Monday, 23 May 2011

Who will rid the world of these turbulent morons?

By Stanley Collymore

Henry II the Plantagenet King of England who didn’t at all mind changing the goalposts to suit his political whims, other self-absorbed interests and even figuratively cut his nose off to spite his face, quite analogous really in his grandstanding antics to most if not all of today’s current batch of western politicians and is proof positive, if any was ever required, that centuries later those in the west who run the show evidently don’t have the capacity to learn from the past or even game-changing experiences, famously in one of his outbursts when the powerful Roman Catholic, Britain wasn’t protestant then, had the audacity to oppose him, obviously incapable of waging war on the Holy See as he was, decided instead to find expression for his palpable anger on his less formidable but none the less still very much a prickly thorn in his royal side English Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket with these words: who will rid me of this turbulent priest?

With no shortage of accomplices prepared to demonstrate their loyalty and curry favour with their absolute monarch Henry II knew that he could and would eventually get his wish without having personally orchestrate his doomed Archbishop’s death, soil his hands with the prelate’s blood, and could arguably deny and plausibly insist that culpability for both of these incidents wasn’t actually his, making him historically and undoubtedly one of the earliest recorded, best known and highly successful spin doctors of all time; so with that very much in mind I’d like to thought-provokingly borrow the clothes, if only temporarily so, of this master tactician; to paraphrase his immortal words and hypothetically apply them to our current political situation of comparable alliances which correspondingly has its own toxic mix of religious components to deal with.

On Thursday 12 May 2011 a German court in the spotlight of domestic and the international media coverage convicted and sentenced to five years in jail suspended pending an appeal the conveniently stripped of his US citizenship, 91 years old, Ukrainian born John Demjanjuk of being an accessory to the calculated murder of 28,000 Jews who it was said during the court trial were killed in one of Poland’s notorious Second World War death camps where claimed the state prosecutor Demjanjuk was a camp guard who worked at the time for the German SS; a claim that the defendant has always robustly denied. John Demjanjuk it was also revealed in court was captured by the Germans and given by them an either or option, very reminiscent of George W. Bush’s post 9/11 threat “you’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists”, to join the SS or else lose his life. Disingenuously the prosecution went on to say that Mr Demjanjuk chose to join the SS when he could have refused to do so.

Really? How many people confronted with the same ultimatum by the ruthless killer machine that was Nazi Germany’s government, its various state organs and those correspondingly of its Europe-wide allies whether these were open in their support like France, Italy, Spain, the Baltic countries, Greece, Belgium, Denmark, Croatia and Norway, from where Vidkum Quisling: the prominent Norwegian politician infamously though involuntarily I would suspect has eternally conferred his name to the English language as the archetypal Nazi collaborator, among others, or covert partners like Sweden, Holland, the Vatican and Eire would have chosen death to life?

When Pakistan: a nuclear armed country with a population of 180 million people was given a similar ultimatum post 9/11 by the United States that threatened to obliterate it if it didn’t opt to throw in its lot with that country in its farcical war on terror, what do you imagine Pakistan did and is still continuing to do against the majority wish of its own people, who have more guts than its sycophantic, avaricious, endemically corrupt and cowardly governments it seems, and the compromising integrity of its sovereignty and independence? Importantly and without the benefit of hindsight what would you have done if you were placed in the invidious position that John Demjanjuk found himself? And please let’s not expediently forget in the intentionally contrived fog of post-war revisionism that there were several Jewish and Mischlinge: those of mixed Jewish and Gentile origins, collaborators as well; so it’s quite easy to be highly critical and somewhat sanctimonious after the event especially if you didn’t have to make that difficult choice yourself or one similar to it.

But most tellingly in this court case juxtaposed with the irony of where it actually took place, since Germany was the protagonist as well as the progenitor and principal perpetrator of the European holocaust which wasn’t its first in the 20th Century, as it had carried out a previous one in its South West Africa colony now independent Namibia less than two decades prior to the much commemorated European one during which the Witbooi and other Namibian people were completely eradicated (please Google Shark Island and Germany’s First Holocaust) but no compensation paid and no one brought to book and everything evil which emanated from these holocausts was Germany’s sole liability, was notably the novel indictment with which John Demjanjuk was arraigned; namely that his mere presence at a concentration camp that was run by the Nazis in whose employ he allegedly was, and arguably involuntarily so since the prosecution provided no credible evidence to prove otherwise, rendered him an accessory to mass murder.

Now if that is lawfully right, acceptable and 66 years after the war’s end a prosecutable offence with which to clobber John Demjanjuk what does this German prosecutors and his officials, I’d like to know, have to say about the entirely voluntary conduct of their government and those of several other EU countries including the United Kingdom’s which were deeply complicit in the highly illegal, morally indefensible and racially motivated, US instigated and instituted practice of what together they unconscionably and euphemistically described as extraordinary rendition attendant with its extensive torture, other well documented, serious human rights violations and premeditated, cold-blooded murders? Will we now, following this landmark court precedent by the Germans, see comparable prosecutions in the EU, United States and elsewhere where these crimes took place to that of John Demjanjuk of those who are culpable as accessories after the fact; and if not why not? I would really like to give you the benefit of the doubt Mr Eric Holder and say that like me you’re an intelligent man, but the key difference between us and one that I hold most dear is that I have a strong and unalterable moral compass, something that is patently alien to you, which as a chief law officer is a major job handicap I’d say.

I’m also pretty aware that the White House, 10 Downing Street, and the BBC among others are following my articles on Twitter, and although it might be rather challenging if not completely impossible for them to escape the destructible mindset into which they’ve evidently and rather immaturely ensconced themselves and take regard of some if not all of the things I’ve written I would expect as the very minimum, since I haven’t the slightest intention of compromising my principles by trying to act or write in a way which is completely alien to my nature or have fear of anyone who is human like me and breathes like I do, that they take the opportunity afforded them by following me to at least improve their level of English.

As a child it was cordially impressed upon me by those who raised and mentored me that my life would be fundamentally meaningless unless there is something for which I’m prepared to die or kill for and in my puberty at grammar school I was first introduced to and progressively became intimately familiar with the life and work of the German reformer Martin Luther and the spirited and fearless response he made to his inquisitors at the Diet of Worms, which had an immediate and profound effect on my own young life that has stayed with me throughout the subsequent years of leaving that academic institution; so nothing fazes me, since I live each day to the full and as if it were my last alive, and whatever you or anyone else for that matter who I don’t know or care for might think of me is quite frankly an irrelevance to me, so don’t ever expect me to shut up because someone either irrationally or subjectively and without any logical reasoning imagines or even worst still believes that I should turn a blind eye to what’s actually going on or submissively and sycophantically deliver either or both of my cheeks for chastisement in order to curry favour with those who exercise great power and routinely abuse it; that’s never likely to happen with me under any circumstance, since I firmly believe in the intrinsic philosophy that if you can’t stand the retaliation then you oughtn’t to have been in the fight which you started in the first place.

But of course there are those who are remarkably good at operating their double standards and dishing out with customary impunity their innumerable injustices to other people from honey-trapping them using their puppet media to hound and vilify their character on trumped up sex charges as is the case with Julian Assange and their compliant courts, employing the façade of judicial probity and impartiality, to finish the job off of forever blackening their victim’s name while incarcerating them at the same time in the blaze of media publicity, to regime change and naturally extrajudicial murder, arrogantly playing God with other peoples’ lives.

However, when some courageous soul has got the balls to stand up to and fearlessly challenge these oafish brutish thugs, for that’s what they are, suggesting for instance that the same tactics of summary, extrajudicial killings should be similarly used against them, their families, fellow conspirators and their relatives then all hell breaks loose from these said morons against those advocating for them a taste of their own medicine, and who furthermore are instantly branded and demonized as terrorists, an appellation that they, the real terrorists, would never append to themselves, of course, for doing precisely the same things; and when actually cornered most cowardly behave like the big girls’ blouses that they are. So brand me a terrorist if you want to, frankly I don’t give a shit as I’m not; but as someone who despises with a consummate passion all practices of double standards and hypocrisy, especially when applied for unwarranted and personal gain as we’re currently witnessing in Libya, then I firmly and honestly believe where these thugs are concerned in the dog eat dog precept of what’s good for Peter is also good and possibly infinitely better for Paul. Now where do you stand on this issue if you’ve got the guts to take a stance that is?

