Friday, 8 April 2011


By Stanley Collymore

Sarkozy the French born son of East European refugee immigrants to France has infamously referred to France’s non-white citizens, who he obviously doesn’t identify with, doesn’t like or even see as his fellow citizens, as scum, a word he would never have used to describe whites living in his country regardless of how exemplary or feral they were and whether or not they were citizens of France or merely immigrants living and working there; in the meantime his conveniently off-loaded female foreign minister and Ben Ali bosom pal wanted to send French troops to Tunisia to put down the popular revolution there, views she would not have publicly expressed without the prior knowledge and tacit support, at least, of Sarkozy himself. Hardly a glowing advertisement for the endorsement, promotion and protection of democracy in former colonial territories that France like Britain is always chuntering on about; and while at the same time showing a marked, dismissive disregard for the political rights and social ambitions of the Tunisian people states unambiguously as well that the lives of those killed on the orders of the Ben Ali regime and others who, had it not been for the intervention of unforeseen, fast moving events on the ground that miraculously precluded this French lunacy from taking place, would most certainly have been similarly butchered by these invading French troops sent to Tunisia to prop up the dictatorship there and safeguard lucrative, French business interests in that country in the process, including those of this unlamented, odious, ex-foreign minister and her family, counted for absolutely nothing.

Yet shortly afterwards and in the very week that national opinion polls in France showed that Madame Marine Le Pen: the recently elected leader to succeed her father of France’s ultra far right political party the National Front, had become her country’s hot pinup poster girl and the new darling of the white French electorate making it seemingly inevitable that she would beat the increasingly despised Nicolas Sarkozy in the approaching French presidential elections, chameleon Sarkozy knowing full well that Madame Le Pen wouldn’t be able to count on the millions of votes that were up for grabs among France’s non-white citizens, the vast majority of whom have cultural and familial links with North Africa, and so banking on this cynically, unilaterally and without any prior warning to or consultation with his fellow EU leaders, or anyone else for that matter, decided to give full diplomatic recognition to a ragtag bunch of disparate, self-serving, opportunistic and even treacherous rats hurriedly deserting what they saw as a sinking ship - since most of them until very recently were close allies, supporters and beneficiaries of Colonel Gaddafi and some among them had even served as senior and quite longstanding ministers in his regime – as they actively vied with each other to be the west’s next preferred dictator and like every other similarly western approved despot in the region, past and present, be well positioned to further disadvantage their own people, exploit their country’s wealth mainly for the benefit of their western handlers, while from the spoils that remain lavishly, in relative terms, feather their own nests, those of their families and friends, and forever mindful of their own fixated addiction to power and the immense influence that being in power and tightly holding on to the reins of it can wield, make sure that the military and security services apparatus whose loyalty they’ll need to buy and keep on side with in order to keep them in power as they ingratiatingly do the bidding of their western puppet masters are also well looked after.

Nicolas Sarkozy with far less honour and rectitude than one would realistically expect to find in a dissolute French bordello had willingly prostituted himself and gone for broke, hoping that by this bizarre act of international grandstanding but with the French electorate specifically and exclusively in mind, in recognizing the self-appointed and ludicrously named National Council of Libya, since only one of its assertions, the word Libya, has any credibility to it, he would be able to temporarily curry favour with and even earn himself some much needed Brownie points from those whom he clearly despised, had no problem in gratuitously insulting and belittling in the past but in his frantic hour of need was hoping that they had short memories and this hoped for mental block in conjunction with the rapid reinvention of himself as a committed supporter, friend and resolute defender of the rights, dignity and lives of North African people would see him once more as the elected occupant of the Elysée Palace

A move on Sarkozy’s part, and putting aside his cynically exploitative attempt to get himself elected once more by grabbing the headlines away from Madame Le Penn and the National Front through this transparent, expedient act of his, that is akin to some foreign government seeking to make a name for itself unilaterally and rather self-servingly deciding to recognize one or even several US Native American reservations, which disgracefully are reservoirs of widespread poverty, deprivation, low life expectancy, chronic alcoholism and a blight to the hopes of the vast majority of those dumped there, as the legitimate government of the United States of America; assisting those in eastern Saudi Arabia, notwithstanding the despicable and wholly undemocratic, Middle-Age-era type, utterly tyrannical and absolute monarchist state of affairs in that country to have that part of the country recognized as the lone authority of Saudi Arabia, or in France’s case correspondingly declaring Corsica to be the seat of government for the French Republic; a kind of 21st Century equivalent of Vichy France as it were.

One doesn’t need to conjecture how any of this would go down in Washington DC or any of Europe’s capitals, including Paris, come to that, if something of that sort ever occurred. The answer is fairly obvious from the start. But Sarkozy had no cause to worry in relation to what he did concerning Libya for he knows Libya isn’t in Europe or is it a part of the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or Israel but crucially in terms of his opportunistic behaviour is very much an African and so-called Third World country, just as he was equally aware that he could get away with what he was about to do and finally did. Nothing really controversial in western eyes, just the wrong timing perhaps on Sarkozy’s part; but that’s all.

But pause for a moment, closely examine and put into its true perspective the western media and government propaganda that relentlessly you have been subjected to for such a long time and which has become rather second nature to your daily lives. So let’s look objectively and together at some of these hypocritical gems, many of them with an African or Middle eastern dimension unsurprisingly, before moving on to the principal one I specifically want to draw your undivided attention to.

