Thursday, 15 June 2017

The incomparable Emily Thornberry – Labour MP for Islington South and Finsbury

By Stanley Collymore

Exceedingly bright, of which there’s absolutely no doubt
whatsoever, and thoroughly refreshingly modern too in
outlook, and this in marked contrast to your average
and supposedly contemporary House of Commons
MP or House of Lords politician blissfully living,
as they’re evidently resistant to change, in the
dark ages of a bygone political and social era.
Proficiently enlightened in your views and
actions and complementarily gifted with
a God-given, naturally appealing and a
most positively communicable charm:
all embracing and solidly reinforced
by an irrefutably and fundamental
grace that’s characteristically and permanently emblematic
of what unquestionably a particularly intelligent lady, in
every affirmative perception and connotation of that
word and who, moreover, is dazzlingly competent
in everything she knowingly embarks upon; and
without any invented airs or graces simply and
expertly, as is her wont, ingeniously gets on
with the job in hand. And quite noticeably
too, all this against an amazingly robust
backdrop of effervescent charm and a
riveting and scintillating personality,
the person whom this poem was
conceived for and specifically
written and is now enthusiastically
dedicated, is the inimitable Emily
Thornberry: loyal Labour Party
member and the unselfishly
hard-working and shrewd
MP for Islington South
and Finsbury. A most
delightfully, in the
bargain, entirely
alluring, and

© Stanley V. Collymore
15 June 2017.

Author’s Remarks.
This poem specifically written for and dedicated to Emily Thornberry, the British House of Commons MP for the constituency of Islington South and Finsbury in London, is all the same a deeply personal as well as a permanent tribute to each and every loyal and conscientious parliamentary Labour Party member who assiduously endeavours with every conscionable sinew of integrity in their bodies to unswervingly work in the best interests of as well as carry out their legal and ethical responsibilities as elected MPs, consistently and unshakably in the best interests of ALL of their constituents, without any bigoted or discriminatory agendas on their part regardless of who these members of our electorate, as is their democratic and constitutional right, chose to vote for; and, of course, in the process of this professional and principled stance also doing what’s best for the overall well-being and benefit of our collective homeland Britain.

A salutary lesson of what democracy and political maturity is undoubtedly all about, that firmly resonates with people like me and is profusely perceptible in the honest opinions and trusted actions of Emily Thornberry MP.

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