Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Kensington and Chelsea and the UK’s Tory Nazi-Zionist regime’s corporate mass murder culpability!

By Stanley Collymore

I find it rather sickening to the core of every principle that I unreservedly cherish and firmly stand for and, additionally in that ethical context too, absolutely incredible that more than two weeks after the dreadful Grenfell Tower inferno in London that neither Kensington and Chelsea Borough council, in whose locality, and arrogantly propped up on its unequivocal discriminatory watch, this thoroughly unavoidable fire actually occurred, and moreover is indisputably the richest local government authority not just in London or the entire United Kingdom but equally the whole of mainland Europe and that includes Russia as well, that the incumbent Tory, Nazi-Zionist UK regime which is unambiguously and exceptionally quite specifically and intimately ideologically aligned in this self-servingly conjoined dogmatic political and financial status quo policies and very much discernibly so for them, that those in charge of Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council and who moreover in terms of their collective and unashamed racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, as well as their consummately concerted ethnic and social methodical cleansing agenda policies in direct relation to the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea that they have legal and moral responsibility for, either wouldn’t be expected to know and even less so expect others to believe as they convincingly claim to be the case that they’re completely unaware of just how many people actually and unfortunately perished in the fire that in its unappeasable ravenousness not only totally consumed the entire Grenfell Tower block that housed them but also the overwhelming majority of residents and visitors that were ill-fatedly trapped within that tower block’s environs.

Every tenant and legitimate resident who was living in that Grenfell Tower block had to be and, accordingly, was registered in one fashion or another, and that would obviously have included their personal residential address. Among such registered occupants would have been the tenants of Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council or other associated landlords. And even if not all of these tenants, for whatever personal reasons, chose not to be voters and accordingly didn’t bother to have themselves officially placed on the electoral register, this was certainly not the case with the majority of them. So their names and individual addresses would all have been clearly annotated in the official records and, of course, in the voters’ register.

Furthermore, there are also quite relevant issues pertaining to them and indeed their borough council of Kensington and Chelsea. Routine matters like local council tax, garage payments for rented garages from the council and something that’s quite commonplace with all British local councils, as well as other such financial payments that council tenants and residents in a local government jurisdiction pay to their respective local council. Then there would be other matters like the statutory assessment of other relevant and vital economic issues together with the requisite financial arrangements surrounding these and would themselves come under the general heading of council subsidies for those in a variety of incapacitated situations ranging from help to the disabled and the long-term unemployed for example.

Then there’s the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) that would undoubtedly have in their possession documents fully outlining the circumstances of these people, who they were and where exactly they lived. People who were regularly in receipt of personal and statutory funding like disability pension payments; mothers or father getting child benefit allowances, as well as those obtaining unemployment benefits. And everyone of such persons would be meticulously documented and such information also kept and appropriately, whenever and wherever relevant, held by local DHS and Jobcentre offices.

In addition to all of the above there were child and youth residents living in Grenfell Tower with their parents or guardians and who, as is the compulsory state of affairs across the UK, would have had to be registered at and attending some local school or other, while the older one might well be at college or even university. So records of their existence and where they lived are in existence! Furthermore, these young people had friends, teachers, lecturers and the like who would obviously want to know where they were if all of a sudden any of these individuals didn’t show up for school, college or university. And quite naturally their friends would have known where they lived as would all the schools and colleges involved. And with the Grenfell Tower fire such a national catastrophe and in the news nationally and globally, it really beggars belief that those who were friends of or had pastoral care for any of the victims would not be asking questions themselves as well as voluntarily coming forward with crucial information to help clarify the actual number of those living in that ill-fated tower block.

Additionally, there would have been and in some cases those who were in full or part-time employment. And as in all of the previous examples I’ve cited the personal details, including actual and current addresses of those involved, would be annotated in the companies’ records; in the same way that these people would have had friends and colleagues in those companies with whom they worked with and who would have known where they lived. And I totally fail to understand in those circumstances how if you worked with someone and knew where they lived, and consequently there’s a well reported fire having occurred in the locality and even the residential area of these persons or other individuals known to you, plus there’s universal media coverage of widespread confusion and a very deep-seated consternation about missing relatives and friends with names given of persons who are known to you and who suddenly don’t show up for work, that you or any intelligent person, given all the aforementioned and traumatic circumstances reported, wouldn’t notify the authorities that people whom you know personally, and furthermore lived in this particular instance in Grenfell Tower Block, weren’t showing up for work, and in the process of doing so help to clarify the situation surrounding the uncertainty of  both missing or unaccounted for individuals.

The same arguments also apply to clubs, social amenities facilities and centres utilized by the youth and young adults who lived in the Grenfell Tower and frequently utilized them. These people didn’t, the ones who perished, or don’t, the ones who fortunately survived, exist in a state of isolation and therefore would have had persons who similarly frequented these places that not only knew of their existence but apart from socializing with them  would also have been well aware of where these now Grenfell Tower dead or missing actually lived, and as such would be quite able to provide invaluable information towards assisting the very vital accumulation of the requisite numbers of those who realistically died or else most gratefully survived the hellish nightmare of the Grenfell Tower Inferno.