Charles Taylor the former Liberian president is currently in The Hague as an involuntary guest of the International Criminal Court (ICC); he’s there for having allegedly helped the rebels in neighbouring Sierra Leone – Liberia has a land border with that country – against their western backed corrupt government that was in power at the time. There was in effect a civil war going on in Sierra Leone and under international law and to preclude the unwarranted interference in the domestic affairs of the country involved no foreign powers or agencies of any sort whether these are private or government sponsored are lawfully permitted to materially help outside the parameters of providing humanitarian assistance either of the two warring parties; this however didn’t stop those in the west from interfering in Sierra Leone’s internal affairs.

The same principle rigidly applies to combat forces: regular or mercenary, being employed and deployed by the ruler or government of any state to specifically crush peaceful demonstrations or protests that are anti-government in nature in that country. Yet while the west and primarily Tony Blair were adamant that Charles Taylor should be arraigned by this political instrument of continued western imperialism and is nothing more than the judicial mouthpiece of the west masquerading as an international criminal court – how many whites or westerners regardless of what heinous crimes they’ve committed have ever been or are ever likely to be brought before this court and consider that in the context of and marked contrast to the disproportionately huge number of black and other Third World countries’ rulers who have? – it was David Cameron a successor in 10 Downing Street of Tony Blair and the rest of the west lead by Robert Gates the Foreign Secretary of the United States hypocritically very mindful of international laws and the morality and integrity of implementing them whenever it suits their self-interested purposes but dismissively with impunity and total immunity from reprimand or having to suffer any penalty for doing so when they selfishly and selectively ignore them, that authorized Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait to launch an invasion – let’s not mince our words here for that’s what it is – of Bahrain on the 14 March 2011 to brutally put down peaceful protests there by thousands of Bahraini citizens who as their equally gutsy counterparts earlier did in Tunisia and Egypt have taken to the streets demanding too that there be real and meaningful democratic changes and a full and positive participation in the running of their country, concomitant with the ouster of a hereditary, autocratic leader who, in every possible way, is totally detached from them and the affairs of their daily lives.

So why this patently two-faced approach by these same western hypocrites as regards Charles Taylor on the one hand and what their favoured dictators and close allies in the Gulf region are doing on the other; or even in the light of their sabre-rattling activities towards Libya?

In Charles Taylor’s next-door neighbour Sierra Leone: a country exceedingly rich, some would say bedevilled with diamonds, the corrupt government there was like all dictatorial ones in the so-called Third World firmly embedded in the deep pocket of the west and looking after not as intuitively should have been the case the general and overriding social, economic, educational and political well-being of its people but instead had as its top priority the financial welfare of the UK government and other western business interests that continued to shore it up and were quite happy to continue doing so as long as their enormous profits kept coming, never mind the sheer brute force that the government of Sierra Leone habitually used to keep the vast majority of its citizens in check, in wretched poverty, and with absolutely no say or allowable remedial measures as to how their country ought democratically to be governed or what should happen to huge wealth that lay there.

It was a calamitous state of affairs that wasn’t focused on and therefore was never redressed, only to intensify as a result and additionally was reinforced by the then colonial government that granted exclusive mining and distribution rights of the mammoth diamond wealth of the country to a small, privileged, elite group of white expatriate Britons, a set of circumstances that continued to exist long after Sierra Leone had nominally attained its independence from Britain; I deliberately use the word nominally because it was principally the UK and the old boys’ network that had exclusively run the former colonial apparatus that still held the purse strings of Sierra Leone’s diamond wealth and continued to dictate events in that country.

And among this much advantaged group of white Britons with the financial destiny of Sierra Leone securely in the grasp of their hands was none other than Tony Blair’s dad, who among other things used this cornucopia of rich pickings that he made out of the wretchedness of the people of Sierra Leone to send boy Tony to the finest and most expensive public schools that money could buy in the UK – although in Tony case it was Scotland - along with supporting his education at prestigious Oxford University; fast tracking him into British national politics and, as they say, the rest is history.

So when the deeply impoverished people of Sierra Leone tired of the unbroken exploitation of themselves by their rulers chiefly for the benefit of white outsiders, and fully aware where their diamond wealth was still heading for as it had always done, rose up in a popular revolt against their utterly corrupt and unrepresentative government, wholly unresponsive to their legitimate requests for proper dialogue and meaningful democratic changes to the way that Sierra Leone was being run, that regime with the full backing of the British government and those like Blair senior who were quite apprehensive that under a truly democratic Sierra Leonean government that put the interests of its people and not those of outsiders first they would not only lose their monopoly to the milch cow they had previously and for such a long period of time thoroughly enjoyed as well as having benefitted hugely from but also and worse still could see themselves actually lose the entire cow itself, firmly impressed upon the regime in Sierra Leone the need, from a western perspective, to crack down hard on the demonstrators which it did, murdering many of them in the process; a situation that not unnaturally and in self-defence caused many Sierra Leoneans to take up arms against their government and was the start of what became a protracted and bloody civil war.

Fatefully for the Sierra Leonean revolutionary forces as well as the vast majority of the local population that supported them this war reached its peak and a defining moment in its outcome during the prime ministership of Tony Blair. No longer boy Tony or the avid student who in transfixed awe and fascinated admiration had metaphorically sat at the feet of his colonialist father as the latter animatedly recited to him his personal imperialistic exploits in conjunction with those he’d seen firsthand, knew of or otherwise wholeheartedly endorsed as constituent parts of the overall panoply of what any country or individual worthy of the name imperialist should embark upon, Tony had himself grown up to become an arch imperialist and in a way that almost certainly would have warmed the cockles of his father’s heart; dangerously too he’d become, and with a huge majority in the House of Commons, the elected Prime Minister of Britain: a country with an exceedingly long history of empire, colonialism and imperialism; that was a nuclear armed state, prominent member of NATO and had a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. Both Blairs were now in their element!

