Thursday, 1 September 2011


By Stanley Collymore

Adolf Hitler and his Nazis simply wanted to conquer the continent of Europe where logically they all belonged, their 21st Century counterparts in the west and the east, and who consist of secularists as well as ecclesiastical and Islamist fanatics want to subjugate the world. And no matter how neatly or persuasively they package their propaganda to cover up their vile deeds today’s lot are in effect much worse than those of the 1930s and quite frankly would not only make the original Nazis blush with embarrassment but also outrightly condemn their pathetic by psychopathically sadistic imitators as completely beyond the human pale.

UN Security Council Resolution 1973 on Libya was dishonestly mooted and packaged by its sponsors and bought into by the others in that venally corrupt and utterly discredited body as a humanitarian instrument to protect civilian lives that were said to be imminently under serious threat from Colonel Gaddafi’s intentional desire to butcher those of his people who disagreed with or opposed his autocratic rule, and it succeeded not because there was any merit to what was being said or promised or that those leading the charge against Colonel Gaddafi were by any stretch of the imagination paragons of virtue themselves, far from it; but simply because the law of the jungle is the universal precept that is presently adhered to by practically everyone, and furthermore is ruthlessly applied by those with the wherewithal to brutally enforce it. So a lying and prescriptive measure to allegedly preclude and even curb the prospect of a pernicious and punitive act of retribution allegedly by a North African autocrat was in effect a scheming mechanism to prepare the groundwork for and implement the intentional policy of a licence to kill; and anyone, far less those rulers of countries with the power to stop this insanity, but now untruthfully say they didn’t know this would be the outcome, as Russia and China are now doing, aren’t only liars but frankly contemptible ones as well.

In the meantime amidst all the mayhem that NATO and those that comprise it are causing in Libya we once more have a US phenomenon that previously enveloped immense swathes of that country completely reinforced as it was then by all the lawmaking, judicial, police and populace support it could muster, and which was considerable, in the affected states and also tacitly permitted in others which although they evidently lacked the courage either officially or publicly to sign up to it that they sadistically craved but could nevertheless with absolute and accepted impunity carry out, wholeheartedly welcomed. It’s reprehensibly and globally remembered as lynching: a vile spectator sport that was commonplace throughout the United States of America particularly in the so-called Deep South. Now it has made a formidable renaissance not in the United States itself, where it still flourishes in the police, judiciary and prison systems, but in US, Britain, France and the rest of NATO so-called liberated Libya. How do you explain that to the 99% of African Americans that voted for you Barack Obama?

Unbiased international journalists have for months now, almost directly after the first attacks by NATO on Libya, been openly saying that such atrocities were going on, first in Benghazi and afterwards with in excess of 20,000 air bombardments by NATO warplanes, principally the RAF that was paving the way for the advance of these so-called Libyan revolutionaries, systematically carried out in other parts of Libya as well. In fact these lynchings and extra-judicial killings were so widespread they prompted one seasoned journalist Lizzie Phelan, an American I believe, who was visibly shocked and thoroughly sickened by what she’d seen firsthand to candidly state that lynching had again become fashionable. Predictably, none of this was reported in the western media and if any reference was made at all to lives lost in non military combat they were always intentionally couched in anodyne euphemistic terms to disguise the real horror of what was officially encouraged by the west and had actually taken place.

But as invariably happens in all cases of injustice, no matter how long it takes, the truth can’t be hidden forever, and at Abu Salim, which I have no doubt will subsequently be revealed as the equivalent of Iraq’s Abu Grahib, the world saw a glimpse of the calculated horror that the west cynically conjured up for Libya, and having let its wild dogs off their leads gave carte blanche to carry out. Literally hundred of black Africans in a hospital in Abu Salim that was promptly turned into a makeshift concentration camp not dissimilar to that of Dachau in Nazi Germany were mercilessly gunned down there, many of them in the beds where they laid and were attached to the drips that were a vital part of their life support. Had this happened in any country the west sees as its enemy the western media would have had a field day, and to all their citizens who are willingly inclined to treat this horrific spectacle with apathy, disdain or studied disinterest one doesn’t have to speculate what their instinctive and collective reaction would be if a number of foreign sponsored mercenaries unlawfully seeking regime change in their own country were to enter a British, American, French or Italian hospital anywhere or that of some other Caucasian ruled state and did exactly the same thing to their nationals who were patients there.

