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THE NORWEGIAN BOMB BLAST; or more fittingly what you sow you ultimately reap!

By Stanley Collymore

On Friday 22 July 2011 a massive bomb blast ripped through the political heart of Norway’s capital, Oslo and within minutes of this happening the western media were predictably giving full and biased coverage, relative to the usual demonized culprits they always blame for such acts, to this occurrence, immensely grateful of course for its fortunate timing which gave them the seemingly plausible excuse to conveniently banish from their earlier headlines the ongoing saga of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp; the phone hacking scandal; its extensive reach into the heart of the British political and police establishments, as well as the equally corrupt and venal shenanigans of Greece’s own endemically plutocratic, political and economic establishments; the energetic complicity of the EU, World bank, IMF and other involved financial institutions in this; and how they’ve collectively inspired as well as effectively managed to screw this time the people of a southern and rather peripheral European state, just as they’ve consistently done in the past and still carry on doing with the throng of fawning and institutionalized sycophantic leaders and their hard-done-by inhabitants in so-called Third World countries.

Leading the charge in this sleight of hand, certainly from the perspective of the UK, was Sky news, unsurprisingly a Rupert Murdoch owned company, which dragged up from the stinking sewers where they usually congregate a plethora of so-called experts and analysts to give their nonsensical diatribe on the unfolding and still, at the time, unclear events in Oslo, and who for the most part from checks I carried out on them turned out to be current Sky News employees; a situation not dissimilar to the Murdoch British owned newspapers giving a particular unified and seemingly objective point of view on a prevailing news story only for the reader to quickly discover that the news reports and editorial comments they were respectively carrying were not only coming from the same source but also the same corporate building as well.

Principal among these Sky News sewer rats was one Sam Kiley, aka the Security Editor at Sky News, whose inflexible xenophobia, racism, Islamophobia and neo-con, rightwing mindset was noticeably transparent for anyone apart from the similarly bigoted, naïve or downright stupid to readily recognize. Rather ridiculously and quite dishonestly portraying Norway as an innocent, European bystander country that wouldn’t dream of hurting a fly (people undoubtedly but flies apparently not so) the somewhat asinine Sam Kiley went on to regale the Sky News viewers at great length with the pernicious lies that Norway’s liberal but, as he saw it, entirely misguided altruism to those whom it ought never to have befriended in the way it did let alone entertained them as guests in its country, had unquestionably allowed these savage foreigners, who he had no doubt whatsoever from whose serial ranks these murderous terrorists had clearly come (his words not mine) to enter and set up shop as it were in Norway, and consequently as a country had rather compromisingly placed Norwegians generally and Norway itself in particular in an awkward position of now having to pay a very heavy price for its naivety, unselfish regard for and considerate devotion to the welfare of others who were not only unappreciative of but also wholly undeserving of such humane and altruistic considerations.

Listening to this complete idiot speak I was instinctively driven to asking myself if Sam Kiley could possibly be referring to the same Norway I know and that others, much more inclined to the kind of rational thought processes which this rather moronic man will never be capable of, actually recognize; and there are many self-evident reasons for posing these questions.

To start with, one doesn’t have to revert to the days of the Vikings and Norsemen to chronicle Norway’s endemic barbarity which has been replete throughout that country’s history. But just as a reference point why don’t we all start with World War II? Norway was both an active and exceedingly enthusiastic collaborator with the Third Reich, and its Nazi, white supremacist and eugenicist roots run deeply. The country enthusiastically transported many of those whom Nazi Germany classified as Die Untermenchen to their horrendous deaths in Europe-wide, holocaust death camps. The new science that gave rise to the atomic bomb but which Adolf Hitler despite Germany’s matchless pioneering advantage in this field idiotically failed to exploit because of his hatred for Jews, and many of Germany’s relevant scientists in this new science were Jews, was significantly developed at a Norwegian-based, German owned facility in Norway.

At the end of the World War II though like the classic carpetbaggers and opportunists that they are the Norwegians rather predictably changed tact and to such an extent that anyone not at all familiar with their past atrocious record could quite easily have been forgiven for thinking that these same obnoxious bastards were always pro-Jewish and had energetically and rather nobly done everything humanly possible in their personal and collective power to protect the lives of European Jews by and large and those of their own in particular; not so however! Still the same odious, racist Nazis that they had always been the Norwegians opportunely switched sides and did so with all the zeal and accomplishment, for all you Bible thumping lovers, of a Saul on the road to Damascus, vigorously becoming, on the surface at any rate and to conceal their hideous past, arch-Zionists par excellence, not to be remotely confused I advise you with anything to do with the concept of Judaism or of being Jewish, as the two notions are diametrically opposed to each other as any orthodox Jewish practitioner will tell you.

