Monday, 19 June 2017

Grow up you idiotic and pathetic Barbadian House Niggers!

By Stanley Collymore

I take great pleasure in my Barbadian ancestry, upbringing and connections and so I was most appalled and deeply offended, and to put it bluntly personally insulted by the descriptions given by the so-called Royal Barbadian Police in relation to the inexplicable disappearance of SHALEYE JALISSA BENJAMIN.
For apart from the fact that no white person would be described in such racially insulting turns by the inured slavery-mindest assholes still infesting the Barbados Police Force this lady comes from one of the constituent parts of St. Andrew in Barbados where my entire ancestral roots on both sides of my family are deeply buried, and understandably is an area I know intimately and have many friends and relatives there.
Furthermore, her own relatives are among those that I went to school with, both at junior school, or as it was commonly known then in Barbados Elementary School, and subsequently the 18th century Alleyne Grammar School that we attended. And to see her treated in this fashion by irredeemable assholes who despite being Barbadian have no right to be in our country quite frankly pisses me off.
And to reinforce my anger I’ve taken the liberty of reproducing verbatim a response by a well-known Bajan personality OSSIE MOORE who describes the sickening revulsion that proud and MENTALLY-LIBERATED Bajans like me feel as regards this matter. And I’m personally writing to the Commissioner of Police, the Prime Minister who I know, as well as other Cabinet Ministers and prominent Barbadians I either went to school with or grew up with to voice my utter disgust.
I personally don’t give a toss what “Royal” accolade accorded to it several years ago that the Barbadian Police Force lauds itself with. But what I sure as hell shan’t tolerate, even if I have to fly to Barbados and make my own feelings evident there, is a situation where HOUSE NIGGERS within OUR BAJAN police force categorize a BLACK WOMAN in a manner that would make the remarks of the Ku Klux Klan, the British BNP and other right-wing racist groups look moderate and even anodyne. And an apology is very much in order here to this missing lady, her relatives, friends and all Bajans that respect themselves and don’t hanker to be HOUSE NIGGERS!
Significantly too Barbados is a country with a 95% Black population, so we do know what fellow Blacks, be they male or female, look like; as they’re our parents, relatives, friends, neighbours and fellow church goers. Now totally unaltered is OSSIE MOORE’S VERY RELEVANT RESPONSE:
Once again the R O Y A L BARBADOS POLICE and the news media is giving the description of a black person the way they were taught by the British years ago during the slavery years in how to describe a NEGRO - the way slaves were described.
Description of the missing black woman:
“Benjamin is five 5ft 8” in height, thickly build, dark in complexion, has a round head and face, brown bulged eyes, broad forehead, large nose, small ears, thick lips, and walks with an erect appearance”
(a) Has a round head -  are black people supposed to have square heads?
(b) Brown bulged eyes -  a white person would have been described as having medium sized brown eyes.
(c) Broad forehead - please describe to me what is a broad forehead.
(d) Small ears - are black people all supposed to have large elephant ears; why can’t some Blacks have small beautiful ears?
(e) Large nose - white folk have long pointed noses how come their noses are never mentioned in a description?
(f) Thick lips - some white folks with “thin lips” are now getting “lip injections” to make their lips much thicker like the black woman’s lips being described here and when that happens they are described as having “nice full rounded lips” while the “NEGRO” is said to have thick lips.
Barbados tries to dress itself very nicely on the outside but deep inside it’s an island of racists (against the other Caribbean islands), educated asses who still live in the days of slavery. A unique group of aliens who live their lives in chains and who don’t even know that they have the keys to unlock those chains.
Just like someone mentioned to me a couple of weeks ago when former West Indies spin bowler Lance Gibbs was bowling in England the British commentators would describe him as tall and lanky, yet one of their own white players [of similar build] would be described as tall and slender.
Now Bajans are describing their own black people the way in which a slave would have been described, but they would never have described a white person in a derogatory manner. In fact, was any [graphic] description ever given for the white Bajan woman who went missing in Barbados a few months ago?
 [Actually] just yesterday I was watching the CBC TV live stream Q in the community which was coming from the BAJAN community in Warwickshire, England and this Bajan man who had left Barbados approximately 46 years ago said in his interview blah, blah, blah “but we (Bajans) are a unique group of people” etc. etc.
With the way in which Bajans are describing one another now I understand what he meant by saying “A UNIQUE KIND OF PEOPLE!”
FIFTY YEARS of so called independence! FIFTY YEARS forward but 500 years backwards!
Well said Ossie Moore. And I sincerely hope that Shaleye Jalissa Benjamin is found safely and very soon. And to all my relatives and friends throughout St. Andrew, and especially at this time Walker’s Bay, and also the rest of Barbados my thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless!
And to the so-called Royal Barbadian Police Force – Do get your fucking act in line with 21st Century Black liberation and progressive thinking. We’re no longer SLAVES! So don’t act like we are and certainly NOT do so in the name of decent Bajans who comprise the majority of our population.

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