Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The birth of and attempts by Theresa May to consolidate a 21st Century British Nazi Zionist Reich.

By Stanley Collymore

Although fascism and Nazism attendant with their obnoxious brand of white supremacist, Master race and the equally delusional notion of white, racist exceptionalism were always prevalent in Britain and dispensed nationwide from members of the British Royal Family, the privileged elites in the country, wannabee supplicants, politicians and all the way down to your average idiotic and cap-doffing to his or her perceived social superiors, working class and usually aged Plebeians, it didn’t really exercise itself fully post-war, for obvious and principally spurred on by economic and hard-up circumstances reasons, until the politically motivated British security services engineered coup d’état against the Harold Wilson led government and its Useful Idiot style replacement readily facilitated by a characteristically odiously poor excuse for a human being, and promptly installed in Wilson’s place as Prime Minister, James Callaghan.

After that and hubristically emboldened by their Callaghan feat the British security services amply aided, abetted and assisted by self-serving similarly fascist and Nazi-Zionist in character PMs that have grotesquely, pathologically lying and murderously through their manifold and appalling Global South war crimes, regime changes, exploitative and still continuing expropriation and murderous False Flag Operations at home for their own sick ends been killing their own citizens, or in Britain’s case it’s subjects, as many of you relish being called, for their own graspingly avaricious ends.

And in the murdering footsteps of Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg, Theresa May is the very latest in line of these sick killers that in terminal delusion, as she dimwittedly and psychopathically assumes is her inalienable white Master Race obligation and exceptionalism right, in line with that of her likeminded predecessor prime ministers, to accordingly seek and at all costs consolidate as well a virtual Hell in Britain concomitant with her vile obsession of a 21st century, abominable Nazi Zionist British Reich!

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