Israel was founded by Zionists not practising Jews as the apologists for this racist entity would have you believe but who have cynically used Judaism but especially the European holocaust to gratuitously and venally milk the guilty countries responsible for this catastrophe as well as those left guilt-ridden by it of exorbitant sums of money, providing a deviously astute Norway with a most glorious opportunity to capitalize on this holocaust guilt trip and superficially give the appearance of making amends while at the same time appearing to be whiter than white in the process. Understandably the Palestinians were never going to be happy at the thought of or ever accept having their land stolen from them, but to boost their theft these European Zionists while using genuine and naked acts of terrorism to achieve their objectives also adeptly applied in dumper loads substantial emotional blackmail as the second phase in their premeditated two-pronged strategy of unlawfully depriving the Palestinians of what’s lawfully theirs using in the process the vile canard of their own alleged insecurity caused they claimed by the interminable and existential threats they were consistently subjected to by the Palestinians and other Arabs alike as a justifiable means to arm themselves to the hilt and do so with both European an US assistance.

Norway, not unsurprisingly, was one of those European countries that readily stepped up to the plate of Israeli Zionist defence and along with the United States, Britain and France was highly instrumental in developing and providing Israel with its own nuclear arsenals and other WMDs as well as lavishly equipping it with a range of other state of the art conventional weaponry and military training amply backed up by full, unquestioning, political and diplomatic support at all times and in all circumstances in the international arena. And as if that wasn’t enough Norway in company with several other western countries particularly the United States, Britain, France and Israel (you just couldn’t make stuff like that up!) were manifestly pro-active in developing apartheid South Africa’s nuclear capacity and weaponry, which was perfectly okay it appeared from their imperialist perspective for white minority, forced-ruled, racist, segregationist and unquestionably undemocratic South Africa to have, but the moment that the real prospect of universal suffrage complemented by the inevitability of majority, democratic rule with a black government in place loomed large in South Africa this was a challenging situation that Norway together with its western and Zionist allies just couldn’t stomach and not only deliberately but also quite obsessively went out of their way to exert enormous pressure on the ANC to give up these very weapons, even though the African Nationalist Council had made it abundantly clear during its revolutionary struggle for equality in South Africa that it neither wanted the country to have them nor as an organization felt any need for these weapons when it came to power.

But hey, since when have white supremacists as such and particularly those of the eugenicist persuasion, full of themselves and also full of it, ever bothered to take any notice of let alone attached any importance to what untrustworthy, indolent and congenital lying niggers, as they routinely perceive all Blacks everywhere to be, say or think? Please don’t hold your breath on that one! Which when looked at dispassionately would account for the fact that the discovery by the post-apartheid Truth and Reconciliation Commission (something that Europeans would never have countenanced in similar circumstances and most definitely never in Europe) which uncovered and brought to light the western-instigated, expensively financed and committedly applied germ warfare programme designed specifically to assault and destroy AIDS-like the black human genetic system, eradicating in the process black South Africans in their millions and dramatically changing the demographic composition of South Africa for ever in favour of white, European-originated Caucasians had in addition to those of the obvious criminal parties like the United States, Britain, France, Germany and Israel the clearly identifiable fingerprints also of Norwegian scientists all over it.

Yet now in the aftermath of the much hyped incident in Norway risibly overstated as the worst atrocity in Europe since the Second World War, which it isn’t (has NATO of which Norway is an integral part and avid member forgotten what it did in the former Yugoslavia?), we’re being bullied into empathizing with and to feel sympathy for the Norwegians. How very ironic? How many of them, I wonder, either identify with or have the slightest sympathy for the Afghans or the Libyans who they’re presently slaughtering within their own countries and whose tally they can’t even be bothered to count, but all reliable estimates illustrate they considerably greater in total than the trifling total of 99 persons who were killed in Norway on the 22 July 2011; but of course as we all know white lives are infinitely more precious than non-white ones. So do what you like; mourn, weep, wear sackcloth and ashes and commiseratively empathize for as long as you care to and to your hearts content with these people, but unashamedly I shan’t be engaging in any of these things; and my reasons are absolutely conscionable and unequivocally clear.