Determined, if only for his father’s financial sake, to retard and reverse the substantial gains militarily that the revolutionary forces of Sierra Leone had markedly achieved against their government adversaries and eventually repel them from the battlefield Tony Blair had initially given the green light for this task to an army of British mercenaries renowned for operating in such circumstances and doing their dirty work in Africa with the proviso always in their blood soaked contracts that on delivery of their remit they would be amply rewarded with huge and permanent concessions to that country’s natural resources, and openly run as a listed company in England by a tightly knit Cabal of British public school figures of the old boy’s elite, to secretively enter Sierra Leone and take on the rebels there, which they happily did. However, and unfortunately for them, the revolutionary soldiers proved too much of a match for them and quickly recognizing that they had underestimated the steadfastness of the men and women they were sent to fight and had actually bitten off more than they could chew were hurriedly and ignominiously sent packing with their tails between their legs. Dismayed by this setback but still quite adamant that daddy’s ill-gotten gains and, of course, his own future inheritance must be safeguarded at all costs, Prime Minister Tony Blair evincing an unambiguous insight into his true character and markedly setting out his stall in terms of how his premiership role would evolve not only as it turned out to the complete detriment of the people of Britain but also the rest of the world as well, resorted to his back-up plan; and what a plan it was too!

Publicly declaring but largely for the consumption of his domestic audience that Sierra Leone was a Commonwealth country – something that never concerned or troubled him before and to which he was basically indifferent – and therefore Britain its erstwhile colonial master, words implied but cleverly never used for obvious reasons, had a physical as well as a moral duty to help it with humanitarian assistance - the convenient and old chestnut rolled out again – and additionally what other necessities the Sierra Leonean people were in desperate need of, he as Prime Minister of Great Britain wouldn’t turn his back on them and had decided therefore to immediately provide such help to them. Why that assistance had to be provided in the form of a fleet of British warships off the coast of Sierra Leone armed to the teeth with sophisticated state of the art weaponry including combat attack helicopters and supported by rapid response specialist amphibious and other elite forces like the SAS, Tony Blair never said; but then not a word of his father’s financial connections with Sierra Leone ever dropped from his lips either.

Imperialists don’t only like to win they also get a perverse pleasure from rubbing the noses of their defeated or disempowered adversaries into the dirt, completely and ruthlessly humiliating them and vindictively dehumanizing and destroying them as well whenever they can. The archetypal imperialist that he is Tony Blair embodies all these villainous traits and isn’t at all squeamish about employing them to further his ends. Charles Taylor like any Good Samaritan or friend had gone, in the case of Sierra Leone, to the rescue and assistance of a neighbour and close friend, but that’s not how the Blairs, ever mindful of their diamond wealth, saw it; so Charles Taylor had to be got rid of for putting in grave jeopardy through his altruistic, African brotherly and solidarity assistance to the Sierra Leonean revolutionaries and de facto the Sierra Leone people themselves the future financial prospects of the Blair family whose son just happened to be the Prime Minister of Great Britain with the opportunity, political muscle and an extraordinary penchant for wreaking vengeance however unjust and knowingly so on those he hated, envied or despised.
To that end Charles Taylor the involuntary product of colonialist attitudes and the harsh and scarring imperialistic experiences that he had been routinely and adversely subjected to from childhood and which were instrumental as a consequence in creating the black nationalist he subsequently became was the classic enemy to the likes of Tony Blair and therefore had to be permanently silenced at best but preferably got rid of and out of the way. For besides helping Sierra Leone’s revolutionaries Charles Taylor’s explicit stance as a proud, black nationalist was condemnatorily perceived by Tony Blair as seditious and therefore highly dangerous to western interests and particularly those of the UK in that part of the world; since avowedly black, nationalist sentiments or indeed those of other non-white citizens of so-called Third World states weren’t to be tolerated or encouraged reasoned Prime Minster Tony Blair, for who knows where such unnatural ambitions, from a purely, white Caucasian and European perspective would lead to? That was a risk too far and unquestionably one not worth taking, and as Prime Minister of Great Britain he would make sure that it wasn’t.

White nationalism however in all its forms was a different kettle of fish and perfectly okay; that’s the nature of the beast, how things are and how they should remain, and equating black or other Third World nationalism with it was simply wrong and as a worth precept is wholly unsustainable; and using this rule of thumb analysis it was completely wrong for Charles Taylor or any other African for that matter to want to have a piece of the action let alone be allowed to control Sierra Leone’s diamond industry that belonged to daddy Blair and his pals, and the extraneous fact that they weren’t African, didn’t reside in Sierra Leone and in no way identified with either that country or the rest of Africa itself, come to that, was sheer humbug. And for his audacity and sheer temerity alone in thinking otherwise Charles Taylor had to be severely punished to show him and as an example to others just who was boss and what strain of cockerel ruled the global roost, even if that meant fabricating a number of ludicrous and patently transparent, politically-motivated crimes against him that would in all probability for the rest of his life permanently deprive him of his liberty.

A similar fate that likely also awaits Colonel Gaddafi of Libya as David Cameron, the elected successor to Tony Blair as Prime Minister of Britain and until quite recently a global nonentity and still a political lightweight, but nevertheless a man that is evidently and indecently keen to exhibit his imperialistic credentials to the world, ridiculously trying to make a name for himself in doing so and hopefully establish himself as a force to be reckoned with – precious little hope of that realistically happening I would say – loudly, persistently and rather irritatingly beats the drum of warfare against Libya, another African country.