There will of course be the customary denials from western capitals, NATO’s HQ and a most calculated silence from the ICC and UN Security Council as characteristically happens in all such circumstances of blatant war crimes perpetrated by the west or its proxies; but should the west or NATO, or both of them, be grudgingly obliged under the weight of indisputable evidence to openly acknowledge that such war crimes and crimes against humanity actually took place, all this will be neatly and deliberately played down and expediently put under the habitually stated just a few rotten apples in the barrel category; in the interim the ICC will refuse, citing a plethora of transparently dishonest excuses for its deliberate unwillingness, to investigate these appalling atrocities as it turns a Nelsonian eye to while covertly giving the odious murderers and their equally loathsome western handlers the green light of immunity to carry on committing their heinous crimes and get away with doing so scot-free. But just as sickeningly to me is the way in which the western media are portraying these black Libyan victims that are being openly lynched in ways that would feverishly exercise the minds of the Ku Klux Klan and others in the United States who would be kicking and asking themselves, why didn’t we even in our heyday think of doing the sort of things which these non-African: neither North nor sub-Saharan, Libyan infiltrated mercenaries together with their similarly foreign British, US, French and Qatari special forces accomplices are profoundly and racially involved in? To the inveterate morons that infest the western media these evidently sacrificial black Libyans or migrant workers are just mercenaries from sub-Saharan Africa brought into Libya by Colonel Gaddafi to help him suppress his own people and they make a great play of this. It’s a wilful manoeuvre to cynically and dismissively con their viewers and readers into thinking and actually believing, of course, that these murdered Blacks were simply intruders that didn’t belong to Libya (where does that put their own countries’ forces I wonder?) and as such deserve everything they got. But even if they were mercenaries which they manifestly weren’t as I shall explain later they were black men on the continent to which they belong.

How often have we heard these very same whites in the media infer and even publicly say of Blacks in not only in Europe but also the United States, ironically so considering the latter’s own history of mass immigration and how Blacks came to be there in the first place, that they don’t belong where they are and as such should leave and go back to Africa where they come from? Well I’ve some news for you Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss and Master Caucasian Jackasses out there spouting this load of crap, Libya: a massive country, is not only physically a part of the continent of Africa but has always been so in the same way that France or Germany is part of Europe. Besides, its indigenous people like those of Australia are black. Now I’m well aware that hardened mass murderers, holocaust practitioners and their Caucasian kith and kin with evil indelibly etched in their individual and collective DNA as well as their souls, if indeed they do posses such a thing, who invaded, occupied, stole and brazenly uninvited continue to remain in and exclusively control the enormous lands of the indigenous peoples globally who ongoingly you’ve either practised systematic, horrendous and premeditated acts of genocide or ethnic cleansing against, forcibly in the aftermath of these acts of barbarism endeavouring to reshape those you conquered in your own likenesses as you proceeded apace to rename and restructure their countries into Australia, the United States of America, Argentina, New Zealand, Mexico, Rhodesia or South Africa for example, and routinely did the same with a host of other geographical locations globally while at the same time doing everything in your power to eradicate all vestiges of these native peoples having either existed in the first place or ever having played a meaningful role in the lands that you stole from them but asininely and ludicrously claim, according to your rather warped and perverse narrative, didn’t actually exist until you forcibly took up residence there, will evidently find it challenging if not nigh impossible to comprehend and accept that the situation of the marauding and barbaric savage Arab in North Africa as well as all Arabs generally living there and the Middle East vis-à-vis black Africans anywhere on the continent of Africa is one that is strikingly analogous to that of white Caucasian Europeans in those areas of the world that you’ve successfully taken over, colonized and for the time being at any rate hang on to.

In the same way that someone completely ignorant of history could mistakenly think though not be sympathized or agreed with for thinking that Australia - which despite the Aborigines having continuously and exclusively lived on that gargantuan land for 60,000 years the white interloper settlers of just 300 years residence there only saw fit and ungenerously so to grant them citizenship of their own homeland in the late 1960s and early 1970s previously classing them on a par with wild dogs that could summarily and without consequences be shot at will while most absurdly their country was officially regarded as terra nullius prior to the arrival of the white man – the United States, New Zealand, Canada and the rest of them that are now Caucasian controlled always enjoyed this similar ethnic, political or even controlling status, namely that their majority population was always white and therefore native to these specific lands. It’s an identical falsehood that equally pervades the thinking and beliefs of those with either a superficial knowledge of Africa generally and of North Africa in particular or those with specific malevolent agendas there, bearing in mind the authentic facts that the presence of Arabs in Africa is a relatively recent one in historical terms , since it was just 1,500 years ago when the first of these barbaric desert nomads migrated from the Arabian peninsular and parts of the Middle East where they’d lived in total obscurity to the regions of North Africa looking for a far better life and future for themselves than the ones they were leaving behind and opted to stay there, just as their Europeans counterparts likewise did and are still doing to this day in parts of the world like the US and Australia for example that are geographically, far removed from Europe.

