Monday, 20 June 2011

Sleepwalking into Armageddon!

By Stanley Collymore

Murder of any sort is insupportable under all circumstances except in extreme case of self-defence to protect one’s own life that of a family member, close friend or innocent individual or group of them whose lives are seriously threatened; this dictum however positively excludes premeditated murder in any situation by anyone, groups of persons or any organisation, civil or military, under any circumstance.

The sanctity of life is therefore and understandably so precious to every individual irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, race, social class, educational background, skin colour, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or none at all, nationality, place of birth, cultural identity, state of health, physical and or mental disabilities, political doctrine and affiliations or an absence of these, social mobility and age, and therefore every society, community and national entity which justifiably sees itself as civilized has in place well defined legal and social structures to ostracize and punish on conviction those who wilfully or recklessly take the lives of others, just as they work assiduously to keep such structures in place while revisiting them periodically to find ways of improving them in the light of prevailing circumstances and responsibly ensure that the core elements and modifications of these vitally important structures forever act as a permanent bulwark against the baser instincts of human kind.

It’s called the rule of law and to which we’re all of us equally and legally answerable if we flout or break the enshrined tenets therein; an obvious procedural but none the less basic mechanism that is supposed to differentiate us from the crude and instinctive conduct of less sentient mammals that also jointly share our planet Earth with other life forms. That’s the theory anyway, since practice all too frequently is very much different from supposition however noble the latter might be.

Throughout the ages mankind has both witnessed and also participated in a multiplicity of bestial, barbaric, horrifically murderous and downright unspeakable acts of humanity that were invariably committed against the background of other vile and premeditated crimes of such all-encompassing and horrendous nature that by no stretch of the imagination could they have been remotely seen as harbingers of man’s enlightenment let alone his finest hour. But though it all and basically by trial and error the human species has nevertheless survived, and out of these collective traumas that it has experienced elements of it have emerged from these ordeals which after thoughtful reflection on their part sensibly concluded that there had to be a more effective, constructive and productive way of dealing with and even efficaciously managing the crises that humanity was interminably confronted with than just wantonly and nonsensically settling real or perceived differences through indiscriminate brute force.

Unfortunately however that remit apparently didn’t envisage and therefore couldn’t have devised an effective formula for purposefully combating and even eradicating bogus differences skilfully but conspiratorially contrived as real and potentially intractable ones which needed extraordinary measures to oppose and vanquish them, then dishonestly portrayed and ruthlessly promulgated as such with the clear and specific aim of markedly achieving and permanently sustaining an unjust advantage over a fabricated and fraudulently hyped opponent.

That was particularly obvious during the colonialist period orchestrated at large against several countries across the world, particularly in Africa, by imperialist-minded and obsessively addicted to power at any cost European states, a phenomenon that is still very evident today by these same rogue countries unquestionably supported in their joint perspective by their white Caucasian settler progenies, notably the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Israel and New Zealand, all of whom however have no compunction whatsoever of ludicrously, arrogantly, dishonestly and quite hubristically in the face of commonsense, objective analysis and simple reality itself masquerading themselves as civilized entities, and what’s more insufferably coercing others to think likewise of them, and if they don’t then resorting to churlishly and even childishly taking to berating, vilifying, concocting and promulgating all manner of lies about them, and worse of all deviously resorting to arbitrarily and wholly illegally depriving such persons of their lives.

Yet while behaving in this totally unwholesome and utterly barbaric fashion these aforementioned countries and the people who actually run them unsurprisingly go to extraordinary lengths in their increasing paranoid state of mental instability to create their own individual police state equipped with its panoply of oppressive laws specifically designed to protect not only their own despicable lives and wrongdoings but also the lives of those who are precious to them, while at the same time they assiduously, perceptibly and deliberately chip away at the very laws, customs observances and freedoms that genuinely constitute a truly democratic and civilized society.

Britain, and mostly England it is fair to say, has for example 20% of the accumulative sum total of all the world’s CCTV cameras in operation, 4.5 million of them to be precise in a population of 60 million people; China in marked contrast and a country which successive British governments and the British media repeatedly slam and denounce as a police state impervious they claim to human rights has two million CCTV cameras nationally but a population of 1.5 billion inhabitants. And it is well documented that on average the ordinary Briton is caught of British CCTV cameras around a staggering 300 times a day; in the US meanwhile as well as the Patriot Act that extensively strips most Americans of their enshrined constitutional rights it is now additionally considered illegal by the authorities there to dance however innocuously so around the Thomas Jefferson memorial. Yet I don’t know of a single evangelical or Pentecostal church congregation anywhere in the world, let alone in the US, the UK, Africa or the Caribbean for example, where fervent Christian worshippers paying homage to the Almighty God, far more omnipotent and praiseworthy a being I would have thought than Thomas Jefferson ever was or could have been, who when the ecstasy of the love that they have for their God grabs them during their worship of him don’t instinctively dance and sing to the glory of their maker; and therefore I can’t envisage any priest or pastor, however dim-witted or reactionary he or she might be, that would want to stop them from doing so on the lame pretext that they were being disrespectful to the Lord; yet according to the imbeciles who run the United States Thomas Jefferson is effectively more important than the Lord himself. How asinine can one get, I ask you?

This against the backdrop of a world beset with numerous and very pressing problems, loads of them quite unnecessary in the making, and all of them caused either directly or through surrogate means by these same idiotic, paranoid and completely venal cretins whose positions in power have been handsomely bought and paid for them by a coterie of enormously rich, privileged, pampered and powerful people openly fronted by organizations and institutions that they exclusively control and which range from bodies like AIPAC, other Zionist lobby groups and rightwing think tanks to corrupt institutions under the protective umbrella of Wall Street, the London and other major EU Stock Markets and of course the banks, and everyone of them ably and unquestionably supported by the Zionist controlled western media, NATO, the ICC kangaroo court and the distinctly corrupt and incompetent United Nations. And rather than seriously and constructively address and put to right the frightful mess that successive US administrations over several decades now have created worldwide, to watch these intellectually challenged and morally bankrupt US lawmakers directing their natural penchant for viciousness and spitefulness into unleashing their brutish police thugs to indiscriminately and violently beat up on innocent civilians simply exercising their constitutional right of peaceful assembly just illustrates what scared individuals they really are, how profoundly they’ve lost the plot when it actually comes to dealing with reality, and how far beyond the pale of redemption they’ve voluntarily ensconced themselves; people who quite frankly need to be got rid of.

Britain doesn’t have a written constitution and while every prescient-minded Briton thinks it’s high time that we had one that expressly spells out the rights and responsibilities of every British citizen and resident of this island nation as well as specifically outlines the powers and limitations of those who govern us, there are more than enough precedents in our legal and political systems buttressed by common law observances, the rule of law and, of course, Magna Carta to make absolutely sure that even without a written constitution abuses of power, particularly those instigated by or on the behalf of the state aren’t only to be viewed as morally indefensible but must also be unequivocally condemned as utterly wrong and unreservedly deserving of the most stringent punishment.

No citizen of Britain, including myself, has the right or should he or she regardless of how exalted they might think they are, be permitted or conceitedly assume that they can arrogate to themselves the right to go around deliberately breaking the law or incite others to do the same; and this dictum applies uniformly to a range of offences from petty ones like being a nuisance in a public place to much more serious crimes like murder and treason; and as a purportedly civilized nation that most Britons would subscribe to the notion that we generally are, I’m quite positive that the majority of my fellow countrymen and women would support that point of view.

Similarly, we also believe in the inherent principle that anyone accused of a single or even multiple wrongdoings and especially serious crimes that however weighty these are and while it’s perfectly in order for that individual on the receipt of a compliant by the lawful legal authorities, namely the police, to be arrested, cautioned and is as such entitled by them to be questioned in the presence of a legal representative if he or she as for one, or someone from their embassy if the arrested person is a foreigner, concerning the matter or matters under police investigation and on which that person is being held in custody; that the accused has the mandatory right to remain silent at all times when questioned and can be charged with a specific or specified crimes if there’s a prime face case to be answered, can then be arraigned, brought at the earliest opportunity before a duly constituted court, asked to substantiate his or her personal details and enter a plea of guilty or not guilty; granted or refused bail at the court’s discretion taking into full consideration the seriousness of the charge, the possibility of the defendant being a flight risk or someone likely to intimidate potential witnesses, or might even be at risk himself or herself from vigilante groups or others seeking revenge; but whatever is decided by the court in relation to granting bail or dismissing an application for it or where no such application has be made that accused individual nevertheless is legally in the eyes of the law innocent until proven guilty beyond any shadow of a doubt. And were he or she to be subsequently convicted of the crime of which they were accused they do have the right of appeal against their conviction and sentence if they choose to exercise it.

This is to ensure that governments in Britain cannot easily, or shouldn’t be able to, either of their own volition or acting on the behalf of the privileged, powerful and elite who they economically sell their souls to, just as they kowtow to their every whim, fancy and demand to safeguard their immense financial and corporate interests, don’t have an open licence to freely abuse the justice system for completely jaundiced reasons more attributable to the abuse of power than anything remotely to do with justice, moral probity or the rule of law.

That’s the principle anyway; however as more Britons increasingly and despairingly come to find out to their cost, and as Britain’s population incredulously sleep walks into the nightmarish hell of one of the most despicable police states possible whose genesis began under the primeministership of Maggie Thatcher, continued under that of Jim Callaghan, was immensely strengthened through the stewardship of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and has alarmingly accelerated apace under the fascist rule of David Cameron and his acquiescent dummy Nick Clegg, the rule of law has all but disappeared in the UK even though there’s a great pretence on the part of those who’ve degraded and brought it to the dangerous state it’s now in to erroneously give the impression that it’s alive and well, and not on the life-support that those who really care about Britain, all of its people and how our country is perceived in the rest of the world have against all the odds managed to put in place to stop this key element of civilized conduct from completely dying off at the hands of neo-Nazis like David Cameron, those in his cabinet, and the rest of their ilk.

To fully grasp and get a comprehensive understanding of the damage they’ve collectively inflicted and like the drug obsessed addicts on a fix, not by any means a preposterous analogy since most if not all of them are known to have taken illicit drugs in the past and it’s a fair bet they’re still doing so, have created an entire litany of events that have increasingly and seemingly intractably become commonplace in the UK, and indisputably have markedly contributed to and are now synonymous with the typical police state that the powers that be have intentionally but short-sightedly fashioned modern Britain and more especially England into. Here are just three examples of what I mean:

1. There’s now a significantly corrupt and thuggish police force in the UK with the London based Metropolitan Police Force in the vanguard of this unseemly state of affairs and led by a placement nonentity Police Commissioner that has turned Britain’s largest police force into a highly and quite unjustifiable politicized arm of the Con-Dem coalition government headed by David Cameron, and is either oblivious to but more likely is totally uncaring of the fact that the role of the British police isn’t a political one; that the British police are legally obliged to be impartial at all times in all their dealings with members the public; that universities and colleges are academic institutions not only designed for higher learning but also as platforms for free speech and the testing of all rational and controversial deliberations, a sure fire method of advancing the mind as well as human possibilities and advancements and shouldn’t be seen and worst still used as a snooping venue by the police and the installation of their accursed CCTV cameras to assuage their bloody paranoia and bigoted Nazi proclivity for the sinister and unwarranted control of other people’s lives and activities; and just as crucial in all this should remember there’s such a thing as the constitutional separation of powers.

2. A crown prosecution service where cronyism and favouritism are alive and endemic; probity unheard of; and prosecutions if they take place at all are subjective and politically motivated.

3. The joint chiefs of the British armed forces: another bunch of unelected toffs like those at Nos.1 and 2 who nowadays routinely and patronizingly usurp the proper and intended role of parliament and are allowed to get away with it, and with their like-minded associates in the executive branch of government determine the UK’s foreign policy, haughtily overlooking and even dismissing the fact that it’s not the task of military chiefs in a supposed liberal democracy like Britain’s to either engage in political activities or publicly make political statements of any kind while still a serving member of the British armed forces let alone pressure the government of the UK into following a particular course of action even when it’s known to be illegal. Those are decisions for MPs.

However should these military chiefs still want to make a political contribution irrespective of how useless this might be to the general political debate going on in the country, then they ought first to resign their commissions, quit the branch of the armed forces they’re in, settle for civilian life like the rest of us, and as such be at liberty like everyone else to put their case and the validity of what they’re saying to the verdict of the ballot box if they so choose, and not blatantly use their military positions to give an air of authenticity to their elitist and imperialist bigotry. The armed forces of the United Kingdom aren’t our political masters and that is particularly so of their military chiefs; they’re in effect answerable to us and civilian rule, and as such Mr Prime Minister they are meant and expected to be apolitical.

But starting with Tony Blair, a policy that was mindlessly proceeded with by Gordon Brown and is now enthusiastically taken up and implemented by David Cameron, because it’s quite innate to his disposition of separatist, elitist entitlement, we’re increasingly witnessing in Britain government at national level that isn’t through proper debate and consensus where both houses of parliament and particularly our elected MPs of whatever political persuasion and from across the whole spectrum of political parties which are physically represented in the House of Common have their legitimate say, but rather government by decree that itself stems from the decisions of a coterie of privileged, like-minded insiders and were arrived at during a somewhat insular decision making process.

