Saturday, 10 June 2017

Thank you all for your amazing help. And yes, Jeremy Corbyn will be Prime Minister of Britain!

By Stanley Collymore

It will be a massive landslide victory for the Nazi Zionist – my description of her not theirs – crowned Prime Minister Theresa May, her likeminded Tories, Labtory and Lib-Dem collaborators and supporters, the BBC and the mainstream media all said and, of course and very much attendant with that skewed analysis of theirs a nuclear winter for our Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour movement that would itself be compounded by a catastrophic loss for Jeremy of over 160 Labour seats. Well naturally that didn’t happen; nor in reality, and totally distanced from the fantasy world that these poor excuses for human beings live in, was it ever likely to.

I live in the real world and as an intelligent, well-educated and principled Black man I know and easily recognize bullshit when I see it, and it was no different on the part of these sad and pathetic purveyors of Britain’s Fourth Reich and the loathsome denigrators of Britain’s most honourable and principled politician, Jeremy Corbyn. Someone whom I’ve always passionately and wholeheartedly supported and furthermore in this regard going back to his days as a backbench politician and conscionable political activist for all the right reasons and causes, and whose intellect, pragmatism and political astuteness was repeatedly ignored, dismissed or absurdly scoffed at by the war criminals, regime change in the Global South engineers, and on their part as well collectively the mass killers, in this grotesquely abused part of the world, and whose twisted points of view weren’t ever going to impress let alone cut any ice with me. So take it from me, this is no post-mortem on my part, or that of Jeremy Corbyn, as none is required.

What it most categorically is though is my taking this glorious opportunity to say a heartfelt and absolutely deserving “thank you” to everyone who individually and collectively saw through the multiple lies told about and the venomous vilification directed at Jeremy by his well-heeled detractors, self-serving haters of him and their gullible and/or easily manipulated “Useful Idiots”.

And in this worthy role of honour comprising the millions of you, I’d like to draw specific attention to the following who were not only sterling in their endeavours but also played a significant role in combatting the negative and lying stereotypes portrayed about Jeremy Corbyn, as they worked assiduously to counter all that and against the monumental odds levelled against them, to portray Jeremy Corbyn in the true light that is undeniably his to enjoy.

And while clearly I can’t mention all of you here, for obvious reasons of space and time, I’d nevertheless like to highlight the following people and organizations. The new and youth voters who in their millions and upwards of 78%, canvassed for and subsequently went out and voted for Jeremy Corbyn. THE CANARY – brilliant, outstandingly principled and massively informative in its reporting. GLOBAL RESEARCH and all the well-respected and astute writers and commentators there. PRESS TV – unjustly and politically motivated by the British regime booted out of Britain all those years ago because it spoke and broadcasted the truth but still committed to its many followers throughout Britain to ensure that they have an alternative and truthful version of what’s going on not only in Britain but also globally. And, of course, MOMENTUM!

But none of these outstanding results for Jeremy Corbyn could have been achieved without YOU the honest, conscionable and upright British voters who refused to be conned, and in your millions went out and voted for a different Britain. One that’s diametrically different from the corrupt and immorally deviant one. A Britain of hope, fairness and equality of opportunity for all. A Britain for the many and not the privileged few. A Britain that espouses the principles and commitments of Jeremy Corbyn. And no, this is no pipe dream but very much an achievable aspiration. And while the corrupters and self-serving monsters who’ll do anything to fraudulently and unethically keep their debased control on power, whatever nasty alliances they concoct to do so; one thing is absolutely certain in my mind as it always has been going back to the days when Jeremy Corbyn was an ignored backbencher. And it’s uncompromisingly this: Jeremy Corbyn will be Britain’s Prime Minister!

Now let’s get to work – AGAIN - and this time make it happen! God Bless you all and a million “thanks” for your support and confidence in this undeniably, progressive, principled and an outstanding man and human being, Jeremy Corbyn!

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