately mixed up in the transatlantic slave trade of Africans - was calculatingly and maliciously taken from the box of tricks of these disparate Caucasian ruled countries and given full rein; and there is overwhelming proof that these lynchings that first began in Benghazi and have since become widespread across Libya were given the green light by the aforesaid western leaders, NATO and the so-called Libyan National Transitional Council, with Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron and its Defence Minister Liam Fox very much in the forefront of these genocidal acts, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Here’s just a tiny snippet of what of what these lying, so-called purveyors of human rights, democracy and all the rest of it are premeditatedly unleashing in Libya.

Tawergha is a small town in Libya approximately 25 miles south of Misrata and is inhabited principally by black Libyans, a legacy of its 19th Century origins as a transit town in the slave trade carried out by Arabs for the European Atlantic slave trade as I reported earlier. Ibrahim al-Halbous is a so-called rebel commander fighting near Tawergha and has issued this rather chilling and ominous threat to the people living there: “They should pack up! Tawergha no longer exists,” he emphasizes. He’s part of the Arab mercenary brigade that calls itself “the brigade for purging slaves and black skins.” Additionally, practically four-fifths of Misrata’s Ghoushi neighbourhood were Tawergha citizens. Now they are gone or are in hiding, afraid of revenge attacks by Misratans and others amid reports of substantial bounties being offered for their capture.

None of this is ever carried by the western media although what is going on is well known by their reporters in Libya and by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch who are known to have witnessed firsthand these atrocities but have not reported them or commented on them let alone tried to stop these atrocities from taking place. Other rebel leaders are widely reported as “calling for drastic measures like Banning Tawergha natives from ever working, living or sending their children to school in Misrata.” Why am I not surprised by any of this or that there is no response from the likes of Luis Moreno Ocampo of the ICC, him of the discredited Libyan Viagra story fame which he was most quick to peddle, and a self-serving publicity hound? The straightforward answer is because he’s essentially a very corrupt, odious, fascist Argentinean bastard not at all dissimilar from Leopoldo Galtieri!

Instead we’ve had gross insult added to injury through one pathetic female: Diana Eltahawy who I’m sure like me no one has heard of before and evidently is just a post pubescent bint with bugger all awareness about herself far less so the rest of the world to give any articulate perspective let alone an edifying one of it, very woodenly and obviously mouthing her words from a prepared script, in an elaborately staged monologue hosted by Anna Botting of Sky News who introduced her as an Amnesty International representative, giving the viewers in a protracted but very disjointed manner a catalogue of what she said were Colonel Gaddafi era crimes all of them highly evocative of the infamous Viagra one but curiously and conversely not making a single reference to what everyone knows is really going on in Libya, not least among them the ongoing lynchings by so-called revolutionaries of black Libyan citizens and documented, black, sub-Saharan migrant workers legally in Libya. As a seasoned journalist it was one of the most surreal experiences I’ve ever witnessed.

Here we had two white women, one of them, Anna Botting: a renowned racist, diehard hard Zionist and Islamophobe finally in Libya, where she evidently wasn’t before though lyingly giving Sky News viewers, whose bosses have taken a leaf out of their sister station Fox News’ playbook to con the viewer with their lies, the explicit impression that she was and the visible but unspoken of Israeli elephant in the Tripoli drawing room (still convinced all you mugs out there that this had anything at all to do with humanitarian concerns for Libyans?) allowing this Diana Eltahawy to spout her equally pernicious lies and even relate her childish fantasies about Colonel Gaddafi’s horrific Libya at a time when her very own parents would at best have been kids themselves and she could not possible have been born.

But what really did it for me was when Anna Botting said to this painful to watch, glaringly idiotic child-woman Diana Eltahawy, “and we shouldn’t forget that pro-Gaddafi forces have been gunning down and killing doctors, nurses and other medical staff that helped wounded rebels.” My reaction was: “You stupid bitch! Where have you been the last six months while real and well-documented, not fabricated stories as you are now peddling relative to Libya, of such atrocities that have been going on, and still are, in Bahrain? Stories that Sky News, the BBC, France 24 and the lot of you have sycophantically refused to report because that region of the world and the peaceful and highly dignified demonstrations taking place there by the local people for the very same democracy that westerners stringently demand for themselves but their leaders habitually prostitute, selectively and dishonestly peddling it elsewhere like a veteran madam would a reused condom in a financially strapped whorehouse, has by United States presidential decree been enthusiastically and energetically adhered to.

