Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Chris Leslie: The archetypical, lowlife, white trash, British scum!

By Stanley Collymore

Jeremy Corbyn is a consummate waste of space and time
intimates his detractor – because in the latter’s case his
accuser has neither the language nor the necessary
perspicacity to fittingly frame anything in meaningful or
genuinely representative English words that would
comprise in the circumstances given more than
two syllables – and so idiotically bleats his
hatred hysterically as he characteristically
for him spews out his malevolent poison against Jeremy
Corbyn, this undeniably dim-witted, redneck, lowlife and
quite evidently white trash tyke, Chris Leslie, poignantly
and most ironically bringing to mind the familiar old
saying of the pot stupidly calling the kettle black.
For while Jeremy Corbyn has unswervingly
proficiently and proudly represented the
same constituency of Islington North
in London throughout his time as
an MP in parliament, Chris Leslie:
born and bred in Yorkshire, was
unceremoniously dumped by
the decent constituents in
his native Yorkshire.

And tail between his humiliated legs was forced to
scramble for a seat in the distant county of
Nottinghamshire, where without the
“security” of Labour this very
much odious, repulsive,
sick, sad and pathetically poor excuse for a
human being would again be out in the
cold and nowhere. Narcissistic to the
core and a compulsive attention
seeker in the bargain, Chris
Leslie is the actual epitome
of those whom Winston
Churchill - a life-long
eugenicist that man –
if he’d had his way
wouldn’t be here;

As their mothers and grandmothers would
all have been compulsorily sterilized;
and on reflection, and though I’ve
never been a fan of Winston or
will that ever change, what a
salutary blessing not only
for England but also
the entire United
Kingdom if the likes of Lowlife and
manifestly white trash scum like
Chris Leslie – who by no
stretch of even the
most fanciful
of imaginations is in the same
ethical league as Jeremy
Corbyn – had been
prohibited from
ever being

© Stanley V. Collymore
13 June 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
After every poem that I write, and as my many loyal fans know, I always write my own views or commentary pertaining to the work I’ve created. In this case I’ve decided not to as I’m of the view that they would be absolutely superfluous in this case. And so I’ll let the braindead idiocy of CHRIS LESLIE speak for itself, as this pathetically poor excuse for a human being sums up quite adequately in the nonsense that he routinely spews out and the animalistic and feral actions he blissfully indulges in just how far removed he is from the general species that we regard as Homo Sapiens.

Charitably I would normally have asked him to grow up and join the human race but that is undoubtedly a bridge too far for what passes in his case for a questionable human being.

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