Libya is presently under a full-scale, racist and barbaric NATO assault with all the imperialistic savagery that these born again, western colonialists that are waging war against it can assemble and is haughtily doing so with the sycophantic backing of a neutered UN Security Council that is nominally headed by a witless and spineless rickshaw Charlie who despite not being Chinese epitomizes all the stereotypical characteristics of the fawning, ever pleasing coolie figure in the fittingly appropriate American television series Bonanza. Quite willing to denounce all the ills, real or imaginary, of Colonel Gaddafi this slant-eyed and evidently visually impaired oriental imbecile is nevertheless unable to detect let alone recognize or do anything constructive about the much worst atrocities which ritualistically are being perpetrated by the regimes of Bahrain, Yemen, Qatar and the throng of other abominable, despotic Persian Gulf sheikdoms instigated by, savagely orchestrated at the command of, and handsomely paid for by the Satan of them all Saudi Arabia: that bastion of modern enlightenment, women’s emancipation, universal human rights and progressive liberal democracy. Augment that with the absolute impunity with which Israel: the only country in the world and pampered enfant terrible at the UN, is unquestioningly accepted as such yet has no domestic or internationally acknowledged borders that in itself is a flagrant contravention of United Nations membership rules; which sees no requirement to have any as it overbearingly carries on against the nauseating and unsympathetic backdrop of western applause and undisguised encouragement for its incessant land grab as it increasingly gobbles up yet more Palestinian land for its own Nazi equivalent of Lebensraum, is not a worthy spectacle to observe, or a redeeming one either for arrogant, complicit western states that endlessly from their political soapboxes spout their fake ethical values to the rest of us.

I don’t know the circumstances under which Mr John Demjanjuk was allowed into the United States and granted US citizenship but it’s a safe bet that he would have found it much easier to have achieved these ambitions than any Haitian, other black Caribbean person or most Latinos would have done then and now; for even though the US like its near neighbour Canada and the Antipodean outposts Australia and New Zealand has intentionally decimated through genocide its indigenous population and has ruthlessly ensured that the dominant one to replace it is white Caucasian, it nevertheless like every other state in the white Diaspora countries worldwide can not resist the infernally obsessive and endemic racism with which they’re individually and collectively imbued to base their immigration policies almost entirely on skin colour rather than human worth, talent, the real possibility of that person making a genuine and valuable contribution to their prospective adoptive country or simply ethical considerations.

So it’s a no-brainer that while whites will always be given unwarranted preference to emigrate to these countries and especially those like the United States that have brutally stolen the lands of others in order to compulsorily maintain their white demographic advantage, non-whites on the other hand will always find themselves having to jump through a number of inequitable and calculatingly engineered hoops, as if they were dogs on show at a Cruffs event, to weed out the mass of them and facilitate a process where only the most acquiescent ones or those who aren’t perceived as a threat to the established white status and culture: this despite the fact that there’s no such thing as a homogenous white culture that embraces all Caucasians and far less so in the United States of all places, are let in; but the clear-cut message that is being sent out when such decisions are taken is that skin colour and white, clan loyalty takes precedence over everything else. How else would John Demjanjuk, a white man, have been allowed into the US in the first place, or Kurt Waldheim another Nazi killer have become UN Secretary General: a post which no one can assume without US say so, acquire that job?

This however is a state of affairs that has a long and established pedigree in the case of the US; for despite the much hyped and often referred to as a landmark in the commendable progress of international law show trials which took place in Nuremburg post World War Two those Nazis who were showcased and summarily dealt with were essentially in the scheme of things merely small fry, as the really big fish were intentionally allowed to get away scot-free and not only by the United States and UK but also the Soviet Union and France. Germany’s scientists moreover were the very first to develop nuclear bomb technology and were literally light years to the fore of this type of expertise long before scientists working in the world’s other developed countries even knew of or would have readily understood what it was all about, but the major reason that Nazi Germany didn’t develop, test explode or utilize the first atomic bomb which it quite easily could have done was that Adolf Hitler, maligned as he was by the allies, was a firm believer in conventional warfare, was very lukewarm towards and ultimately much opposed to the concept of nuclear warfare, particularly against opponents who didn’t have similar capabilities; a moral compass which the United States undoubtedly didn’t have when it dropped its atomic payloads on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and, from all perceptible accounts in 2011, still doesn’t have; sonst wurde Deutsch bestimmt und nicht Englisch das Lingua Franca der Welt gewesen haben wenn der Fuehrer Adolf Hitler nicht so im Gegensatz zu dieser Art waere.

However, at the climax to the end of the war with knowledge of this German breakthrough and its vital importance having come to light among the allies, and furthermore with many German scientists fully cognisant in which direction the wind was decidedly blowing and their lives and careers ought to and would eventually follow were they to play their cards right, having chosen to abandon their sinking Nazi ship and search for refuge wherever they could find it could only observe with uninhibited delight as the principal war allies scrambled among themselves to get their hands on as many of them and their expertise as they possibly could. And this they readily did in the fully aware that they had a captive audience as it were, and one that given the choice of being sentenced to lengthy jail sentences, possibly even being executed, or working for their potential new bosses naturally and quite enthusiastically opted for the latter; so the genesis and development of the American, British, Russian and French nuclear weapons programmes, their atomic and nuclear bombs evolution as well as the rocket and space exploration progression of these countries , and most conspicuously that of NASA since it was the Germans that also had a monopoly in these important fields of modern transformational, scientific advancement, owe everything to German Nazi knowhow.

But Nazi scientists to one side the United States both physically and financially facilitated the extensive relocation of scores of thousands of notorious, high status as well as many ordinary but none the less extremely dangerous and murderous Nazis from right across Europe to safe havens in South and Central America and several Caribbean territories like Puerto Rica, Cuba and the Dominican Republic that apart from Puerto Rica which is an American colony were at the time fundamentally weak, willing and obsequious countries totally under the control of the United States of America. Moreover, the US also arm-twisted the then UK Labour government of Clement Attlee presiding over a war fatigued and financially bankrupt Britain to physically take in and integrate within its territory some 100,000 known Ukrainian and other Waffen SS killers and their families from Eastern Europe on the incredible pretext that these people who were purported to be rabidly anti-communist would be most helpful to the US, which despite the harsh privations that had been personally experienced in a recently waged global war and were still quite fresh in the memories of every Briton and millions of other people around the world this lunatic country, the United States of America, nevertheless still recklessly wanted to plunge them into another unnecessary catastrophe by contemplating going to war with the Soviet Union: a country that posed no threat to the US, was a valuable and trustworthy ally in the war against Nazism, which had lost over 26 million of its citizens doing so and in helping to defeat Nazism and fascism, and without whose immeasurable contribution the outcome of World War II would have been immensely different.

Even the white-controlled, criminal lineage and backwater state of Australia wasted no time at all in getting in on the same act of liberating these vile European Nazi killers, their immediate relatives and even members of their extended families readily offering resettlement to them in that massive, stolen, antipodean land that was itself a locale and antecedent of its own cultural holocaust and widespread racial genocide through a well-orchestrated and exclusively Europe wide conducted recruitment campaign, even before the last bullet of World War II was fired, that most obscenely and quite insensitively to everyone who’d made a stance against Nazism and fascism and had even rendered the ultimate sacrifice with their lives in doing so, insisted most categorically that all prospective immigrants to Australia must be Caucasian and Aryan, that could quite easily have been a publicity blurb for Europe based Nazis themselves. Which prompts the logical question, with an entrenched and utterly repulsive mindset by whites such as these why on earth was World War Two with its multi-ethnic contributors ever mooted let alone conducted in the first place?

Another group of criminal offenders in this interminable saga are those who pre-war lived side by side in harmony with Jews, were either related to them by blood or marriage and invariably had very close relationships varying from personal friendships to work ties with them but who had no compunction whatsoever when the herd instinct, to which like Pavlov’s dogs they were all conditioned to, kicked in of roundly betraying these people, effortlessly informing on them, and colluding with the Nazi authorities in which ever country they were located in, in turning these selected victims into suitable grist for the Nazi extermination machine; then the moment the tide of fortune changed , the writing was on the wall and the war they supported was about to be lost easily stole the identities of those whom they’d callously sacrificed and knew quite well but with personal survival and non-detection of their infamy very much the priority now of these treacherous scumbags whose earnest wish was to be as far away as possible from the scenes of their crimes, saw many of them turning up in Canada and the US which went out of their way to embrace these fictitious Jews, all too eager to tell their harrowing but nauseatingly fabricated experiences and personal stories of their horrible treatment at the hands of the Nazis.

Those from among them who haven’t succumbed to the ravages of old age and died still live in these two countries with their children, grandchildren and other offspring, and though it’s fairly safe to surmise that they can never tell the truth and publicly reveal who or what they really are or would they want to, such is the monstrous nature of their betrayals and unpardonable crimes, their fraudulent lives of make belief and the odium that open exposure would justifiably inflict on them, they’re still diehard Nazis at heart although they’re most careful to masquerade these sentiments under the entirely acceptable appellation of fervent Zionism. Just ask yourselves, if Senator John Kerry’s parent,: European immigrants to the United States, can ostensibly change their entire persona from being allegedly Jewish to Christian without him or anyone else ever knowing about this until it leaked out decades later, what else did they get up to in their actual as apart from their supposed homeland; and who exactly are they? Which rather confirms the old English adage of never be too willing to judge a book by its cover or for that matter take a morphed Jew, Christian or Zionist at face value.

