Saturday, 21 April 2018

Your considerable and historic legacy will enduringly live on, Mama Winnie Mandela (Article)

By Stanley Collymore,

You were a resolute and steadfast beacon of illumination, inspiration, consolation and unchanging reassurance during those hideously barbaric years of apartheid attendant with their premeditatedly conceived and inhumanly inflicted atrocities directly associated, not only with the iniquities of apartheid itself but also the barbarous policies of Black subjugation virulently and malevolently attested through the intensely implemented disadvantages of social, economic and academic exclusion but additionally and rather significantly as well, political disenfranchisement.

Calculatedly created and insidiously established encumbrances that purposely and effectively constrained and inescapably killed off all perceptibly pragmatic hopes of Black societal emancipation and political empowerment stone cold dead. But you Mama Winnie: a formidable, relentless and successful fighter against these callously devised, spitefully enduring and rigorously performed injustices, inspirationally and coherently imbued in the rest of us, the matching persistence and unwavering steadfastness abounding in yourself to carry on regardless, in our joint fight against the overabundance of social and human injustices that our Black Race, not only presently but unremittingly for several centuries now has also been intensely, injuriously and rather cold-heartedly been evilly subjected to.

And although this uncompromising and committed war for our unquestionable human rights, social entitlements and characteristic self-esteem as fellow human beings isn’t at all universally recognized let alone supportively aided by others, or on our part completely gained entirely on our struggles – nevertheless thanks tremendously to you, Mama Winnie and your most efficacious combat against apartheid - our own distinctive battles for unresolved justice and equality will assuredly and unremittingly carry on, until the day of our triumphant and deserving freedom finally dawns.

Hail to you Winnie Madikzela Mandela! A stalwart and courageous warrior for Black dignity and our malevolently trampled on sensitivities. A liberator of everything good within our Black race and an outstandingly commendable and inspirational creator of a legacy that will enduringly live on in the hearts and minds not only of those who were fortunate to know you and likewise observe your struggle while you were living amongst us, but will also carry on as a highly illuminating beacon for countless future generations of Black people and genuinely emancipated women across Africa, throughout its global Diaspora and the rest of humanity.

Therefore, now that your admirable and successful work on earth is completed rest, dear and sweet Lady, deservingly in eternal peace together with your Almighty and benevolent Creator and the Heavenly host of Angels of which you yourself are now one of them. And in bidding you a fond farewell, but most definitely no goodbye, I earnestly look forward to the glorious and the most rewarding opportunity of meeting up with you again in person in eternity. God Bless you Mama Winnie Mandela and especially on earth our still subjugated Black Race – Amandla Awetu!

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