Meanwhile an entirely different attitude is taken in relation to the west’s favoured dictators and close allies in the Gulf region whose military the west trains, arms, provide with spare parts for their sophisticated weaponry like Cobra helicopter gunships that they use to repress their own people while ensuring that defensively they get all the military hardware they want, so long as it’s not capable of threatening the security of Israel; and on the international front accord them full diplomatic protection and immunity for plethora of wrongdoings they perpetrate.

So while Colonel Gaddafi’s alleged brutal crackdown on his rebels, who in possession of arms can and do fight back, is considered by David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy et al as guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity and is therefore worthy of investigation by the ICC, the 15 March 2011 invasion of Bahrain by Saudi, Kuwaiti and UAE military forces to quite viciously and murderously squash evidently peaceful and orderly protests there by Bahraini citizens who are demanding their inalienable political and social rights as human beings, intentionally using live ammunition, helicopter gunships and other war planes to do this, while at the same time callously preventing the seriously injured and dying from getting to hospitals by deliberately attacking ambulances and their crews as well as medical staff at the hospitals using machine guns to intimidate or even kill them, in marked contrast the ferocity of condemnation which was levelled at Colonel Gaddafi and Libya from the west and the United Nations is suddenly but not surprisingly absent in response to the actions of these despotic mass murderers of the Gulf states; but then why waste time condemning something that you’ve secretly authorized and wholeheartedly support? As for the western media the Japanese earthquake and tsunami were a godsend, since it gave them the fraudulent excuse not to cover these murderous events in the Gulf.

Don’t be duped however by the vile chicanery of the west particularly when it comes from the likes of the United States, Britain and France, all of whom have past form. Operation Condor in South America, for example, dreamt up, ruthlessly coordinated and executed by the USA in conjunction with its local, favoured tyrants like Pinochet and with Henry Kissinger: ironically a refugee Jew from Nazi Germany and US Foreign Secretary, an energetic participant – some would logically argue he was much more than that and was actually the brainchild behind the Condor project, that’s specifically why there are several influential voices calling for with the families members and friends supported by many others and demanding justice for the tens of thousands that euphemistically disappeared, wanting to have him arraign on war crimes and crimes against humanity, and the main reason why he rarely travels outside the USA without an official administration advisory warning him of which countries to avoid so as not to get himself arrested; and the principal go-between and roving ambassador at large for the US in South America with his country’s chosen dictators there while both sides did their utmost to seriously hoodwink the people of that continent and the rest of the world that it was a crucial enterprise to stop the spread of communism.

Despite this the United States is not a trustworthy or loyal friend, something that these dictators of the Gulf region and elsewhere that it currently uses as its cats-paws would be well advised to take full cognizance of as they take time too to reflect on the fate of Saddam Hussein and even that of Panama’s former strongman and CIA puppet Manuel Noriega.

Staying in the Middle East though Saddam Hussein was once the darling of the United States of America which cosseted and provoked him to, then armed him to the teeth, providing him with chemical, biological and other weapons of mass destruction to attack and invade his next door neighbour Iran, which he compliantly did with utterly disastrous consequences following a protracted war for the people of both these countries. However, when Saddam Hussein later outlived his usefulness to the west and particularly the United States and found himself as a result at serious odds with them over their geo-political and economic interests in the region they all swiftly and unhesitatingly turned on him. So the pertinent and imperative questions that this current batch of US led, western backed, Arab dictators should be asking themselves are: where is Saddam Hussein now? Equally germane is, where is Ben Ali: a CIA agent until his ouster as president of Tunisia, or Hosni Mubarak: former poster boy of the United States and very accommodating purveyor of the excesses of western liberalism in his country Egypt and of course, until his similar ouster, another leading US cat’s-paw in the region; and where shall I be in the near or even the relative long-term future if as I’m presently doing I carry on with the sort of conduct and activities that are contrary to the wishes of as well as being deeply harmful to the best interests of my own people, and engaging in them solely for the benefit of the United States and its western partners in crime, when these same parties, as they’re apt to and recurrently do, have no problem whatsoever changing horses midstream or freely availing themselves, as they summarily did in the case of Saddam Hussein and others like him that had become surplus to requirements were abruptly dumped for other more suitable and convenient fish to fry? What will happen to me then? Will I suffer the same fate?

For as sure as night follows day it will happen; for the United States doesn’t have friends but like the empire that it is only strategic interests and will therefore do everything possible in its power and whatever it takes to safeguard these. Yes, the power of the US is gradually waning and it simply can’t continue forever borrowing money from China and Japan to embark on its advised colonist and imperialist wars in the vain expectation of propping up its aspirations for ongoing world hegemony; but neither can dictators, Arabs or others, carry on thinking that all they need to do in order to stay permanently in power is hitch their horses to the wagon of the United States and carry on deluding themselves they can consistently by means of excessive, military brute force, torture, intimidation, mass killings and one-sided alliances with the west and especially the United States of America, where it’s they who give and the west that takes, hold back either permanently or even indeterminately the tsunami of revolutionary change that destructively for them is racing unstoppably towards their shores to engulf and entirely sweep away the whole rotten edifice which they’ve constructed, lavishly thrived on but can no longer sustain or protect.