The sickening immorality and deeply appalling injustice of these people acquiring, able to and in many instances knowingly being allowed to keep their UK, Canadian, US and other foreign citizenship standing with its respective civil and human rights privileges coupled with the stark realization that those pariah entities, specifically Nazi Germany, its World War Two allies and covert supporters, whose witless barbarity created and nurtured the ideal environment for these wicked shenanigans to have started in the first place and were thus able to flourish unchecked thereafter alongside that of those who are culpably responsible for giving these people succour, shelter and refuge aside, the shameless moving of the goalposts in the middle of the proverbial game to suit the expedient ends of criminal minds hiding conveniently behind the smokescreen of legal precepts isn’t only outrageous but utterly repugnant as well.

Now that Germany through its court system and with the unquestionable backing of its western friends has ruled that John Demjanjuk is an accessory after the fact of mass murder because of where he’s alleged to have been, at a German Nazi run Polish death camp, when these murders took place are we now going to see this same principle of law which has successfully convicted John Demjanjuk for crimes committed more than sixty six years ago also applied with the same persistence, resolve and utter ruthlessness, in the pursuit of justice and not revenge naturally, to the perpetrators of much more recent and even worst human rights violations and atrocities that have been committed than those that took place in Poland and where the prospective defendants weren’t only major accessories after the facts of these specific crimes but were actually also the masterminds and controllers of them?

In truth it would take up enormous man hours and reams of paper to tabulate these in full and properly do justice to them, so instead I shall do a précis of some of the most heinous of these offences and invite you to draw your own conclusions accordingly.


1. Henry Kissinger’s Operation Condor campaign is which scores of thousands of hapless South Americans were tortured and killed in the most horrendous circumstances possible, those women that were either pregnant or had young babies having these callously taken from them and given to childless members and supporters of these vile juntas at the express command of this refugee German turned US citizen, with many of these victims shackled and dumped alive from aircraft at thousands of feet over the Atlantic to their certain deaths.

2. The secret for years US government sponsored Tuskegee syphilis project that for some four decades used thousands of unsuspecting African-American males that sought routine medical treatment in hospitals as live and no-consenting guinea pigs for biological experiments leading to the excruciating deaths of many of them that successive governments then denied any knowledge of or any culpability for until the truth eventually emerged.

3. Post 9/11 extra rendition depravities: Abu Grahib, Bagram, Guantanamo Bay and several CIA torture gulags in East European and Scandinavian countries where kidnapped so-called terrorist suspects were quite literally thrown naked into the freezing snow and forced to remain there for extended periods of time with some of them dying as a result while many others lost vital limbs because of frostbite.

4. Internment and the infamous Bloody Sunday massacre when Catholics peaceful protesting for civil rights denied to them for centuries in Northern Ireland were cold-bloodily gunned down by British paramilitary forces with successive UK governments denying all responsibility for what took place and even took to vilifying the victims as terrorists; a view substantiated by the white wash verdict of a handpicked and extremely biased commission set up to give the semblance of investigating the events of that day. Undeterred by this narrow-mindedness the relatives, friends and communities of those slain kept up their campaign for justice for them which came some 30 odd years later when a properly constituted and truly impartial enquiry unanimously concluded and wholehearted concurred with what the relatives, friends and those present then and that had witnessed these deadly events firsthand always knew and openly said that those heartlessly and indifferently murdered were all innocent.

5. The conspiratorial kidnap, systematic torture, killing and sadistic dismemberment of the body of Patrice Lumumba Congo’s first and only democratically elected president by USA, Belgium, French and British special forces, the subsequent overthrow of Congo’s legitimate government and the installation of Sese Seko Mobutu as the west’s ruthless oppressor and foreign agent that over the decades of his authoritarian rule ensured that his western puppet masters got everything that they wanted, as he obediently plundered the rich resources of the Congo on their behalf and lesser so his own and with the west’s backing sowed the seeds of turmoil exemplified in the well tried and tested divide and rule tactic that still plagues the Congo to this day.

6. The so-called Gulf of Tonkin incident when the United States dishonestly and intentionally instigated a fabricated attack on itself, blazoned its premeditated response to the world as self defence and used the manufactured situation which it milked for all it was worth as a justified pretext to assault Cambodia and start a war against Vietnam where a multiplicity of atrocities were then routinely committed against the local populations of both these countries and their environment; who for example can forget Agent Orange and its devastating effects?

7. Then there’s Afghanistan and Iraq – over a million Iraqi children needlessly allowed to die as a direct result of US inspired and vengefully executed sanctions against Iraq; over a million more entirely defenceless Iraqi men, women, the elderly, disabled, young children and babies killed in the 2003 US-led, British and NATO attack, invasion and occupation of Iraq and in excess of five million more Iraqis indiscriminately displaced. The country’s previously imposing infrastructure deliberately damaged and in many instances completely destroyed; priceless Iraqi treasures and artefacts dating back through millennia looted and sent off to the west; religious sectarian strife intentionally fomented; Iraq’s enormous oil reserves and financial wealth with its independence and sovereignty seriously compromised; with each of these several outcomes and repercussions stemming directly from a very brutal war based solely on a panoply of wilful lies propagated by George W. Bush, Tony Blair, the Zionist lobbies in the United States and Britain and in tandem with America’s rightwing neo-con nutters. While in respect of Afghanistan where does one start let alone finish, as there’s no end to that war in sight?

The above are merely snapshots of the murderous crimes that the west, and particularly the US, has wilfully carried out subsequent to1945 but despite knowing this will the mafiosi prosecutor at the ICC Luis Moreno Ocampo, who is willingly being made use of by NATO and the west in the identical fashion that Percy Yutar allowed himself to by apartheid South Africa examine any of these crimes and prosecute with the full force of the law those who are responsible? Like hell he will!

This Argentinean-Italian mobster with the DNA of a Sicilian brigand that reacts automatically to the dictates of his godfather can only do what he’s ordered to, so while it’s perfectly satisfactory with indecent haste and in the calculated spotlight of media publicity to issue arrest warrants for Colonel Gaddafi and members of his family on trumped up charges of crimes against humanity when neither Luis Moreno Ocampo nor any of his team has ever set foot in Libya to investigate or corroborate these suspected crimes no similar indictments will be forthcoming however from this rather absurd but would-be Al Capone against the murderous officials of Zionist, apartheid Israel or any of its like-minded autocratic, Arab Gulf state counterparts. Similarly, don’t expect him to instigate any enquiry either to ascertain why NATO created, Libyan refugees fleeing the western manufactured strife in that country are intentionally allowed to perish by NATO assets assembled in the Mediterranean Sea and off the coast of Libya which are supposedly there on a humanitarian mission precisely to protect Libyan lives from what they assert are the genocidal tendencies of Colonel Gaddafi; so why not rescue them then when in desperation they send out SOS messages from their crippled and stranded boats with dead and dying passengers which in many instances can be physically seen from these NATO ships and helicopters? But ever more importantly why doesn’t Luis Moreno Ocampo ICC prosecutor extraordinaire investigate these events which are a contravention of both maritime and international laws that specifically state that vessels that are in distress and indicate this must be given assistance even by military ships.

It’s a vile situation that renders the ICC, as if we didn’t already know that, to be an opprobrious political cat’s paw not worthy of the name court, and it beats me why with its obvious racist and imperialist agenda where only Blacks and other non-white suspects are characteristically hauled up before it that Third World countries don’t instantly dump it, leave it exclusively to the whites whereupon it would straight away collapse as an institution, and in bidding the ICC a permanent goodbye tell it corrupt and venal officials what they can do with themselves. But rather than this happening the rulers of these Third World states who I would imagine are in dire need of urgent brain transplants and ought compulsorily to be detained in a mental institution, locked in a room away from everyone else and repeatedly made to listen to Bob Marley’s epic, classical rendition of “Liberate your mind from mental slavery” and I would attach the words colonialism and neo-imperialism as well; for despite the ritualized contempt which these Third World numphties are condescendingly shown by this white man’s construct and pseudo-judicial lynching club they nevertheless still remain signed up to it. Talk about turkeys voting for Christmas!

It’s a similar mindset that stupidly causes these Third World idiots still completely captivated by a capitalist system that’s in terminal decline and very much on life support as well as wholly and intractably enamoured by the Hollywood image of the west, particularly that of the United States of America, are themselves fortified by greed, a marked lack of confidence in or respect for their own countries’ monetary institutions, clearly fuelled by the rife and encourage d institutionalized corruption that they foment, and are a major constituent part of; a craven need for white approval preposterously linked to the subservient and jaundiced view that anything which is valuable must come from the west, be fully controlled by it and comprehensively have the full blessing of white Caucasians, to put their countries’ and their own personal wealth, invariably seen by them as the same, into banks and other financial institutions located in and owned entirely by the west where the governments of these western states whenever they’re economically hard up and need cash to bail themselves out, want to mischievously create problems in those countries whose leaders they disfavour but are the owners or custodians of these massive bank accounts, or for their own venal and twisted purposes long to bring about regime change there can, under the facade of a diversity of bogus pretexts arbitrarily seize their financial and other assets and, as in Iran’s case, hold on to them indefinitely.