As I stated earlier, and something that even the most avid pro-NATO supporters would readily agree with, Norway is one of the most fervent members of NATO which from any perspective is jointly with the CIA the most criminal organization in the world, and is directly responsible for incredible acts of state-sponsored terrorism carried out on a massive industrial scale, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Yugoslavia being just four examples of this, with collective casualties of all genders and ages, in terms of those who were killed or deliberately massacred, running into several millions, a contemporary holocaust gruesomely complemented by massive population displacement, the gratuitous creation of refugees through indiscriminate and even premeditated bombings and bombardments by NATO aircraft and unmanned drones of these peoples homes, neighbourhoods, towns and communities; the wilful damage and intentional destruction to the infrastructure of the targeted countries; regime change with the attendant assassination of local leaders; and the traumatizing of entire nations by this colossal, nuclear-armed, killing machine dispensing with impudence its satanic and sadistic brute force and which we know as NATO, that constitutes a much greater and existential threat to world peace, the stability and cohesion of sovereign, independent states and the survival of humanity itself than any other organization on planet earth.

And while the western media will obviously milk what has happened in Norway for all that it’s worth in order to substantiate their own prejudices and personal, xenophobic agendas and their governments will brazenly, dishonestly and stridently exploit it to ratchet up even further their woeful barbarism against innocent non-Caucasians wherever they deem this to be appropriate, while at the same time using their carefully cultivated fear factor among their domestic voters to expand to even greater limits the powerful military industrial complex which is so important to them, their financial sponsors and indisputable controllers, let’s not forget that Norway is an active participant not only of the monstrous atrocities being carried out in Afghanistan and also Pakistan in which it has been deeply involved for over 10 years, far longer than the duration of World War II but is currently one of the key aggressors in the ongoing and prevalent bombings of Libya where its aircraft have been remorselessly targeting, terrorizing and killing Libyans to force them to abandon their support for Colonel Gaddafi, a customary tactic of NATO in all of its military campaigns wherever these are fought, and using depleted uranium bombs and other carcinogenic weapons with their deadly and long-term impact in the hope of achieving through these bullying tactics their desired objectives.

It’s a campaign that has been going on now for well over four months, has resulted in the vast destruction of much of Libya but with noticeably and not unsurprisingly no attacks on its oil or gas facilities even when the premeditatedly targeted residential and business areas are directly adjacent to these oil or gas installations, which ought to give a clear indication to anyone other than a complete fool the real purpose for NATO and the west attacking Libya. But even though casualties are high with high profile characters deliberately, murderously and illegally targeted the resolve of the Libyan people is uniquely strong, something in their rush to subjugate Libya and put in place their nominated and in waiting cats paws to assist in the avaricious theft of its natural resources, the west and NATO had critically underestimated. Now quite late in the day and recognizing this, too shit-scared to lose face let alone admit that they’ve failed not only in their illicit enterprise but also in underestimating the Libyans support for Colonel Gaddafi and with the cost of this unwarranted war mounting meteorically by the day the west and its bully boy NATO are in a right impasse of what best to do next, and in the complete absence of this the bombings, with Norway eagerly and very much in the vanguard, continue in the desperate hope that something will eventually turn up.

And I’m supposed to feel immensely sorry for Norway and Norwegians irrespective of who is responsible for what has happened in Oslo and on the island of Utoya, and at the same time be perpetually grateful that Jens Stoltenberg is still alive? Well, just don’t hold your breath on any of this happening on my part. Norwegians knew full well what their odious prime minister and fascist government were doing, and still are, in their name and neither said nor did anything to stop it. In fact one Norwegian journalist John Hustad said openly when he was interviewed that Norwegians felt safe and never expected something like this to ever happen to them.

Also speaking on Sky News, this time to Lorna Dunkley on Sunday 24 July 2011, was another Norwegian journalist Trygve Sorvaag, and what he had to say and given the circumstances in which he said it was very insightful indeed. And not least because by then the whole world, or more precisely those who either cared or were interested that is, were already familiar with the fact that what had transpired in Norway was neither Muslim-inspired nor indeed had anything whatsoever to do with Muslims or so-called Islamic terrorism but were in effect and entirely so the rather sadistic, satanic, murderous and premeditated criminal acts violently carried out by a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, picture-poster-boy, for those of you who routinely obsess about that sort of thing and therefore asininely consider such physical characteristics to be the epitome of human, racial superiority, Norwegian, white Caucasian.