And how much longer I ask myself and so should they, can these dictators rely on the apathy of the American public to the immoral and venal activities of their governments to help bale them out? When it’s quite clear that the previously slow awakening by the US public to what has and continuing to be done in their name by successive US administrations is itself fast developing into a tidal wave of change within America as more and more people there spurred on by the demonstrations in Wisconsin and with placards proclaiming, We’re all Egyptians now, a clear reference to the recent events in Egypt and the ouster of Hosni Mubarak by waves of popular Egyptian protests, significantly by the youth of that country, are categorically and in reference to United States’ foreign policy that globally impacts hugely but negatively on all Americans wherever they are but particularly at home, are increasingly loudly saying to their government: Not in my name! And to that end it’s quite evident that the writing is already on the wall and not only for US hegemony in the Middle East but also these reprehensible dictators that they prop up and who like ostriches continue to bury their heads in the sands of the Arabian desert.

The people of Malaysia and particularly Kenya were both glad to see the back of Britain which carried out mindboggling atrocities in these two separate and distinct countries, and the annals of colonialism are replete with the barbarities that the British wreaked on the Malaysians and Kenyans specifically who were merely demanding the right to have their countries and natural resources swiftly returned to them and to be placed under their ownership and control, as well as to exercise and enjoy the indisputable human right to rule themselves and freely determine their own destinies. I think it’s what most people would recognize as independence and what Winton Churchill in the context of Britain during World War Two when ironically thousands of Kenyans and Malaysians fought for Britain, with several of them paying the ultimate price, said somewhat grandiloquently that Britons under no circumstance would ever surrender. But while it was wrong and deeply offensive it seemed for imperialist white Britons to even think of the prospect let alone experience the reality of having the jackboots of white, German Nazis on their necks, no such sensitivities or sensibilities though were deemed to be necessary in the case of Asians and Africans on the part of these same Brits. That said, Churchill wasn’t only a committed arch imperialist with a litany of war crimes and crimes against humanity the length of one’s arm, he was also a staunch eugenicist who infamously said and meant it that the UN wasn’t for subject peoples.

A view shared and even strongly endorsed by many white Britons; and in fact when Kenya and Malaysia finally got their independence from Britain one of one of those deeply involved in the torture and other horrific atrocities too gruesome to detail here against Kenyans is a Brit called Ian Henderson. Henderson didn’t stay in Kenya after it became independent but instead moved to Bahrain at the request of the ruler there who was obviously quite impressed by his CV and handiwork in Kenya, offering the job of Chief Security Consultant – a cynical euphemism for chief torturer – and where Ian Henderson still carries out his trade. But none of this is new as western leaders and the media alike are fully aware of Henderson’s past; know exactly where he is, and significantly what he’s up to. But in the context of the current popular and peaceful protests in the region I don’t hear any of these brazen hypocrites calling for his arrest, charge and prosecution at The Hague or anywhere else for that matter, and if found guilty which he most certainly would be, in view of the huge mountain of well-documented evidence against him, be properly and severely dealt with.

Even so, of the three musketeers who’re either wielding their hegemony on or trying to impress their influence over the people of the Middle East the United States is still the major one, while France, despite the grandiose strutting of Nicolas Sarkozy, is very much the junior partner of these three interlopers in the Middle East that consist of the United States, Britain and France itself. However, while Britain seems to be either reluctant to or markedly incapable of getting used to and actually coming to grips with the reality that it has lost an empire and the infamous glory days of Rule Britannia and Britons never will be slaves – though they had no scruples at all about enslaving tens of mills of Africans – are gone forever and still by clinging to the coat tails of the United States acts as though it is still a world power, France’s actions are evidently driven by political schizophrenia. Since it’s a country postulating that it’s a 21st Century entity when in fact at its very core and deep in the psyche of most white Frenchmen and women is Vichy France: the haunting spectre of the ingratiating Nazi-collaborators who both astounded and impressed Germany with the enthusiastic, dedicated and ruthless efficiency in which they savagely informed on, relentlessly rounded up and piteously dispatched and deported literally millions of French Jews and others wanted by the Nazis to concentration and death camps all around Europe, and who with the endemic fervour of the imposters they were endeavoured to and even post-war succeeded in stealing and wrapping themselves up in the true clothes of the French Resistance. A brave band of men and women that consisted almost entirely of French colonials from France’s African, Arab and Caribbean colonies, a number of white expatriate Frenchmen and women who came principally from these colonial territories and the likes of Josephine Baker: the black American singer who had no connections to France but none the less imbued by a strong sense of racial injustice at home in her native USA, and completely horrified by what Jews and many others were being systematically subjected to in Europe at the hands of the Nazis, was one of the first to join the Resistance while the likes of Maurice Chevalier openly and affectionately welcomed the Nazis to France, voluntarily and willingly played host to them, and as their enthusiastic informers were their eyes and ears underscored the deaths of all those whom the Nazis considered as and referred to as Die Untermenschen.

Post-war France did honour Josephine Baker with the country’s highest award, The Legion of Honour, but unlike Maurice Chevalier whose professional career, outside of being a grass that is, took on a meteoric rise Josephine Baker finally died in near poverty.

Therefore, it’s easy in the above circumstances to see why France’s foreign policy is in such a terrible mess and why it is that Nicolas Sarkozy who, bearing in mind his own origins as well as those of his closest family members, ought really to know better often behaves in the weird manner that he does. But then Zionists and particularly arch ones carrying a load of unresolved baggage as is clearly the case in Sarkozy’s situation, invariably find themselves, irrespective of their disparate faiths, racial origins or ethnicity, cruelly handicapped by political and economic dogma which when forcefully confronted by an ever moving kaleidoscope of poplar change or a real yearning for it of the sort the world has been forced to sit up, watch and admire sweeping across North Africa and the Middle East, it becomes quite powerless in adjusting to it or doing anything that remotely can be construed as constructive to assist it, and instinctively falls back on what it knows best; control, or in a worst case scenario damage limitation. Sarkozy’s France is doing precisely that; and though the man himself might be fearful of losing in his country’s presidential elections in 2012, France will still be fundamentally the same old Vichy Republic it has been since Germany’s storm troopers walked welcomingly into Paris. How else can one logically account for the bizarre phenomenon and huge popularity of Madame Marine Le Pen and the National Front?

