Friday, 8 December 2017

Love royally expressed in Black and White!

By Stanley Collymore

I won’t ever dream of nor will I at any stage or given moment
in time either unprofessionally or even more so ludicrously,
damagingly and quite evidently too ridiculously permit
myself to be coercively, self-servingly, egotistically
or falsely drawn into what, in my candid opinion,
is a perceptibly feral amalgamation, of what in
itself and by any honestly espoused and truly
balanced explanation constitute a distinctly
feral combination, plus a wholly and hideously grotesque
exposition of what is both essentially and furthermore
quite undoubtedly an entirely bizarre but, even so, a
fully expected by some, and a rather hubristically
and unquestionable contribution to the callous,
vindictive, racist, glaringly apparent and the
concertedly hurled, at will, horrid insults
and the accumulation of unpardonable
humiliation fallaciously but, all the
same, nastily directed at Meghan
Markle: The African-American
fiancée and chosen wife-to-be
of Harry Windsor her future
husband and presently the
fifth in line, hereditarily
to the British throne.

And I’m most emphatic in relation to all of this that I
absolutely will not, even remotely so, confer even
a scintilla of acknowledgement to these visibly
sick, attention-seeking, fanatically headline
grabbing, obsessively in search of - and
always in tune with their profoundly
ingrained, infamous and, as well,
the recurrent wish for transient exposure to dubious
“fame” purveyors of racial bigotry, concentrated
Black hatred and their planned disinformation,
markedly conventional of such intellectually
impoverished lowlife, redneck retards and
the excess of other analogous heartless,
white Caucasian morons industriously
undertaking to marshal backing for
their undertaking, while zealously
deriving vast satisfaction from
a consummate pertinaciously
devised, robust, thoroughly
and fervently proselytized
and, unsurprisingly, their
evidently demented and
sociopathic enterprises.

Since, as I envision it, falling in love mutually with that
special one whom you’ve always dreamt of meeting,
doing so eventually and most happily discovering
that they similarly share a reciprocal interest as
well as a deep-seated ambition for the two of
you to jointly share the rest of your earthly
lives together in reciprocal contentment
and blessed matrimony is a realization
which, by any eloquent terminology and authoritatively
speaking, is concretely second to no other hoped for
experience. And you Meghan Markle: a genuinely
buoyant establishment of an observable intellect
accomplished poise, polished culture skilfully
embroidered with a mesmerizing refinement,
an immaculately tailored self-confidence; a
conspicuously perfected awareness of the
positive contribution you’re capable of
amalgamated with the unsurpassable
determination on your part that you
have already faultlessly shown to
those who’re very much aware of what you’ve
diligently been doing to make a general and
importantly a truthfully consequential and
vital difference socially and societally in
this world, which we’re obliged to live
in, and most particularly so for those
forced through extremely revolting
circumstances, and commonly no
fault at all whatsoever of theirs,
to abysmally find themselves 
inexcusably and customarily
inescapably in the process
evilly thrown into. Counteractions
by you Meghan which represent
a consummate summation of
Black and, as it happens in
your distinctive situation
Meghan Markle African
American, Beauty and
a superb reassuringly
and an inspirational
progress presented
at its peerless best!

Meanwhile, you Harry Windsor a prince of the British
realm and privileged by any criterion that one can
rationally employ in the circumstances you find
yourself in, have impressively matured over
the years from the rather rebellious royal
tearaway which you seemingly gloried
in and, figuratively, with nobs on at
the time to become a remarkably
outstanding, matured in mind, conscionable and an
amazingly, exceptionally hardworking man. One
whom your late mother Princess Diana, by me
and, comprehensibly, countless millions of
others not merely in Britain but globally
too was enormously loved and adored,
would, I’m entirely sure, immensely
and comprehensively ongoing be
extraordinarily and deservingly
so be very proud of you Harry.
And not solely of your many
and emergent attainments
but comparably too, the
significant love in your personal life
and a most creditable selection as
your preferred wife: A rare and
prized Black Diamond visibly
identifiable with her unique
and appealing sparkle: the
striking Meghan Markle!

© Stanley V. Collymore
6 December 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
Already, so far, a great deal has been said, and doubtlessly this will continue to be the case, in respect of the official and public announcement that Prince Harry, currently the fifth in line to the English throne, will in May 2018 marry Ms Meghan Markle an African-American woman whose Black ancestors the white, western mainstream media and others of a similar mind with their hidden or not so hidden agendas, are falling over themselves to point out were enslaved cotton pickers in Rogue State USA's Deep South.

Well whatever your views are in relation to the proposed matrimonial union between Prince Harry, evidently white Caucasian and his intended and Black wife Meghan Markle, and I’m addressing this unambiguous caution to any and everyone who has a genuine opinion of their own or else is quite happy to have themselves manipulatively persuaded by others exhorting you how to think in respect of this matter, go ahead a feel free to have these views that you have decided to latch on to.

And I would go further and say that if you’re asked to express them then do so by all means. After all you’re supposedly living in a democratic society where Freedom of though and its attendant expression are supposedly salient parts of that set-up. However, there’s always a “but”. And mine is this. Don’t arrogantly, asininely or submissively assume your point of view is the only one others should or must take full cognizance of and accordingly wholeheartedly and unquestioningly embrace as their own.

Meanwhile, I extend my fullest congratulations to Meghan and Harry on their engagement and upcoming marriage and sincerely wish them all the very best in the future live together.

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