Friday, 8 April 2011


By Stanley Collymore

You’ve all been had and the sad thing about this is that you’re either totally unaware of this state of affairs or quite bluntly you’ve been conned by the blandishments of the west into thinking and actually believing that your peoples’ revolutions are still on track when in point of fact it’s the west that has deviously but quite successfully hijacked them and are now dishonestly using them for their own ends while passing them off as their own handiwork and themselves as the Godfathers of these same revolutions.

Have you such short memories? For God’s sake this is the same west that put in power, and kept, them there, the likes of Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak; that openly and covertly supported these tyrants, and many others like them not only in the Middle East and Africa but throughout the rest of the world, in every possible way to keep you all in servitude while at the same time fully availing themselves of the glorious opportunity for themselves to plunder your respective country of its natural resources for the west’s own selfish, arrogant and imperialistic benefit, with never a solitary moment of care about or concern for what you might really think or how adversely its materialistic ambitions and actions may impact on or actually affect you, your children, grandchildren or future generations of your own countrymen and women.

The west that has used, and ruthlessly so, your geographical locations as strategic pawns in their geo-political games that further enhance their financial wealth and power at your expense; markedly increase their imperialistic designs regionally and globally while ransacking the region of its natural resources and most ironically using some of that wealth garnered from doing so and with the complicit help of obsequious dictators to finance the interloper Zionist, apartheid state of Israel; this to the tune of some $US 5 billion annually to enable it to kick your butts with impunity and unstinting western impunity whenever its demented, paranoid, psychologically sick and savage Zionist, racist leaders, just like a crack cocaine addict relative to his fix, want to do so, sending you cowering and apart from meaningless words doing absolutely nothing to hit back. Where’s you personal dignity? Do you really enjoy being on your knees in submission all the all the time? All this notwithstanding the fact that Israel has stolen and continues to practise grand larceny of historic Palestine, the traditional and millennia long homeland of your fellow Semitic Palestinian Arabs – yes Semitic, since you appear to have also forgotten or have selective amnesia in this regard that you are the true Semites not these white Caucasian, European, latter day Judaism converts, colonialists and fake owners of Palestine who equally have dishonestly sequestered even that racial term for themselves and to which they have no legitimate ownership.

Or don’t you care about any of this, even when you see people using the term anti-Semitic, to which they have no ownership, to push their own savage agenda and blackmail others to go along with it because of what their fellow Europeans did to them in Europe’s holocaust? But hey! Why should you or anyone else not connected with what the Europeans did between 1933-1945 have to pay for their barbarity, especially when that same barbarous lot have clearly thrown in their own lot in with the same people they sought to exterminate, along with others, let’s not forget, who conveniently we never hear anything about and who, like Europe’s Gypsies, also suffered appallingly then in those same concentration and death camps and are still suffering all manner of disadvantages not least that of racism in Europe? This despite the fact that they’re all citizens of EU countries; but who none the less haven’t been given, don’t get, nor will they ever receive loads of dosh in financial compensation for being in European concentration and death camps.

Anyway, the bloody war ended in 1945; it’s history now and should be confined to the pages of history, as those who suffered the barbarity of the Germans and their Axis buddies are either dead of in their dotage. So I don’t see why you ,or the rest of the world for that matter, should have to keep on paying obeisance to a bunch of avaricious Zionists living in Israel or anywhere else come to that because their European kith and kin, analogous to the boss wanting to have the secretary with whom he’s been having an affair and the wife has found out so he’s in danger of being taken to the cleaners by the missus, so he wants his bit on the side as far away from him as possible to ameliorate his wife’s attitude, and possible legal actions against him in a costly for him divorce, and which is precisely what the west generally and the Europeans in particular have done and are continuing to do with these European Zionists and the creation and maintenance of the state of Israel.

But you act as if none of this has been the case, and while you’re quite asininely willing and prepared to go to great lengths to get involved in your bloody stupid sectarian clashes with each other – who the hell cares or should care if you’re Sunni or Shia if as you keep claiming it’s your religion that is the cardinal issue at stake and not its antiquated and seemingly at times barbaric practices, anymore than being a Catholic or Protestant should have any relevance if you’re a genuine Christian. Haven’t you learnt anything from the awful pickle that Christians got themselves into even over the centuries and even in the recent past for sticking foolhardily and dogmatically to what is essentially one person’s way of worshipping the same God? Why should everyone follow their God in the same way? Ask yourselves that!