How many of you know for example that most mainland Europeans and particularly those from Central Europe are the descendants of Indo-Asian peoples, the Gypsies being one of the oldest and most purebred of these; or that the ancestors of the Celtic people: the original and oldest inhabitants of the entire British Isles, and that includes Ireland, originated from North Africa? And guess what? Libya just like Tunisia, previously Carthage: an ancient empire that long proceeded that of Rome and produced the legendary Hannibal undoubtedly one of the African continent’s Africa’s most iconic warrior leaders, as well as Egypt next-door were all black as were the civilizations they gave rise to. To stupidly and consistently deny this in the face of the irrefutable empirical data there is would be as obtuse as thinking that the Inca and Aztec were the creation of the Spanish Conquistadores and therefore are a product of Spain.

For more information on this, other factual, relevant and revealingly constructive knowledge about Africa, Africans and their great civilizations not generally known to ordinary members of the western public either though its ignorance, lack of curiosity or the marked absence of any academic rigour on its part, themselves further compounded by the wilful and malicious concealment from it or the perverse distortion of all data by powerful and influential forces at work with racist and hidden agendas of their own that are opposed to showing Africans and Africa in a positive light or fraudulently reject the many remarkable achievements made by them that go back to the dawn of time and are substantiated by archaeological and historical findings, I thoroughly recommend to all of you the following information given below.

Get hold of Professor Basil Davidson’s excellent book: The Story of Africa; it’s an absolute must as well as very informative and interesting reading. The book is an accompaniment to the exceptional documentary series he did called Africa. You can also write directly to the makers of the series: A Mitchell Beazley Television RMarto/Channel Four co-production in association with the Nigerian Television Authority, copyright MCMLXXXIV for a copy of a truly amazing documentary series. Otherwise you can use your viewership power, if you live in the UK, and request that Channel 4 air the series again. Finally, you can write for your free study guide to this series. The addresses for doing so are: Free Study Guide: Africa, P.O Box 4000, London W3 6XJ, England; Glasgow G12 9JQ; or Belfast BT2 7FE. In making your application please don’t forget to send a large SAE (self-addressed envelope) when you do. Trust me, it’ll be one of the best decisions you ever made. Alternatively, you can access the series online by Googling Kemet – a black civilization, Davidson where videos of the series and other works by Basil Davidson can be seen. Basil Davidson who sadly died on the 9 July 2010 at the age of 95 years was an acclaimed writer and Africanist historian. His works are required reading in many British universities and he’s globally acknowledged as an expert on Africa.

The transatlantic African slave trade changed this previous positive perception of Africa as it was much more convenient for whites that benefited handsomely from it and the Arabs who were the ones that enthusiastically organized the raiding parties, captured then provided their Caucasian customers with the African slaves they were after and in this combined lucrative enterprise took it upon themselves to demonize and completely and methodically disparage Blacks as considerably less than the human beings they were, a lazy practice that in 2011 is still ongoing among some races, since anyone with or cognisant of autocratic or exploitative propensities know full well that the best and most effective way to ruin a people or destroy an enemy you quite literally want out of the way the first thing you must do is to embark on a concerted, propagandistic crusade of demonization and vilification. And from 1492 onwards, rather ironic this year as it wasn’t simply the year that Christopher Columbus’ encounter with what would arrogantly be later renamed the New World took place attendant with the many catastrophes that emanated from him doing so, it was also the year that Arabs, Muslims and their Jewish allies with whom they’d harmoniously lived on the Iberian peninsular for several centuries were forcefully evicted from there through the aggressive fanaticism, Islamophobia and intransigent anti-Jewish sentiments visited upon them by the husband and wife Christian crowned heads King Ferdinand and in her own right Queen Isabella of Spain, who was also the royal sponsor of Christopher Columbus’ epic voyage, and found refuge in North Africa.