This could explain the seemingly obsessive hard-line and at times paranoid stance that France is taking against Libya while at the same time being completely mum about the much worse atrocities being carried out by Saudi Arabia. So why is this so? The answer is simple. Saudi Arabia isn’t seen as nor would it want, for very obvious reasons, to be perceived as a threat to Israel’s presence and usurper’s role in the Middle East; Libya, though, whether under Colonel Gaddafi’s autocracy or an authentic democratic replacement of his regime furnishes no such guarantees for this European, largely white controlled and colonialist implant in the region. Moreover, a unified, fully integrated, in terms of its territorial jurisdiction, truly democratic, secular and sovereign Palestine or Palestine and Israel (needlessly quibbling over a name is a futile exercise I believe) that grants and guarantees full and equitable social and political rights, including most importantly the freedom of speech and peaceful assembly and the right to vote, to all its citizens regardless of their gender, skin colour, race, ethnicity, place of origin, sexual orientation, confessional allegiance or none at all is a recurring nightmare to arch Zionists like Nicholas Sarkozy, his counterparts at home and throughout wider Europe and, of course, those across the English Channel in the home of the Balfour Declaration like David Cameron who would do anything to pacify their individual and collective holocaust demons. Therefore, Saudi Arabia, the most unfree state in the world, is for being a reliable western cat’s-paw like granted like Israel full immunity by the same west for what it does generally and is currently doing in Bahrain.

So to inject some much needed balance in these proceedings and not just naively or uncaringly view things simply through the prism of western eyes, let’s take a closer and objective look at the wider picture before us and instead of readily succumbing to this western blitz of deceitful, self-serving, propagandistic, highly dangerous and vociferous calls for action against the state of Libya substitute that country for Israel: a country from where much worse carnage has been and is still being carried out under the spurious guise of self-defence or necessary pre-emptive action to protect its citizen’ security and the sovereign integrity of Israel itself from suspected terrorists attacks allegedly by the Palestinians, notably Hamas, and their Lebanese counterparts in the form of Hezbollah, not withstanding the glaring fact that the entity that became Israel has always, prior as well as subsequent to its official creation as a state, waged unrelenting warfare, that constantly has been unprovoked, against all of its Arab neighbours at some time or other, and done so quite savagely and destructively by land, sea and from the air.

The 22 day massacre of Gazans between December 2008 and January 2009 when over 1.600 innocent Palestinian men, largely seniors, women and children were callously obliterated by Israeli aerial bombardment, tanks, ground forces and amphibious assaults against the backdrop of a brutal, barbaric, all-inclusive and illegal siege of the tiny, Palestinian refugee enclave of Gaza quite literally turned by the Israelis into the world’s largest and most infamous open-air jail that has been in operation now for several years contrary to all civilized norms of conduct and internationally recognized laws readily comes to mind; as does the malicious, unprovoked unwarranted and deadly attack on the Mavi Marmara, and the Lebanese killing fields of Sabra and Shatilla to provide just three examples in a series of other regrettably ongoing but all the same unpardonable, callous war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated as always against innocent, defenceless civilians by Israel through deliberate cats that honestly can only be described as state sanctioned murder.

For even if a country has valid reasons for retaliatory action against an adversary, of whatever description, that it says has attacked it, it is none the less specifically prohibited by the Geneva Conventions, UN resolutions and other universally recognized international laws from carrying out collective punishments of any sort against those it alleges are directly or indirectly involved with these infringements of its territorial sovereignty or the security of its citizens or both these things, as well as all other persons who it argues, however imprecise or utterly fraudulent these claims might be, are connected in some way or other with the assumed architects and executors of these unprovoked attacks; yet Israel is flouting with impunity and clearly given immunity by the west to do so these same international statutes and doing so openly on completely spurious grounds, when the whole world already knows that the real reason for its disregard of internal law in the Palestinian context is that Hamas, which incidentally it created as a counterweight to Fatah when it considered that organization a terrorist entity and wanted to play the old colonial game of divide and rule, won closely monitored, internationally called for and scrutinized, free and fair democratic elections in the remaining Palestinian territories that Israel still continues to illegally occupy. An outcome that didn’t please the Israelis who in the meantime had fallen out with Hamas or the west for that matter, principally the US and Britain that between themselves had made a rapprochement with the corrupt but now malleable Fatah who they clearly felt they could do business with except for one unforeseen but major complication that Hamas who they' had in the meantime given Fatah’s former appellation of a terrorist organization to stood in the way of any such arrangements; for having fully and willingly engaged in the same democratic processes that these sanctimonious, western hypocrites perpetually preach about particularly to the Arabs and other Third World citizenry Hamas had not only unreservedly taken part in them but, seen from the perverted perception of these same western hypocrites, had furthermore had the audacity and sheer temerity to actually win these elections by fair means.