Religion is a private matter, just like sleeping with your lover, wife or whoever is, so long as the sexual act is a consensual one. And the last bloody thing I or any other intelligent person would want is for some patriarchal-minded bozo with a personality defect who gets his kick from brainwashing others into believing as he does, who from a sense of personal inferiority or lack of self-confidence can’t see women as equals in the gender equation, telling me, or them for that matter, how we should make love to whoever we chose to bed, what positions we should adopt and the rest of it. And I sure as hell am not going to let anyone tell me how I should worship my God or whether or not I ought even to believe in a God. That’s down to my own conscience and has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else. So why don’t the lot of you drag yourselves out of the Dark Ages, recognize that this is the 21st Century and acknowledge that religion is a personal issue or no issue at all if you don’t want to have one. But rather than do this you waste a lot of time fighting each other over who the hell is a Shia and who is Sunni and by doing so give Israel a free pass. That’s what I call being a complete nincompoop.

My advice to you and you’re free to take it or leave it is start thinking for yourselves; choose what religion you want from personal conviction and not because somebody tells you that’s how you ought to believe. The Catholic Church once exercise the same dominance over the lives of Christians until Martin Luther told them in colloquial terms to go get stuffed and the protestant movement started. It didn’t mean that the Christian God had changed, all it meant was that people were able to scrutinize things more thoroughly for themselves as the Bible was now in their own language and they could use their consciences to decide what they considered to right or wrong, not dissimilar from a jury at a trial. We all have brains and should use them; supposedly that is why God, if you believe in one, gave them to you in the first place.

Islam has a lot of catching up to do. There are people in Africa and elsewhere who mouth the words of the Quran verbatim but haven’t a clue what the hell it is they’re saying because the language of the Quran, Arabic isn’t there. How much better if they could read and digest the words of this Holy Book in their own language, and seek the advice of objective specialists on these issues that they want to have clarified for them; not have some bearded numpty telling them that this is how they should believe and anything else, even if they feel uncomfortable with it, is wrong. Christianity and Judaism have the same odious track record. Their leaders in the past took the ignorance and uneducated nature of their populace to literally rule their lives by force and this is precisely what unenlightened Islam is doing to the masses now in the 21st Century. What are these guys so very afraid of? I’ll tell you! Losing their power and control, because they are literally control freaks.

That’s why you can have moronic Mullahs in Saudi Arabia telling the Saudi people that it’s un-Islamic to protect, thus giving the savages who control that pathetic, barbaric state to gun down its population so as to ensure they continue to hold on to power. It’s nothing more than the old European concept of the Divine Right of Kings, with an Arab flavour. Where the hell in the Koran does it say that people can’t protest for their democratic and human rights, bearing in mind that these are concepts that the Koran, the Bible and the Torah all support, as do all other peaceful religions. These barbarians in Arab garbs are having a laugh! I bet though that they’re not going to find some suitable proscription against all the Saudi princes and those of the other equally barbaric and undemocratic Gulf States going to London and other western capitals to have their ends away with the bevy of prostitutes that they make do with when they visit these capitals and similarly get pissed in the process, even though they’re not meant to drink alcohol.

So save all the crap about God is great! Those of us that belong to one or other of the three monolithic faiths know all that stuff. We don’t want to hear it ad nauseum everytime you need to do something secular to enhance your lives. Instead of calling on God go out there make your peaceful protests and state exactly what you want and if those who have the power don’t listen to you and crack down in barbaric ways against you, then organize yourself and kick some asses too. Shouting Allah and God is Great isn’t going to help. Believe me! Anyway we have a saying in English; God help those who help themselves.

Barack Obama, David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel, Stephen Harper and the rest of them would all see themselves as Christians but that doesn’t stop them from doing what they think is necessary to get their own way, even when for 99% of the time it’s a dishonest one and at the expense of others. So why can’t you when your cause is a just one? Let’s be blunt here, there’s nothing more likely to keep you in the limbo in which you’re in than going into your mosques on Fridays then coming out onto the streets and creating mayhem. To those living in the west that aren’t Muslims, don’t give a toss about Muslims and see you all collectively as a just bunch of savages and terrorists such steps only reinforce their blind prejudices and unwarranted Islomophobia. It’s akin to someone going to church on a Sunday then coming out of church and going down to the pub and knocking the shits out someone there. It wouldn’t convey to the average onlooker that that person is anything but a thug and isn’t a good advertisement for his or her religion either. Just separate your religion from your earthly concerns, which are having the right to determine who your leaders should be through democratic elections; having the right to remove them through the same democratic process and having control of your own natural resources; these for starters. Whatever else you want to include should be a matter for you as citizens of a sovereign country.