I literally spend my time between Britain and Germany, and in my English community there are those who I know intimately and am friends with in conjunction with others I know less personally but who are nevertheless well-known acquaintances of mine. Additionally, there are a number of other people who I run into and know from the frequency with which that happens that they similarly are locals like me and either reside in the same or else adjacent communities to my own. And were I to be in Germany or any other place including the UK if, God forbid, such a catastrophe occurred in my own or any of these communities that I’m familiar with, and which moreover was widely reported as the Grenfell Tower Inferno was, and I discerned that there was a manifestly frantic situation afoot in which people were on television earnestly and desperately pleading for any information about their close family members and friends and all to no avail, while official bodies like the national government, the local authority concerned and in whose area of responsibility these people lived as well as the police and their collective mainstream media mouthpieces were at best dilatory, chaotic, insensitive to and most dysfunctionally incompetent in their response to what was going on, while at the same time quite asininely and pathologically lying in unconvincing statements that they didn’t know how many people had died or what has happened to missing people who were forced to run for their lives as they hurriedly evacuated their homes, and then to compound this gross insult by claiming in the Grenfell Tower case that these people had wilfully failed to contact Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council as to their whereabouts – who would they honestly have contacted at that hour in the middle of the night when it would have been self-evidently obvious to all of them that it was out of work hours and Kensington and Chelsea Borough council officials were blissfully tucked up snugly in their safe beds and remained that way throughout the unfolding catastrophe at Grenfell Tower? – I like any other principled and intelligent person would readily have used whatever resources were at my disposal to assist those in desperate need.

Not so, however, the national government or Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council who with their Hurricane Katrina agenda surreptitiously but rather gleefully watched the horrific and sickeningly racist and ethnic cleansing events gripping Grenfell Tower unfold, as Nero fashion they exuberantly watched this perceived by them eyesore in otherwise fashionable and wealthy London burn out of control. So they know all right how many people actually perished in that Grenfell Tower Inferno and I’ve no doubt that they secretly wished that it was all of them. And with Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council despite the Grenfell Tower catastrophe – a dreadful disaster just waiting to happen - having occurred, there’s nevertheless abundant evidence to substantiate the fact that that unquestionably revolting, endemically racist and socially discriminatory cesspit for a council is still deeply and also surreptitiously engaged in its obsessive plans for ethnic and social cleaning of the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, a doctrinaire situation supportively endorsed by the Theresa May and similarly likeminded Tory Nazi-Zionist regime. For who can forget the words of this pathological liar who sits as PM of Britain and when disdainfully forced to grudgingly mention Grenfell Tower at all mendaciously guaranteed that everyone of its survivors would categorically be rehoused locally within the borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and now as Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council surreptitiously hurries its procedures to demonstrably ethnically and socially cleanse its borough environs, Theresa May predictably has rapidly backtracked on those worthless and absolutely disingenuous guarantees that she gave.

So the overall losers in this rather despicable scenario are undoubtedly the deeply traumatized survivors of the Grenfell Tower Inferno together with all the other contemptuously perceived as expendable Undesirables by Kensington Borough Council and Theresa May’s Nazi-Zionist regime as such. And raises many appropriate questions not only among those that I’ve spoken to in the UK but also in Germany too, as to the authentic origin, we already know the specific purpose of it, of the fire that literally consumed the entirety of Grenfell Tower, as well as the overwhelming majority of those who lived there. And the general consensus is, that this was no accident but was instead a deliberately planned and executed act of corporate mass murder with the primary purpose of barbarically instituting in the enforced circumstances obsessively dogmatic policies of ethnic and social cleansing. And regrettably it’s not only Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council that is dementedly preoccupied with this indisputably repulsive and in the 21st Century barbaric mindset; since it’s also the goal of several other London councils all of whom have at one time or another petitioned the national government in situ to let them have the statutory powers to effectively and unhindered carry out their own determinant acts of ethnic and social cleansing; and despite the tragedy of Grenfell Tower still feel that way.

And what better way to sum up these absolute lowlifes, largely intellectually impoverished retards, delusional and psychologically demented, white supremacists and staunch adherents of an absurdly perceived notion of their exclusive right to the concept of their interpretation of exceptionalism, white trash pieces of human detritus than in the terse words of John Wight which I’ve communicated here:

“Grenfell is a monument to Tory Britain. Neither oversight, negligence, nor malfeasance lies at the root of the Grenfell Tower fire in West London. Strip away the sickening obfuscation and platitudes, peddled by the usual coterie of confected politicians, and the roots of this disaster lie in the virulent disdain, bordering on hatred, of poor and working class people by the rich in a society which in 2017 is a Utopia for the few and a Dystopia for far too many.”

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