But more sickeningly than this Christian barbarity some of the Sephardic Jews for the Iberian Peninsula that had found refuge in Africa later emigrated to Brazil but once there eventually came up against the same persecutions they’d experienced and were routinely subjected to in Christian Europe, hardly surprising in the circumstances when one considers that Brazil then was a major Portuguese colony. Evicted once more, this time on pain of death if they thought about staying in Brazil and with none of the Catholic European, colonial powers in the region willing to have them, protestant Barbados and England’s long established and principal New World territory volunteered to take them in along with their Dutch supporters who were also summarily kicked out of Brazil at the same time. Barbados’s altruism in taking these people in would turn out to be a classic Trojan horse situation not only for Barbados itself but also and ultimately the whole Caribbean and American regions, as a cancer had been introduced to the body politic of Barbados that shortly thereafter spread like conflagration right through region to engulf every country there, but specifically the part of it that came to be known as the United States of America.

While in Brazil these Sephardic Jews and their Dutch allies had learnt from the Amerindians of South America about the remarkable properties of a reed-like plant the indigenous people called the sweet grass but which the rest of the world would later come to know as the sugar cane. Having even then realized its money-making potential these Jewish and Dutch asylum seekers took bundles of cuttings from this plant to Barbados with them. Already an extremely successful and exceedingly profitable agrarian colony of England and also the only one of its kind in the world Barbados nevertheless enjoyed a considerable degree of political autonomy exercised through its own domestic parliament, the House of Assembly that was established in 1639, only a mere 12 years after the colony was created by England, becoming the second oldest and continuous parliament anywhere in the impressive and extensive British Empire or what would later become the Commonwealth. Propitiously, as it still does in 2011, Barbados boasted then a well-renowned political, economic and social stability; huge profitability as a colony (Barbados however is no longer a colony having opted for its independence from the UK in 1966); and advantageously isn’t only blessed with outstanding weather the whole year through but also from the perspective of cultivating sugar cane has a soil texture that was just right for doing so. Altogether providing a combination of perfect conditions that collectively produced the ideal laboratory and location for this new enterprise that thrived massively and in the process catapulted Barbados, quite deservedly so, to the position of England’s Jewel in the Crown; there being no political union then between England and Scotland and therefore arguably no United Kingdom as we have today.

With an obvious monopoly of the sugar industry that Barbados inventively, industriously and scientifically preserved and England and subsequently Britain through its powerful navy and military forces zealously protected as not only the British but also their mainland European counterparts developed a sweet tooth to the point of it becoming an addition with them, this Caribbean island whose enormous wealth provided both the impetus and cash for the English Industrial Revolution and its attendant manufacturing and scientific accomplishments like for instance the invention of the steam locomotive, soon witnessed its domestic population grow by leaps and bounds as Britons and other Europeans eagerly flocked to this island paradise to get a piece of the action.

As a result of this the cost of living rose significantly and unsurprisingly labour costs as well, and while looking for ways to reduce these labour costs but at the same time maximize and continue doing so the huge financial returns they were already getting from the production of sugar and its allied products, hugely profitable businesses that in the actual case of sugar cane production practically occupied every available square metre of agricultural land, the planters were evidently open to any viable cost-cutting measures that were recommended to them. For the Sephardic Jews who’d been allowed to relocate to Barbados from Brazil this was an open invitation which was much too good for them to miss, and like the devious and untrustworthy villains that they were they seized upon it like scavenging crows to carrion. With their prior and firsthand knowledge from their being refuges in North Africa of Africa and Africans and the latter’s greater adaptability to and suitability for hard work in tropical-type conditions in ways that white workers would be found wanting they counselled the Barbados planters that the enforced importation of Blacks from Africa to do the back-breaking toil in the cane fields was the ideal way of not only greatly counteracting but also eliminating totally their specific problems.

Fully buoyed up by this utterly corrupt and totally despicable suggestion put forward by these Sephardic Jews: people that were literally no strangers to discrimination, vile persecution and systematic pogroms over several centuries, and habitually at the hands of Christian European Caucasians not Africans or anyone else and ought really to have known better than to suggest something like this, the white Christian planters of Barbados gleefully latched on to their idea and subsequently convinced their representatives in the Barbadian parliament to approve the motion. Thus illegitimately conceived the transatlantic slave trade was about to be born with all the appurtenances of white Christian and Jewish respectability.