However, you’re long way of any of this although the popular revolutions you are waging is a start But you can simply hope that the very people who are kicking your butts in will be the ones coming to your recue to liberate you. If you see them around you should be suspicious of them, just like the turncoats who have been linked with these autocratic regimes in your region for decades and are now telling the world that they’ve suddenly become democrats. If you believe any of this twaddle then you deserve everything that you get. Watching demonstrators Bahrain having such confidence in the Americans coming to their rescue when it’s the Americans who instigated the situation that allowed the Saudi forces to invade Bahrain made me ask myself: Are you lot for real? Can’t you see that as far as the Americans are concerned that you’re surplus to requirements?

Is this how you want to be perceived by the rest of the world? Or don’t you care so long as hope burns eternally in your chest that you might get the chance to live in the EU or get a visa to live and work in the United Sates. Let’s face facts; none of them want you and with their present mindset which isn’t about to change any time soon they never will. Can’t you see that even when they invade your countries and create mayhem causing refugees to flee the place that they also instantaneously put in place all sorts of measures to ensure you don’t wash up alive on their shores. They however don’t have any qualms about walking into your countries unasked and, what more, doing precisely what they want. What a bunch of suckers you are if you think otherwise.

So get it into your thick skulls that home will be where you currently are and ought to be, your own homeland. So tell me why the hell then do you feel that the only chance of a viable future for you, your family and grandchildren must lie in vacating your homeland to be nobodies in someone else’ backyard: the flotsam and jetsam in the countries of those who compulsively detest you? How thick can you be? When will the penny drop for you that unless you’re a well-heeled Arab dictator who can fraudulently rob you and your countrymen of your country’s wealth and plough these stolen profits into the ailing, decrepit and failing economies of the west your presence in their countries is as welcome as a nun in a whore house.

But do you support grassroots democracy in your country and those of your Arab neighbours? The answer is: No! Hamas against all the odds of western encumbrances won free and fair elections in Palestine; elections that were UN supervised and globally monitored even by the EU and the rest of the west, but because these elections didn’t deliver the “democratic” results (so much for the west’s pledge to true democracy and universal human rights globally) that the west and in particular the United States wanted but couldn’t engineer because the eyes of the world were fully on these elections, and since they couldn’t claim them to be fraudulent either they resorted to the old, white game superbly inherited by the USA, once colonies themselves that had to fight a war of independence against England so there’s no excuse for that country not knowing what it’s like to be on the receiving end of things, of divide. And in the most perverse and perverted manner decided to declare Hamas a terrorist organization.

That’s bad enough; and even though all of the USA’s western buddies decided to go along with what that country did, can anyone in their right mind explain to me why Arabs had to do the same? You literally sat on you stupid backsides and watched as Gaza was bombed mercilessly and through the ongoing siege imposed on it by Israel that is still ongoing have actively cooperated in this unwarranted genocide. What on earth possessed you to do that, and to watch as Egypt collaborated with the Zionist and the west to starve, humiliate and help exterminate the people of Gaza for voting according to their consciences, as everyone in the west does at election times, was quite sickening to say the least. And with the ousting of Mubarak one of the first things that the government of Egypt – another corrupt bunch of ass—holes but visibly in uniform this time while in the past they were always in the background – should have done was to lift the siege and get much needed, not wanted – there’s a difference between the two words – things like cement and other building materials to rebuild their homes. But have these camel f-c-kers done this. No they haven’t; because they’re every bit as corrupt as Hosni Mubarak was and the Yanks have anyway hijacked the revolution. Just look at all the US officials who have since flown into Cairo as well as Tunis; even those from the neo-con the New American century or whatever that group is called. What are these people doing in Cairo? That would be just as obscene as a Nazi being invited into a Jewish synagogue.