Decisions that while indifferently disregarding the real concerns of the ordinary members of the public none the less cravenly and emphatically reflect the vested interests as articulated and even dictated by the paid lobbyists and venal conduits of the ill-gotten gains that the creators of these favourable decisions in turn receive for their bountiful assistance to their paymasters, of the huge multinational corporations, the military industrial complex, the oil companies and, of course, the ubiquitous high street banks and other financial institutions which individually and collectively have done so much to con and economically ruin us all while at the same time raking in at an unstoppable rate a gargantuan pile of massive profits ably assisted in this endeavour through the unquestioning help of our corrupt elected officials.

What grovelling servitude on the part of David Cameron’s ilk and especially from a man who likes to and actually revels in the spurious claim that he’s a direct descendant of William the Conqueror, not something that sane or rational person would be proud of in their own case even if it were true since William and his Norman hordes weren’t even the Frenchmen they passed themselves off as but were in effect Norsemen: Scandinavians who were summarily kicked out of Scandinavia, in particular Sweden and Denmark, because they were regarded by their own kith and kin there, none other than the Vikings, as much too brutal and barbaric in their usual dealings with ordinary people and as such not worthy to have around. This would be akin in the context of our modern world for example to being kicked out of the US’s Ku Klux Klan, France’s National Front, the UK’s British national Party and English Defence League, or South Africa’s apartheid era the National party for being too racist towards Blacks and other non-whites, or Israel’s Kadima Party for being much too Zionist and beastly to the Palestinian people.

Thus dislodged from their homeland these now homeless wanderers were eventually given refuge in France, but true as ever to their barbaric nature they quickly turned on their French hosts and in astounding acts of sedition and treachery completely took over and began governing France as if it were their own country. So only someone with a similar mindset as these unwholesome , vicious and mindless thugs would consider these renegade Vikings, aka the Normans, as absolute or even passable role models and therefore folk to be emulated, which ought to give any sentient individual a true insight into David Cameron’s own mind; and while it’s perfectly true that none of us had or could ever have had any input into who our authentic let alone our fallacious ancestors were, to go that extra distance as David Cameron has done in a kind of one-upmanship to say that his pedigree is far superior, greater and much better than that of most if not all of the rest of us Britons is at best just plain idiotic and it its worst obtuse and bizarre.
But I know exactly why he’s doing this. It’s to stake an absurd and erroneous claim that he has an omnipotent pedigree and aristocratic warrior leader’s birthright to rule over us mere peasants, as he perceives most of Britain’s population to be. Well I’ve news for you bwana Cameron this is 2011 and not 1066 and the divine right of anyone to arbitrarily rule over another person whether this act is voluntary acceded to or not means bugger all to the likes of me and gets short shrift as well, and frankly I don’t mind telling you so Monsieur le baron.

Second, official statistics show that in the 21st Century some 36% of British females, and about the same it is reckoned for their mainland European counterparts, frequently cuckold their husbands or live-in partners producing and then naming these men as the biological fathers of the children that these women have conceived but which their husbands or partners didn’t sire and furthermore are kept totally ignorant of that fact. Quite a lot of illicit, dishonest and unfaithful bonking I would say Mr Cameron, adding significantly to the other forms of bastardy that already permeates the UK; so how the hell then can you categorically claim and with absolute conviction let alone assert against the backdrop of all the bonking that evidently took place during 1066 and subsequently and has in turn from the personal perspective of many people I’ve spoken to, led to your utterly useless life in contemporary Britain has been faithful, honest, consensual, moral, occurred on the right side of the sheet so to speak and utterly kosher?

Do you know, just for argument’s sake, how many British mothers incapable of having children of their own adopted other people’s children who afterwards were never told by their adopted parents that they were adopted? And putting you on the spot David have you ever DNA tested your known immediate ancestors: mum, dad (now dead I know) or grandparents? And in case you decide to do a reverse of that and throw the same question back at me, the answer is a categorical yes in respect of my own immediate ancestors, other close relatives and myself, so I know with absolute certainty who exactly I am. But then I don’t go around making outlandish claims, or do I have any desire or inclination to, in respect of my own bloodline, which I’m quite happy with if you must know.

So take my advice David and get real; cut all the 1066 crap unless you can provide incontrovertible DNA proof to substantiate your assertions about you being the pristine product of a series of moral unions that constitute your aristocratic bloodline as it really doesn’t make much sense or wash with me. Not that it should or that I care a fig about your obsessive fantasies, it’s simply that you’re the prime minister of our country and it deeply worries me that instead of competently administering it on sensible, pragmatic lines for the benefit of all of us who live, work and pay our taxes in the UK you want to take us back to the 11th Century, while at the same time representing yourself as some kind of warrior monarch. That’s utterly lunatic David, and besides we already have a constitutional monarch in Queen Elizabeth II.

Third, you and your spouse Samantha produced between you a quite severely disabled child that is now dead and buried; hardly the kind of DNA or genetic material requisite to support your haughty notions of being atop the tree of what you both consider as the Master Race let alone a convincing argument or advertisement much less a worthy one for that, from you perspective I would imagine, exclusive racial and dare I say racist club. This Nazi crap was supposed to have died out at the end of World War II and was what several of my close relatives fought against and some of them died to eradicate, as did millions of others not only in the UK but from across the then British Empire: 2 million Indians, the largest volunteer, military armed forces in the history of mankind; hundreds of thousands of sub-Saharan Africans, Afro-Caribbeans and thousands more African Americans even as the jackboots of British and other European colonialism compounded by legalized white North American racism, segregation’ lynching and Jim Crowism respectively were repressively pressed against their own necks and as such they could either have silently stood back, kept their distance and pray to God for a plague on both warring houses: the Nazis and the Allies, as they sat the war out or adopt the attitude of the Southern Irish that my enemy’s enemy is my friend and morally at least side with the Germans; but they didn’t, and even though their vast contribution in respect of the war has still not been fully recognized 65 years after the event and is still circumscribed in the so-called mainstream western media, films and documentaries about the war and in the educational arena, no amount of revisionism can alter an indivisible truth.

As someone who in the past has voluntarily worked with those who looked after the physically and mentally handicapped I wasn’t being nor would I be so insensitive as to make light of anyone with disabilities of any kind, since I know from firsthand experience what these disabilities entail for all those who unfortunately suffer with them as well as their relatives and carers for whom they’re all-pervasive causes of deep and ongoing concerns. None the less, such individuals do on average I’ve discovered tend to show a much greater understanding of life and sympathy for the plight of others including strangers than the everyday person tends to. That’s the general rule; but of course there’s no accounting for uncouth conduct and selfishness. The British public and others were expected by you and Samantha Mr Cameron to empathize with and share your anguish and sense of loss when your disabled son died of natural causes, and you regaled the rest of us with the trauma and rather harrowing experiences you endured as parents, and many people did from the perspective of a life having been lost. But for all that David you haven’t expressed an iota of concern or compassion for the murderous elimination of innocent lives many of them children that you’ve personally cut short in your premeditated theatres of undeclared war, the latest of these being Libya, where your totally barbaric, Zionist-inspired, colonialist and imperialist warmongering fervour themselves juxtaposed with your racist proclivities and compounded by those of your collegial and likeminded immature friends and allies are given full rein.

This against the background of the active role which Britain is currently playing in Bahrain whose butcher sheik, as regal as you think you are David, you’re grotesquely selling enormous quantities of arms and other oppressive equipment to as he cold-bloodedly and methodically subjugates, jails, imprisons tortures and kills large sections of the majority population of the country that his family usurped, took absolute control of , which it still exclusively exerts and rules with an iron hand, and all this with more than a little help from its friend Britain; while next-door, in what is grandiosely called Saudi Arabia, Britain liberally assists another despotic family giving it all the latest state of the art weaponry it wishes to buy while at the same time tarnishing the name and reputation of the British military by having it train Saudi execution units in all the relevant techniques they ask for as invading forces of neighbouring Bahrain to brutally quell peaceful Bahraini protests in demand of the same human rights, components of democracy, freedom of expression, dignity and the right of peaceful assembly and all of the rest of it that you David quite sanctimoniously and ad nauseum preach to those countries, regimes and the leaders of them that refuse to bend the knee of servitude to global, hegemonistic aspirations Britain and its Caucasian allies.

Even going as far as to rather childishly get your obsequious stuffed shirts at Ofcom: risibly the so-called independent body that among other duties that few people know of and care even less about is supposedly meant to regulate broadcasting in the UK, although its official writ does not apply to the BBC, and in tandem with Ofcom and your craven allies at the NatWest Bank, as Wikileaks the whistleblower previously warned us would be the case, orchestrate a manufactured situation to put off the air in the United Kingdom the Iranian owned Press TV broadcaster. Predictably so, as Press TV has been an unwitting thorn in the side of these hypocrites since it is the only broadcaster in the UK that has the guts to show the news as it really is, something which the corporate media like the BBC, Sky, France 24, CNN and the rest of them both collectively as well as individually and with a matching Zionist agenda to that of these western governments resolutely refuse to show, and in what others and myself think is downright envy and spite on the part of these people in relation to Press TV loathe its outstanding and non-judgemental interaction with its viewers and of course the wide audience participation, trustworthiness and huge respect that the channel in turn commands in the west and which these governments are fully cognisant that their corporate media just can’t rival in their present format and through their prescriptive broadcasting and therefore fear; and not least because Press TV is delivering a narrative that is completely different from the lies and deceptions that are commonplace on the corporate channels and which fit in with the agenda of their political masters.

What defenders of liberty and free speech juxtaposed with the freedom of the media these western crusaders are as they turn a blind eye to the blatant and barbaric crackdown of these same liberties in Bahrain, the Yemen and that bastion of democracy and human rights Saudi Arabia but publicly demand them in Syria, Iran, Cuba and even countries like Venezuela where their writ doesn’t run because the local people and their governments are very much aware of the west’s hypocrisy and can see for themselves how they stifle these said liberties in several countries globally even taking to bombing as they did quite recently, in June 2011, the Libyan state broadcasting corporation, and the UK’s treatment of Press TV at the behest of the United States administration.

But no one who knows the facts will be surprised by any of these goings on. Ofcom gets much of its money from the corporate broadcasters it’s meant to regulate so by no objective analysis can it be honestly described as an independent body or impartial regulator since it is clearly operating in a situation where there’s an apparent conflict of interests; something which David Cameron as its putative boss evidently knows a great deal about. Remember the hype around his much publicized trip to Egypt but only after the young revolutionaries there had finally managed to get rid of Hosni Mubarak? How he ostentatiously visited Tahrir Square the focal point of the revolutionary protests and did so in the full glaze of the western media? It was a completely dishonest, duplicitous, highly staged managed and cynical move to disingenuously give the lying impression that Britain and he David Cameron in particular were glad the revolution had occurred and Cameron himself from the very outset had been thoroughly supportive of the scores of thousands of revolutionaries who had thronged in Tahrir Square demanding the removal of Mubarak and his cronies. This was a blatant lie of course and reality couldn’t have been more different; nevertheless it was effectively the first shot over the revolutionaries’ bow that Britain and its allies in the west, notably the US, would do everything they could to hijack the revolutionaries nascent triumph now that their strongman who they had supported for over three decades in his brutal suppression of the Egyptian people was no longer in charge.

Old habits die hard and inveterate warmongers like leopards can’t change their spots, for even as David Cameron was going though his well rehearsed congratulatory motions in respect of Egypt’s young revolutionaries he had with him in tow a coterie of very prominent British arms dealers that he was touring North Africa and the Middle East with. That’s like a fire station chief who on being notified of a major fire in his jurisdiction rather than sending appropriate water tenders to put it out decides instead to dispatch a number of Total, BP, Exxon Mobil and Texaco petrol laden tankers to supposedly do the job. In these and other circumstances I’ve earlier outlined at length Mr Cameron put yourself in the shoes of the average person and ask yourself if someone else was doing exactly what you’re doing and in the process occasioning indescribable harm to others including yourself and members of your family, wouldn’t you feel justified to wish that person, his wife and progeny and even accounting for the 36% caveat of undisclosed bastardy I earlier referred to, together with all of those associated with him and were complicit in his crimes a permanent place in hell, there to rot for all eternity? Or do you consider yourself by reason of your supposed pedigree bloodline and its attendant privileged background, and of course finding yourself the prime minister of a country where class divisions even in the 21st Century are still endemic that these advantages automatically put you and yours above the law, which you none the less insist that the rest of us must obey?

Your double standards are mindboggling David. There you are in the vanguard of accelerating this country of ours further into a police state yet you dishonestly decry, and do so publicly, the lack of democracy in the Middle East with Israel of course being the one exception which without fail you and your western buddies always cite as a glowing example of the way that things should be – but you would wouldn’t you? – deliberately deceiving the British public generally into thinking that if only these uncouth Arabs consciously made the effort to be to like us all their problems and those of the Middle East in particular and North Africa generally would simply dissolve and melt away, peace, stability and prosperity would rein supreme and everyone would be happy.