It was a predominantly sadistic, extraordinarily brutal, acutely venal, and completely barbaric trade in African lives with centuries-long, generational consequences of human degradation and dispiriting enslavement where one person could legally own another, where a child could be ripped from its mother’s arms never to see her again, and people could be bought and sold as if they were furniture or utility goods for sale; where personal dignity was stamped on and the very spark that triggers our individual humanity had disconsolately to be denied because the abused wasn’t regarded as human; and all the while those who considered that they alone mattered in the world happily went about their lives untroubled by it all as if none of this was happening.

The Jews profited immensely from the slave trade and were deeply instrumental in all aspects of it from financing the enterprise to owning slaves themselves; and with Barbados the most easterly of the Caribbean Islands, the first landfall locality following the slave ships departure from African waters and additionally an exceedingly busy entrepôt destination and seaport for the other Caribbean and American territories as well as a hub for the selling and trading of slaves in the lucrative slave markets there, it also became the principal place of abode of Jews in the region. So much so that it was in Barbados that the oldest synagogue in the entire Caribbean and the Americas was built in Bridgetown the island’s capital. And it’s that very same synagogue which was massively renovated some years ago and is now a UNESO listed international heritage site.

With the other European colonial powers either having reached an amicable accommodation with Britain or having stolen a march on it and smuggled sugar cane cuttings out of Barbados to their Caribbean colonies for growing there, some Barbadian-based Jews opportunistically expanded their business enterprises to these islands, like for instance Aruba and Curacao that were Dutch owned, a further incentive for doing so being the ingratiating move by the Dutch authorities in the Netherlands, among the fiercest of the British competitors in the region, that exclusively granted them monopolistic licences to operate freely in their territories. However, it was the subsequent lure of the previously obscure and backwater North American colonies that persuaded several wealthy and entrepreneurial Jews from Barbados, who had made their money, successes and reputations on this island, to leave it and explore the new potential and developing possibilities in these expanding entities. And soon a trickle of them quickly led to a flood as hugely profitable cotton plantations that dwarfed the dimensions of their Barbadian homeland and were worked exclusively by African slaves characteristically seemed to them as opportunities too good to miss.

The extraordinarily detailed and immaculately kept archives at the Black Rock Museum in Bridgetown, Barbados graphically and demonstrably show the foremost role that Jews played in the slave trade, and not only in Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean and neighbouring territories but also in the colonies of what would later become the United States of America; notwithstanding that, long after they’d left Barbados many of these Jews still held on to their profitable plantations there but which were now commercially run by stewards they’d hired to do the job. Another indisputable fact is that all Jews prior to those who post the European holocaust exodus were stampeded into crossing the Atlantic from their native European home to the land of the free and the brave can conclusively trace their ancestral roots back to Barbados.

A very tolerant, inclusive, exceedingly well-educated and proud people many contemporary Bajans, as Barbadians affectionately call themselves, from all of walks of life and bearing in mind all that has been said earlier, are none the less somewhat puzzled still to this day as to why a people who had for centuries themselves previously been viciously and systematically persecuted across Europe and Russia, where it all began with the pogroms there, would freely want to join forces with their persecutors to occasion unquantifiable misery on another race of people, namely Africans, who’d done neither whites nor Jews any harm. And even worse still at the end of World War II, and taking into account the nightmarish hell of the European holocaust they’d themselves endured, to visit the same ongoing Nazi terror and barbarism on the Palestinian people, innocent of any wrongdoing whatsoever towards them, and moreover energetically engage themselves once more in an immoral maze of turpitude in the fullest and most earnest collaboration with their holocaust murderers and their own wartime supporters and allies, the overwhelming majority of whom are either actual, associate, like Norway, or wannabe members of the European Union. As one Bajan with relatives that served in every branch of the British armed force, whose father was a wartime RAF fighter pilot and one of his uncles actively participated in the liberation of Belsen Bergen concentration camp, while a cousin of his who’d emigrated to the United States, become a citizen there, joined the US armed forces, was deployed to Europe and ended up contributing to the liberation of Dachau, one of Germany’s most notorious Nazi death camps, knowing well the roles members of my own family played in World War II and my own military service many years later said with a resigned shake of his head: “It’s all madness man!” I wholeheartedly agreed with him.

