Monday, 12 June 2017

Where ignorance is bliss it’s truly folly to be wise!

By Stanley Collymore

In the aftermath of Jeremy Corbyn’s phenomenal - but nevertheless honestly expected by well-informed, politically astute and commonsensical supporters of his like myself, and every one of us quite capable of thinking for ourselves and always do – performance in the recently held on June 8, 2017 snap General Elections hubristically called by Nazi Zionist Theresa May, her likeminded Tories and their myriad of privileged and other well-heeled supporters nationally and even within Rogue State USA; and, of course, the Tel-Aviv and Yidland directed and controlled BBC and the corporate so-called mainstream media, all of whom earnestly hoped for and vocally declared a nuclear winter wipe-out and Armageddon for Jeremy Corbyn and thus propagandized that skewed and fabricated belief of theirs to the general public as the gospel truth, we who’re Jeremy Corbyn’s most faithful and profoundly committed supporters as well as political pragmatists have in the wake of his psychological triumph over the nasty, Nazi Zionist Tories and their ilk, observed no end of convenient U-turns by those who not only in their sadistic and euphoric dreams wrote Jeremy Corbyn off but also in the most vitriolic, thoroughly loathsome and most abominably treacherous manner did everything in their power to undermine, humiliate and viciously stab in the back this most honest, caring and principled man, politician and human being.

But even with facts glaringly staring them in the face there are those still who asininely refuse to cognizance let alone accept reality and most idiotically, poisonously carry on living in their rather demented and absolutely delusional fantasy world. Some of them like the repulsive and stinking vermin who still regrettably infest and infect the Labour Party, like the psychopathic moron and grotesquely undesirably for all progressive elements of the Labour Party, MP for Nottingham East since 2010, the consummate lowlife, scum and as poor a specimen for Homo Sapiens as one can ever imagine or get, CHRIS LESLIE!

This prized prat in his appalling ignorance stupidly puked out the idiotic rationale typical of the complete cunt he evidently is, that Jeremy Corbyn scored an own goal in not winning the elections and consequently missed a glorious opportunity to shoot the ball of victory into an open Tory goalpost net. Think on that for a moment. This braindead asshole was principally among those who stabbed Jeremy Corbyn in the back from the moment he democratically and with a massive majority won the Labour leadership contest that pricks like Chris Leslie never expected him to win and earnestly didn’t want him to.

He also undermined, nastily and maliciously MSM briefed at every afforded or fabricatedly- made opportunity against Jeremy Corbyn. Chris Leslie also enthusiastically supported the Nazi Zionist and Labtory controlling element of Labour’s NEC to purge genuine Jeremy Corbyn supporters from the Labour Party. And among them, not only new members but longstanding ones like Ken Livingstone who is as Labour as anyone, including myself can get. And from very reliable sources, I have clear-cut and irrefutable evidence that CHRIS LESLIE was distinctly among those who during this last general election just gone, purposely went on the doorsteps of Labour and potential Labour voters and pleadingly, categorically exhorted them to only vote for Labtory - (my personal terminology but you know damned well what I mean and whom I’m actually referring to as I’ve coined that term a while back now and ever since then have routinely used it for slime balls like Chris Leslie) – candidates like himself or TORY ones; and explicitly NOT those who supported Jeremy Corbyn.

The sole aim being to guarantee the nuclear winter for Jeremy Corbyn and the preposterous 200 MPs seats landslide that this addled brain cunt CHIS LESLIE and others like him wanted the public to think was an inevitability and thus their last ditch chance of permanently getting rid of Jeremy Corbyn.

Well it didn’t work, you mother-fucking-idiots! And rather than accept reality, or at least try to do so – difficult as I know it is for this lowlife, redneck and Nazi Zionist scum Chris Leslie – living in the Reality TV, fantasy world that pillocks like him happily ensconce themselves in, CHRIS LESLIE chooses instead, despite all the shit that kiss-me-ass idiots like him threw at Jeremy Corbyn, went out of their way to treacherously undermine him and still attempt to do the same, to lay the blame for Labour’s supposed “DEFEAT” – the biggest share of the vote since the 1940s and in the process commandingly debunk all notion of a Tory Nazi Zionist landslide as the hyperbolic myth it always was, as a distinctly humiliating lost opportunity squandered by Jeremy Corbyn. How the fuck can anyone, and against the backdrop I’ve earlier and in detail given, in supposed possession of even a half-functioning brain reach such a conclusion? And this detestable cunt CHRIS LESLIE is allowed to remain in the Labour Party.