This eugenicist notion of humanity that obviously struck a meaningful chord with Sky News presenter Lorna Dunkley, a blonde herself, and markedly manifested itself in her demeanour throughout her interview with Trygve Sorvaag, which bearing in mind the seriousness of the matter in hand and her now knowing the facts was utter trite but more significantly lacked the condemnatory vigorous that she, her Sky News colleagues and indeed the rest of the western media had earlier in the harshest, most intense and trenchant terms invested in this particular act of terrorism when they’d all prejudicially assumed without a shred of evidence to back up their bigotry that it was Muslims behind these murders, and earnestly hoped that their biases would be confirmed so they could let rip with their unwarranted but unrestricted rage against multiculturalism per se and Muslims in particular, was instead rapidly replaced by a complete turnabout that instead of portraying Anders Behring Breivik as the merciless and coldblooded terrorist that he is, dishonestly set about to rehabilitate him by explaining at great length and astonishingly in a highly empathetic and even human fashion his personal background and motives for what he did.

And apart from being something that Lorna Dunkley, her colleagues at Sky News or their news editors would never have done in a million years if those responsible were non-Caucasians or Muslims and their victims, as these Norwegian one are, were similarly and exclusively white, what particularly and profoundly struck me with the news broadcasts that emanated from Sky News, France 24, the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and even Russia Today (RT) along with the other western so-called mainstream media outlets after the public revelation that the terrorist mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik was white, Caucasian and Norwegian, in other words he is a domestic terrorist not unlike those of 7/7 who got it in the neck from these same media outfits, was the instantaneous dropping of the word terrorist from the news reports of Sky news and the other western media relative to what had happened in Norway. Quite happy to use it, of course, when Muslims were the presumed culprits for what took place, now all of a sudden it had quite strangely vanished from the general lexicon, but only as far as the unfolding events in Norway were concerned, of these mulish racists.

Meanwhile on the same day that Lorna Dunkley conducted her interview with Trygve Sorvaag, Tim Marshall another Sky News Neanderthal (what did you expect, he does work for Rupert Murdoch after all?) who absolutely detests everything that’s non-white with the same passion that Dracula relishes blood, in a very exculpatory piece on Anders Behring Breivik’s crimes laid the blame for them firmly at the door of European countries going down the path he said of multiculturalism, and predicted that the words and thoughts of Anders Behring Breivik will serve as a glowing inspiration to other like-minded Europeans who like him comprise the vast majority of European people all of them wanting as Anders Behring Breivik does to have their treasured countries and ways of life drastically and irrevocably pulled back from the chasmic and presumably infernal perils of foreign multiculturalism.

All I have to say to this is, that Tim Marshall: idiotic, racist, Islamophobic and neo-con in his sentiments, as he undoubtedly is, and a pretty piss-poor journalist in the process surely must have heard of the countries that those of his ilk renamed Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States (need I go on?) and what they did there. Nothing of that sort Tim has happened in Europe, is currently taking place or ever likely to by people from the southern hemisphere, demographics alone dictate against that; but hey, since when have assholes like Tim Marshall been known to open up their gobs, talk sense or use logic to support what they say? That’ll be like expecting a rather licentious and utterly mercenary prostitute to expound on moral issues or a convicted, serial paedophile to give advice on child welfare. So just shut up Tim!

Returning to the Lorna Dunkley conversation with Trygve Sorvaag, since by no stretch of the imagination or any journalistic criteria could it be remotely classed as an interview, the issue was tenuously raised that this Norwegian terrorist responsible for the carnage he’d caused on Friday 22 July 2011 had until that time repeatedly posted more than 1,500 extreme rightwing documents of his online, the overwhelming majority of which were avowedly Islamophobic, racist, xenophobic, ultra-nationalistic and rabidly Nazi in content; material that advocated acts of terrorism and other atrocities of the kind which he would subsequently carry out, yet despite this he was never monitored by the Norwegian police or Norway’s security services or for that matter those of any NATO-member states that the Norwegian government and its own security agencies are closely allied to and, on a routine basis, confidentially share terrorist information with, let alone ever interviewed by any of them.