To be able to ever comprehend this pernicious phenomenon one must first acknowledge then investigate the clan and racist mindset that pervades the thinking of a majority of whites and has such a compulsive hold on them. Skin colour and race matter to these people more than life itself. Yes, they will occasionally tear each other apart from time to time in their barbaric internecine and customarily asinine clan fights and even expect other races to join forces with one side or the other in their ritualistic slaughter of each other, but if you’re daft enough to do so you had better watch out, as once they’ve temporarily settled their intermittent differences with each other they’ll happily, like people who can’t and should never be trusted, sink their teeth into you. It’s something that races that have been on planet Earth far longer than whites, who are essentially the new boys on the block, fail to grasp and swiftly take on board; almost like a doting grandmother persistently only seeing the good and forever making lame excuses for the bad in her feral grandkids; and as races go they don’t come any more feral than whites except for the Arabs of course who realistically in the scheme of things are simply bit players anyway, analogous to vicious bouncers in a downmarket nightclub. So essentially what other races should be doing, bearing in mind their long-standing pedigree as among the very first to inhabit out planet is rather than getting their collective knickers into a twist over the activities of whites and Arabs is not to allow them to embark on these in the first place. The degree of maturity, civilization and commonsense that you have in abundance and that these other two aforesaid groups clearly lack are more than what’s needed to impede the actions and even the propensities of these people. And the first and a highly effective way to start this process is to get the hell off your knees when dealing with these scumbags.

There are numerous examples one could cite about what the so called west really is and the quite corrupt entity that it actually is, not dissimilar from the last days of the Roman Empire; but to attempt to give chapter and verse of these would take millennia to describe and none of us have that much time. But suppose instead we use just two examples to give a taste of what I mean. To begin with NATO stands for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and was set up, we’re told, as a counterbalance to the power of the then Soviet Union which incidentally, as I’m sure you’re well aware, no longer exists, nor does its military equivalent to NATO the Warsaw Pact; so rather than disband as the Warsaw Pact has and put their massive resources but limited intellectual acumen to better use NATO is like a clapped out whore having one last fling as she trawls around fresh neighbourhoods looking for new customers, and one way of making a similar impact and at the same time justify its existence NATO needs to initiate and sustain wars. Basically it has become the 21st Century’s Waffen SS, the main differences being that the real Waffen SS made no bones about what it was or stood for. NATO isn’t so forthcoming though or likely to be; since like your archetypal British judge or magistrate that anecdotally or from long-standing scrutiny of court cases sanctimoniously throws the book at some pathetic flasher as their honour or worship (what archaic and hollow words!) harangues the accused on morals, hands down harsh sentences to them, then either goes home and abuse their children or make full use of the many covert, upper class but illegal Madame Sin’s-type bordellos that flourish in London and our other major cities, NATO in marked contrast to the genuine Waffen SS is like equating a blocked toilet with the full works at the local sewerage plant which NATO unquestionably is.

Furthermore, Germany’s and its associated Waffen SS units restricted their work exclusively to Europe, but the leadership of NATO is so idiotic that despite that body’s grandiose title, it has never conducted a war in the North Atlantic region or defended anything there, and even its staged intervention in the former Yugoslavia can’t exactly be classified as falling into its self-styled North Atlantic remit allowing for where Serbia, on whom NATO sadistically and unchallenged unleashed its self-righteous, genocidal wrath against, is actually positioned in relation to where the North Atlantic region of the world really is. It’s a rather baffling state of affairs that increasingly becomes even more so just as it’s likewise mystifying to figure out and quite disconcerting to observe when considering that NATO’s principal theatres of war: open as well as clandestine, are nowhere near the North Atlantic or even the borders of those countries that comprise its membership, as its military missions in Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, for example, are ample proof of.

These present day holocausts with NATO’s clear imprint not only shows up this organization for what it really is but also emphasizes the clan and endemic racist mindset of those actively involved with it. Having established that NATO is operating well out of its self-styled region of responsibility we have countries like Australia and New Zealand: entirely white controlled colonialist settler entities with an unenviable track record of their own genocide and ethnic cleansing of the indigenous peoples in the lands they’ve appropriated and continue to occupy, and located on the other side of the world, making an even greater mockery of the expression North Atlantic Treaty Organization, zealously joining forces for instance with their European kith and kin to suppress and massacre the people of Afghanistan? How is it one wonders that nobody, apart from these white barbarian savages who never see anything wrong in their own countries, always manage somehow to spot the alleged wrongdoings in those of other people that neither the neighbouring states nor the inhabitants of these targeted countries ever detect, then always self-righteously feel they have an imperial right to intimately involve themselves in these countries internal affairs and affect the course of events there as they see fit? The sad and depressing upshot of all this is that when some of these countries stupidly take NATO and the west at their word and set about establishing the same democracy that these liars say they are globally in favour of and are prosecuting their wars to bring about, guess who are the ones that then put a ruddy great spanner in the works to prevent them having genuine as apart from the west and NATO’s fake and dishonest version of it? You’ve guessed it in one; and as the people of Bahrain, Yemen and the hijacked popular revolutions of Tunisia and Egypt can readily and painfully attest to.