However the barefaced lie that you and your ilk propagate David is far removed from the reality of the situation that daily confronts the daily lives of these people, namely that they too aspire to and desperately want true democracy for themselves and all that it entails; yearn like the rest of us here in the west for human rights, freedom of expression and the right of peaceful assembly, dignity and the fundamental right to govern themselves; to freely and democratically have the right to elect and remove their leaders through their collective expression at the ballot box; to be able to exercise full and decisive management of their lives and national resources; to have their voices heard and their opinions respected in all international forums that they are members of; yes to have peace, stability and the immutable right and guarantee to national security within their own sovereign, independent states and to be properly and equitably governed by the rule of law administered by competent and impartial officials that are ultimately answerable to the people themselves and not state officials or other powerful or influential vested interests either within the country itself or outside of it and that immutably operate under the strict principle of the separation of executive, legislative and judicial powers and completely free, as all sovereign states are meant to be, of the unwarranted intrusion or unreasonable interference through whatever pretext or means of their perfectly legitimate domestic and international affairs.

These are the sorts of inalienable rights which you want for yourself, Samantha, your children and others whom you perceive as being like you David and therefore are deserving of them, and what’s more expect to have them as a matter of right to enjoy unmolested; and the stark reality is that you do and undoubtedly make the most of them, for starters you don’t live in social housing and don’t have to worry where the next penny is coming from to make ends meet, and would be hard-pressed to identify let alone empathize with such people, yet they represent a substantial part of the British landscape. So logic dictates that if you and those like you can’t even identify with significant tracts of your own populations how then can you feel anything for people who are racially different from you and that you intuitively regard as being inferior in everyway to yourselves? That’s why there’s such an entirely different scenario and narrative in the way that Britain currently run by the likes of you and supported unquestioningly by NATO, the ICC, IMF, WTO; the right of veto and attendant with this their corrupting influence but none the less permanent residence status in the UN Security Council of an outdated and out of touch elite of overwhelmingly Caucasian members together with the industrial military complex, the powerful Zionist lobbies, Wall Street and the entire panoply of capitalist, financial institutions, your tame domestic judiciary, thuggish police forces and biddable media behave towards the Middle East and have been doing so for decades now, just as their white predecessors did to Blacks and other non-whites for centuries, with the assistance of Arabs I might add. Poetic justice perhaps?

So despite all your fancy rhetoric about human rights and democracy for those around the world I don’t buy it David because it’s not what you and your ilk want. There’s an old English adage that I’m sure you’re quite familiar with: actions speak louder than words. Need I say anymore? So as far as what you’re saying and the words that you’re using these are all just pseudonyms that you cynically play with, just like you do with the term al-Qaida to justify your colonialist, imperialist mindset and lying postures in order to secure or sustain an economic and or military hegemonistic stranglehold of those countries and regions you’ve targeted in order to deprive them of whatever is meaningful, just and right for them while at the same time using the al-Qaida brand name that you have so effectively created in the west as a handy device to coerce, con and consistently instil fear into your respective domestic population always ready to believe what you tell them, knowing full well that as the credulous dupes which many of them manifestly are you’ll get their unquestioning and mindless support to further reinforce your police state and ironically increasingly restrict their own rights and freedoms as you continue to march inexorably towards the full-blooded creation of a big brother society and the automatic control of every facet of their private and working lives.

It was always been an open secret that the insecurity and paranoia of the United States indicate that that country always has to have an enemy to demonize and fight with and when it can’t believably find one it immediately sets about creating one regardless of how daft or incongruous its jaundiced reasoning is, and with the fall of communism and that particular bogeyman that the US authorities could and did effectively con the largely ill-informed US public with and itself basically unaware and uncaring about almost everything that doesn’t happen in the United States, the US lawmakers without exception and at every level of government and themselves deeply and venally embedded in the financial pockets of entities like the industrial military complex, AIPAC and Wall Street for example had to find other prominent bogeyman to frighten their childish electorate into submission and al-Qaida fitted the bill adequately. So much so that the United States broke as it is, is spending some three trillion dollars a year of borrowed communist Chinese money (please don’t laugh as it is rather pathetic when looked at seriously bearing in mind all the venom and hateful rhetoric that every US administration directed towards communism in the past and Congress still does) to fight an imaginary enemy. No wonder that the Chinese are laughing all the way to the bank. The worry for me David is that a matured country like Britain has chosen to go along with this nonsense, for had the US been an individual acting in this bizarre way instead of being a bullying superpower in the militaristic sense that individual in Britain at any rate would have been compulsorily sectioned off to a mental institution and more likely than not a maximum security one like Broadmoor; and even as a middle ranking country the US would have been studiously ignored and considered to be beyond the pale as far as civilized nations were concerned. Little wonder then the lot of you don’t want for anyone outside your privileged club to have powerful nuclear weapons. Think on that!

You are the prime minister of our country Mr Cameron; the electorate of Britain, however didn’t give you a mandate to be such but you and your political party, the Tories, expediently formed an alliance with the Liberal Democrats (Lib-Dems) who’d been in the political wilderness for as long as anyone alive can remember and consequently they were keen to sell their own mothers let alone their souls to be in government once again, even as a very junior partner therein. Together you then formed a coalition government that many people in Britain don’t much care for, but for all that the parliamentary arithmetic was on your side and for the time being still is, so they pragmatically held their collective noses and democratically accepted your marriage of convenience; and as the leader of the party with the largest number of MPs in this somewhat opportune coalition you became the prime minister of our country.

But as much as I personally loathe what you and your Conservative Party represent Mr Cameron, and I’m not alone in that sentiment within the UK, I will none the less defend to the last drop of my blood your right, as outlined in the previously mentioned circumstances, to be Prime Minister of Britain; and were some foreign government or regimes to arbitrarily or in any other way for that matter seek to physically remove you from office and particularly through the odious and unlawful concept of regime change I’d be among the first to spring to your defence and resist all such moves on their part. This is because the United Kingdom is a sovereign, independent country and affairs, especially our domestic ones, should and must be determined by its citizens and voters and not by outsiders however well-intentioned but more likely than not maliciously motivated their personal designs on our country are. And were you David to be considered unfit to be the prime minister of our country it’s for the British electorate in a general election and through the ballot box as it did with Gordon Brown to remove you. However, if the matter was so serious that the country could not wait for another general election when it was due to be held we have the fundamental right to petition parliament to remove you through a vote of no confidence or have you impeached; and in a dire emergency the Queen can exercise her reserve right to remove you, suspend parliament and call fresh elections as she constitutionally did through her Governor-General in Australia a while back. That’s how it is and what you’re quite familiar with David.

So tell me then, how the hell do you Mr Cameron, your eager partners in crime and NATO justify your illicit and unwarranted interference in the internal affairs of Libya? And I don’t want to hear all the crap rhetoric about your authorization coming from the United Nations Security Council’s Resolution 1973; that’s not true! That resolution specifically authorized a no fly zone and not the indiscriminate bombing of Libya or the murder of its citizens who you were supposed to protect. Besides these resolutions are always politically motivated and this one was no different; and what we have is a feckless UN Secretary General and five veto wielding states that play pin pong with the lives of the rest of the world and it’s all done in their own particular vested interests. The UN resolution was sponsored by Britain and France with the explicit support of the United States and tacit backing from China and Russia and with the other non permanent members that are currently on the UN Security Council that make up the rest of the number that you must have being bought of by the United States, Britain and France. So your influence is phenomenal in so much that you draft the resolution yourselves, know that it will be passed in a chamber with a useless secretary general as its titular head, that you can with the snap of your fingers bring undue pressure to bear on the non permanent members infatuated like pubescent school girls to among the senior boys so to speak, knowing that as a last resort you have the authority to quite arbitrarily veto any measure put forward in a UN resolution or the entire resolution itself, as the United States undertook to do, over widespread condemnation of continued Israeli unlawful settlement of Palestinian land, if you dislike what’s proposed even if it’s the popular and majority view of the other members.

So what’s the big deal about you shouting your mouth off David about UN resolutions regardless of how partially they might mesh with your perverse aspirations? For the love of God man, you in the form of the United Kingdom, the United States, France, China and Russia collectively own the bloody United Nations and especially its Security Council, so don’t act all innocent as if you aren’t aware of this and consequently what goes on there is somehow the objective consensus of the rest of humanity; it isn’t! And if you genuinely want to be a stickler for UN resolutions David whether in the implementation or the actual observance of these shouldn’t you first be having a friendly but reproving word in the ear of your Zionist enfant terrible and rather spoilt brat Israel that repeatedly flouts more United Nations resolutions than those of every other country on earth which have UN resolutions against them combined and persistently gets away with doing so because of the staunch and resolute military, political and diplomatic support, including that of your own Security Council veto that Britain, the United States and France accord it. So why pick on Libya? That’s a rhetorical question David, as everyone over 16 years old who isn’t blind, deaf, credulous or downright stupid already knows the answer to that particular one.

You see David we all recognize, primarily because we’re not stupid, that this deception that you’re trying your damnedest to pull on us started out with your deliberate lies of humanitarian concerns and assistance for the Libyan people unasked for I must add by the vast majority of them except of course the cat’s-paws, MI6 and CIA Libyan puppets that you and your friends already had in place and on the ground in Libya and implicit in these lies although at the time of broadcasting them you skilfully refrained from ever disclosing them are what you now explicitly mentioning, specifically strategic interests (for whom I’d like to ask since the United Kingdom is without doubt a European country that’s physically and geographically removed from Libya that is on the African continent?) and oil. And the indecent haste with which Britain, France, the US, mainland Europe, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and completely unknown and unrepresentative body comically calling itself the transitional council illustrating in the process and on the part of the west all the hallmarks of Afghanistan in 1979 (Question: Don’t you silly assholes have the ability to learn from your past errors?) does nothing but to totally convince me, and I’m sure others as well with functioning brain cells in their heads that your quite unwarranted attacks on Libya and Colonel Gaddafi in particular and with whom you were all mutually doing rather lucrative business with right up to March 2011; whose armed forces up until that time as well Britain was training while providing arms to Colonel Gaddafi himself to fight the so-called Libyan revolutionaries which you have since switched sides to and are now supposedly supporting in a most convenient U turn after the toppling of the west’s strongmen in Tunisia and Egypt that you didn’t expect would happen and now needed a plausible replacement to show your disingenuous street cred with the real revolutionaries next door in Egypt and Tunisia (a scenario identical to that of General Galtieri and his Argentinean forces that Britain was training as per Libya’s case and inside the UK no less when another unprincipled Tory prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, for purely economic and domestic political concerns – she too was extremely unpopular at the time – launched the Falklands War.

So Britain has been here before and done so on numerous occasions, so your current escapades in Libya David don’t fool any sensible Brit since he or she knows perfectly well that they have much more to do with economic self-interest, pernicious greed and a complete deficiency on your part of even the most basic morality since you have none, than anything remotely connected with the well being of the Libyan people for whom Britain generally and you in particular David don’t actually give a monkey’s about, other than ensuring that those quislings willing to sell out their country, its sovereignty and independence; its natural resources and national dignity and worst of all its people to arrogant, incestuously inbred and colonialist creeps like you David deliver on the promises they made to you.

So answer me this question if you can or dare to Mr aristocratic Bigshot, what would you think and more importantly do if while you were prime minister and leader of the UK London, Bradford and Leicester whose majority populations are now non-white concomitant with Labour strongholds in Wales and the whole of Scotland where the Scottish National Party (SNP) rules a country, for let’s not forget that’s exactly what Scotland is in its own right and from where not a single Conservative MP has been elected has elected to represent any part of Scotland in the House of Commons due to the fact that you and your Conservative Party have no democratic or popular support there (remind you of anything Mr Cameron, Benghazi vis-à-vis Tripoli for example?) were to unilaterally, as this Libyan enclave of democracy and human rights has clearly done in respect of the rest of Libya and with the your unequivocal collaboration and diplomatic support, opt out of their union with the rest of Britain, decide on a similar basis that your London based regime was unacceptable to them and you David could go fuck yourself as they wanted nothing further to do with you?

Then having made the above decisions they then summarily and publicly petitioned the world’s emerging superpowers to assist them militarily, diplomatically and economically in unshackling themselves completely from you and your Conservative Party as well as the several other corrupt and outright useless MPs on both sides of the House of Commons, help that was enthusiastically forthcoming; and as you and your Con-Dem partners tried with Labour to regain the initiative for your efforts you were bombed mercilessly and treated in exactly the same way that you and your allies are currently, dishonestly and barbarically treating Colonel Gaddafi and those Libyans that support him? Would you in all honesty be happy to be on the receiving end of your own methods of a particularly dirty, sadistic, nasty, malevolent and undeclared war against yourself and Britain as you appear to want Colonel Gaddafi to be in relation to himself and Libya? Would you equally be happy David to have cruise missiles, uranium tipped and other carcinogenic bombs dropped on where you, Samantha and your children, whether this was Number 10 Downing Street, Chequers or your own private residential home, spent the night and have those who did this, and always at night time, blithely and dishonestly declare these places to be military strategic assets and as such legitimate targets for attack?

