Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Social media nerds and ferally ingrained sadists! (The Poem)

By Stanley Collymore

You brutishly and sadistically stood by; happily watched, and,
all that time, keenly photographed an extremely disabled and
old man falling into a deep and extensive pond, near where
you were all standing, and appallingly drown. And amidst
this and his frantic screams for help, you, in his evident
desperation for somebody to save his life, laughingly
took photos of him; savagely mocked his desperate
actions to save himself, and very encouragingly to
each other and coupled with your sadistic disdain for his
disability, age, and similarly your crude perception of
him as a nonentity and thoroughly worthless human
being, cold-bloodedly watched him unnecessarily
die. Later on, after congratulating yourselves on
what, to any rational mind, you’d barbarically,
malevolently, wilfully, rather repulsively but
pleasurably done, you cheerfully uploaded
your thoroughly disgusting images of the
final and graphic moments of this man's
distressing agony and life to Facebook
and comparable social media entities
for your characteristically dissolute
and substantially sick amusement.

Now finally, and after initially falsely asserting that these yobs
had actually done nothing wrong and, unbelievably and quite
unconvincing to anyone with even a half-functioning brain
in their head, they’d also not acted in any way criminally,
against the furious backdrop of a local public backlash
coupled with an understandable international outcry,
the local law enforcement agencies and the police,
where this abominable incident took place, have
belatedly, and in a clear reversal of their earlier and joint
decision, decided to act and deservedly prosecute these
intellectually impoverished retards and, conspicuous
as carrion, lowlife morons. To which I say: Well
done; and about time too! For these culpable
malefactors are in essence, in the pathetic
lives that they’re regrettably still being
allowed to live, nothing less than an
abominable, savage, intellectually
challenged, psychologically sick
and evidently on top of that a
comparably manic bunch of
debased lowlifes affecting,
and unsuccessfully so as
it happens, to be human
beings, which patently
they certainly are not!

And most earnestly I further and vigorously
add that conscionable individuals globally
will also like me sanguinely desire and
with an impending possibility expect
that none of these truly abominably
disgusting teenagers ever make it
to adulthood; and will similarly,
every one of them, have even more horrendous
experiences, than this unfortunate disabled
and elderly gentleman, when death, in
whatever fashion, eventually catches
up with them. And in my truthful
and straightforward judgement
that’s specifically something
pertaining to everyone of
them that personally for
me, in their situation,
cannot come soon
enough – Amen!

© Stanley V. Collymore
26 July 2017.

Author’s comments:
Evil knows no bounds; is gender indifferent and decidedly breeds profusely, as is distinctly the case in its concerted and relentless plan, whenever and wherever the opportunity, whether it’s studiously created of its own accord or randomly offered on a platter, presents itself, and in either instance fosters and promotes a situation where it can successfully, and even unchallengeably, prevail.

Evil likewise is also colour-blind, resolutely devoid of any ethnic, racial, national or social preferences, and, in terms of its target choices, couldn’t care less whether those it selects as its perennial victims are young and persuasively open to nefarious influences, or significantly older and calculatedly odious.

For no matter what one’s age, origins or pedigree might be, Evil will always win; so long as enmity, indifference and callousness to each other clouds, in combination with our selfishness, the thoughts of us human beings.

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