Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Our Calendar of Love (Poem)

By Stanley Collymore

We first met in Springtime, appropriately as it happens when
things themselves, already in accommodating existence,
come into full bloom and new life in tandem with this
fresh and appealing surge of optimism, joyously in
its refreshing and untainted innocence, set out in
their own inimitable ways their highly impressive stall of
irresistible temptations to fabulously enthral one and
all with the exquisite dawning of a new beginning.
Then came Summer, and with it the sun-packed
days of light-heartedness, jollity and fun when
those who were previously strangers to one
another but now discovering they were
outstandingly impressed - suitably by,
as well as individually attracted to
each other - by this pioneering
occurrence they were now a
part of, happily considered
and afterwards willingly
set off on a mutually loving and enlivening
relationship of their own. A situation in
which, and similarly from our own
delighted condition and personal
perspective, they weren’t by
any means, whatsoever,
exactly on their own.

Autumn with its noticeable motif and like the resolute
relay runner receiving the all-essential baton, in this
traditional season run, from Summer: the having
actively participated but now on the verge of
becoming an outgoing participant player in
this imminently impending and seasonal
renovation, not to be outdone initiated
its own distinctive kaleidoscope of
organic colour which appealingly
and constructively both helped
to inaugurate and consolidate,
associated with the process
of fully highlighting and
boosting, the certainly
emotional Odyssey
gladly instigated
by you and me.

Winter with its impressive and teasingly flirtatious
display of iced-chilled winds, pristine snow and
periodic rain and, in the interim, markedly
symbolic of the time of year, typically
in its customary well-rehearsed and,
inimitably, distinctively portrait-
styled display of eye-catching
beauty and transmittable serenity, steadfastly
carried on, with its endearing equanimity,
the final stage of this traditional and
annual seasonal run first begun in
Spring and finally nearing its
climacteric end in Winter.

While, in return, you and me: a twosome of
new lovers, indefinitely appreciative of the
alternating seasons for their picturesque
and considerable contributions to our
enchanting and amorous situation,
expectantly looked forward to
the future and the important
influences of its seasonal
sway on our particular
and comprehensibly
satisfyingly and

© Stanley V. Collymore
5 September 2017.

Author’s Comments:
There’s nothing more exciting, thrilling, personally intoxicating and incredibly rewarding than to unexpectedly encounter someone with whom you’ve madly, inescapably, passionately, and shrewdly as it also turns out, fallen in love with; and, furthermore, to subsequently and significantly shortly afterwards discover that the intense love which you exhibit for that specific individual is likewise reciprocated.

The poem of this name: “Our Calendar of Love” and the articles associated with it is therefore personally written for and fondly dedicated to all such fortunate and blessed individuals. And is done so by me in the earnest wish and fervent hope that your mutual love for each other remains steadfast, and like a vintage wine or champagne increases in value and its treasured preciousness to you with each passing year in your joint lives.

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