As expected this Amnesty International nitwit, Diana Eltahawy automatically agreed with Anna Botting. That notwithstanding there’s a very serious problem here that needs to be addressed and soon. It is clear to any prescient-minded observer that Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the rest of these western, think-thank, Frankenstein-spawned monsters have the same sinister racist, imperialist and exploitative agendas as those of their fellow western political, financial and military counterparts. Let them by all means and to their profound and perverse pleasure comment or report on whatsoever they feel like in their own western countries I couldn’t care less; but I firmly believe that the time has come when their functions outside of the countries they belong to must be stopped by any means available their agents correctly regarded as the vile enemy they are and accordingly viciously targeted.

Amnesty International as several organisations globally like Black Star News and others have long known is no friend of those fighting imperialism and colonialism and within developing countries they are no different from a Trojan Horse; effectively the enemy within and as such must be liquidated. In a war, and this is irrefutably a colonial and imperialist war that is being waged relentlessly by the white west against developing countries and their inhabitants, those not in uniforms but who are caught are consistent with the rules of war instantly shot as spies. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the multitude of other western created and situated, so-called democracy and human rights organizations and their monitors operating in Third World countries are spies clandestinely working for their countries’ establishments and or security services like MI6 and the CIA, no different from those embedded western media journalists whom we already know of.

And since neither category of these loathsome, double-crossing filth always professing to be your friends while enthusiastically stabbing you in the back wears no military uniforms, surely you don’t need me to tell you or personally have the IQ of a brain scientist to work out for yourself what needs to be done with these people and their local, and still very much on their bended knees, colonial-type, cat’s paw collaborators. It’s often been asked by Christians eager to rejuvenate their sombre churches why should the Devil always have the best tunes? Borrowing substantially on that same principle why should the persistently hard-done-by, developing world always have the fatalities? Or as it was more succinctly put in David Cameron’s PR blitz for Michael Howard’s general election campaign to be prime minister of Britain: “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Furthermore should you follow your natural instincts and do the decent thing you’ll certainly be in good company. The British who are past masters in cold-blooded revenge and murder and even snuffing out the lives of those whose only crime was to rub them up the wrong way had no hesitation or shame in hanging William Joyce at the end of World War II after a very vindictive kangaroo military court trial for treason knowing full well from the outset that they were acting criminally, but since when has a little thing like illegality ever stopped the British elite or its establishment from doing exactly what they’ve set their minds on doing? William Joyce, better known as Lord Haw Haw, should not have been tried, convicted and executed at all and certainly not for treason, since a country can only legally prosecute its own citizens for the crime of treason and William Joyce a non-combatant throughout the war was never at anytime in his life a British or even an Empire citizen.

Furthermore, Joyce’s role during the entire war was that of a radio presenter and broadcaster, nothing more nothing less, for Hermann Goebbels’ propaganda machine, but his mind games played against the British establishment and military top brass were so brilliant and effective and had them so deeply worried about the effect that this words would have on the morale of the British armed forces, especially the army, away from their wives and sweethearts, and not knowing when or even if they would ever see them again and profoundly anxious about what they were getting up to behind their backs particularly with the Americans and their largesse now ensconced in Britain, drove the British establishment and political class, petrified by the possibility of losing the war and what that would entail for them, absolutely potty. So when the war was eventually over the base instinct of vengeance so beloved by the British readily kicked in and William Joyce became Britain’s sacrificial lamb.

There was no nobility about his death or the manner of it at the hands of the British, since it was manifestly cold-blooded murder of the sort that we now witness in Libya, Afghanistan and saw prosecuted in Iraq by Britain and was its hubristic trademark throughout the reign of the former British Empire as amply demonstrated for example in Kenya the known birthplace of Barack Obama’s paternal relatives, his own father and grandfather, a British armed forces Second World War veteran who nevertheless after the end of the war was brutally tortured as a Mau Mau suspect simply for wanting democracy and independence for Kenya of the type he’d fought and selflessly risked his life for in the liberation of Europe from Nazi terrorism but was now ruthlessly being denied through the adoption of the same Nazi tactics employed in his own country by white, racist, British imperialist settlers, and of course Malaysia’s own experience of this classic British double standards and hypocrisy.

As for hanging media propagandists for treason a successful invader and occupier of the UK and just as unscrupulous would have a field day with those currently employed by the BBC, Sky News, ITV and LBC for example, as well as foreign media imports like Fox News, CNN and France 24. So taking into account the incalculable harm, physically, psychologically and materialistically that organizations and bodies like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch (HRW), to name just two of them cause in those developing countries where they ply their disreputable trade, I for one shan’t lose any sleep over and would strongly advise proud Third World citizens and inhabitants not to either if those who decide to hold their scruples in abeyance for the greater good of all developing countries on our planet took a leaf out of the British establishment’s playbook and did a William Joyce on all of them.

Let them operate to their hearts content in their own countries and expose their wrongdoings there if they want to be useful, I don’t actually care, but that’s not what Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch are about are, are they? For they’re far too busy and hypocritically so like their giant corporate, significantly influential lobbyist and powerful political paymasters seeing the mote in other countries and their inhabitants eyes but never the ruddy great beams in those of their own countries or even themselves.