Then we have the sudden defection of Musa Kusa, the erstwhile Foreign Minister of Libya – don’t believe a word of it that this was a sudden transformation on the part of this murderous thug who is a MI6 agent and also works for the CIA - with Tunisia having a hand in this. And the moment Kusa was safely in London, flying into Farnborough which isn’t a civilian airport or even a private one for those of you unaware of the set up in the UK, it’s very much a military airport and therefore out of bounds to all but military aircraft.; so the only way he could have been taken there was with the permission and active assistance of the British government, which with the Tunisians facilitated his exit to England. But the moment Kusa was safely in London we hand the Tunisian prime Minister announcing to then world that the Tunisian Government had frozen all of Colonel Gaddafi’s assets in that country.

Really great you might say? But what is this boneheaded clown doing about the assets of Ben Ali and all those, including himself that benefited from this man. Why is the same alacrity in acting against Colonel Gaddafi so blatantly missing in bringing Ben Ali and his cronies to justice, or at least seeking his extradition from Saudi Arabia? What action has he taken against Hosni Mubarak? The same can also be said for the military junta in Egypt. But none of these things will happen as the military junta in Egypt as well as the obsequious regime in Tunisia are doing what regimes in these two countries and others in the region have always been good at doing for decades; being cat’s paws of the Americans and the west. But stop, think hard on, and contrast their attitude to Gaza, a country of fellow Arabs under constant Israeli siege and bombardment with the west very pro-active in assisting this process, and how the same west reacted to and collectively came to the assistance of their white kith and kin in Berlin when that city post-war was under a similar siege from the Soviet Union; and like the USA a world super power which Israel isn’t since without the billions of US dollars given in financial and military subsidies by the United States, Israel couldn’t exist. Yet while the US was prepared to risk a possible nuclear war with the Soviet Union to protect whites in Berlin they and the west who only have to turn off the financial tap and Israel would collapse don’t want to exert any such commitment to Arabs. Ask yourselves why? In short you Arabs have been well and truly shafted, yet again.

As for the Envoy of Death as the Brits dubbed Musa Kusa, even kicking him out of Britain when he was a diplomatic there, I couldn’t give a toss about this self-serving moron. And as for William Hague the UK Foreign Secretary who is applauding his defection and welcoming him with open arms it’s essentially the same on my part. And I’ll tell you why.

In Britain homosexuality is legal and widely accepted (100% heterosexual myself I’ve no problem whatsoever with that); and not only is homosexuality legal in Britain but there are those who if they had their way they would make it compulsory as well. William Hague is a closet homo who moreover falsely denies that he is; and while I don’t give a toss where William Hague puts his you-know-what up some other male’s you-know-where, in the context that quite favourable attitudes towards homosexuals and lesbians in Britain do prevail in that country, even allowing them to marry and have legal partnerships, yet this Yorkshire slimebag who has a prominent post in the British Cabinet sees fit to lie about his sexual predilection. So why the hell would I want to hear anything that he has to say let alone believe it, especially on human rights as they pertain to the troubled Middle East, North Africa and in particular Libya in the wake of Musa Kusa turning up on his doorstep to give this nonentity the world stage that he craves. It’s something that I wouldn’t put my bottom dollar on as quite frankly and in more ways than one I wouldn’t trust William Hague as far as I could throw him.

Musa Kusa, among the likes of William Hague and David Cameron, is at home in Britain and they’re welcome to him; but unless your Arabs and Muslims get your act together people are going to stop paying any interest to your plight or even anything you say. Five hundred years ago you Arabs ably assisted in the transatlantic slave trade; it was you mainly that rounded up million off black Africans, treated them most horribly and sold them on to the white man who then subjected them to a life of degradation in the so-called New World. No white man, who didn’t even know all of his own continent that well, could have sailed off to Africa, a continent he was unaware of, and ethnically cleanse it of upwards of 160 million Blacks from their homelands; millions of whom never made it to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and whose bones for generations littered that seabed.

You profited immensely from that slave trade and to tell the truth given the choice today of identifying with Blacks or Whites you would always go for the latter. You know that and anyone who knows how you operate knows that as well. How very ironic then that the contemporary Diaspora of European whites, the descendants of those whose anuses back then in the 15 Century and subsequently you were so happy to push your heads up to the detriment of Blacks, and would do so again if given that chance, are the very ones who are now making you Arabs smell hell; and most ironic of all that the man who is leading the charge and doing so in his democratic role as President of the United States of America where many of these black slaves were shipped to, is the son of a black African man: a Kenyan, and a white American female. Poetic justice or what? So just grow up!

Food for thought don’t you think, as you struggle to shake off the shackles of Middle Ages barbarism!

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