We saw quite recently with Libya this crass and thieving behaviour by these western countries in operation and who have now turned their avaricious attention to Syria, which beseeches the very rational questions of why do the leaders of these Third World countries, even the democratically run ones, knowing full well the past form, modus operandi, capriciousness and untrustworthiness of the west juxtaposed with the unbridled hostility and unrestrained aggression which it knows it can and frequently and instantaneously does unleash against its perceived foes: real or fabricated, asininely place their economic or any other kind of wealth for that matter in the custody of these serial, criminal, western countries? Let me put this to you bluntly, would you either on a personal or business level having seen relatives, close friends, business associates or even persons who are total strangers to you that have been treated in this same invidious and highly contemptuous way with their assets that they entrusted to those who behaved in this inappropriate manner ripped off at will willingly choose either in a private or business capacity yourself to have anything at all to do with the perpetrators these acts or anyone remotely like them, let alone if you were a previous victim yourself of such fraudulent conduct carry on dealing with those who maltreated you? No you wouldn’t, and neither would any reasonable person either; which speaks volumes don’t you agree of the lack of character and integrity of most of the leaders of these Third World countries; and the west knows this, that’s why it treats them as it does!

Speaking of which Barack Obama will soon be off to some God forsaken place in Ireland which even the average patriotic Irishman or woman hasn’t even heard of; apparently he’s going there to celebrate his Irish roots. Now don’t laugh, not yet at least as there much more to come. It has come to light, it’s been stated, that Obama’s great, great, great grandfather on his mother’s side of the family emigrated from this place in Ireland to the United States: not that those largely destitute Irish who made the trip across the Atlantic in their droves had much of a choice in that decision making process forced into poverty, dispossession and degradation as they and their fellow Irish at home in Ireland were by the potato famine and British colonial induced starvation among the Iris people as a whole who religiously were overwhelmingly Catholic; anyway this realization was a fact that not even Barack’s late mother and maternal grandmother knew anything about and neither would he, indicating that previously there wasn’t any desire or necessity on the part of this white constituent of Barack’s other half biologically speaking to reconnect with Ireland, since how can one connect with someone or something they never knew anything about in the first place?

Moreover, during Barack’s presidential campaign there was a marked lack of visibility by his white relatives, even those living in the United States of America and born there and of which I imagine there must be some, but none of them came to his aid or campaigned ardently for him which might lead one to logically presume that this element of his blood line didn’t much care for having him let alone acknowledging him as its kith and kin, which is remarkable and quite telling for a man who is now claiming and warmly embracing white Irish relatives he doesn’t know, didn’t know existed and obviously has no bond with while his white American relatives living in the country where he’s President continue to stay a mystery to the world at large, and euphemistically to say the least seem more than a little bashful in coming forward and claiming kin to someone that is not only a historic figure as the first genuinely African-American person to be elected President of the United States of America but also presumably the most powerful man on earth because of the exalted position which he holds as head of the world’s only super power state. Rather odd then, don’t you think, when there’s no roll call of any of them when in marked contrast all of Joe Biden’s tribe, Sarah Palin’s brood and John McCain’s lot were ever there in one’s face and more than eager to chip in and help their beloved kith and kin.

While US presidents are well known for swaning off to Europe, usually Ireland, to supposedly reconnect with their European roots, and I dare say that future US presidents of Caucasian and specifically Irish descent will continue for a multiplicity of reasons: the significant Irish vote in the United States electorate, to do so, right now and in the general scheme of American politics Barack Obama is unique. This is a mixed race black man who when his white American mother married his black Kenyan father in Hawaii, then a colony of the United States, and subsequently gave birth to him this consensual married couple could not have done either of these two things in mainland USA where they would have fallen foul of the institutionalized Jim Crow laws that prevailed there and where Mrs Obama would have been publicly ostracised and imprisoned, her marriage forcibly annulled by judicial edict as it wouldn’t have been legally recognized, a huge contradiction in terms as you can’t annul something that supposedly doesn’t exist but that is the US for you, and Mr Obama, Barack’s father, would have been summarily convicted of statutory rape for marry and having sex with his white wife and for that nonchalantly dispatched to Death Row.

Times have changed I hear you say, and yes they have to some extent but not on the scale which you’re disingenuously suggesting that they have. There’s nothing amiss with searching out one’s relatives and roots as it’s an instinctive human desire to know who exactly we are but doing so in the manner in which Barack is embarking on is frankly repugnant. His father who he physically knew, if only for a comparatively short span in his life, was a black man who hailed from Kenya where all of Barack Obama’s paternal relatives come from, and similarly significantly Michelle his wife and all her relations on both sides of her family are African-Americans whose ancestors were forcibly brought to what is now the United States of America from Africa as slaves.

The narrative of the European holocaust is writ large across the remembrances, real or perceived, of white, Caucasian, European Jews and Zionists alike and Barack Obama crucially from actions that he’s purposely taken since assuming office wholeheartedly and even fanatically some would say shows that he clearly empathizes with these people; so why doesn’t he, it is quite fair to ask, do the same with black and African people? On balance were Barack Obama minus his statutory CIA security detail and completely on his own to pop up one night for argument sake in Rostock, East Germany; St. Petersburg, Russia; the East End of London, UK; or some redneck, backwater district in the Deep South of his own country no one in any of these locations or several others I could mention would have any difficulty identifying him as a black man and possibly wanting or even trying to put his lights out specifically because in their eyes he was unquestionably a black man. Even the US Supreme Court is unequivocal in its definition of what constitutes a black man or woman for that matter, someone it ruled who is known to have a single drop of Negroid blood coursing through their veins. In Barack Obama’s case I think we can confidently say he not only has more than that solitary drop of black blood coursing through his particular veins but he also looks black. So what exactly is Barack’s problem racially speaking when it comes to other black people?

Britain’s royal family is highly dysfunctional; everybody in the United Kingdom, even the royal sycophants, knows that and the relationship between Prince Charles and his father Prince Philip has never been a good one at best and it’s similarly touch and go with his mother the Queen who unlike Princess Diana has never been close and chummy with her own children, and it’s fair bet to say that such family structures with their strains and the rest of it are duplicated all across the world. We have a saying in Britain one can choose their friends but not their blood relatives. To add to this mix although it’s not widely known as it’s not something that either she or her public relations people publicize. Queen Elizabeth II of England has black ancestors one of them being Princess Sophie Charlotte who became Queen of England when she married George III and was the grandmother of the legendary Queen Victoria. Queen Sophie Charlotte was a direct descent of Margarita de Castro y Sousa of the African branch of the Portuguese Royal House - Portugal incidentally is England’s oldest political ally - but I don’t see Prince Charles nor would I expect him to (and why on earth should he?) who is the Queen’s biological son and unmistakably white either dissing or intentionally and contemptuously sidelining most or all of his white relatives to perversely align himself with his very distant African roots just because he doesn’t or hasn’t got on with his dad or mum, and I don’t know of or can I imagine any other white person, prominent or plain ordinary, who would; effectively enacting in reverse what Barack Obama who evidently hasn’t come to terms with his personal demons is doing.

I hadn’t planned on giving you this detailed information but changed my mind to shame all those that have a problem with all things African and those that carry the African skin colour, and most particularly those within the ranks of the black Diaspora itself who are either too arrogant, dumb, brainwashed or bone idled to check out the facts for themselves, so I’ll summarize them here and if you then care to you can obtain a much more detailed account by Googling “The Black Queen of England; but whether or not you do so it’s not going to change reality one iota. So here are the facts.

Princess Sophie Charlotte who lawfully and biologically carried that title was born on May the 19, 1744, the eight child of the Prince of Mirow, Germany, Charles Louis Fredrick and his wife Elisabeth Albertina of Saxe-Hildburghausen. She lost her father when she was eight years old. A princess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Sophie Charlotte was descended directly, as I said earlier, from an African branch of the Portuguese Royal House, Margarita de Castro y Sousa and six different lines can be traced from Princes Sophie Charlotte back to Margarita de Castro y Sousa.

Other facts relating to Princess Sophie Charlotte:

1) She married George III of England on the 8 September 1761, aged 17 years old becoming the Queen of England and Ireland. It was a love match on both their parts that lasted throughout the entire married life of the couple.

2) An indication of George’s feeling towards his wife was clearly demonstrated by the fact that he bought Buckingham House for her in 1761 to be used as a comfortable family home for her next to St. James’s Palace, the same residence that would be upgraded Buckingham Palace and would become the official home of all future English monarchs. More details on this can be got from the British Royal website.

3) King George III and Queen Sophie Charlotte had 15 children together, 13 of whom survived to adulthood. Their fourth eldest son was Edward Augustus: born 2 November 1767 and died 23 January 1820, who became Duke of Kent and was the father of the legendary Queen Victoria of England.

4) Queen Sophie Charlotte is the great great great grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II the present Queen of England who lives in the expanded Buckingham House that globally is well renowned as Buckingham Palace. Queen Sophie Charlotte died at Dutch House in Surrey, now Kew palace in the presence of her oldest son the Prince Regent and is buried at St. George’s Chapel Windsor. Queen Sophie Charlotte made many contributions to Britain; hare are some of them:

A) Although portraits painters of the royal family were expected to play down or soften Queen Charlotte’s African features as this was a time when slavery was prevalent and the anti-slavery campaign was beginning to take off, one portrait painter Sir Allan Ramsay refused to play ball. He made many portraits of the Queen as she really was and her coronation painting by him was sent out to the colonies, now the Commonwealth, and played a most subtle, political role in the anti-slavery movement.