There’s a surfeit of iniquitous crimes and human rights abuses, the abrogation of civil rights, personal liberties and judicial wrongdoings routinely going on in major western countries but Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch aren’t reporting on these let alone publicly criticizing them. What have they to say about the brazen, grand larceny and other gargantuan criminal acts committed by Wall Street and the banks; or the US Patriot Act which effective renders that country’s constitution defunct; the Founding fathers must be turning furiously in their graves! And why aren’t these sanctimonious bodies physically not in Guantanamo Bay, Bagram or the United States other global gulags investigating and fearlessly exposing what’s going on there that Britain the entire EU and the rest of Europe are acutely involved in? One would have logically thought they would have been demanding access to these places and if wasn’t forthcoming would be raising merry hell as a consequence and robustly drawing the public’s attention to what’s happening. So why with their so-called human rights pedigree are they so studiously silent on issues like extraordinary rendition, kidnap and torture to you and me, and the role that every European country has played in this?

Without Julian Assange and Wiki Leaks we would still be in the dark about what our corrupt governments, banks and the military industrial complex habitually get up to; and the irony is that the United States wants to silence Julian Assange for revealing the truth which Amnesty and Human Rights should have been in the forefront of doing so but evidently weren’t, that’s why the US is pressing for his extradition from Britain to Sweden that has covertly agreed to hand him over for incarceration in the United States for the remainder of his life the outcome of a honey trap that was set up by Bill Gates, while some US lawmakers and others with their own vested interests in his instant demise wish for him to be executed just like William Joyce for treason, although Julian Assange isn’t American but an Australian. Where one might well ask is the outrage of Amnesty International and Human Rights about all this? There’s clearly none! But as we all know Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are acting as they are because their remit doesn’t apply to their own western countries. So my advice to them is piss off and get your own house in order first before you start lecturing others on how they should run their affairs, or worst still haughtily and uninvited take it upon yourselves to do it for them!

To reiterate the lynching of black Libyan and migrant African workers in Libya by Arabs has been extensively reported and commented on not least by the Wall Street Journal, Black Star News and the alternative media; graphic footage too of these atrocities have been captured on video cams, mobile phones and such like and have been placed on You Tube by observers as well as the arrogant perpetrators of them, so self assured and proud are they of their base and utterly sadistic and barbaric acts, and these gross manifestations of man’s inhumanity to man can be readily seen there. Moreover, conscionable journalists, political activists and analysts have written extensively about these Libyan lynchings, so for any western politician or media outlets to pretend that these atrocities constitute an unknown phenomenon to them is at best dishonest and at the very worst pandering to one of the vilest forms of racism.

Notwithstanding that the BBC, Sky News, France 24, CNN and the other supposed western mainstream media, both print and electronic, have resolutely refused to cover or even make any mention of the massacring of these black lives; but in the fog of all this they nevertheless and incredibly selectively so want justice for Yvonne Fletcher. And I hereby invite you to ask yourselves why this is so; to draw your own conclusions and form your judgement about the racism of these organizations, the people who run them and the so-called journalists who work for them, as well as the value or lack of it that they collectively or as individuals put on some lives and not on others based solely on characteristics that are immutable like race and skin colour.

Yvonne Fletcher was white, the police force she worked for has over the decades since 1969, when figures were first collated, with absolute impunity killed and got away with it scores of black men and women. Her country Britain and mine as it happens is slaughtering thousands of innocent Libyans and from the highest level in the land hubristically gloating about this as it gears up to colonize and steal from the Libyan people their oil and gas resources, and on top of all that the British Prime Minister David Cameron and the Defence Minister Liam Fox are both complicit in the continuing lynching of black Libyan citizens and other dark-skinned residents quite legally in their country.

People who at no time have threatened the security of Britain, neither have they attacked, invaded nor occupied it or anyone else’s country for that matter, but 27 years on from her demise the sole life and the forfeiture of it at the hands of an unknown killer is infinitely more valuable and precious than the multiple lives of thousands of Black British citizens that have been extra-judicially executed by British police forces or substantially more Blacks abroad lynched, as in Libya, at the behest of the British state and its institutionalized, racist establishment.