And not satisfied with the above alone then resorted to using cluster bombs of the kind that are still maiming and killing thousands of innocent civilians unborn at the time these were initially dropped in Laos alone and where more bombs of all types were systematically dropped on that country than collectively throughout the entire Second World War, and significantly where some five million of these aforesaid cluster bombs still to this day scattered across the length and breadth of Laos would at the present rate of clear-up take 150 years to do so. But Britain is one of those countries that still refuse to ban the production and use of these weapons while manufacturing them in their millions, and the reasons are very simple from the perspective of a sick mind that is, as they’re rather cheap to produce, effective in the field of combat and can keep on murdering and terrorizing a population into submission that one has been at war with for decades if not hundreds of years; and as we saw in Libya in the case of the US and NATO dropping cluster bombs there accountability for their use can be publicly and vigorously denied, culpability dishonestly levelled at one’s adversary and with the western media firmly in the west’s saddle of rancorous propaganda its domestic public and that of the global one can be duped into believing whatever they are told, and invariably do.

So you see David it’s not nice or a good feeling to know that someone or persons out there actually want you and your close family members extrajudicially bumped off; to have your loyal supporters while implementing their constitutional right to resolutely defend their country through any means available to them against an unlawful aggressor as every Briton would if put in the same invidious position, to then have them unethically and illegally subjected to carcinogenic agents of death that are internationally proscribed and will horrifyingly affect generations of as yet unborn individuals because of their use, and against this nightmarish backdrop of premeditated murder of people who as yet are still unborn see your country the hapless victim of gratuitous and avaricious plunder and its infrastructure wilfully smashed to smithereens so the attackers and occupiers can use its frozen assets to line the pockets of their friends and family members awarded massive, lucrative contracts to supposedly reconstruct the country, something that never happens as we’ve observed in Iraq and Afghanistan where billions of US dollars were and are still been stolen or corruptly siphoned off to favoured contractors who didn’t have to bid for these contracts because it was a done deal that they would get them, since without exception they were all vastly instrumental in instigating these wars in the first place; and as they benefit enormously from their payoffs it’s the taxpayers of their home countries as well as the citizens and inhabitants of their victim countries that end up picking up the massive financial tab.

Were any of the above featured scenarios to strike or affect Britain you would be among the first David to cry foul and would want to wreak all manner of revenge on those responsible but you are a member of the Master Race and such things are unthinkable let alone disallowed where the likes of you are concerned and you have all the military might at your back to ensure it doesn’t happen. A cautionary tale your 20th Century Nazi predecessors also believed in their invincibility and even boasted that their Reich would last a thousand years. However, lesser and inferior mortals like the Libyan leader aren’t entitled to the same luxury of revenge that you accord yourself, even when its people like you David who are the instigators of the very crimes that they have to contend with and in the case of Britain, France and the United States in particular have an unenviable track record of this sort of Nazi-type barbarity as evil as it is long. And since persons like you always tend to have convenient memories please allow me to refresh yours with a small sample of some of the dreadful abuses of power and criminal acts that Britain, the United States and France are guilty of but were never punished for and if you and your pals were on the receiving end of them you would all have gone ballistic with rage and much more.

There was the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Iran done primarily to pacify the predecessor of BP. Mr Mossadeq the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran wanted that his country’s oil revenue should go to and b used for the benefit of the Iranian people, However the UK strenuously objected to this and wanted these to be dispatched to Britain. The Iranians decided in a parliamentary vote to back their prime minister and have the Iranian oil company and its assets nationalized. Britain reacted furiously to this democratic expression of the Iranian people and with the full support of the US through the CIA overthrew Mr Mossadeq and his government, promptly replacing them with the despotic but western compliant puppet Shah who remit was to repress his country mercilessly on behalf of his puppet handlers, which he dependably did. However decades later with the Shah ousted and the Iranians again in control of their country and independence Iran quickly emerged in the mindset and from the perspective of the west, and particularly Britain and the United States, as public enemy Number 1; a situation which has everything to do with the fact that the government and people of Iran justifiably and resolutely refuse to bend their knees in any kind of servitude to the west. And therein lies the origins of the west’s fabricated hostility towards the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Milton Obote was popularly and democratically elected as President of Uganda. A proud African he absolutely detested the apartheid regime in South Africa and the west’s steadfast support for it. Already enjoying close links with South Africa these British-South African relationships became even closer under Margaret Thatcher and a key source of constant irritation to Milton Obote who was convinced that as long as Mrs Thatcher was Prime Minister of Britain things would only get worst for the rest of Africa as she purposefully set about strengthening the axis of friendship and economic cooperation between the two countries forging an inextricable bond between them that in turn would spell complete disaster for the rest of Africa, and to forestall this he mooted the idea that garnered huge support and momentum to have Britain suspended from the Commonwealth of Nations. It was as move which was audacious as it was breathtaking and similarly humiliating and embarrassing for Britain which is how Margaret Thatcher saw, since in religious terms it would be analogous to having the Pope and the Vatican kicked out of the Roman Catholic Church.

The decision was to be made at the upcoming Commonwealth leader’s meeting in Singapore and in a pre-emptive strike to save fame and spare Britain a great humiliation Margaret Thatcher who had massive investments in South Africa together with her husband Denis and which she had kept secret from the British electorate even though the British media was aware of it but chose to say nothing, ordered MI6 to overthrow the democratically elected Milton Obote and his government and immediately replace them with the unelected and imposed Idi Amin expecting him to become Britain’s tame puppet. However when Idi Amin didn’t and from the perspective of Britain and its western partners went rogue he of course as with every placement leader who publicly falls out of favour with those who put them there became another bogeyman who the British government and its media felt they had to vilify and demonize, and they did buckets load. Yes you could say rightly say that these morons never learn and keep repeating the same mistakes.

Along the way other countries similarly came in for regime change and often for no other reason than that they decided to put the interests of their people as they’d promised them in their election manifestos before those of western countries or any other foreign entities come to that. The Congo (please Google Patrice Lumumba, Sese Seko Mobutu; the assassination of Patrice Lumumba) and British Guiana now independent Guyana (please also Google “The coup in British Guiana; and Dr Cheddi Jagan) also unfortunately endured similar fates at the behest of the United States and with Britain intentionally inciting racism in what in Guyana’s case as it is still and was then a decidedly multiracial country, and like the Congo is cursed with an abundance of important natural resources including, gold, oil and bauxite.

But Iraq and Afghanistan are also casualties even though they were not democratic entities by any stretch of the imagination. In the case of Afghanistan the west and NATO gave a load of rhetoric which was a pack of lies when they said they were still in the country to build up its infrastructure, having previously given an assortment of ever changing reasons as to why there were there in the first place. How many of you know for example that in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, only 7% of the people living there have running water and that the vast majority of these are westerners who are in the country because of the occupation and are directly connected with the occupying NATO and Australian forces, the rest of the country likewise is without the luxury of running water. Now your and Britain’s latest targets are yet two more Arab and Muslim countries David, Syria and of course Libya. You ought to be careful mate one might even start thinking that you don’t like Arabs and Muslims unless of course they are despotic, rule their country with an iron fist on the behalf of the west and are filthy rich!

So let me put it to you again David, what right do you or any other leader of another country and particularly one in Europe or the white settler entities around the world who always act in unison with each other regardless of the immorality of your actions, such is the clan mindset among you, to say who should run another country in a completely different part of the world from yours and furthermore is a sovereign and independent state like your own? What gives you the right David to play God with other peoples’ lives and to determine who lives and who dies and the manner in which they should be disposed of? And ought others who’ve observed this behaviour on your part and then decide to adopt your principal of self-declared omnipotence and arrogating to themselves the same rights you’ve given yourself be now equally entitled to plot your death, that of Samantha and your children together with all those who’re closely associated either professionally or socially with you and are themselves criminally and unconscionably causing the deaths of others in Syria, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan through proxies and more openly in Afghanistan and Libya by your own efforts; or will you instead run whining and whingeing like a spoilt playground bully boy that has met his match to the Metropolitan Police and like Napoleon in Animal Farm who couldn’t brook any criticism even when it was perfectly justifiable have that individual indicted and incarcerated as a terrorist? In that case David, be my guest! For if that hypothetical person doesn’t have those aforementioned rights why should you David Cameron or others who feel they can act as you do with impunity and get away with it?

Surely the right to remove the leader of any country whether he or she is democratically elected or arbitrarily imposed on the population of that country ought to be the select right and decision of the local people there not that of outsiders and particularly not those who have an unenviable record of colonialism, racism and imperialism and are very well known for meddling, specifically motivated by economic self-interest, in the domestic affairs of other countries. It’s the people of Europe, the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Israel – the so-called international community from the perspective of whites only and their quislings I must add – who always make this choice in respect of themselves and would violently oppose any outsider doing it for them under any kind of circumstance, so why then shouldn’t Libyans, Syrians, Iranians or the citizens of any number of other countries that this so-called international community doesn’t like for a variety of well known and perverse reasons not have the same rights when its comes to their own sovereign states?

How about a few analytical remarks by spectators like me David why you embark on what you do and furthermore feel that you have a god given right to behave as you do. You do it because of this myth of white superiority and an engrained sense of entitlement those proverbial flat earth morons like you tenaciously hang on to. Ours is a nuclear country with stockpiles of nuclear weapons that Britain and the rest of the nuclear club have no intention of ever giving up even as you continue to upgrade these contrary to the spirit and law of the NPT, even so you do your damnedest to coerce intimidate and bulldoze everyone else but your pals in NATO, New Zealand and Australia that are under NATO nuclear protection anyway and Israel, which possesses even more nukes than Britain has, and will move heaven and earth to prevent countries like Iran getting such weapons although it has categorically and publicly stated it has no need of them, statements of guarantees but which you intentionally turn a deaf ear to because of your personal agenda towards that country and also because you and your western allies are such pathological liars David that you automatically tend to judge everyone you dislike by your own abysmally low standards.

You do it too David because Britain like France, even though it’s 2011, a new century and a world which is far removed from that of 1945, is allowed, and risibly so in both cases, to continue having permanent seats and corresponding vetoes in what’s evidently a demonstrably corrupt UN Security Council which is cynically and self-interestedly dictated to at all times by the United States and its offstage Zionist, congressional and administration backers pushing policies that you acquiescently subscribe to. And you obviously do it because you have at your ready disposal a mafia constructed and run NATO bully boy outfit to browbeat, terrorize and kill all those whom you subjectively and without good reason show displeasure against and childishly want out of the way. And in tandem with NATO there’s another private but equally corrupt construct that you’ve disingenuously assign the assignation international to when it’s nothing of the kind to do the bidding of the west of which Britain is an integral part. I’m referring hereof course to the so-called International Court (ICC) the seemingly cordial face of commendable jurisprudence but underneath is just as abhorrent and nasty as NATO is and in some instances much worst; the west’s rather sick and perverse version of good cop bad cop to similarly remove from sight through its sinister, dishonest and corrupt practices all those that NATO didn’t manage to assassinate but whom it’s absolutely necessary from your venal and superciliously instilled, imperialistic self-interests David to nevertheless permanently have out of the way, fully cognisant that no matter how heinous your crimes and those of your like-minded ilk are you won’t ever be brought before this court which the west has cynically set up. How am I doing so far David?

And you do it too of course David because you know that the domestic populations of Britain and its allies are basically cowards, ill-informed at best or adopt the attitude that what you and your ilk are doing won’t affect them and therefore they shouldn’t because they have no cause to worry; not dissimilar in the last circumstance to the mindset of most Europeans during Europe’s last principal holocaust as the Nazis, your 20th Century ancestors, came for the Jews and nothing at all was ever said or done by those observing this to help them because they weren’t Jews. Progressively others were rounded up and taken away for elimination, among them communists, the handicapped, trade unionists and dissidents, yet there were always bystanders who knew and saw what was going on but neither said nor did anything to stop it because they selfishly decided that it didn’t personally impact on or affect them and therefore smugly deluded themselves it never would and so they had nothing to worry about, until that forever life-changing day in their own lives when the Nazis came for them and to their horror, consternation, utter shock and alarm they suddenly realized the extent to which their apathy and disinterest had created an environment where they too now had no one to speak up for them or intervene positively on their behalf.

Doubtlessly David you’re totally aware of the activities and proclivities of your Nazi predecessors and judging from the direction in which, without any mandate from the British electorate to do so, you’re dogmatically and remorselessly pushing our country I would venture that you also secretly revel in them; all the more reason for the British public to wake up and quite soon I would counsel from the comatose state it has allowed itself to be induced into and consequently has sleepwalked for sometime now, to get a firm grip on itself and learn from the rather harsh lessons of experience that the German were forced at the hands of their Nazis.

Just take a look at the examples of white hegemony by a privileged few that prevails globally and how all-pervasive, all-powerful and insidious it is, for irrespective of what mess or how toxic it is that these sort of ascribe to themselves from a bizarre sense of entitlement the compulsory right to control everything there is that they regard as being worthy of control. So powerful bodies like the IMF and WTO, never mind what revolting scandals they might have generated, must always have at their helm a Caucasian drawn from Europe in the case of the IMF – to date the vast majority of them have been French citizens, and notwithstanding the seismic repercussions of the Dominique Strauss-Kahn fiasco another French citizen, even though it’s a white female this time, seems set to be enthroned in place of him, while the position of head of the World Bank is exclusively reserved for Caucasian American males, always assuredly so because of the distinctly skewed and corruptly instituted voting system in both these organisations and which is profoundly and undemocratically weighted in favour of Europe and the United States, with even FIFA having traditionally followed that same path of automatically having white leaders throughout its existence.