Vindictively therefore, especially for making them all look like the bunch of fools they actually are, Hamas had to be globally shunned and discriminatorily punished at the same time by every means available to the west that aggressively, very pro-actively and acting fully in consort with Israel chosen to do their dirty work immediately set out their stall of intentions towards Hamas as this western collective of elected government criminals wasted no time at all in getting down to work. First Hamas had to be extensively isolated and they began the process of doing this by rather bizarrely refusing to recognize them as the lawful government of the Palestinian people, even though by a massive landslide, in what undeniably were free, fair and democratically held elections Hamas had clearly won a mandate to be such, claiming that they were terrorists; next and this showed the perverse lengths that the major powers in the west would go to, the United States and UK cynically and maliciously used their international clout but more especially their positions as permanent members of the UN Security Council to browbeat, intimidate and bribe other governments globally to follow their disgraceful lead and declare Hamas to be a terrorist organization, which to their eternal shame many of them went along with.

Having successfully achieved their declared objectives through diplomatic and propagandistic means specifically designed to have Hamas regarded as a dangerous terrorist organization and effectively outlawed by many governments around the world either sympathetic to, or as was more likely the case absolutely petrified of the vicious and long reach of the arm of British and particularly US vengeance knowingly capable of wreaking unspeakable retribution if the owner perceives himself to be slighted or has a request, usually in the form of a demand turned down, and so rather that court trouble or risk this the respondent quietly, expediently and meekly do what they’re told to do, and Zionist western media like the BBC and Fox News all very eager to chip in and do their lying best to discredit, demonize, disgrace and dehumanize Hamas, the US and UK quickly and spitefully turned their attention to physically destroying Hamas; and relying on the common Arab penchant for infighting, having no solidarity among themselves whatsoever, exceedingly biddable when it comes to being easily bribed, and quite ready even to sell their own mothers if offered an adequate cash inducement and the realistic opportunity of getting a visa and green cared to live, work and travel in the United States, the stage was all set to implement, sit back and reap the rewards of the old stratagem of divide and rule.

To this end and just as they did with Saddam Hussein against Iran the US and Britain armed, psychologically, logistically and economically supported and, fatefully for the Palestinians, incited an emboldened but venal Fatah leadership to use its security forces to attack Hamas in the realistic hope of crushing it. However, with the uncanny prescience of what was in the offing Hamas got its proverbial oar in first and pre-emptively and spectacularly routed Fatah’s bully boys, securing Gaza in the process as its stronghold, and would almost certainly have exercise similar, overall control of the West Bank too had Israel not intervened in the fray at the very last moment at the behest of a capitulating Fatah and with the blessing of the United States of America to save the sorry butts of these wholly disreputable, blood-sucking leeches, as Wikileaks graphically exposed them to be, who are quite happy to exploit, cruelly sell out, heartlessly marginalize and actively assist in the confinement of their own people to perpetual slavery and degradation while unreservedly utilizing their enduring misery and abject poverty to disingenuously garner sympathy for their own selves as Palestinians in order to become fat cats off the filthy lucre of US and EU blood money.

Yes! These are the same people who while openly professing to be promoting and defending the rights of the Palestinian people actually conspired with their implacable enemies to have Yasser Arafat the courageous champion of Palestinian unity and self-determination poisoned. What a truly despicable bunch of grasping blockheads these poor excuses for members of the human race, and kleptocrats everyone of the, are!

With Gaza now firmly in the control of Hamas and with the people there solidly behind their elected leaders and government, the west and Israel with Fatah skulking miserably in the wings and smarting from their humiliation at the hands of Hamas’s forces but yearning for revenge all the same, having run out of all other devious options to dislodge Hamas and either incapable of or totally unwilling to engage in any kind of rapprochement with the elected government of the Palestinian people, decided to inflict punitive collective punishments on all Gazans in the hope of pressurizing them to abandon and ultimately turn their ire not on their oppressors but Hamas instead; and when that didn’t happen speedily saw to it that Israel with the full authorization of the United States, the backing of the EU, other western countries, their allies and cats-paws in North Africa and the Middle East, notably Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia, and contemptibly with the tacit support of Fatah was given carte blanche to do whatever it wanted in Gaza, with no questions asked or explanations required; and that is exactly what happened and is still the policy in operation.
Meanwhile, the Zionists, neo-cons, US Christian fundamentalists with their skewed and utterly lunatic notions of the teachings of the Bible juxtaposed with their own interpretations of these that would make the incoherent statements of the evidently demented Charles Mansion appear in comparison as the acme of rationality but nevertheless are very influential people politically in the United States together with the willing dupes like the corrupt leadership of Fatah look on gleefully at these insane massacres that are premeditatedly, calculatingly and cataclysmically visited with sickening regularity on the population of Gaza; while Zionist broadcasting media like the BBC either ignore and refuse to report these present day pogroms and holocausts of the Palestinians or if compelled to do so, because what has taken place as in the case of the highly unwarranted and murderous attack on the Mavi Marmara surpasses in villainous terms Israel’s own basic and frequently exhibited penchant for vulgar barbarism, and therefore the story can’t be sidelined without showing up the BBC for what it really is, something most Britain already know about but the BBC wouldn’t want to become commonplace outside the UK, the coverage given is always ephemeral, wilfully misleading, heavily slanted in favour of Israel and with the disastrous consequences stemming from what has taken place unfailingly and falsely attributed to acts of terrorism that are laid firmly at the feet of Hamas.

