Friday, 7 July 2017

Following your own imaginative conceptions or slavishly other peoples’ prescription?

By Stanley Collymore

Self-praise, it’s generally and even controversially argued,
is one of life’s minor oddities, and no less so because it
doesn’t easily or readily fit into the stringent realms
of conscientious objectivity or uncompromised
impartiality which would in general terms be
contemplated by almost everybody as an
unqualified and fundamental necessity.
And therefore in that given context
and firmly but otherwise superficially looked at either
without being accorded much thinking of it, or in
reality exploring other available and feasible
options, can supposedly be thus happily
contemplated, resolvedly concluded
and thereupon additionally and
eventually acknowledged as
appropriately the ideal
explanation to one’s
own conundrum.

But is it really, as it might at first seem, the only true
guide to rational thinking, and in this essentially
to many, and expectedly to some bemused
observers too, singular process they’re
watching deliver what is little more
than the evident and perversely ensnaring, as
it happens, of one’s self and unsurprisingly
most conveniently doing so through the
somewhat subjective and undeniably
motivational instrument of what
is certainly blatant populism?

Always perceived, as and whenever it’s selectively
required, to correspondingly act as the one true
and indispensable means to fittingly reach
and suitably deliver the allegedly right,
proper and efficacious decision as to
how one must perspicaciously and even sagely
endeavour in their personal and committed
undertaking, if theirs is to be a realistic
ambition of profitably bringing their
most cherished anticipations and
envisioned dreams to what will
indubitably be their resulting,
ultimate and fullest fruition!

© Stanley V. Collymore
6 July 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
For the general, although by no means universally accepted, recognition that each and every living person, whether entirely compos mentis or not, has the same unchallengeable right to have his or her own entitlement to think and express whatever viewpoint they’re personally disposed to, so long as these opinions don’t arbitrarily invalidate or in any way abrogate the similar rights of others whose sentiments and actions are diametrically divergent o the stance of those who’ve taken to openly and outspokenly enunciating them, is a salient part of every principled and conscionable society and country which unequivocally claims to be civilized both in conception and execution; as well as those others assertively and conveniently but all the same most questionably opt to jump on the same bandwagon. And in what manner those who’re either repeatedly or occasionally caught up in this, and at times, highly controversial debate calculatingly in those given circumstances that they find themselves in choose to react, is surely and quite frankly a matter exclusively for them.

That said, and most unfortunately so, there are significant numbers of people both nationally and globally who obviously don’t have the intellectual acumen, natural goodwill towards themselves or the committed perseverance to act in their own best interests, choosing instead to either slavishly or otherwise have themselves unthinkingly or even coercively follow the manifestly manipulative and quite distinctly self-serving dictates of others whose egocentric attitude to life and their attendant loathsome actions are concertedly bound up in the utterly selfish, uncaring and contemptuous mind-set they resolutely hold on to, and in turn affects everyone and everything associated with them that they calculatedly go out of their way to unambiguously ensure will completely and deferentially subjugate themselves as they, their controllers, single-mindedly decide and accordingly will indisputably expect to be obeyed.

All of which is academically quite interesting, but in practical terms where precisely in this intriguing conundrum, if at all, do you personally fit in?

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