However when FIFA got itself a white president as usual but one that sought to involve the rest of the footballing world meaningfully in the operations of that organization all hell broke loose as the rest of the white clan instantly went ballistic and in childish retaliation for what they saw as FIFA undermining their monopolistic birth right and entitlement to hog the lion’s share of the proceeds from all aspects of the game as well as the right to alternately stage FIFA’s prestigious World Cup among themselves to the virtual exclusion of everyone else as was previously the case Sepp Blatter the President of FIFA who genuinely sees football as belonging to the whole world and not just the so-called developed world and FIFA itself suddenly and quite unwarrantedly came in for a barrage of mindless and unsubstantiated accusations against them from these very same people that centred around alleged endemic corruption at FIFA under Sep Blatter’s watch that rapidly degenerated into Sepp Blatter and some of FIFA’s executives themselves being proverbially jumped on from a great height by these maestros of dishonesty.

My God! That’s like the pot calling the kettle black. Pray tell me all of you politicians, including you David, broadcasters, media analysts and businessmen jumping on this particular bandwagon with the English FA and that of the United States whose noses were put out of joint because their respective world cup bids were rejected by the FIA delegates and so they’re now collectively and spitefully dispensing sack loads of sour grapes on account of their failures, when you talk glibly of Sepp Blatter and FIFA intentionally condoning and covering up corruption within that body, apart from not providing any proof of this what would you call the clearly illegal activities of financial institutions like Goldman Sachs and Wall Street, our own UK banks that were summarily but I’ve noticed through no consultations with us the taxpayers bailed out to the tune of billions of Pounds Sterling; the MPs and Lords expenses rip-offs that pale into insignificance huge as they are when compared to the corruption and financial irregularities which are commonplace throughout the EU and particularly the EU Commission and that the accredited accountants can’t sign off on because of the collective and entirely uncooperative nature of both the EU parliament and the Commission? And show me a single country in the white-led and dominated west that has never had a corruption scandal or related charges levelled against it. Do you know of any David? Because I don’t!

So please either shut up or if you must open your trap as you evidently think you must then at least accord the rest of us the decency to have the courage of your convictions and say exactly what you and your Conservative Party is all about and at the same time spare me the sanctimonious claptrap about you doing what you’re so evidently hell-bent on because you’re driven by wholesome moral objectives. Poppycock! Like most politicians and you conservatives in particular, although the Lib-Dems are running a close second on your heels in this regard, you have no morals to start with and wouldn’t identify one if it were to land on your upper crust noses or know where to begin looking in order to amass any because such concerns aren’t a part of your DNA or social make up, for the lot of you are wholly motivated by just these criteria: unadulterated greed, power, influence and of course privilege.

Just answer me this David, while you’re cavalierly bombing the living daylights out of Libya and mischievously in tandem with Turkey fomenting a pretty nasty game of destabilizing Syria under the utterly dishonest canard of endeavouring to bring democracy and human rights to the people in both these countries, why is it if you care so much for these commendable values in other peoples’ countries are you bizarrely restricting them in relation to ordinary people in the UK and for which the incumbent Archbishop of Canterbury recently and rightly said you have no electoral mandate for? And why also are you with what can only best be described as utter perversity determined to scrap the widely respected and absolutely necessary law of universal jurisdiction that Britain is a signatory to and should stay committed to in a world where immunity from one’s wrongdoings is increasingly becoming commonplace and it’s one of the few mechanisms whereby helpless and impoverished victims can hope for some kind of justice and proper closure to the evils that have involuntarily befallen them? But you and I David as do many others know exactly why it is that you want to go down this path.

Scrapping this law which is designed to ensure that mass murderers, people who commit genocide and crimes against humanity as well as a plethora of other human rights abuses and who set foot in Britain could be arrested after a complaint and a warrant of arrest issued against them by the local magistrate and subsequently subjected to the due process of law for the crimes that they committed with the absolute legal right and opportunity to state their case in court. Notwithstanding this your Israeli Zionist friends, and you are yourself a declared Zionist just like you were an apartheid-era rabid supporter of that philosophy in South Africa and who with the likes of William Hague, now your incumbent foreign secretary, happily went around wearing T-shirts boldly emblazed with the words “Hang Nelson Mandela!” as he languished in South Africa’s most notorious gulag Robben Island, don’t want this statute on the British law books or those of the rest of the EU or mainland Europe for that matter, so being the good friend of your Israeli Zionist counterparts as you are and to pacify their fears of being arrested, prosecuted, found guilty and imprisoned for their catalogue of heinous crimes committed against the Palestinians and others and which are still ongoing thanks to the immunity that Israel gets from the likes of the British government of all political persuasions you now want to change what is effectively a humanitarian law while at the same time dishonestly parading your false humanitarian credentials to the world in respect of countries that you don’t like irrespective of the moral stature or otherwise of the regimes there. How can you justify any of this David let alone live with your conscience, that is if you have one? Nevertheless it doesn’t stop you from shouting your mouth off I’ve noticed, prescribing to others what they should or shouldn’t do and using our country’s veto and bullying aggressiveness of NATO to enforce your prejudices and dishonesty.

Jacques Verges the famous French international lawyer is pledged to take legal action against your Zionist ally (fancy that; established enemies and sparring partners in mutual hostilities against each other Britain and France actually lining up to extrajudicially murder other people) Nicolas Sarkozy when he’s no longer president and ceases to automatically enjoy the immunity that position affords him; France has a long history of prosecuting its leaders who fall foul of the law. Nothing like that would ever happen in the United Kingdom to a former prime minister, the nearest thing we have in this country to a president, because the endemically corrupt nature of our police force which is also institutionally racist in investigating and then recommending to the Crown Prosecution Service the prosecution of crimes and the old boy, public school network among British judges still principally male, something that you’ve intimately familiar with David I’m quite sure since you’re an integral part of this same set up, positively won’t allow it, old boy! So like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Margaret Thatcher before you you’re similarly convinced David that you can walk away scot-free and unanswerable for your crimes. Think again my friend!

There are decades when nothing happens and weeks when decades happen; something I’d like you to ponder on Mr Cameron. We’ve seen the Arab Awakening that you and your Zionist friends are trying your level best to hijack, that’s why you’re partly in Libya, as I’d like to put this question to anyone with an enquiring mind: who ever previously heard of real revolutionaries totally reliant on others to conduct their battles for them or who side with their former and present oppressors as the so-called revolutionaries in Libya are doing to achieve their alleged goals Let’s be absolutely blunt about this; these guys are totally hand in glove with western neo-con liberals and arch Zionists that have no love whatsoever for Arabs generally or Muslims in particular, people like you and Nicolas Sarkozy David and are as much revolutionaries as Ryan Giggs controversially in the news recently over his alleged sexual peccadilloes is an accredited celibate monk. Anyway there are opportunists and venal autocrats of the worst kind, quite happy enough to be in Colonel Gaddafi’s regime when the west was fawning over him but when they saw which way the wind was blowing jumped ship; and they’ll do it again in the future with whatever cat’s paw the west should install and then tire of him when he has outlived his usefulness to it and it decides to get rid of him as it frequently does.

For even as you obsess yourself with Libya and Syria David the Arab Awakening is spreading to Europe, reference Spain, Central Asia and even the United States though it’s still in its embryonic stage there, but it will grow, mark my words, as Americans finally begin to realize the disgraceful extent of which Congress and the Administration has lied to them and used them and the hard truth finally hits home of how much money their country is spending on its premeditated war, money it isn’t earning, doesn’t have and ironically as the guru of capitalism has to borrow from communist China to appease the Zionist, military industrial complex and Wall Street, enriching in the process a very tiny elite while the rest of the country is in economic meltdown with numerous lives ruined as a result of this collective, egocentric corporate and political greed.

Significantly too, amidst this rapid change of events, Bolivia has praiseworthily initiated an accord with other truly sovereign and independent-minded countries worldwide to set up and administer an authentic, autonomous and internationally functioning court that’s really worthy of these labels and where the notion of justice and the rule of law aren’t simply pseudonyms to be disingenuously and handily bandied about for political gain and influence; aren’t prostituted, subjectively applied, up for sale to the uppermost bidder or governed exclusively by the brutish maxim of the law of the jungle so beloved by you David, Nicolas Sarkozy and the rest of your ilk not only in the west but also the East, and that includes Russia as well still schizophrenic about where exactly its loyalties lie and whether or not these should be in the East or the West, China, parts of Central Asia , the entire Middle East of course, all of Francophone Africa, Nigeria, Morocco, Botswana and your lone and dependent ally in South America, Colombia, but will be applied as they ought to be in any court, domestic or international, that is truly worthy of the name without fear or favour.

And it’s being done against the background that those actively involved in this noble venture are quite aware of what the United States, EU and with Russia and China hiding in the wings of this overweening injustice did, and are still doing to Libya for having had in your collective and self-centred eyes the audacity and sheer temerity to institute the Gold Dinar based solely on gold that Libya has a profusion of and not your useless and economically overrated paper currencies as an international and feasible alternative to the US dollar and the Euro, especially in oil transactions, with all the attendant benefits and quite commendable implications that would have been accrued had it been allowed to go ahead unmolested by you (something which you obviously didn’t want to even countenance) for the developing countries of the world with the introduction for the very first time ever of a level playing field in world business transactions which gave these developing countries individual and complete jurisdiction over the entire processes relative to the exploration, production and marketing of their own natural resources and parallel to that which the developed countries already and instinctively have, zealously safeguard and would unquestionably brook no interference from foreign sources over their own natural resources and other valuable possessions or the management of these; but something that these developing countries, and especially those with massive amounts of valuable resources were never previously permitted to emulate and still aren’t because of the self-centred avarice, haughtiness, racism and the persistent and unwarranted intrusion in their internal affairs by these self-same developed western countries in covert alliance with Russia and China.

An unmerited disadvantage as the current situation stands that unjustly penalizes these developing countries and shifts the proper emphasis away from the producing countries to the capitals of the EU, US, China and Russia that aren’t accountable to the due concerns and legitimate aspirations of the producing countries or would they ever willingly permit themselves to take any cognisance of these, thus creating as a result a gross imbalance of priorities favouring the developed countries but where the enormous wealth of the producing countries are without any consultation with them by those who appropriate this wealth arbitrarily utilized and even frittered away and misappropriated by them with impunity to the unconscionable disadvantage of those to whom this wealth in reality belongs, as the US corporation Goldman Sachs has done with Libyan financial assets to the tune of billions of US dollars for example, thus guaranteeing the unnecessary poverty; health, educational and economic disadvantages, social unrest and divisions, political and monetary instability and the inevitable exposure to intentional and even opportunistic external interference along the traditional lines of divide and rule that most of these developing countries fall prey to and for years afterwards are bedevilled with.

The late and great Errol Walton (Dipper) Barrow the Father of Barbados’ independence, a National Hero, distinguished barrister and economist (he was a graduate of the renowned London School of Economics), famed RAF wartime pilot, an outstanding parliamentarian, Prime Minister and orator, a proud West Indian and staunch Pan-Africanist (tap into Google for more on this truly remarkable black man) said in a momentous speech that he gave to the United Nations General Assembly that Barbados would be a friend to all nations but a servant of none, and not only did he keep his word throughout his long, distinguished and democratic tenure of office until his sudden death of a heart attack brought on by overwork on behalf of his people as the Prime Minister of Barbados, literally dying in office and to the complete disconsolation of Barbadians everywhere as well as others that knew him socially and professionally such was his popularity as a leader and the deep respect and admiration he instinctively engendered in others for him as a human being, but his legacy lives on and has guaranteed that Barbadians then and generations of them born since that speech was made have continued to uphold their centuries old commitment to the resolute endeavour and realization of justice and equality for all on that sun-blessed, Caribbean island and those who by their example they may influence.

Fully cognisant that it was Barbadian labour, enterprise and sacrifice that from 1627 onwards made England and then the United Kingdom as a whole Europe’s wealthiest country and his Barbadian homeland the economic jewel in Britain’s crown, with Barbados’ request for and the attainment of its independence from Britain in 1966, Prime Minister Errol Barrow saw no reason why the status quo of sugar production and its marketing in relation to Barbados and which had been the mainstay of the English Industrial Revolution and practically much of Britain overall wealth should continue to be applied solely by the UK when it was Barbados that for in excess of 300 years had developed and acquired all the relevant expertise to do with these things successfully and efficiently for itself, and bearing in mind that it was Barbados and not Britain that Barbados’ sugar cane was grown and harvested.

A totally intolerable situation it was felt locally where Barbados like all the other British Caribbean territories and British Guiana being one of these although located on the South American mainland but nevertheless politically, administratively and culturally intimately connected to the islands, and when one stopped and seriously considered it was Barbados where sugar from sugar cane was first produced and marketed globally, yet together with the other territories it was stupidly restricted by the UK government in London some 5000 miles away to only producing unrefined sugar, molasses and rum which were then monopolistically shipped to Britain in British merchant ships owned and crewed by Britons, their Barbadian other Caribbean and British Guianese cargoes offloaded only at British ports, especially Liverpool, Bristol and London Dockland; transported from there in British lorries to wholly owned British sugar refineries like Tate and Lyle situated across Britain in places like York and which provided employment exclusively for British workers.