A few days ago Alex Thompson of Channel 4 News, head and shoulders above his British mainstream counterparts as a proper professional and objective reporter, not a fantasist or liar like the rest of them in the biased British media, and the only reputable British journalist in Libya did something totally remarkable and most touching not only from a journalistic point of view but significantly also from the perspective of one human being’s wholly altruistic act to another. He literally and quite single-handedly saved the lives of a dozen or so Nigerian migrant workers about to be publicly, and in broad daylight, lynched by a baying machete-wielding Arab mob that had vociferously and falsely accused them of being Colonel Gaddafi mercenaries. Completely unconvinced by the transparent lies that this barbaric Arab horde of blood thirsty killers were expounding relative to these men who were sweating profusely and palpably paralyzed by fear at the though of their impending fate Alex Thompson personally intervened and dignified but determinedly refused to leave the sides of these Nigerian men. Crucially, he also ensured that his camera crew kept their cameras rolling as he promised the frightened men that he would stay with them to ensure nothing happened to them.

In the face of this defiance from a determined white man these Arab racists backed down and mysteriously produced incontrovertible proof that the Nigerian men were who they had said all along that they were; were not Colonel Gaddafi’s mercenaries or anybody else’s come to that; and were in no way shape or form involved in the fighting in Libya but had just wanted to make their way back to Nigeria and were abducted in the process of trying to do so. With Alex Thompson true to his word and keeping a vigilant eye on the proceedings the Nigerians were all released and allowed to join their equally terrified wives frightened out of their wits and who were waiting nearby; utterly relieved that the outcome of their personal ordeal was a happy one.

Channel 4, because I checked, was the only British, EU or NATO member country television station to carry that footage and of course the American imports like CNN didn’t either; no one realistically expected Fox News to. But just visualize what the response would have been if this were Zimbabwe instead of Libya and the victims, falsely accused or even guilty, were white Caucasians and specifically Europeans. There would be instantaneous, rolling wall to wall coverage across the entire western world and in the countries of their compliant puppets as the pervasively corrupt UN Security Council headed by its rickshaw Charlie Ban Ki Moon unanimously went into overdrive to secure an emergency humanitarian resolution (what else would there be?) authorizing NATO, its Waffen SS military arm, to immediately bring about regime change in Zimbabwe.

Aggressively attacking, invading and occupying it while further demanding that its leader Robert Mugabe who would instantaneously become public enemy No.1, with publicity hound Luis Moreno Ocampo of the ICC, the United Nation’s kangaroo court, issuing a warrant for arrest and prosecution on a multiplicity of fake charges as it often does with Third World leaders, but privately and complicitly with NATO okaying his extra-judicial murder. And to nicely round off this perfect scenario for the invaders and occupiers setting up a puppet and unrepresentative of the people, but keen to carry out the wishes of the west regime to run Zimbabwe, giving erstwhile but now irredeemably clapped out but none the less imperialist-minded states like Britain and France in the 21st Century the opportunity once to hubristically exercise and give full rein to their still lingering colonialist fantasies.

Notwithstanding the absolutely brilliant job that Alex Thompson did for those Nigerians the acute ironic of that affair is that these savage Arab mercenaries to Libya while happy to treat all Blacks with utter and murderous disdain on their own continent as it happens, were none the less quite content to defer to a white reporter and his white camera crew; and laudable as these Britons were, and that is an understatement, the same can’t be said for their country or mine’s involvement in the rape of Libya that had bugger all to do with high morals but rather was a decision engrossed in greed, colonialism and imperialism.

David Cameron one of the most odious individuals to become Prime Minster of Britain, and they’ve been quite a few of those, isn’t troubled by any of this as his own racism and privileged upbringing and life style shield him from such human and natural sensitivities to the rights of black people even in the UK; but he has no problem however in using the Yvonne Fletcher shooting 27 years ago as a fraudulent pretext to stay atop his self-contrived holier-than-thou high horse lecturing the rest of us, while at the same time lining his pockets as Tony Blair before him did with the filthy lucre to be generously had from the likes of BP making a stampede like all the other western oil companies to be back in Libya and begin once more to exploit the Libyan people and steal their oil and natural gas for the sole benefit of their western exploiters.

It’s been widely reported, although David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy have unsurprisingly denied these reports, that Britain and France are to exclusively have a third each of Libya’s oil and gas reserves for themselves with contracts going well into the turn of this century or until these resources run out. So when David Cameron talks loquaciously about NATO and Britain being in Libya for however long it takes those of us that really care about that country and its people know full well what he actually means and intends to happen. David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy and this current batch of western political leaders won’t be in power forever, and in David Cameron’s case it’s highly likely he’ll be turfed out of office at the next general election.

So what is their calculated and murderous long term planning all about particularly when it’s probable that most, if not all of us, and including our present political leaders will have shuffled off our mortal coils when these Libyan contracts reach their fruition? It’s called taking excellent care of one’s own; making absolutely sure that the progeny presently alive and successive generations of their descendants yet to be born but all of them stemming from the likes of Tony Blair, David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy et all, carry on living in the manner or will come into this world fully expecting to enjoy the kind of life style and privileges that they consider is theirs by right of birth.

Whoever coined the phrase to the victors go the spoils had it spot on!

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