Not for much longer I hope and predict, as accidents can and do happen, triggering bye-elections! Dead men walking, or to use George Osborne’s other colourful and most appropriate remarks in relation to Theresa May being “on death row” and which I fittingly borrow and pleasurably utilize here with regards to Chris Leslie aside, I also came across in the Metro free rag while I was travelling on a local transport bus in the part of the UK where I live when I’m not in Germany, this Metro Talk reply from another absolutely braindead and supposed Brit who regularly writes to the Metro, calls himself John and claims to be living in Leamington.

This is what this patently congenital nerd who’s in the same league as Chris Leslie had to say following Corbyn’s impressive result. “If Labour’s surge is down to the young, this is why students, with their short term memories and short-term plans, shouldn’t be allowed to vote.” As an English specialist who has taught English at every conceivable level there is, and as someone who like my English Master at the Grammar School I attended did with us always exhort and encourage my own students to use different adjectives to be more descriptive of what one has to say, John of Leamington clearly didn’t know how to do any such thing; not at all surprising as chromosomal morons like him are transparently intellectually impoverished retards and lowlife scum with it. But, of course, John of Leamington wasn’t the only such scumbag in the Metro with similar points of views and a marked antipathy and even an undisguised hatred against the youth and young voters in the UK who voted for Jeremy Corbyn and his progressive Labour movement.

But it was magically encouraging to see that not all Britons responding in the Metro are of the same view as Jim from Leamington or Chris Leslie – not for very much longer I seriously hope – “the dead man walking on death row” MP for Nottingham East. And characteristic of the mood now resonating across Britain I thought it would be refreshing to demonstrate as well the positive mood that is gripping Britain following Jeremy Corbyn’s quite impressive and commendable performance among voters in the polling booths across Britain.

So I take my hat off to LISA BOYLE who wrote on Facebook: “The Young people I’ve spoken to tend to have more of an idea of what each party stands for. Many older people I’ve spoken to hadn’t even glanced at a party manifesto and appeared to base their vote on “Jeremy Corbyn is a joke” or “I can’t stand Nicola Sturgeon.” This is hardly stellar reasoning for choosing who you want to be in charge of the country as it navigates Brexit.” Accurately and intelligently said LISA BOYLE!

And to all those who’d like to see the constitutional right to vote and freely take part in the political process in relation to Britain summarily and arbitrarily taken away from students, young people generally, and everyone else who isn’t a Nazi Zionist Tory, Rogue State USA toadying and unquestioningly Yidland supporting sycophant – why NOT do the same while you’re at it, and likewise take the vote away too from every member of Britain’s non-white minority citizens? And personally elaborating on the sensible and astute arguments espoused by Lisa Boyle in marked contrast to the idiocy of John from Leamington, how about this personal analysis of mine?

In Britain, and as every responsible car owner knows, if you have a car over a certain age you’re statutorily bound to have a comprehensive MOT carried out on it to make sure that it’s roadworthy and fit to be driven on our roads and highways. So if students and young people are going to be penalized because the morons who don’t like their political choice feel they should be, why not subject the Tory, cap-doffing to their perceived social betters and idiotic aged wrinkleys to a psychological MOT as regards their suitability to vote in any election, instead of knowingly using them as handy election fodder for the Nazi Zionist Tories? But that wouldn’t do at all Nazi Zionist scum, would it?

Nor should such conduct ever be the case. For I’m a staunch believer in the principle of true democracy and the right of everyone, well-informed or strictly idiotic, to make their personal choice; and as long as the democratic process is transparently carried out and shown to be above board I don’t have any problem with the outcome even if it doesn’t fit with how I would have liked it to be. And that’s because I’m a democrat like all of Jeremy Corbyn’s core and true supporters. While in distinct contrast the Nazi Zionist Tories, their Labtory and Lib-Dem collaborators and the mother-fucking rest of you: odious slime balls like John of Leamington and dead man walking – if that terminology is good for WHITE George Osborne why not ALSO for BLACK Stanley Collymore? - of Nottingham, Chris Leslie most evidently aren’t!

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