Afterwards, the processed products would be taken by other British workers that deposited them in British warehouses where another set of British workers had the responsibility of dealing with and looking after the. Meanwhile, the assessment and maximization of the commercial profitability of these Caribbean and British Guianese commodities were determined on the London Stock market Exchange exclusively by British brokers who then sold them to national and international clientele respectively as well as the producing Caribbean and British Guianese countries that they originated from and that were compulsorily made to purchase their own sugar and its allied products at world market prices determined not by themselves but what were basically suited British spivs operating across the UK but principally concentrated in London. Then would begin the reverse trip home for those products of theirs earmarked by the decision makers in London for the Caribbean and British Guianese territories and that would then be repatriated with the full panoply of British involvement discriminatingly characterized, as earlier related on the outward leg of the journey, by a colonialist, haughty and imperialistic behaviour of white exclusiveness and job creation based entirely on skin pigmentation, and all this consistently occurring long before the settler Boers of South Africa ever dreamt up the concept of apartheid.

A cautionary tale too to that consortium of xenophobes, racists, doomsters and their opportunistic bandwagon jumpers in contemporary Britain that incessantly fret about foreigners taking their jobs from them; hyped and often unfounded and illogical fears fanned by unscrupulous politicians with nothing substantive to offer to a public hungry for anything that could possibly improve its general wellbeing or economic prospects aided and abetted by a corrupt, lying and corporate media with a deliberately simplistic and dishonest evaluation of the causes of these peoples economic problems reinforced with their own hidden agendas and personal axes to grind; and my uncompromising and straightforward advice to you is this, just read up on and educate yourselves with the real history of Britain, not the far-fetched one, and you might even learn something that opens up your eyes to the mammoth extent that you’re being quite cynically and manipulatively conned by these people who claim and would actually swear blind they have your interests at heart when in reality it’s just their economic self-interests, political power and influence that they’re really concerned about; so don’t be a chump all your life, wake up and smell the coffee. Anyway I’m sure you’ve got the picture by now, and with the people of Barbados and even more so those in the other neighbouring territories reduced to little more than mere spectators observing their economic wealth manipulated by others the endgame was in sight for Britain and its monopoly over their lives.

Characteristically it was Errol Walton Barrow who decided to put local and popular sentiment into action. Introducing and passing legislation in the centuries old Barbadian parliament, the House of Assembly, which was set up in the year 1639 and has been operating uninterrupted ever since that time, he made the unwavering decision that from then onwards Barbados would not only undertake every characteristic of its sugar as well as that commodity’s related products production but would also choose its own most profitable and advantageous markets worldwide and crucially as well set its own negotiated price for all its products determining the methods and the carriers that would be best suited to take these Barbadian products to the markets they were destined for. Conversely for Britain it was a decision, with the other territories following Barbados’ lead, which heralded in the eventual decline of the British merchant navy as well as its glory days; the attendant demise of key ports like Liverpool, Bristol and London Dockland with their traditional monopolistic stranglehold on Caribbean and particularly Barbadian commerce now irreversibly broken; and signalled the end of all those sinecure and uncompetitive local jobs that had been created and were replete across the length and breadth of Britain.

So putting not too fine a point on it the United Kingdom and particularly England has considerable past form in the kind of highly unprincipled practices that are characteristic of its current behaviour and that is exemplified in its odious foreign policies mirror images of which we see reflected in the print and electronic media and is quite rife in the BBC. It’s a pattern of deceit where rabid neo-con libertarian Zionists like Mark Thompson the present Director General of the BBC, in common with a motley and like-minded crew of entirely placement nonentities that make up the BBC’s Trust, or whatever it pompously calls itself these days, and who ludicrously and dishonestly claim to be the indefatigable guardians as well as being the incomparable representatives of public broadcasting in the UK, are assertions that resonate with as much authenticity and corresponding believability as a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Kan ostentatiously avowing his admiration, respect and abiding love for black people.

Likewise the private sector media has its own neo-con, libertarian Zionist counterparts who wield much greater power than the craven and subservient BBC ever could and it’s significantly centred, this power and influence, around the Australian born Rupert Murdoch that owns most of the UK’s media and doesn’t mind prostituting his Australian nationality to acquire any others which he feels would garner him even more power and influence with the corresponding wealth such actions will bring as we’ve seen in the United States, and of course here in Britain where despite owning most of our media as I’ve previously mentioned the so-called British media regulators have just recently accorded him even more fully cognisant that he has the Conservative Party and de facto the British prime minister, just as he did New Labour and Tony Blair when that sorry bunch were delusionally in control of Britain, firmly in his back pocket.

For let’s face it, irrespective of how we cast our votes at general elections in Britain it’s ultimately Rupert Murdoch that largely decides who our prime minister will be as the perspective aspirants all ritualistically and unfailingly pay deference to him at his exclusive and sumptuous Home Counties mansion in Britain and always in response to a direct summons from him, and there in supplication await an audience with this man and his eventual judgment on their suitability or not from his point of view and that of his vested interests as Prime Minister of Britain; appreciatively supported in the first instance by the extensive, vocal and influential weight of his huge UK media empire; and you David Cameron were no stranger to this process in relation to your accession both to the leadership of the Conservative Party and more importantly the position of prime minister of our country.

So you and your Conservative Party David voluntarily, unethically and identically seduced just as Tony Blair and New labour were are yourselves now completely unashamed lying like a well paid hooker in bed with a man with no scruples whatever; that complicitly got his white Aussie wife of many years standing and the mother of his original children to conveniently divorce him – Sheilas as you’re well aware do what they’re told in Aussie land, such is the culture of bragging machismo with its corresponding chauvinism there – then submissively take a back seat role for herself from his public life while he unscrupulously got himself a brand new and considerably younger Chinese spousal version primarily to make himself look much more credible and acceptable to the Chinese whose country not only has a billion citizens with hordes of potential consumers for whatever it is that Rupert Murdoch decides to flog there but will also very soon overtake the United States as the world’s foremost economy ( the US is already in hock to China for trillions of dollars anyway) and within a decade or so China will indisputably supplant it as the world’s superpower putting Rupert Murdoch with his choice of a Chine wife in pole position to capitalize on business opportunities in China, as well as avail himself of the chance to switch nationality again purely for business reasons should he need to do so as he infamously did in the United States, knowing that whether he does or not his mixed race Chinese offspring will confidently guarantee that the Rupert Murdoch dynasty continues to flourish, but this time concomitantly in the world’s most populous country and also its predicted economic powerhouse as well.

That said had Rupert Murdoch undertaken even the most rudimentary background check he would quickly have discovered he needn’t have gone to all that bother for the Chinese rulers are every bit as corrupt and avaricious as he is and, of course, no different at all from their western counterparts. But it simply goes to show the extraordinary lengths this entirely evil, and highly obsessive with it, gang of Bilderberg, neo-con libertarian, new world order and hideous Zionist bastards will go to so as to harvest for themselves, their family members, close friends and associates enormous amounts of money, unchallengeable power and unrivalled influence in the self-absorbed pursuit of whatever it is they’re either individually or collectively want to do.

Furthermore the Chinese when their turn comes straddle this greasy pole of political and economic dominance they’ll do precisely what the US and its western allies, better and more fittingly classed as stooges, are currently doing. In theory and for domestic amelioration as well as public posturing the Chinese leadership will continue to postulate that the country and its principles are communist; a manifest lie of course but that is as far as this somewhat expedient and cynical acknowledgement of communism will go with these Chinese leaders, the country’s other political apparatchiks and its economic elite who are as much seduced by the siren enticements of naked capitalism as the worst offending neo-con libertarian within the United States of America, and this in spite of the fact that most people in the west, and that includes the United States as well, other than the most brain dead diehards there now understand that untrammelled capitalism just like authoritarian communism has long passed its sell by date.

Nevertheless the Chinese and the leaders of many other countries in the non-western world still get energized by, preposterously go for, and even do their utmost to implement capitalist procedures in a shamefully overt fashion within the structures of their purported economic development, akin to the asinine way that a total imbecile feels that he or she must push their hand into the flames of a fire to prove conclusively to themselves that fire really burns. This notwithstanding the fact there are mountains of carefully researched and well documented empirical evidence supported by a host of unfortunate, fire-related victims’ testimony to confirm that fire can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly and does actually burn if one physically come in contact with it.

Which reminds me too, taking the analogy further, of a very devout catholic who against all logic and commonsense willingly stays in an absolutely worthless and soul destroying marriage because the Roman Catholic Church astringently condemns divorce, frowns upon those of its membership that flout its canon on this issue and even takes the punitive stance of denying them the sacrament of Holy Communion for having done so. So rather than think for themselves and do what their gut feeling tells them is conscionably right and proper in their personal circumstances and irrevocably dump the shit-ass permanently from their life that is the cause of their problems as most intelligent persons would, they put up through nothing more than a fear of opposing the prevailing orthodoxy with something that is wholly indefensible. In my book that is unmitigated cowardice.

And it’s a characteristic that permeates the thinking and actions unfortunately of most governments around the world and is replete in the activities of yours David just as it has been in every post-war British government, even though like Gordon Brown and Tony Blair before you attempted through your murderous and political thuggery to masquerade your consummate barbarity as statesmanlike decisiveness; were that to be true then every other murderous thug from Al Capone and Pol Pot to Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu, who I unreservedly lump you with David, would have the same risible entitlement to world statesmanship. But sensible individuals know that these aforesaid individuals have no moral right to such an accolade, and neither do you David. For to put it bluntly you’re just the latest in a long line of effete posh nerds who have swung gaily from the chandeliers of endemic classism that still continues to bedevil this country of our and is a primary and possibly the only factor for you: a man without any redeeming qualities that I can detect, being where you are and crucially unworthily holding the high office that you have.

You see that’s the basic problem with so-called world leaders these days: cowardice reinforced by a paranoia and themselves brutally backed up by domestic curtailment of civil liberties and human rights and fascist, unilateral military interventions abroad designed to prevent the truth of your real activities as distinct from your many and of-repeated lies getting into the wider public and gaining traction with them, for as you well know such a situation would spell curtains for the lot of you, so what you do is speedily engage in a rather nasty exercise of political and personal self-preservation whatever your seemingly but deceitfully stated political ideologies are, for with all of you con men the essential bottom line is always survival.

And what better illustration of this can one highlight than that of the President of the United States, his administration, the State and Attorney General’s Departments arguing in federal courts that the US president, never mind what the Bill of Rights or the US constitution say or specifically state is the case, has the right to unilaterally, arbitrarily and unconstitutionally instruct the CIA or other US agents, either domestic or foreign, to go around the world and just on suspicion alone, without any proof or even pima face evidence as necessary pre-requisites for this, kill in cold blood anyone that the president entirely subjectively considers to be a threat to the United States or even imprecisely suspects of being a terrorist, concepts that together with your fondness for regime change in other peoples’ countries but not your own and certainly not when you’re prime minister of it David that you heartily go along with and even enthusiastically endorse, never mind the consequences for the numerous innocent families that your illegal and immoral actions impact on and whose lives you permanently ruin; and you call yourselves civilized and family men!

Is this a green light David for others, I wonder, to adopt and exercise the same cavalier attitude vis-à-vis your nauseating penchant for playing God with other peoples’ lives and apply the same code of misrepresented and decidedly subjective assassination to you, Samantha and your children and, of course, to Barack Obama, Michelle and their offspring together with those individuals and their own families that avidly moot and keenly support this murderous idiocy; or will such persons that suggest let alone entreat such a notion be instantly branded and demonized by you and your media friends and prosecuted in your tame or neutered courts as dangerous terrorists, providing of course that you allow them get that far? Take a long and detailed look at yourself in the mirror David and see yourself what you actually are - a rather nasty, coldblooded murderer deceitfully masquerading as a saint, never mind that your alleged humanitarian credentials, wafer thin or non-existent as they already were, have public and shamefully for the office that you unworthily hold been laid bare for all to see.

You are not a Libyan or even an African David and would be most definitely be utterly appalled if one morning you woke up and miraculously looked like one of them, and if it were left entirely up to you Britain would be the epicentre of the ethnic cleansing of all but its white Caucasian citizens and residents in this country of ours with active assistance enthusiastically and freely given to your EU political and equally racist counterparts like Nicolas Sarkozy and Silvio Berlusconi and the rest of them who would like to do likewise across mainland Europe, and we’ve been down this specific route before lets not forget, then it was the Jews and the Gypsies. Now enthroned as prime minister by you know who and disdainfully looking down from your privileged perch on the rest of us you even dare to flaunt your prejudices by publicly enunciating your total abhorrence for what is quite obvious in relationtion to Britain, that it’s a multicultural society and if you were to properly swat up on the real history of Britain would discover that it always was.

