Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Without a commitment to their implementation expect dreams to remain just that!

By Stanley Collymore

I'll staunchly carry on regardless of what the circumstances are:
be they positive, seemingly pointless or absolutely disturbing
either to me personally or likeminded souls generally, to use
my undeniably inalienable and likewise lawfully acquired
right to vote; and in the process of my doing so sensibly
engage in helping to select those whom I objectively
consider as best suited in my opinion to rationally
understand the real needs of, and who moreover
are really proficient at doing something positive towards
addressing the material concerns regarding the public
nationally, but more specifically in this deliberately
taken and implemented stratagem of principled
civic interaction universally ensure that those
like me who responsibly and committedly
wish to effectively utilize their lawfully
enshrined and guaranteed democratic
entitlement to radically change our
greatly flawed societal structures
and noticeably corrupt country
can unconstrained lend their
voice in favour of, vote for
and assuredly grant their
unshakeable support to
the candidates of their
real choice. And only then with that
prospect a reality will I personally
subscribe to the credible notion
that the United Kingdom that
with Germany I choose to
jointly live in, is indeed
a genuine democracy!

© Stanley V. Collymore
8 May 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
Liars, and increasingly pathological ones, can and often do win elections. Successes that do ultimately lead to all sorts of political, social and financial disasters. In marked contrast, however, statesmen and women who by their very nature simply aren’t afraid to speak the unpalatable truth while espousing practicable and constructive remedies to annihilate such catastrophes, not infrequently end up being the unsung heroes of an ungrateful world, and particularly so in the western hemisphere, endemically steeped in sadomasochism.

A population that’s often either totally unaware of or else absolutely indifferent to the fact that democracy isn’t or shouldn’t be about mouthing disingenuous and self-serving mantras, but rather ought to be concerned with telling the truth while both initiating and tirelessly implementing measures to remedy what disadvantages there are that need to be successfully confronted.

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  1. It might sound clichéd I know; but the questions I’m about to ask of you are nevertheless relevant. We’re in the 21st Century, right? So why do significant numbers, and possibly even the overwhelming majority of you, behave favourably towards and even relish clinging tothe absurd notion that you’re actually in the 19th or even the 18th Centuries and must therefore act accordingly?

    Can’t you see that in doing so you’re effectively making yourself your worst malefactors, even worse than those whom you instinctively perceive as your social betters, because you’re acting in that perverse manner voluntarily. And what’s more you then go on to quite willingly and even unthinkingly act as you do; because it’s so endemic in your nature and obviously instilled there from birth.

    A situation where you asininely permit this contagion of abuse to permeate every aspect of your pathetic life, literally encouraging those that abuse and exploit you in the manner they evidently do to act as they will, and therefore carry on irrespectively of the misery their wilful actions inflict on you; because they know full well that without even a murmur of challenge or dissent you’ll continue to submissively and rather cowardly let them!

    Have you no pride or self-assurance whatsoever in yourselves? A situation that from any principled or conscionable stance is distinctly sickening. So why don’t you try removing, just for once and to humour folk like me, that principally white British hijab of sycophancy, cap-doffing and virtually fossilised rank stupidity that you onerously but idiotically still carry while at the same time cheerfully as expected of you wallow in?

    Trust me it’ll be the first convincing and positive step towards ridding yourselves of the sadomasochism you ignorantly regard as a sensible way of living?