Wednesday, 30 August 2017

CrossTalk: Remembering USS Liberty

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  1. The vast majority of Americans are completely ignorant of Yidland's attack on the USS Liberty 50 years ago, and the few who do even among them there is an unawareness of the reasons why this attack was carried out and the major part that the US administration, the Pentagon and other relevant authorities in the US played in covering up this wilful war crime as well as the collaborative role the US played, and why, in having one of its own ships murderously attacked in this way by a supposed ally.

    So I suggest that you watch, listen carefully to and digest the information given in this Crosstalk programme and acquaint yourselves with the facts.

    For it's only by becoming properly and constructively informed that you'll be able to make those crucial decisions politically, socially and in other important ways to combat the scourge of the lunatic politicians who currently like their predecessors run this world we are forced to live in with them; and in the process hopefully stop them from devastating our planet and ourselves in a permanent nuclear holocaust winter.