B) Queen Sophie Charlotte was well educated, well read and had a deep interest in fine arts and affairs of the time. She sponsored and was taught music by Johann Christian Bach and was very generous to his wife financially after he died. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart dedicated his Opus 3 piece written when he was only 8 years old to this amazing Queen.

C) An amateur botanist Queen Sophie Charlotte was very instrumental in establishing the world famous botanical Kew Gardens in England.

D) In 1800 she introduced the Christmas tree to England, the first person ever to do so which is now a very well-established custom almost 211 years on at Christmas time in the UK with every household and public building across the country still decorated with lights and shiny objects as Queen Charlotte first did with her own Christmas tree back then.

E) The Queen Charlotte Maternity Hospital is located in London and has been there since 1739. Set up by the Queen herself as a charitable institution it is the oldest maternity care institution in England.

F) Many places around the former English and British Empire still carry Queen Charlotte’s name in acknowledgement and honour of her globally; among these are Charlotte Town in Canada and Fort Charlotte in St Vincent, the West Indies.

G) In 2004 Queen Elizabeth II of England authorized an exhibition of Queen Charlotte and King George III’s collection and tastes in arts. Significantly real life portraits of this outstanding black Queen of England are no longer through racist tendencies circumscribed in the UK although the English school curriculum which proselytizes a diet of the Norman invasion of 1066 and World War II to everything else still has a lot of catching up to do, as do the British print and electronic media who are largely ignorant of the black racial mix of the British Royal Family and those of every other European royal family taking into account alone that Queen Victoria of England the granddaughter of Queen Charlotte married her own sizeable brood of children and their offspring into every European royal and aristocratic family, for all that though I can assure you that there’d be substantial anguish, resentment and hostility not only from those within the English media but equally the English political elite (all the way down from No.10 Downing Street), their numerous flunkies and the hidebound and reactionary chattering classes if a contemporary British royal and one who was particularly close to the throne were to follow the lead of their ancestors and marry a black spouse; after all just look at what happened to Princess Diana and her Arab Muslim lover Dodi and she wasn’t even in line to the English throne.

H) Finally and interestingly enough Queen Sophie Charlotte would also have been Queen of the North American colonies and all the indications from letters to her oldest brother Charles, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who was also her closest confidante indicate that she favoured the 13 colonies achieving their independence or at the very least control of their domestic affairs, but well known to be interested in the war in America she extraordinarily and quite revolutionary for the time set the royal stage that others including the present Queen Elizabeth II would follow of being the archetypal constitutional monarch by not speaking out publicly at least on exceedingly delicate political matters. In one letter to her brother and which sums up the position she took she wrote: “I find that the solitary and retiring life which I lead is not for me. Having admitted this I assure you I shall not ignore my duty.” A highly intelligent and well-informed Lady for whom it must have been hard to have to put protocol and diplomacy before gut feelings Queen Charlotte for all that was nobody’s fool. Eternal peace be upon her; and may God graciously rest her soul!

Now having morphed since then into the United States of America the former North American colonies have a contemporary African monarch, or more specifically since the US is an empire an emperor who despite his evident ancestry none the less despises everything African because by doing so it comfortably fits into the stereotypical white narrative that he has bought into that nothing good either has or can come out of the dark continent and everything of importance that has been or is connected with it is due entirely to the beneficence of the white man, never mind the plethora of well-documented evidence that there is to the contrary if one would only care to look for it. So a penniless Irishman feeling poverty and starvation in his own country in the mid 19th Century is infinitely more important and symbolic than a black graduate Kenyan father that survived the harsh ravages of British colonialism also made it to the United States and did well for himself by any measure of calculation.

Kenya has its problems just like all other developing countries do and particularly those that are in Africa that post independence, which many of them had to physically fight for, are still doing their best to shake off, everything from the depredation of slavery and colonialism to the colossal injustices instituted by the terrible decisions made at the 1884 Berlin Conference when European countries arbitrarily carved up Africa among themselves studiously and contemptuously ignoring the niceties of consulting the people there or taking any cognizance of cultural, linguistic, ethnic groupings or religion for example while doing so, a premeditated and callous act that was always going to be a recipe for disaster for Africa and its people. For instance the people of North Kenya although officially Kenyans see themselves as Somali and readily identify with the people across the border in Somalia, quite understandably so because they are ethnically Somali whose country was subjected to this 1884 European dismantlement of their land that overnight had succeeded in turning them into something they were not, namely Kenyans, or even sought their opinion about. It’s a situation that was ruthlessly duplicated across the African Continent by virtue of the Berlin Conference and across the entire Middle East as a consequence of the Sikes-Picot Agreement of 1916; and I suggest that you Google both these occurrences.

On the 21 January 1918 the people of Ireland voted overwhelmingly to have their country back and be free of Britain, the Westminster government however refused to respect that referendum, held on to six counties in the north of Ireland which it called Ulster, effectively partitioning the island, and immediately set in train a series of events which became the catalyst that eventually lead to decades of civil war and horrific acts of terrorism which still plague the Emerald Isle to this day, in spite of the brokered and much vaunted Good Friday Peace Agreement between the Nationalists and the Loyalists. So for your elucidation Barack Ireland’s problems are not in the least unlike those of your biological father’s birth country Kenya, problems whose genesis are directly down to British imperialist meddling in both these country’s affairs; and to be truthful you’re more likely to be blown up in Ireland than you would be in Kenya where all its citizens enthusiastically rejoiced and were over the moon when you got elected President of the United States and their government even in equal jubilation declared your inauguration day a national public holiday. I don’t recall that happening in Ireland, and I wouldn’t have imagined the Irish government ever considering it necessary to venerate you and mark your success in this or any other way then. Therefore, the only reason that you’re steering clear of Kenya while preferring Ireland is because you’re a closet racist: an embarrassingly brainwashed, half-breed, black male raised by a Caucasian mother with a penchant for non-white men, probably sexually motivated, but no correspondingly real interest in real equality of the races and who along with her mother imbued you with a stereotypical white superiority complex.

Furthermore, it’s over a year since Belgium had elections and there’s still no government there or the prospect of one emerging any time soon; a Guinness Book of Records record. Belgium, and I don’t know if you’re aware of this Barack as the great majority of Americans are pretty ignorant of most things outside their country’s physical borders, is the capital of the EU; that entity which has sycophantically shoved its head so far up the backside of the United States that I’m surprised its constituent members are still able to breathe from having done so and haven’t suffocated from the stench stemming from that deleterious part of the US’s anatomy. But how’s this for a quirk of irony; Belgium is one of those NATO countries taking it in turn to bomb the shits out of Libya as it haughtily prescribes to it, Syria and Iran but not Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the other Gulf states or Israel mind, how they should run their own country yet not having a f..king clue at the same time how to properly run its own infernal state; and with political, linguistic and cultural sectarianism running rampant there, there’s a high probability that the country, which is an artificial construct anyway, will split apart in bitter acrimony; so much then for the myth of EU cohesion. And with ETA and other nationalist groups across Europe vibrantly flexing their separatist muscles to go it alone we Europeans can also now look forward to our own Awakening and say “stuff the United States and its reactionary fascist European quislings” who don’t speak for us.

This unsurprisingly has got David Cameron so shit scared now that despite the Scots having just elected a nationalist government with an unequivocal agenda and a ballet box mandate to go for Scottish independence and away from the insufferable fascist crap of all the main parties in the House of Commons David Cameron and his Tory lot have made it known that when the Scottish National Party (SNP) holds its referendum and the Scots vote to break away from the rest of the UK he and his Tory fascists won’t accept the result, neither will the Labour Party nor the Liberal Democrats, citing all sorts of misleading arguments from Scotland won’t be able to make a real go of independence to them, these political clowns that is, not standing idly by and watching the United Kingdom disintegrate.

What a load of baloney and how sickeningly patronizing to the Scottish people! Yet these are the very same people who engineered the break up of Yugoslavia; who championed and guaranteed the unilateral declaration of so-called independence by Kosovo: 80% unemployment and relying heavily on UN handouts, banditry, human organs and drugs trafficking for its financial survival; who did the same thing with East Timor, another artificial construct as states go and like Kosovo is simply an interminable basket case economically and in every other respect, with Australia de facto having to manage its affairs for it; and who are now expending their energies and working their well tried and tested destructive magic on Libya and Syria. And who may I ask really gives a toss if the UK or any other European country for that matter breaks up? Isn’t this what they’ve been doing for centuries to countries, regions and continents around the world? And isn’t it time that they learnt that what goes around eventually comes around?

Scotland with its excellent First Minister Alex Salmond: the only western political leader I have any respect for, is perfectly capable of running his country’s political affairs and let’s not forget that up until 1707 Scotland was a country in its own right and to this day has its own distinctive legal, cultural, social and educational systems, and astonishingly for a small country most of the patents registered worldwide are by Scots making them some of the cleverest people on earth as well.