Instead you prefer to idiotically and patronizingly talk of non-white ghettoes that are actively encouraged by multiculturalism from integrating with what you declare is mainstream British society, conveniently overlooking the real facts you don’t allow to get in the way of your racist rant that it’s their non-acceptance by many in your so-called mainstream and de facto, as you would also see it, the host community that negates this integration that you dishonestly complain about, since many of those you publicly lambast are third and even fourth generation Britons. And besides, where was the enthusiasm or desire then or even now in the 21st Century for such well-meaning assimilation either by your ancestors or your present day kith and kin who colonized and continue to occupy as in the case of the United States, Australia and Canada to name just three examples huge areas of the world which dwarf Europe let alone its offshore island of Britain to the persistent disadvantage of their indigenous people; and to add insult to injury have put in place a plethora of racist immigration laws to ensure that more of their kind can freely avail themselves of this thievery. History doesn’t record any such examples David because there were none! So do me a favour mate and bloody well put a sock in it!

For quite the opposite David genocide, mass murder, appropriation of their land and wealth and the systematic holocaust and elimination of these indigenous people was the order of the day and their maltreatment and slaughter is still going on in the United States, Israel and Australia where the UN Human Rights Commission just recently slammed Australia, whose immigration laws many whites in Britain want us to emulate, delivering a damning report on the way it treats its aboriginal people who up to the 1970s weren’t even acknowledge by your white settler kith and kin as citizens of the country where exclusively they’d lived untroubled for in excess of 50,000 years until your criminal lot showed up, and who moreover had the bloody audacity to declare Australia terra nullius, a land where no one was living until they arrived there that is. So I’d like to know David, aren’t these the kinds of humanitarian issues (I couldn’t resist including your favourite words) since the Aborigines have had no compensation of any kind for the grand theft and ongoing occupation of their land and taking into account that those involved in this are your people that you should really be addressing, rather than fretting over some fuzzy wuzzies or nignogs in Libya or the rest of Africa come to that, as your privileged lot sees them? So what may I ask is your real agenda here, as if I didn’t already know?

I mentioned previously that many whites in Britain and everyone in your Conservative Party David would like to embrace Australian immigration laws in our country based entirely on racist grounds. Successive British governments of the left and the right have consistently changed our immigration rules and the lawful right to live in Britain goalposts to ensure that whites regardless of where they originate from, or however shaky or questionable their claim to come and live here can do so while non-white British born citizens have considerable difficulties getting visas for overseas relatives of theirs to come to the UK for family festivities like weddings let alone on general visits, something that is now virtually impossible. And it wasn’t just Zola Budd that was cynically brought to Britain and allowed to compete in the Olympics for Britain when she had no more legal right here than an Eskimo from Canada to do so but done all the same, as was the case with other European countries to circumvent UN sanctions that were beginning to impact of white South African sportspersons, at the same time painstakingly denying the black victims of apartheid not only the same level playing field as their Caucasian compatriots but no playing field at all, and where ludicrously a black South African weightlifter selected entirely on merit to represent his country of birth was barred from the same Olympics that Zola Budd was allowed to be in ironically because of apartheid South Africa’s exclusion from the IAAF (you just couldn’t make it up!) but went on four years later to win a gold medal in exactly the same discipline for the United States whose citizenship he’d subsequently got, having first been permitted with the active assistance of civil rights activist to immigrate to the US after the Zola Budd scandal broke and followed by her spectacular and controversial tripping in the finals of that race she was in one of America’s darling athletes tipped for gold.

I don’t recall as a committed anti-apartheid activist myself ever seeing you among our ranks David protesting against these injustices, so you either have a short or convenient memory in your odious bid to pass yourself off as a Joe Slovo or Ruth First; both of them remarkably brave and admirable whites that knowingly risked their lives and in Ruth’s case also sacrificed hers for her black South African brothers and sisters; she was murdered by Boss, the aptly named, apartheid South African security services, no differently from your own favourite modus operandi as we’re daily observing in Libya, Bahrain and the Gulf states courtesy of our tax Pounds. But Zola Budd, who quickly tired of England, publicly said so, and returned to her birth country South Africa, where she still resides, isn’t the only example of these double standards and hypocrisies that still bedevil us and that those like you revel in David. For example just take a look at the composition of the English cricket team now largely comprised of white South Africans that previously played for their birth country while apartheid ruled supreme there. Have you bothered David to ask them why they’re here but more to the point, why didn’t they do what you’re suggesting that non-whites must in the UK and integrate with mainstream (your word David) locals back home? Or is the fact that they’re winning matches for England, something your local whites weren’t capable of doing internationally, shades of Zola Budd’s potential for England when she was brought here, all that really matters to the likes of you?

Therefore for you David to give the dishonest impression that a racist conservative led government is interested in the humanitarian welfare, democracy or human rights of the Libyan people, views supposedly shared by your EU counterparts that have the same racist and imperialist attitudes that you have, is just utter crap! Humanitarian concerns you’re telling me when you bomb and terrorize the Libyan people with carcinogenic weapons that induce lasting cancerous effects for generations of them including those yet to be born? Humanitarian concerns when having deliberately exceeded the terms of UN Resolution 1973 you make refugees of thousands of Libyans and other non-whites fleeing Libya not from Colonel Gaddafi’s threats but your sadistic and brutal aerial bombardments of them, then intentionally and unsympathetically let those who manage to escape but get stranded on the high seas die in the most appalling circumstances as you wilfully take no notice, contrary to international law, of their emergency calls for help because, lets face it David, you don’t want their sort in Europe, notwithstanding the downright dishonestly of coveting and killing them to get your grasping hands on their natural resources? Colonel Gaddafi has ruled Libya for over three decades most of this time with western backing, and other logistical support and didn’t massacre his people before, so why all of a sudden would he want to do so now? And why with NATO carpet-bombing Libya to smithereens have the real Libyan people, not the few verminous rats who self-interestedly have deserted what they see is a sinking ship and whom you have embraced – most of them former Gaddafi associates – not risen up against him? A relevant question, don’t you think David? So why haven’t you asked it of yourself?

My God Libya is just a tiny country militarily; not the United States, UK, Russia, China, France or even India with huge stockpiles of nuclear and conventional weapons or other military assets (isn’t that why you’ve attacked it and wouldn’t do the same with North Korea for example?), nor does it have your population density, so who or what the hell are you still bombing in your intentional and murderous onslaught of that country? Aren’t your activities, those of the participating members of NATO, with Russia and China in covert support, over the top and comparable to fucking medieval barbarity where have rendered the body dead so to speak, you still viciously carry on knocking the shits out of the lifeless corpse? These aren’t the deeds of anyone that is either remotely civilized or entitled to call themselves such, and aren’t by a long chalk. You publicly claim along with Nicolas (Napoleon) Sarkozy to have destroyed the Libyan Air Force and its navy, no comparison there you will agree to anything that NATO or even Britain singly has; additionally you stated that you have also incapacitated the Libyan Army and boasted that many of its officers have defected to you. So I’ll ask again, who are you still fighting? Seems to me that those of you knocking that are actually knocking the living hell out of Libya are in a demented state of agitation what divers and deep sea fishermen who closely observe these things refer to as shark feeding frenzy!

Either it’s all an elaborate hoax that you David and the rest of you in NATO are perpetuating or the Libyan people aren’t as hostile towards Colonel Gaddafi, whom you want to assassinate, as you do and would like to con the rest of us that they are; and that’s why they’re giving you and your cat’s paws a really hard time. There’s another scenario in conjunction with the last observation that you might like to think about David, that might isn’t necessarily right and doesn’t always triumph; that people fighting from an inner conviction can’t or won’t ever allow themselves to be intimidated or for that matter easily be conquered (remember the words of Churchill who you delude yourself that you are, we’ll fight them on the beaches, will never surrender and will ultimately prevail as Britain did?) or the resolve of a mother, no matter how tiny she might be physically, that will none the less fight tenaciously and fiercely with no concerns for her personal safety to safeguard the lives of her children put in imminent danger? Or how about the burly, machismo Casanova screwing the wife of a husband much less physically built than he is but acknowledging he’s in that man’s home will instinctively beat a hurried retreat should the woman’s husband return home unexpectedly and find him there because his conscience tells him that right isn’t on his side.

During the US’s unwarranted attack on the tiny independent Caribbean state of Grenada which had no standing army, air force or navy and still doesn’t because improving the lives educationally and economically of its people is viewed by its citizens and their rulers as more relevant and beneficial than investing in the implements of death, it took the mighty United States practically a month to subdue and occupy that country; not because they hated Americans pre se but because collectively they felt the US had no right to be attacking their country when they’d done nothing to it or anyone else for that matter. And I honestly believe that’s the same spirit that is driving their black African kith and kin in Libya juxtaposed with the realization that this bullying outfit that calls itself NATO and portrays itself as the most powerful military force on earth isn’t as good as it thinks it is. After all David only had a basic slingshot and a common-o-garden stone as his sole weaponry in contrast to Goliath’s state of the art weapons then and we know what the outcome of that contest was, don’t we David?

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson together with the other Founding fathers must be restlessly turning in their graves glumly observing what the United States has become and the markedly Nazi direction in which it is arrogantly heading. For the US is now not only an entrenched fascist, Nazi, police state that can’t even bear to countenance justified criticism against it, it’s also run on mafia lines where the rule of law and due process don’t count for shit. How, I ask you, can a country like ours David that is always lecturing on ethics and human rights those it dislikes or the United States that arrogates to itself the self-appointed role of the world’s policeman and ludicrously sees itself as the standard-bearer of democracy run at the same time the world’s largest private that’s largely unaccountable to anyone but the US president who can authorize it and the regular military to kill innocent civilians in countries it has unlawfully attacked and invaded and to forestall any political fallout from this have these soldiers and marines callously plant AK47s on the dead bodies of the intentionally slain, photograph the corpses with these weapons next to them that were never theirs and that they had nothing whatsoever to do with, then have repulsive politicians like you and what Barack has become dishonestly denounce these innocents as terrorists; a situation exacerbated by news corporations like the spineless BBC and ITN along with Channel 4 and rabid rightwing ones like Rupert Murdoch’s own stable of Fox News and Sky TV, in conjunction with others like CNN and France 24 ad nauseum mimicking the same spurious assertions in their news bulletins?

These are not wishful speculations of mine David; the facts are there to see if you stop deliberately ignoring them. Besides, a rising number of US servicemen are voluntarily coming forward, clearly plagued by their troubled consciences, and giving personal accounts of what they did in this regard under orders from their commanding officers and senior NCOs or have themselves witnessed with their own eyes, and testify to the fact that it’s conduct that’s replete throughout the whole structure of the United States and NATO forces wherever they’re engaged in their intentional wars; so their accounts can’t be dismissed out of hand, as your sort are prone to do, as just a few rotten apples in the barrel. The truth is that the entire barrel of apples is rotten to the core and has been particularly so since 1945. By any rational definition of the word this is calculated murder and has no part in any society that calls itself civilized let alone expects others to see it as such David; and the way I see it you are foremost among those at the summit of this insidiously spreading tree of incalculable barbarity.

As an aficionado of everything nasty about the United States David and together so with Liam Fox our Defence Secretary and boy William aka our Foreign Secretary you jointly signalled to the US administration long before a solitary ballot was cast in the last UK General Election, New Labour under Gordon Brown was still supposedly looking after the shop and the British voters didn’t have a clue when our elections would be held that were your Conservatives to gain control of the House of Commons, and as Wikileaks has shown, your lot would be even more subservient to the diktakts of the US than even New Labour was; another indication of the special or should I say the essential relationship that fancifully exists between us and them I suppose. Well as a supporter of all things Americana except of course its Bill of Rights and written constitution (we still don’t have one and you’re in no hurry to see that we do) I’m sure as a man that wallows in death and just loves to see other people get hurt and even more pleasantly so get killed that you’re rather familiar with the US wild west frontier slogan: Wanted Dead or Alive, and what exactly its murderous connotations are. And since you’ve turned Britain into a lawless and global pariah state in the consciences of all but that still huge figure of those living in what you and your ilk call the international community (and we all know who those entities consist of don’t we David?) I think the above slogan is quite apt in your case in respect of what’s good for the goose and all that stuff juxtaposed with my inalienable right to freedom of expression. What say you David?

What a dreadful mess New Labour and now the Con-Dems coalition have made of our country but how despite all that it has nevertheless paid off rather handsomely for the likes of Tony Blair; just observe who he’s hobnobbing with these days as he gets his payoffs and rakes in the millions from his done deals while he was in office. Unsurprising then that arch-democrats like David Milliband brother of Ed Milliband, the duly elected leader of the Labour Party who defeated brother David in that election and is a traditional socialist unlike his older sibling, and Ed Balls another loser in that Labour leadership race, both of them former cabinet ministers in Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s governments respectively and with the same arrogant sense of entitlement to power that both Tony Blair and you have David, are passionately engaged in plunging daggers into the back of poor Ed (How’s that for sibling rivalry!) to get him out of the way so they can aspirationally ascend to the top job when you are removed from it David and when you’re gone be able, they both imagine, to rejoin the enormously lucrative and externally financed gravy train which they were previously on board and you’re now aboard. The assumption is if they can unreservedly do something like this to one of their own to greedily get their way at home how much easier for them when the white clan instinct kicks in to support you, a Conservative, in your tendentious desire to kill a non-Caucasian foreigner like Colonel Gaddafi with even bigger rewards to be had.