But forget the BBC, which is a dead man walking anyway; more relevant is, where has all or any of this got Fatah? The answer is clearly, absolutely nowhere; as it has not been able to get any concessions from Israel and never will – the plethora of illegal settlements on Palestinian lands and East Jerusalem still goes on apace for all of Fatah’s toadying to the deeply paranoid, and instinctively aggressive successive rulers of this Zionist, apartheid state, and will defiantly continue doing so to the indifference of the genuine wishes of the real Palestinian people for as long as Fatah, or any other Palestinian movement come to that, continues to cravenly bend the knee of abject subservience to the Israeli Zionists, US neo-con fundamentalists and British and European Islamophobes while at the same time callously betraying and undermining the true interests of their fellow Palestinians and doing so specifically for personal financial gain; little surprise then that Israel has no real motivation to listen to or take heed of anything that Fatah says and continues to treat that body with the utter contempt it richly deserves but in marked contrast regards Hamas as a thorn in its side because its approach to the problems created for the Palestinians by Israel and the west is perceptibly and diametrically different to that of the Fatah sycophants.

Nevertheless the Fatah kleptocrats will probably console themselves that their unpardonable treachery ensures they don’t have to live in the everyday harsh conditions and squalor of the longstanding refugee camps that were seen by their earliest occupants as a temporary respite from the harsh reality of the violent expulsion of themselves from their homeland, Palestine while they attempted to sort their lives out and tried to regain some sort of normality in them and hopefully a future; but, instead, several generations later the seething swamps of despair, poverty, utter hopelessness, anger, frustration and desperation that have come to characterize and bedevil the daily lives of these Palestinian refugees also understandably fuel a thirst for revenge over the injustices, barbarous maltreatment and calculated marginalization that all those who have ever lived in these refugee camps have experienced at some time or other, while the likes of those in the Fatah leadership, Nero-like as Rome burnt, continue to play footloose and fancy free with their lives and future.

And this is graphically illustrated in Gaza where the people there confined to an open air prison are inhumanely penned in like animals for the slaughter on this small enclave of wretchedness, unable to go about their daily lives in freedom and security, consistently compelled to live on a diet of charitable handouts or else use their resourcefulness to survive, and recurrently with the constant fear of having what homes and means of livelihood they have left similarly and quite arbitrarily like their previous ones destroyed by the Israelis, and knowing that at any time and under the lamest of pretexts or none at all their lives and those of family members and friends, routinely under threat, can be readily snuffed out by Israeli warplanes, gunboats and invading troops that they can do absolutely nothing about while those who can avert their eyes perhaps to shield their embarrassment.

Just as they do to the rigidly enforced Bantustan-like state of existence that the inmates of this open air jail Gaza are humiliatingly forced to bear as part of the daily ritual of their controlled lives; and while their incarceration is mocked, applauded and reinforced by their gaolers they are obliged to helplessly stand by and observe more of their progressively shrinking land area unilaterally and compulsorily taken away from them and in arrogant defiance of the Geneva Conventions and other international laws given over for the construction of yet more illegal settlements for Zionist immigrants from Russia and the former Soviet Union satellite states; because in the purely selfish interests of the imperialist west the Zionist state of Israel cannot be allowed to reform itself nor for that matter fail. This despite the little known fact of what official Israeli statistics show but the authorities there try to keep the lid on that the myth of Israel being uniquely a home for the Jews is simply that; as increasingly greater numbers of those who are genuine, practising Jews and even have holocaust connections as well, utterly horrified and completely disgusted by what’s being done in their name and how this Zionist entity with no religious component to it whatever has fraudulently hijacked and is deviously usurping the memories of Europe’s holocaust victims and centuries of real Jewish abuse on that continent for their own political and economic empowerment, are leaving Israel to live elsewhere. Hence the Israeli government’s actions of rolling out the red carpet for these ex-communist ruled Zionists so as to maintain the existing population and racial demographic equilibrium of the state of Israel and by consolidating this ensure that white Caucasians and their elite who rule the country stay in the ascendency; and one of the principal reasons no doubt why Russia is noticeably silent on the matter.

Food for thought, but will all those European and white led countries from Italy in the south to Norway at the top of Europe, Canada and the usual suspects like the United States and Britain falling over themselves in their rush for regime change in Libya and to maintain the status quo in Africa and the Middle East that is so advantageous to them take similar, extreme measures against Israel or even Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE as those which they’ve successfully demanded and got from their corrupt, Old Boys Club, aka the UN Security Council under UN Resolution 1973 in relation to Colonel Gaddafi’s Libya? Don’t bank on it or hold your breath on that one; it simply won’t happen. On the contrary, David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s Con-Dem coalition government in Britain actually wants to scrap the law of universal jurisdiction which as it currently stands would permit British citizens to apply to their local courts to have Israeli war criminals and others who set foot in Britain to be arrested on the warrant of such a court and tried in the UK for their alleged crimes, and if found guilty serve their guilty serve their sentences in British jails. But this is precisely what Cameron and his ilk don’t want and would prefer that their fellow Zionists, just like Tony Blair and George W. Bush continue to enjoy the immunity that such well-heeled criminals, and particularly if they are Zionist ones feel is their inalienable right. This is a man that like Barack Obama speaks eloquently, while hoping that the rest of us either don’t see, or are simply too stupid to comprehend what it is when we see it, the hypocrisy dripping saliva-like from his lips as quite incredibly he waxes lyrically about the popular revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt behaving like Hillary Clinton in Tunisia when she too fraudulently tried to put across the same impression, that they are both the godparents of these revolutions when the whole world knows otherwise; of how they all waited, supporting their erstwhile dictator allies until the very last minute and changing horses midstream only when it became quite obvious that the revolutionaries had the upper hand and the demise of their long-term cats paws was inevitable. This as David Cameron leading a team of British arms sellers was in the very North African and Middle Eastern regions drumming up support for British arms sales. These people let’s face it have the cheek of the Devil.

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