Were Scotland to regain its independence population distribution in England and juxtaposed with customary gerrymandering of electoral boundaries to favour both main parties but principally the Tories would virtually ensure permanent Conservative Party rule in England which would please the Tories no end in normal circumstances, but their immense fear and particularly that of David Cameron who sees himself as a reincarnation of Winston Churchill: and I agree with him on that score except that for me he embodies all the loathsome character flaws, political misfeasance and dastardly activities of that man but with no corresponding charisma or oratorical skills to match, is that England’s valuable oil and gas reserves are decidedly in Scotland’s waters and this multi-billion pound revenue earner that the Scots don’t benefit from much would be permanently lost to the supercilious, avaricious, English bastards at BP who presently control it and in the process bankroll the Conservative Party.

Furthermore, with the United Nations falling rapidly into disrepute, some would logically argue it has already gone past that stage, and with a rising clamour for meaningful and urgent reforms within that organization and particularly the Security Council now unambiguously being heard and reverberating around the world a balkanized Britain possibly, and only just possibly, made up of England, Wales and Ulster just couldn’t justify clinging on to its permanent seat and veto in the UN Security Council as Russia did after the break up of the Soviet Union when the UK’s position there is currently untenable, as it’s based completely on a defunct world order system and not contemporary reality; and if being in possession of a nuclear arsenal will be the excuse for England assuming Britain’s position as a permanent member attendant with veto of the UN Security Council corresponding to the sleight of hand that Russia exercised vis-à-vis the former Soviet Union’s collapse, then to my mind the veto should be scrapped in favour of a simple and democratic majority vote by all member states determining the decisive outcome of business in that world body, and failing this so too the NTP with every country which wants to have nuclear weapons, seeing that the big boys and their friends have them and don’t want to relinquish them, unilaterally deciding whether or not to invest in having their own; and if in spite of fair-minded attempts to create a level playing fields this does happen then scrap the UN altogether.

But David Cameron, his Tory Party and the rest of the neo-imperialists and colonialists that like detestable cockroaches liberally infest both sides of the House of Commons wouldn’t want this, would they? Not least because it would significantly diminish the false prestige that they attach to themselves and the role of Britain in the world; nor would they any longer be able to prance around the world like overweight prima ballerinas giving themselves airs and graces as no one would to listen to them let alone take them seriously. And for them it would be like downsizing from a very palatial mansion that one could no longer afford or had foreclosed on them and as such being obliged to make do with a modest council (social housing) flat, with all their former fancy friends ignoring and dropping them like a hot potato; and this is precisely what the United States would instantly do to an England that politically and militarily is no more authoritative or influential than Belgium or Luxemburg. So all power to Alex Salmond and his SNP I say!

And returning to Barack Obama don’t you dare use the limp excuse or give the lying impression that Europe is some kind of political Utopia, which it isn’t, and Africa id not; and that’s why you are giving Africa the thumbs down. Bullshit! You don’t convince anyone, not with a functioning brain in their head anyway with that kind of approach, for your actions and perceptions are pretty clear-cut – you’re a white man that unfortunately for you is imprisoned in the castle of his brown skin; and you really don’t like that. But I’ve news for you Barack Obama, incumbent Emperor of the American Empire, Africa and its people will survive and do so without your help just as your starving, white Irish ancestor that you so devotedly treasure did; after all it’s the continent where homo sapiens originated and from where they then emerged to populate the entire world; not bad for starters I would say, but for your individual elucidation Barack and that of those of whichever race they feel they belong to I’d like to draw your attention to some facts of history that you may all be quite blissfully ignorant of and, moreover, I will substantiate these with both historical and academic references that at your leisure you can check out. What have the following persons that are mentioned below have in common with each other?

1. Bishop Diman; Bishop of Ireland, died in Ulster in 658; now a saint. Ref: Cambrensis Eversus, vol 2, pp 686-7; 1848. “S Diamanum nigrum Episcopum Connoresnsem in Ultona. An Dom 658 vivera deisse tradunt”.

2. Hadrian, Monk of Niridana near Monte casino in the former Kingdom of Naples; appointed Archbishop of Canterbury in England by Pope Vitalian in 668; declined the post but suggested that Theodore of Tarsus be given the position instead. The recommendation was adopted by the pontiff on condition that Hadrian accompanied the primate to England. He did so making great contributions to English culture. Hadrian died in England and is buried in St. Augustine’s Chapel, Canterbury. Ref: Rogers, Sex and Race Vol III, p. N.Y. 1944. The Venerable Bede the first English and a renowned historian who lived at the time of Hadrian and Theodore and while they were both in England: Historiae Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum, Book 4, Ch.1; also “Uir natione AfirMargaret Murray, God of the Witches, p 6, 1933.

3. Michael Egypteos; a Major- General in the Russian Army, head of St. Petersburg Naval Dockyards; ship builder who built many ships.

4. Abraham Hannibal, general-in-Chief of the Russian Army under the Empress Elizabeth. He also served under Peter the Great and was decorated with the Red Ribbon of the Order of St. Alexander-Newski. Ref: Schuyler, Life of Peter the Great; Rogers, J>A, Sex and Race Vol 1 P 174. Osei G.K. African Empire Library; D.M. Wallace, Russia, P.27.

5. Toussaint l’Ouverture the general who defeated Napoleon Bonaparte in Haiti.

6. Juan Latino, Professor of Latin at the University of Granada, Spain 1565; one of the world’s greatest Latin scholars and poets. Ref: Spratlin V.E, Juan Latino, pp 5 16; 1938; Woodson C.G, Journal of Negro History Vol 20, p 190-243, 1935. Osei G.K African Star in Spain and Portugal, p 12 London 1963; Encl. Univ. Illus, Vol 29, pp 1022-3, 192.

7. Antonio Vieira, one of Portugal’s greatest orators and prose writers, born 1608 died 1697. Also Licentiate Orti and Cristbal de Menenes. Ref: D’Azevedo, Historia de Antonio Vieira, Vol 1 P 9 Lisbon 1918 (Appendix Vol II has testimony of witnesses on his ancestry). Osei G.K. African Star in Spain and Portugal P13 London 1963.

8. Dr. Ernest Schweninger born 1850 died 1924. Professor of dermatology at the University of Berlin from 1884 to 1905. Private physician to Count Bismarck founder of a united Germany.

9 Aben Ali private physician to Charles VII and Antoine de Negrie serving in the same role to Louis XI. Ref: Mss 32511; Bound Vol. 685, Folio 399. Bibliotheque Nationale. Rogers, Nature knows No Colour-Line, 1950 N.Y pp 145-7.

10. George Washington Carver of the Tuskegee Institute in the USA; received the Roosevelt Medal in 1939. He extracted from the peanut 285 products and 118 from the sweet potato.

11. Gustavas Vasa, physician, poet, writer, naturalist. Born in 1754. One of the principal anti-slavery agitators in England. Ref: Gentleman’s Maga, Vol 72 p 384; 1792.

12 Sabal El Cher: bandmaster of Kaiser Wilhelm II’s of Germany favourite regiment.

13. St. Morris: Abbot, major crusader and warrior who greatly assisted his European counterparts in the crusades; honoured throughout Europe with many statues put up to him in public buildings and churches, was later canonized. Ref. Professor Davidson, Oxford University, England.

14. Alexander Sergevitch Pushkin, the father of Russian literature and the apostle of freedom. Born in Moscow on the 7 June 1799, died in 1831. Entered the Imperial Lycee at St. Petersburg at 12 years old; at 15 became Russia’s leading poet. Ref: Wallace D.M, Russia, New York 1877; Hanmant E, Pouchkine, Paris 1911; Pushkin: The Negro of Peter the Great; Consult Mass Njie’s African Revolutionary Library.

15. Alfred A. Dodds the great French general and empire builder, exceedingly popular and could have become president of France if he’d wanted to but wasn’t interested. Ref: The Illustrated London News 1879; C.L Norris-Newman, In Zululand with the British throughout the war of 1879; A.W Durnford, A Soldier’s Life and Work in South Africa, London 1882.

16. Joseph Damingue; Alexander Dumas, Commander of Napoleon’s cavalry until 1798; Andre Rigaud; Antoine Cloualette; Alex Petion; Martial Besse; J.B Belley; B. Leveille; Magloire Palage; Barthelmy; Villate Etienne; and V. Menter all famous generals in Napoloeon’ Bonaparte’s army. Ref: D.A. Molza, Les Negres, p 175; Ardonin, Etudes sur L’Histoire d’Haiti, Vol V, p 10; Napoleon’s Correspondence, Vol IV p 252; W.H. Ferris, The African Abroad, p 934, New Haven 1913.