Then we have the mendacious propaganda wars. Remember the one about Colonel Gaddafi giving his soldiers Viagra and condoms and ordering them to rape Libyan females who didn’t support him; the story much beloved by that paragon of virtue (I don’t think) publicity hound and arch-Fascist and ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo a villain man with an exceedingly subjective outlook of what’s right and wrong, because like all such innate criminals he has no moral compass himself? This is what Donatella Rovera; someone with firsthand knowledge of what occurred had to say. By the way to this day 1 September 2011 over six months after NATO’s initial attack on Libya Ocampo has never set foot in that country so nothing he says should be accorded any credibility. However back to Donatella Rovera’s report on the Viagra and rape lies:

“No one really took that seriously did they? On the 21 March, after the first strikes on Gaddafi’s troops outside Benghazi, a young man who worked in the media centre presented us with many boxes of the potency drug. He claimed to have found them in the destroyed tanks. The vehicles had been completely burnt out, but the packaging looked brand new. I can not believe that anyone took him seriously.”

It wasn’t simply Luis Moreno Ocampo that lapped this up the entire western media and most particularly the BBC did as well; the same BBC that has a track record of reporting fake rape and sexual abuse cases. In the First World War it lyingly claimed that German soldiers were raping Belgian nuns with impunity, the purpose to trick the United States into that war. In the Cuba versus apartheid South Africa war in Angola the BBC was again at it this time claiming that Cuban soldiers were systematically raping and molesting Angolan women and pubescent girls; and just as was the case with its World War I scenario these were entirely reprehensible lies concocted by the BBC and the British Foreign office, its overseas propaganda paymaster. Now it’s the turn of Libya to be put in this mendacious frame of the BBC. My maternal Gran has always said to me that those who speak the most about sex are the ones with serious and even deep psychological problems relating to it; I’ve never doubted that for a moment. And apart from clearly having serious problems of this nature and corporately evincing the kind of decadence on its part throughout the corporation, and at every level therein the BBC exudes a common character that would undeniably in discernible contrast make the average sewerage works look like a well organised and apposite health spa. It’s a state of affairs that is greatly compounded by what can only be best described as the dull-witted phenomenon, as intuitively BBC women presenters and female morons of their ilk other than those with more testosterone than their limp wristed alleged male counterparts, employed by that corporate body with the irresistible urge of salmon about to reproduce themselves communally get pregnant at the same adding more of their tribe to the burgeoning bastardy that already afflicts Britain.

Maybe David Cameron who is such a big cheese on moral issues of all kinds and particularly those that affect the decency of family life should have a quite word with them; but I doubt it. For while these people are quick to lecture others and routinely stick their fingers up at other peoples’ ways of living their own lives, patronizing chastising them for no other reasons than that they’re different from their own privileged ones they nevertheless, and this is the ironic part of it, energetically launch forth at the drop of a hat to defend their women’s virtues more often than their women do themselves. And it never fails to amaze me how very odd it is that those most anxious to preserve their own good names and that of their womenfolk essentially deserve the worst reputations.

It looks increasingly like NATO will have its way in Libya, as already we see scavengers like Russia and China join the usual throng of carrion feeders to feast off the dead body of Libya. And amidst it all harrowing stories of the systematic lynchings of black Libyan go on with no word of this reported in the so-called mainstream western media, unsurprisingly so as the old western strategy of divide and rule is significantly at play here. In the Middle East it takes on the spectre of sectarian divisions being endorsed and hugely exploited; in Libya it’s race. Not difficult at all to execute or comprehend since those involved in it are the old colonialist past masters at this sort of thing working once more in cahoots with the descendants of their Arab suppliers of African slaves during the transatlantic slave trade, and it’s the real heavyweights in these pernicious acts that are robustly directing and actively fanning the inferno of racism against Blacks in Libya, a country that ironically they belong to and are citizens of. And who are the people involved in this? To the well-informed the cast of odious villains will come as no surprise at all. They are, however, the entire cast of EU political leaders, most specifically David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy; the United States administration of Barack Obama (the perfect choice for the lead role of “The curse of the House Nigger” were such a movie ever to be made; the Arab League; the entire hierarchy of the so-called Libyan NTC in Benghazi; the British Defence Minister Liam Fox; and of course NATO seen through the face of one Oana Longescu.