A far cry one must call attention to their customary practices and kneejerk reactions when the perceived terrorist threat: real, imagined or deliberately fabricated, fits neatly into their racist mindset or prescribed agendas. Then no such laissez faire, as we’ve shamelessly witnessed in the case of Anders Behring Breivik who let’s remember is white, is either or would it ever be granted to even the most innocuously connected Muslim or leftwing group or organization, or that was linked in any way to such; but who rather in their public pronouncements were merely drawing the general public’s attention to and ensuring at the same time that the average citizen was made completely aware of the chronic and insidious double standards, hypocrisies and the myriad wrongdoings encompassing every crime imaginable, from the systematic violation of human rights and crimes against humanity to mass murder, target assassinations and genocide, perpetrated by Norway and other western countries either individually, bilaterally or under the direct auspices of NATO and invariably in full collaboration with the secret services of NATO member countries, notably the United States, Britain, France and Norway itself. Norway being a particularly classic toady in all of this, as are the tyrannical apparatuses of the west’s client states, the ICC and the UN Security Council.

In reference to the hands-off, laissez faire attitude that his country Norway had consistently adopted to Nazi and other extreme rightwing activities there and in marked contrast clearly to the comprehensive and intrusive monitoring and close surveillance of all Muslim groups and associations for example, quite literally harassing one section of the community that was non-white while cavalierly and intentionally allowing another one that was exclusively white and far more dangerous as the vile and deadly actions of Anders Behring Breivik have evidently illustrated, Trygve Sorvaag indifferently remarked that it wasn’t possible for the Norwegian security services or the police to monitor everyone, and anyway exercising one’s freedom of speech as Anders Behring Breivik was doing wasn’t the same thing as engaging in terrorism. Neither could it be logically inferred that this man was either a terrorist, had links to terrorists or had any aspirations to be become a terrorist himself, and accordingly there was no need or lawful justification for the Norwegian police, security services or outside allied agencies, for that matter, to monitor Anders Behring Breivik or stop what he was doing.

Right! So now we know! In other words, and I’m paraphrasing here, these self-satisfied Nordic bastards felt sufficiently secure, absolutely comfortable and supremely confident in themselves to be unreservedly complicit in the indiscriminate killing, mutilation and massacre within their own countries and thousands of miles away from Norway’s borders, of other people that in no way posed a threat to Norway or its citizens but who nevertheless Norwegians clearly consider as vastly inferior to themselves; with the added inducement of being totally free as well of any compunction at home to treat their own non-white residents and citizens, small in number, with the due respect and dignity which they deserved and were lawfully entitled to; at the same time impressing upon their government, legal services and civic authorities in the strongest possible terms what they really felt, and making it incumbent on them to demonstrate true leadership by enthusiastically cracking down without fear or favour on all those, whoever they might be and regardless of their skin colour or ethnicity, that broke the law or posed a threat to the security and welfare of the country or its residents

This clearly is not the status quo in Norway; so it comes as no surprise to me that Norwegians who are so enthusiastic for their armed forces to kill foreigners abroad, who actually don’t care how many such people are murdered, what genders they were, how young or old these victims were, or even how they were disposed of, as these people are inconsiderately and indifferently written off by them as worthless collaterals of war should now rather ironically find themselves for once on the bitter receiving end of things, their settled complacency rudely shattered by the fatal but inevitable manifestations of their diligently planted and carefully nurtured dishonesty and disingenuousness that with poetic justice caused them to be hoisted by their own petard.

In a calculated attempt to milk maximum international sympathy and support for those killed in Norway and simultaneously raise and reinforce domestically the rather debilitating fear factor among the general populace which they assiduously, fawningly but maliciously promote (how many of you know for instance that the drafter and producer of the disreputable US Patriot Act that has callously abrogated large sections of that country’s constitution and nullifies many of its citizens, civil rights is a long-time friend and close associate of Rupert Murdoch as well as an employee of his News Corp?) and do this under the transparently disingenuous guise of so-called valid concerns about immigration and the negative impact of multiculturalism in Europe when in actual fact what they’re really hot under the collar about is the actual presence of non-whites: people with a different skin pigmentation from their own, living in Europe, the western media broadcasters at the time when their news editors, producers, presenters, journalists, so-called analysts and pseudo-experts all robotically believed that either Muslims or foreign non-white terrorists were behind this Norwegian outrage and reacted predictably, deliberately set about portraying Norway as a peaceful, liberal, out-of-the-way, civilized Scandinavian nation that occasioned no one any harm; that had humanely opened up its doors to the world’s non-Caucasian refugees, never mind that Norway through its barbaric activities as an integral part of NATO was instrumental in causing them to be refugees in the first place; and oblivious too to the irony of what they were saying that Norway is the home of the Nobel Peace Prize, this notwithstanding the fact that Alfred Nobel its originator made a fortune from dynamite and explosives manufacture; that guilt and self-recrimination were two of the primary motivators for him creating the Nobel Prize; and that throughout most of its history the Noble Peace Prize in particular has preponderantly been awarded to many more villains and mass murderers than to genuine peaceniks. Just look at some of those who got it and you’ll see what I mean: Barack Obama, Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin, Henry Kissinger, Frederik Willem de Klerk and Cordell Hull; Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini were also nominated for it; yet Mahatma Gandhi was not.

