Thursday, 8 June 2017

The earnest quest for British civilization set against the perilous evils of ingrained and privileged elite barbarism.

By Stanley Collymore

Innate stupidity is one thing however braindead it is in character, as it’s undoubtedly an inevitable biological fact of life and possibly as well even an irrevocable component of the inalienable hereditary makeup of the individual involved. Wilful or callously manipulated and decidedly impassively accepted and championed ignorance is however an entirely different matter, since it invariably and quite deliberately turns out to be a consummately selfishly and self-serving act embarked on and conducted without first assessing the likely and disastrous consequences that are extremely possible if continued with and moreover could be both inimical and counterproductive to that person’s perceived interests, or the highly detrimental effect that such an egocentric approach to life can, and does usually have on the many innocent victims involuntarily caught up in such loathsome, narcissistic and ill-informed behaviour.

This is my unswerving commitment, and would still purposely be so even if I were the only one acting in this principled manner, and which quite evidently I am not, in relation to Jeremy Corbyn and his inspirational vision of a progressive and meritocratic Britain for the many. Not an unconscionably stultifying and debilitating, white-collar and allegedly “upper class” with impunity, Oxbridge drug-related and invasive, morally and in every other conceivable and debauchedly corrupt, replete and brazenly immune from objective public scrutiny and all legal prosecutions, repellently engineered and immensely exclusively profited from these repugnant travesties of justice Cabal of the privileged “elites” United Kingdom.

And it’s why at the earliest opportunity possible this morning I conscientiously went to my designated polling station and voted for my local constituency Labour Party candidate and, in effect, Jeremy Corbyn and what he most honourably stands for. And if you subscribe to the same kind of equal Britain that Jeremy Corbyn and many others like me aspire to having, why don’t you do the same in your constituency and vote Labour!

My slogan is: JEREMY CORBYN OUR POLITICAL SALVATION! Let it be yours too!

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