17. Popes Victor 189-199 AD; Melchiades 311-312 AD; St. Gelasius 496 AD. Pope Galasius who is also canonized reformed the Calendar of Saints and excluded St. Margaret and St. George (Patron Saint of England) from it. He also included in the Holy Bible the Books of Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, Judith, Tobit and the Maccabees. Ref: Book of the Popes (Liber Pontificulis), p 17 for Pope Victor; p 40 for Melchiades or Miltiades, and p 110 for Gelasius (L.R Loomis, translator N.Y 1916); The Popes: An Historical Summary by G.A. W. Wilks p 6, 15, 30, London 1851.

18. Who were worshipped in Greece and Rome; who established religion in Greece and whose gods reflected the image of those that gave them their religion? Who according to Herodotus were the founders of the Oracles of Delphos and Dodona? Ref: Its History and Coinage, p 97, Cambridge 1924; Grace Bardsley, The Negro in Greek and Roman Civilization; Zundel, Revenue Archaeol, March 1861; Hist. de la Caricatura Antique p 101-2; Rodgers J.A, Sex and Race Vol 1 pp 80-84; Higgins: The Celtic Druids; London 1829; G.K. Osei, A Journey into the African Past, pp 4-5 London 1964.

19. Cetewayo, King of Zululand, wiped out a formidable British force under Lord Chelmsford at Isandwana in 1879 and also killed Napoleon heir to the French throne, was subsequently invited to England by Queen Victoria. Ref: The Illustrated London News 1879; C.L. Norris-Newman, In Zululand with the British throughout the war of 1879; A.W. Durnford, A soldier’s Life and Work in South Africa, London 1882.

20. Terentius Afer, citizen of Rome born 190 BC; poet, playwright and academic whose works were greatly studied at the end of the second century and became the standard work for all the schools at the time. Julius Caesar, Horace and Cicero used him as their model. Famously wrote: “Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto (I’m a man and nothing human is alien to me). His plays included: Andria; Hecyra; Hautontimorumenos; Eunuchs; Phormio and Adelphobe. Terentius Afer died in 159 BC whilst he was returning from Greece.

21. Coleridge-Taylor: one of England’s greatest musicians who was born on August 15 1875 to Daniel Taylor an African and member of the Royal College of Surgeons and his wife Alice Hare a white English woman. Coleridge Taylor entered the Royal College of Music and at 23 wrote one of his major works Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast, the work was performed at the Royal College of Music and Coleridge-Taylor was universally praised and compared to Mozart and Schubert. He read the works of Dumas, Du Bois, Pushkin and Robert Browning the famous poet, each of whom was of the same racial ancestry as himself. Ref: W.C.B. Samuel, Coleridge-Taylor, London 1915; Browning Society Papers, Feb 28, 1890, pp 31-36; Sutherland Orr, Life and Letters of Robert browning, p 7, 1908; Frederick J. Furnivall, head of the Browning Society.

22. Jesse Owens is conveniently and somewhat hypocritically held up by the United States and also Britain when it suits their purposes as someone that Adolf Hitler decidedly snubbed at the Berlin Olympic Games but what these recalcitrant propagandists while overlooking their own entrenched racism don’t mention, that’s provided of course they even know about these facts, is that during the height of the Third Reich Adolf Hitler had no fewer than 30 black professors at several German universities and colleges; one of these was Foli, who was based in the language faculty at Berlin University, right under the nose of the Fuehrer so to speak so he couldn’t have missed him. In marked contrast black students from within the British Isles and Britain’s global empire have been attending and graduating from celebrated British Universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Durham, Birmingham and London for many centuries but it wasn’t until the late 1970s that Britain appointed its very first black, university professor; so don’t fall for all the hogwash of the Germans being racist against Blacks as if the US and the UK haven’t been and still aren’t. As a Brit, knowing and having observed the Germans from very close quarters as I’ve lived and worked in their country for many years I can honestly say compared to what I’ve seen in the US and the UK that they’re much more inclined to reward people on merit than either Americans or my fellow Brits, who are more swayed by skin colour and so-called class, ever would.

Well the answer to the question which I asked earlier at the start of this segment is, all the above mentioned people are all black and of African ancestry, which totally debunks the lies that Africa and Africans never had an indigenous civilization, never contributed anything to any civilization, and don’t have the capability or intellectual acumen ever to do so; to which I say on the behalf of all those innumerable Africans and other Blacks who over the years I’ve met, known and seen at work and play, dream on!

But sad and pathetic as it may seem you’re not the only black person who is either a coward or a knave Barack that is quite happy to sell his own people out based on the ludicrous notion that to align yourselves exclusively with whites and against your own you are in essence moving away from what you perceive or are brainwashed into thinking are primitive norms of conduct to more enlightened, modern and progressive ones; what a laugh given the appalling history of the white man globally. And it’s this indoctrination far more than the centuries old atrocities of past whites that’s really killing Blacks and the valid aspirations of their gifted youngsters who in the normal scheme of things ought to be the primary focus in terms of the ongoing and future advancement of their race, but when you have a black president at the head of the world’s most powerful state and beside him a black wife with slave ancestry and both of them diligently eschewing anything which is remotely black what sort of message do you think that is sending out to black people in general and their talented youngsters in particular; and why on observing this kind of behaviour from Blacks in positions where they can substantially make a meaningful difference to the lives of their own people but who intentionally choose not to, should the average white person bother to and not embrace and apply the quite logical attitude of: “If your own people don’t care about you why should I?” And who could blame them?

Regrettably Barack Obama you’re not the only one within the African and wider black Diaspora who is intrinsically indoctrinated with the principally white, but by no means exclusively so as far as other races are concerned, concept of black inferiority since objective and highly reliable data consistently show that significant majority of the world’s black leaders, the overwhelming mass of whom are vile and grasping dictators with no pedigree of democracy or any redeeming qualities between them, either individually or collectively, and would willingly and happily sell their own mothers and grandmothers if the price is right think as you do Barack about their own people and have not the slightest hesitation in expediently and sycophantically sacrificing them on the all-encompassing altar of imperialism and colonialism regardless of whether or not either or both these indisputable destructive elements to a fair, just and equitable world for all emanate from established western sources, those of Russia lodged in between, or just as threateningly the new, emergent eastern powers of China and India; so long as the crumbs from the vast hordes of indigenous riches they give away and which fall from the rich man’s table and that obsequiously they’re permitted with the patronizing permission of their handlers to gather up and preserve for themselves guarantee that financially at least they’re considerably better off than the bulk of the black population that they actively and systematically help to subjugate.

Many of you will be shocked to learn that Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu were once sell-outs of their own people as you are Barack, even when the ANC was being offensively derided in the west for being older than the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia but nevertheless not having made an impact on anyone let alone achieving any of its stated goals; for what both these men with some others in the ANC really wanted wasn’t universal black suffrage in South Africa or even the principle of enshrined human rights legislation, come to that, for the black masses of that country and of the kind that every white man, woman and child automatically had and took for granted, but instead desired where Blacks were concerned that these canons be awarded only to that small black elite which was privileged to have had an education and therefore considered itself as belonging to the professional classes. For other Blacks and as far as their specific futures were concerned however, Nelson Mandela and Co. truthfully didn’t give a damn about them and were quite content if they got their own selfish wish re white approbation of themselves to throw their fellow Blacks: mostly disadvantaged, racially victimized, lacking any meaningful education and with no jobs to speak of, under the proverbial bus and courtesy of the white apartheid status quo watch them rot in hell.

Happily help was at hand in the form of Winnie Mandela, Nelson’s latest wife and a grassroots activist deeply and unyieldingly committed to the full liberation of her people that persuasively changed the indoctrinated mindset of her husband and significantly as well kept his name alive and in the public domain after he was convicted and jailed on treason charges and many whites not only in South Africa but also across the global white Diaspora and together with their racist governments wanted him dead and moreover publicly said so while branding and vilifying him as a dangerous terrorist.

The supreme commitment of this extraordinary courageous, determined and racially proud lady who Nelson Mandela had married, and was herself subjected to some of the worst human rights violations which anyone could possibly endure, to nothing less than justice, equality, dignity and the unequivocal and fullest democratic hopes of her people in a country which was indigenously theirs and where they constituted an overwhelming majority of its population was undoubtedly a watershed moment and crucial turning point for the ANC’s leadership, many of whom had been brainwashed by their supposed white betters and as a result cheerfully bought into the fallacious notion they propagated that even with all its barbaric faults so-called white civilization was still the best thing on offer and markedly superior to anything that Blacks generally and Africans in particular had or could come up with.

This however wasn’t how Steve Biko, who never featured in any of Nelson Mandel’s speeches or isn’t mentioned in the latter’s autobiography, any more than Winne Mandela nor the fearless school children of Soweto: the likes of Hector Pieterson, sister Antoinette Sithole and Mbuyisa Makhubo, the classmate who iconically carried the dead body of Hector Pieterson in his arms, and who jointly, defencelessly but even so both morally and heroically confronted the evident hatred of their apartheid oppressors backed to the hilt with state of the art weapons generously supplied by their western collaborators and in several instances paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives for doing so saw things. But their courage and great loses, with the odds piled up so mercilessly against them, weren’t in vain however, for they jointly and graphically showed the actualities of their plight and in turn opened up the eyes of the rest of the world to this western government approved, unconditionally supported and most virulent variety of endemic racism and oppression that there was in South Africa triggering in their wake a global movement that eventually contributed to the official, if not the societal dismantlement of apartheid and in its place the establishment of political structures that optimistically will ultimately lead to a truly democratic and equitable South Africa.