Well, there’s an old saying that what goes around eventually comes around. Norwegians have the blood of millions of innocent people on their hands both as a nation and as part of NATO. They’re not the only Europeans in this position, of course, but that’s beside the point, for this country was deeply involved in illegal US renditions to CIA gulags in Eastern Europe as well as third party states within the Middle East and North Africa where these kidnapped persons, for that’s what they were, were sent to be tortured, killed or if they were fortunate enough to survive their ordeal relocated to other places like Guantanamo Bay or Bagram, and one of my deepest and enduring regrets when I first heard the news out of Norway and the location of the bombing in Oslo was that Jens Stoltenberg wasn’t among that list of dead casualties. All I can say in my grave disappointment of this is that hopefully those who were responsible, if indeed they were the fellow citizens of those who’re being massacred by Norwegian armed forces in their own countries or even the kith and kin of those who suffered this unspeakable fate better luck next time; you only have to be lucky once Jens Stoltenberg has to be vigilant 24/7.

Of course this may all be a false flag being raised by NATO in the wake of its abysmal failure in Libya and in which Jens Stoltenberg at the behest of the United States (remember the Gulf of Tonkin incident that never was but which the US fraudulently and publicly used as pretext to wage war on Vietnam and Cambodia?), Britain and France in particular is deeply involved. Using false flags are nothing new to the likes of the United States, Britain, France, Israel and NATO of course, and with Barack Obama facing re-election next year, Nicolas Sarkozy in an identical position in 2012, and as we’ve already witnessed with the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case he will stop at nothing to get back into the Elysée Palace; David Cameron up to his neck in the phone hacking cover-up scandal; Angela Merkel’s popularity at ground zero making all of them hugely unpopular at home and literally desperate to cling on to power; the economic mess and bailouts showing no signs of abating; the Arab Awakening now affecting Spain and Greece, and a myriad of other problems caused through governmental incompetence and rank arrogance besetting western countries greatly lumbered with massive debts and escalating war costs they can realistically afford it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if a false flag was created in lil old out-out-of-the-way Norway to give NATO the favourable but dishonest excuse that it is distraughtly looking for to physically invade Libya with ground forces in the hope of killing Colonel Gaddafi and putting an end to this costly war and their own misery.

Frankly, I wouldn’t put anything past the devious capabilities of these contemptible bastards; for in the self-same way that the fascist government in Sweden is cheerfully allowing itself to be publicly and oh so cynically used to have the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange extradited from Britain to Sweden so he can then be fawningly dispatched by the Swedish authorities to the United States for at best life imprisonment without parole and at worst possible execution on trumped up treason charges in obvious revenge for the public and international humiliation which the United States has suffered following the public and rather excruciating revelation of its endemic barbarity, and also of course to save the blushes of complicit countries like Sweden for rather courageously telling the world what many of us either knew already or suspected, but as a charge would under international law be illegal, since one can only be tried for treason in a country if as the accused he or she is actually or has ever been a citizen of that specific country and in Julian Assange’s case he’s not a citizen of the United States and has never been one; but since when has such niceties prevented the United States empire from completely turning logic and commonsense on their head.