The lies surrounding Blacks in Libya being mercenaries are self-evident but it did prompt me to enquire, what if Ghurkha soldiers or Commonwealth ones in the British Armed Forces or members of the French Foreign Legion were being lynched, as the mercenaries they really are, anywhere in the world? Would the west or its Waffen SS arm NATO stand idly by and not act; would the so-called mainstream media adopt the self-same studied unconcern to what was going on? Would Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch that helped promote the lying Viagra story, or would the supposed International Red Cross and most significantly prized cretins like Luis Moreno Ocampo and Ban ki-Moon be similarly taciturn? We already know the answers to these and other related questions if we’re honest and straightforward with ourselves, which just goes show what debased bastards these guys that think they have an omnipotent right to run world really are.

Since 9/11 which I honestly think was an inside job, and I’m no conspiracy theorist, the west led by the United States as usual has been telling us that it’s fighting terrorists and terrorism sponsored by al-Qaida. Oh yeah! So how come that it’s enthusiastically in bed with the same al-Qaida whose footprints are writ large across the Libyan landscape? The man appointed by the NTC to be the military governor of Tripoli and one of the NTC’s leading commanders in the field, who in complicity with Abdul Jalil and Mahmoud Jibril assassinated Abdel Fattah Younes the commander of the so-called Libyan revolutionaries is a prominent member of the al-Qaida movement and was a personal friend of Osama bin Laden. With more aliases than a lot of people have hot dinners, so I shan’t bother to elaborate on them here, he was rendition by the US, tortured by them in several of that country’s secret and outsourced gulags in the Middle East and North Africa and in due course incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay. On release from there he went to Pakistan and was subsequently involved in many murderous attacks on coalition forces, personally killing a number of US soldiers. Now with Saudi Arabian money and US logistical support he’s now in Libya working alongside British, United States, French other European Union and Qatari special forces all of whom are supplemented by Backwater now Xe US contractors and a few of them from the UK as well together with Islamists like the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, so much for the lying concept of Libyan revolutionaries freeing Libya, and is slated to take over full military and personal control of Tripoli when the NTC through NATO’s ongoing war crimes against Libya and its people makes this possible.

This is what Dan Glazebrook, a political analyst on the Middle East, said about the Libyan situation:

“This war is fundamentally a war to maintain Africa in a subordinate position in the global economy. In 2010 Gaddafi made a proposal to the African Union that was adopted, that no African country would allow US bases on its soil. Since that time the US has been desperate to get rid of Gaddafi. When we talk about the rebels this is a very disparate group of people; really who’s calling the shots is NATO. The few leaders that we’ve heard about, Mahmoud Jibril and Abdul Jalil, these are the people that have established links with western financial institutions and bodies like the CIA, so when we hear from these people they’re really the mouthpieces of NATO. What will replace the Libyan state is the same as what has replaced the state in Iraq and Afghanistan which is a dysfunctional government; complete lack of any security; gang warfare and civil war. And this is not a mistake from NATO. They would prefer to see failed states than states that are powerful and independent and are able to challenge their hegemony. And those who are fighting in Libya for NATO and fighting for the NTC really need to wake up and see that they’re being used here.”

Supporting a similar stance Dr Mazim Qumsiyeh, a Professor at Bethlehem University had this to say on the same topic:

“Western powers have interests in Libya among them most important of all of course is Libyan oil. Clearly the rebels were created by the western powers, initially they were few demonstrations that were spontaneous and then the western powers and NATO interfered, and it’s not just military power in the air that they’re providing, they have also increasingly put weapons on the ground for the rebels and have also supported them with special forces from Britain and even the United States that are giving them training; and this in some ways delegitimizes the role of the rebels since there’s a foreign imprint on essentially what was before that a rebellion like the Egyptian or Tunisian rebellion.”

So hoeren Sie mal Herr Hitler! Wegen der verdammten verrueckten Situation, die heutzutage in der Welt und viel schlimmer als vorher schwachsinning existiert, bitte werden Sie einmal zurueckkommen und diesmal die Menschheit und auch den sadistischen Arschloechern aus dem westen sowie dem osten, die zur Zeit die Welt kontrollieren, von ihrer Dummheit retten?

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