The full accomplishment of that however despite adult suffrage and the outward appearances of majority rule is still a long way off as things currently stand, a situation the blame for which can and must be placed securely at the feet of the Nelson Mandela government which relishing white western approbation for itself much more than instituting a long overdue justice and desperately needed political and social reforms for Blacks in South Africa cowardly refused to grab the bull by the horns and against the background of massive support for radical change both at home and abroad to firmly redress the centuries’ old humiliation, land dispossession, racial discrimination and the methodical robbery of their considerable natural resources that Blacks were and still are subjected to literally bottled it as they simply weren’t up to the job. Meanwhile, South Africa’s whites perfectly satisfied to pay lip service to the laudable aims of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission fully cognisant in advance that they would be permitted to permanently hold on to their ill gotten gains effectively carried on as previously, while for the country’s black majority population it was business as usual for most of them: daily lives blighted by poverty and a lack of social and economic advancement as the wealth gap and living standards between them and whites residing in South Africa considerably and unavoidably, given the circumstances, pulled increasingly apart.

It’s an inertia which has gripped and paralysed not only South Africa but also the entire African continent itself portraying its people as feckless and a laughing stock in the wider international community. And Africans know only too well that the so-called international organizations like the UN, ICC, IMF, IAEA and WTO among others don’t really give a damn about them and are in every respect - from the way they’re configured, their subjective and partisan voting patterns and the manner in which these votes and vetoes are heavily weighted in their favour and finally exercised, to the customary and very predictable decisions they arrive at – the explicit agencies and compliant stooges of western regimes, their imperialistic and colonialist institutions. Yet in spite of this awareness these African states rather than collectively withdraw from these biased and corrupt institutions where humiliatingly they’re only allowed to have walk-on parts if any at all, refuse to have anything at all to do with them and instead set up their own competent bodies, slavishly and rather idiotically continue to sign up to and carry on being a part of these western led and dominated organizations.

Libya is a case in point where the entire African continent has meekly stood by and watched a body calling itself the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) blatantly flout the specific conditions set out in UN Resolution 1973 in respect of Libya and having its member countries, exclusively white, western, imperialist and colonialist in nature and against the backdrop of the stooge-like and studied silence from rickshaw Charlie, aka the UN Secretary general, bomb the living daylights out of a member African country that has never waged war against or invaded any of its neighbouring states let alone the white led and controlled countries from the northern hemisphere that are hubristically taking turns to assault it, kill and terrorize its citizens while making unwelcome refuges of thousands of them, wilfully destroy the country’s infrastructure and illegally seek to murder its leader and his family under the asinine pretext of humanitarian intervention to save lives; yes, akin to throwing several live hand grenades into a room where you think hostages are being held against their will in order, you claim, to save their lives.

But even more disgraceful than the collective African stance of utter impotence in the wake of this completely uncalled for western aggression against a partner African state is the deafening silence of South Africa, particularly that of Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu who are both fully aware of the effective role that Colonel Gaddafi and Libyan financial help played in the official dismantling of apartheid in South Africa when their now new found friends in the west were categorically in support of it. How treacherously disgusting can you be? But like I said previously white, western approbation above all else was always at the forefront of what Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu cared about, and they accomplished that in true House-N style by not penalizing in any way the whites in their country, so why should they put in jeopardy a life long cherished ambition by sticking their necks out needlessly as they see it by speaking up for Colonel Gaddafi and his Libyan supporters when they didn’t or aren’t do so for Blacks in South Africa? And when unusually you observe the UN and western governments literally going out of their way to promote and laud African regimes like the one recently installed in the Ivory Coast and simultaneously are hell-bent on wreaking all manner of vengeance on the head of the regime they pro-actively helped in ousting, then you instinctively know that the succeeding and favoured regime is a western backed puppet whose pledge of handing over that country’s natural resources to its puppet handlers is an integral part of the deal of continued support for it.

Equally repugnant but whose behaviour is unsurprising are so-called human rights organizations like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch (HRW), the International Red Cross (IRC) and its Muslim counterpart the Red Crescent; and while Amnesty International and HRW have done little apart from selectively mouth meaningless platitudes about the western backed carnage that is currently taking place in the Persian Gulf countries there has been absolutely nothing said by either of them against the murderous offensive, targeted killings and gross abuse of power that’s being routinely and hubristically unleashed on Libya by NATO, and what spirited condemnation that there is from HRW and Amnesty International is directed solely at Syria, which anyone with a modicum of objectivity or any sense of fair play will speedily observe that the violence there is western instigated, CIA led and EU, specifically British and French special forces, organized and is essentially a terrorist insurgency campaign that is US and Saudi Arabian financed; akin it must be pointed out to that of Al-Qaida against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan which these perennial warmongering idiots, who never seem to learn from their past mistakes, also sponsored.

But while the Al-Qaida insurgency was a direct surrogate attack against the Soviet Union to help assuage the United States’ patent, obsessive paranoia with communism and temper its demons in this regard, this current insurgency against Syria is to undermine, destabilize and fatally weaken it while additionally effecting regime change there that would provide the US and the rest of the west’s enfant terrible, infernally paranoid and excessively spoilt brat Israel with another comfort blanket that it selfishly demands, expects to have, and its foolish indulgers will do everything in their power to see it gets. Curiously though while all this is happening one doesn’t hear a squeak out of the IRC; and the main reason for this is that like Amnesty International and HRW they’re all western established, based and financed organizations with the same mindset as that of their western kith and kin who are carrying out these monstrous atrocities, and while they know that what is being done is inherently wrong they’re nevertheless in a position very similar to that in which many whites in the anti-trans-Atlantic slavery movement were, quite reluctant and even loathed to wholeheartedly condemn their own since they share the same prejudices and cultural values as they do and don’t for a solitary moment see the victims they are reluctant to speak up for as being equal to themselves.

I began this article with the court verdict handed down to John Demjanjuk, and while I have no appetite for allowing criminals of any calibre to get away with their crimes I feel equally strongly that justice as indeed our view of the crime must be an impartial one and not applied selectively. The Nazi European holocaust was an unquestionable catastrophe but so too were Germany’s two other holocausts in what is now Namibia and which were carried out in the mid 1900s when 80% of the Herero nation was systematically wiped off the face of the earth and once more in 1905 on Shark Island, the world’s first extermination camp, when this time German colonial forces led by Lothar Von Trotha exterminated the entire Witbooi people, a rehearsal for Europe’s holocaust as the German official that was in charge of the Namibian colonial government during this time was none other than Heinrich Goering the father of Adolf Hitler’s most loyal Reichsmarshall; acts of horrendous genocide which still affect Namibia’s demography and politics to this day but events that are little known of in the white Diaspora, never get reported in their media, aren’t taught in their schools, or has Namibia then or subsequently been compensated in the same lavish manner that European Jews and Israel have been and still are for what happened between 1933 and 1945.

Furthermore, holocausts and acts of genocide implemented by white colonialists and imperialist governments and their armed forces globally against the indigenous populations of those regions, countries and continents that were brutally taken over by them and had their populations utterly subjugated as a result were quite commonplace. Tasman Man of Australia and the Arawaks of the Caribbean both of whom have been completely annihilated in this imperialistic fashion are just two examples of this, but just as unenviable are the hundreds of millions of black Africans that with massive physical and logistical Arab assistance to the white Europeans were viciously rounded up and unceremoniously uprooted from their homelands on the African continent and never to see them again involuntarily transported to the West Indies and the Americas those that survived the perilous journey that is, during which millions of others died without ever reaching the destinations they were intended for, their bleached bones forming a gruesome carpet on the Atlantic Ocean’s sea floor, the survivors left to live ghastly lives as slaves, the repercussions of which are still being felt in the black Diaspora to this day, several centuries later.

And from my personal perspective it trivializes past, present and likely future holocausts and acts of genocide when some victims of these are celebrated, respectfully remembered and turned into iconic figures, their descendants granted unqualified immunity to do whatever it is that they want to do against anyone they choose to and fully aware they can with absolute impunity while others that suffered the same fate, at the same time and in identical circumstances to themselves are not. Millions of gypsies: Europe’s oldest indigenous populations, were also holocaust victims of the Nazi holocaust but they’ve received no recognition of this or any compensation for the grotesque infamy that was the European holocaust, and even to this day despite being citizens of European Union member countries are still publicly discriminated against, marginalized and ostracized by EU governments whose leaders as in countries France where they where dreadfully treated only recently persistently wave their phony human rights credentials in our faces; but as we all know they would never behave in a like manner to the survivors or descendants of their most favoured holocaust victims; and when empathy with and natural justice for holocaust or any other kinds of victims take on an exclusively racial or cultural dimension, then frankly those who behave in this inappropriate way have already lost the plot and in my view are no better than the perpetrators of these atrocities themselves.

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