Following the attack on Utoya Island it was reported that a native Norwegian, Anders Behring Breivik was arrested by the police in connection with what had occurred in Norway on Friday 22 July 2011. But remarkably though, all those pundits, reporters and analysts who were quite keen to point the finger of blame at everyone from al-Qaida militants, this despite the fact that we were reliably and emphatically informed by western governments that al-Qaida was utterly decimated and supposedly rendered totally ineffectual by the west’s relentless war on terror, to a plethora of Islamic groups and other foreign terrorists many of them obviously made up to fit the broadcasters own xenophobic, racist and Islamophobic agendas and who unusually for such loquacious folk have suddenly gone eerily quiet as the killer isn’t what they’d all hoped for but in actual fact is your typically perceived Nordic type. What a shame! And shame really is the operative word as Sky News and the rest of the western media had instinctively on learning of the terrorist’s identity; that he was white and Norwegian; wasn’t a Muslim but instead was an extreme, rightwing, fundamentalist Christian, blocked out all facial images of this man in their ongoing news reports and continued to do so for a couple of days until their hands were forced by the alternative media and the internet that clearly had no such racial, asinine and thoroughly misguided white supremacist sensitivities of the kind that Sky News, France 24 and the rest of them evidently had. Can you imagine them doing this if he was a non-white individual or God forbid a practising Muslim?

In addition there was Janet Daley, another white, rightwing nutter who evidently gets her kicks from railing about immigration and multiculturalism even though she’s an immigrant herself to Britain; but nevertheless there she was bold as brass on Sky News (where else?) waffling on in the most exculpatory and considerate manner about Anders Behring Breivik’s fundamentalist Christian credentials comparing his principles with those held by millions in the United States and Canada (where I believe she comes from) and painting a rosy but rather surreal picture of a cohesive, Christian, religious culture that, she said, goes back centuries and has its roots deeply embedded in Europe. No mention however of terrorism or any condemnatory remarks for what Anders Behring Breivik had done as this woman subjectively, unquestionably and instinctively would have sallied forth with had the lawbreaker in this telling Nordic drama in a teacup fitted her deep-rooted or perceived biases. No mention at all either that the undue, horribly distorted and satanic influences of the so-called fundamentalist Christians of North America are largely responsible for the extremely unethical foreign policies of the United States, Canada and other NATO-member countries which have accumulatively caused so much misery in the world, but despite their full knowledge of this the grasping regimes of these countries carry on regardless paradoxically serving as the recruiting sergeants of the exponents of the very terrorism which they dishonestly claim they want to eradicate. But these kind of logical deductions and dare I say civilized niceties are lost on the likes of Janet Daley and Tim Marshall.

With a degree of disgust I watched Jens Stoltenberg feigning his political pain at the loss of his dead Norwegian citizens for that’s precisely what it was a calculated political gimmick by him, as it’s my fervent belief that this man doesn’t possess a single morsel of common humanity or compassion in his entire body. The King and Queen also openly showed their distress and even shed copious tears, but where are the tears your majesties for the children of Afghanistan, their parents and friends mowed down by NATO and Norwegian barbarity. There are no unmanned drones targeting any part of Norway, are they? So you can sleep peacefully at nights even with someone like Anders Behring Breivik on the loose, so I’m not impressed. But I will say this, if you think so much about life and what losing it really means then perhaps you should reflect on the events of the past days in your own country and mend your ways and that of your subjects. But I shan’t hold my breath on that one as terrorism in your mindset is always linked to people who aren’t white. When the IRA was bombing mainland Britain it wasn’t the Irish community here that was being stopped and searched but Afro-Caribbeans who patently weren’t Irish, had nothing to do with Ireland’s ongoing civil war that the authorities here in Britain couldn’t even bring themselves to call it by its proper name (anywhere else they would have described it as a civil war) risibly calling it instead the Troubles and still continue to refer to it as such, and it’s clear as muck that Norwegian, fundamentalist Christians with extreme rightwing views won’t be targeted, rounded up, renditioned and all the rest of it that Norway was and still is complicit in, and once the brouhaha has died down it’ll be business as usual for Norway, in other words Muslim bashing and killing them both on land and from the skies as you’re currently doing in Libya.

What a bunch of barbaric but utterly pathetic assholes you all are. God help you, as I’m totally divorced from this crap and honestly couldn’t care less how many Norwegians or other citizens of NATO counties, including my own for that matter, get killed. For why is it okay to consider those massacred in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and elsewhere as collateral war damage but the forfeited lives of murdered Europeans funnily enough snuffed out by one of their own and in a country that for more than 10 years now, certainly in the case of Afghanistan, has been causing the mayhem previously referred to must be elevated to the realms of sainthood? Sorry but not by me!

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