Still, this venal obsession isn’t restricted to just our side of the pond as I’m sure you’re well aware David for it’s replete on both sides of the Atlantic with the US administration and Congress hugely on the take and with both sets of electorate, ours and theirs, perceived and regarded by all of you as election fodder only to be superficially and condescendingly acknowledged by you when elections statutorily come around. So the precipitous rush to always criticize those whom you dislike, which by the way cuts no ice with me, always doing so for a diversity of egotistical and illogical reasons, but never your friends or loyal cat’s-paws as regular observers of you behaviour can vouch for, and whose conduct, relative to these friends and cat’s-paws, is often worst than that of those you vilify and demonize, then to mount your sanctimonious daises and from there openly and internationally lecture all and sundry on an assortment of moral issues you don’t practice isn’t or can it simply be dismissed as a case of do as I say and not as I do since it’s much worse.

As I see it it’s like a practised and practising hooker telling a class of fifth form girls at a school in a socially deprived area where jobs are scarce and extremely hard to come by and many traditional breadwinners in their families have, in some instances, been regularly out of work for two or more generations that they shouldn’t indulge in prostitution (a noble gesture on the face of it) that is the only growth industry in their neighbourhood; but she does so not from any genuine concern about these girls’ moral welfare and is therefore using her life style (calculatingly chosen by the way) to warn them of the many pitfalls of prostitution, but rather is indulging in a quite cynical exercise of disingenuousness and self-interest because she knows that men who prey off prostitutes will agree that the younger they are the greater sexual interest that they generate in such men, and as a very mature hooker herself this woman, pretending to be the voice of reason and moral probity, simply and worryingly just wants to ward off future possible competition to herself.

I’ve intentionally preferred the prostitute analogy David because it not only exemplifies what I’m clarifying here but is also the common thread that runs through and binds the lives of those with a somewhat perverse sense of their entitlement to political and economic power on the continents of Europe and North America is comparable too in Russia, China, Israel, Turkey and Australia; much of the British establishment and upper crust society – and you really don’t have to go back to John Profumo (the Conservative Government’s Defence Secretary at the time and the depraved scandal that with the likes of Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice Davies he was intimately embroiled in then lyingly tried to deny it until he was well and truly snookered, well who would have thought such a thing coming as it did from such moral and reputable folk as one would naturally expect to find in the Tory Party?) for instances of this sort of thing, since all you basically have to do David is look around you in the comfy village environs of Westminster for all the examples that you need – and of course your typical and supposedly non-alcohol drinking, spotlessly clean living, Allah fearing despotic buddies and their male tribes that regularly, characteristically and shamelessly turn entire suites of our most costly and luxurious London and other European capitals’ hotels into dissolute, epicurean, Arabian Nights bordellos.

Therefore, it clearly accounts for why these countries their governments or regimes in spite of all their hot air and the occasional public and skilfully staged managed sniping at each other can’t or won’t do anything constructive or concrete to change matters from what they are, because they’re all tarred with the identical brush and tainted by the same stomach-churning stench of corruption, and besides the status quo benefits them enormously.

To give just one example of this; Turkey which is callously playing a duplicitous game of intrigue to bolster its regional power ambitions and get itself noticed on the international stage had nine of its citizens, one of them with dual Turkish and US nationality, that were sailing on board a Turkish owned and registered ship, The Mavi Marmara and one of a number of similar vessels which were trying to transport authentic and desperately needed humanitarian assistance to the ongoing illegal Israeli besiegement of the Gaza Strip assassinated on the high seas and undeniably in international waters by heavily armed Israeli commandos with specific orders to stop the progress towards Gaza of these ships at all costs and by any means possible that they successfully managed to do through their murderous physical attack on the unarmed and non-resisting peace activist aboard these ships and in particular The Mavi Marmara.

In response to what was an unprovoked attack by the Israelis on a Turkish vessel on the high seas and therefore under international law was a gratuitous and malicious declaration of war on Turkey itself the Turkish prime minister belched a load of hot air rhetoric as he played extensively to the gallery of domestic and public opinion but other than that did bugger all. Now on the anniversary of the Israeli attack on The Mavi Marmara this same prime minister that subserviently voted with his colleagues for NATO’s intervention in Libya (Turkey is a post World War II member of that organization) is also clandestinely through subversion that involves CIA, MI6, French and Israeli security agents, Saudi Wahabi and Salafist armed thugs financed by Saudi Arabia, the other Gulf region states and the US (shades of al-Qaida all over again; don’t these chronic clowns ever learn or are they simply masochistic suckers for punishment?) working closely with as well as actually transporting arms through Turkey to these armed gangs and security agents operating in Syria and logistically facilitating the leaders of these so-called Syrian revolutionaries within Turkey itself in Turkey’s nonsensical support for the US, EU and their joint strategies in Syria to undermine then overthrow by whatever means that are considered to be necessary the government of its neighbour Syria that hasn’t or doesn’t pose any material threat to Turkey; this notwithstanding the fact that these are the very countries that provided the arms to Israel and that it later used in its murderous attack on a Turkish flagged ship The Mavi Marmara.

How ironic! Turkey that persistently and embarrassingly has its membership application to join the EU rebuffed by that club on a number of lame excuses as it’s a country with a predominantly Islam population and prejudicially, for that’s the key reason for its rejection although that is never openly said, isn’t wanted in the EU by major member states like France and Germany even though half of Turkey lies in Europe. Nevertheless there is Turkey willingly permitting itself to be disingenuously flattered through economic (billions of dollars promised it in economic aid); political (the dangling of a so-far elusive EU membership this time and a possible permanent seat on a vaguely promised revamped UN Security Council); and military (new stocks of US and EU armaments) incentives to foment strife in its next-door neighbour Syria, just as Iraq under Saddam Hussein was incited to as well as actively, militarily and economically supported in a calculated war with its own neighbour Iran by the United States, its NATO partners and Gulf region allies to foster the political, strategic and economic agenda of western imperialist and colonialist-minded countries with a notorious and long track record in such machinations, and of course with the paramount interests of Zionist Israel uppermost in mind.

Reliable sources tell me that behind its media friendly posturing (Syria shot itself in the foot in that regard by not letting foreign reporters into the country to see for themselves what is going on there so the narrative in the western media is, of course, all Turkish orchestrated propaganda; the pristine looking refugee camp city that Ankara has created; Turkey brazenly announcing that it unilaterally plans to create an Israeli style Gaza buffer zone within Syria itself, which were it to happen would under international law be equal to an act of unjustified aggression against Syria; and other hostile measures that Turkey has adopted at the behest of the west and clearly shows that it is deliberately seeking to provoke Syria into armed retaliation and use that as a pretext to invoke NATO’s charter of an assault on one member, even in self defence and no matter how justifiable it is, automatically regarded by the other NATO members as an attack on all of them.

With NATO’s involvement assured Turkey would then take its fabricated case to the UN Security Council in which the very countries seeking regime in Damascus have total dominance, so success there for courageous Turkey will both be guaranteed and rewarded with not only the establishment of a Benghazi type enclave and safe haven for Syrian so-called revolutionaries in the north of Syria next to the Turkish border but also it would be the preliminary prelude to all out military assault on Syria causing more gratuitous civilian casualties in yet another Arab Muslim country which has no nuclear or weapons of mass destruction pitted against those who have them aplenty, and all of this rather dishonestly done, as is the case with Libya, under the guise of humanitarian concerns for the people of Syria when in effect regime change there and rewarding the west’s enfant terrible Israel with what it truculently demands are two of the primary motivations for unwarrantedly interfering in the domestic affairs of Syria. Not only is this unwarrantable treachery on the part of one Muslim country Turkey, deviously smiling at Syria and giving the impression that all is well between them while plunging a knife when its back is turned deeply into it, against another, but its also analogous on the part of the west to the action of an unscrupulous glazer that sends paid accomplices to break the windows of those he or she wants to force into being clients of theirs, then when this particular deed is done conveniently shows up and offers their services.

So much for Muslim solidarity; and it’s rather indicative of how easily these people can be bought, sold and disposed of; and why not, seeing that they have no dignity or self-respect, something that western leaders are well aware of and advantageously exploit to the full, and who can blame them when if you don’t care about yourself why should others do? The objective of this article therefore is to show that those countries and the rulers of them that wield the greatest influence and power in the world or aspire to doing so like Turkey are basically corrupt, avaricious, decadent and unfit for purpose. We’re already acquainted with the abundant hypocrisies and double standards of the west and its accommodating bag carriers of the likes of rickshaw Charlie aka UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon; Mafioso thug Luis Moreno Ocampo currently at the ICC; and whimpering, Viking Nazi runt Anders Rogh Rasmussen who is at NATO, so please lets forget about them and move on with our useful lives, as it’s really asking too much I think to expect hardened and compulsive criminals like these to ever rehabilitate themselves. Likewise there’s Russia (Chechnya automatically comes to mind); China (Tibet and Tiananmen Square) and Turkey (the Armenian holocaust and Turkey’s continuing genocide of the Kurdish people) which individually and collectively speak volumes of these countries’ endemic propensities towards as well as their actual acts of barbarity!

Therefore NATO bombs pulverizing Libya, subversion in Syria, untrammelled support for Persian Gulf dictatorships, the iron fist of the Pentagon and Wall Street together with unaccountable drone attacks by the CIA to retain corporate power in the Middle East, and the IMF’s covert interference in Egypt and Tunisia following their uprisings with threats of economic strangulation if the juntas currently controlling these countries don’t do the west’s bidding notwithstanding, if you out there seriously want meaningful change and a vastly improved standard of living for yourselves as well your families then regret to say you’re going to have to grasp the nettle of harsh reality and wrest back from these charlatans that have fucked up your lives and have gotten away with it so far, as they’re not going to relinquish it voluntarily, the power that you’ve entrusted to them; which they have manifestly abused’ and which you’re entitled to have back because it’s rightfully yours!

I really hope on humanitarian grounds and for your sake David that the Bolivia International Court project gets off the ground and up and running knowing that when you’re hauled before it you will be accorded the due process of law that you and your Conservatives routinely deny others not only abroad but also at home, otherwise with the fast pace of events not only in the Arab world but also in Europe – just look at Spain and Greece and it will spread like a wildfire I assure you accelerated even more so if the Euro collapses as an international currency, poetic justice I would say for what the EU through NATO has vengefully done to Libya because of Colonel Gaddafi’s introduction of the Gold Dinar – I rate your chances on par with that of a snowflake in the flames of hell or that of Colonel Gaddafi, if you haven’t already killed him, being invited to address both houses of the UK parliament on the finer and indispensible points of personal survival in the face of concerted efforts to have one’s self assassinated.

You won’t be prime minster for ever David and I can’t see Rupert Murdoch who only likes to back winners, or the stoical and even apathetic British voters trusting you with the reins of power, and I use that word very advisably, ever again. So where will that leave you? The security services MI5 and MI6 and even the Metropolitan Police will drastically scale down their Cameron watch having as they will other higher and more urgent priority cases to look after, and with all the cuts that you have introduced and the incompetent but dogmatic way you have essentially treated the police and our defence capabilities per se while letting the bankers who got us into this crisis in the first place off the hook might not be so keen to you know what I mean. Of course you and wife Samantha are filthy rich and can effortlessly afford to ensconce yourselves in a fortified gated community but as you must be well aware that costs money and there are no guarantees that even wealthy purses will be infinite in these economically troubled times; and living firmly cut off from the rest of the world hardly seems to me like fun.

Now evidently you and those around you who think like you and depend on you for their sinecures will see this as threatening or even an incitement to murder or terrorism; so sorry to disappoint you but it’s simply me exercising my inalienable right to free speech which even though it’s something which you dishonestly say you subscribe to David it’s not universal as far as you’re concerned and applies only when it’s you or your lot that are saying the kinds of things that chimes with what you believe in. I began this article by saying that murder is inexcusable in an situation and I genuinely believe that and always will; the same goes for terrorism whether it’s committed by individuals or more likely these days by the state; and that includes regime change and the associated murder of that country’s leader wherever it’s carried out; and that David is what you’re presently embarking on in Libya and doing so for a whole host of lying reasons. And it’s really rich of those that like to play God with other people’s lives running to the law or expecting a plethora of security services and the like to safeguard theirs. I have expressed my views fully and honestly in this article and I stand by everything I’ve said but would like for you David and those who Rambo-like think they have the omnipotent right as gods to go around the world and do whatever they like including the murder of others to take stock of yourselves and imagine that instead of you being the hunter and arrogating to yourselves the right to determine who the hunted will be and how you will best and for your own sport dispose of them, it was you and your family that were in the firing line.

There is no substitute David for the rule of law, without it civilized behaviour would be extinct and we might as well render ourselves extinct with it. All the nuclear countries have more than enough nuclear weapons between them to destroy the world several times over, and if we continue to carry on in the asinine way we are rather than wait for a natural disaster to wipe us all out why not do it ourselves? The dinosaurs once ruled the earth, a natural disaster removed them from the face of it allowing a tiny rodent like creature to survive that perhaps otherwise wouldn’t have done and from which we humans emerged. I don’t know of anyone who says that he or she misses the dinosaurs and I’m sure if we blow ourselves to smithereens the next creature that emerges to conquer earth won’t miss us either. So let’s get our perspectives right about ourselves as human beings. Finally, if I were in your shoes David I wouldn’t wait for the establishment of the new International Court to have me hauled before it; rather I would turn myself in now at The Hague and throw myself on the mercy of my friends there.

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