Thursday, 4 May 2017

Why paedophilia and political power mustn’t be perceived as synonymous with each other!

By Stanley Collymore

Every civilized country, or those aspiring to be such, should morally, legally and ruthlessly, and without fear or favour, round up all known or reasonably suspected paedophiles and other predatory sexual abusers, regardless of who or what they are in public life, and charge them with their offences irrespective of when or where these took place - as there shouldn't be any statutory time limit on such culpable and heinous offences - and if the accused are found guilty in a duly constituted court of law immediately sentenced to a mandatory life imprisonment jail term and comprehensively, permanently stripped through additional legal measures of their entire physical personal wealth and financial assets, no matter where in the world these are clandestinely located.

Not as the white Caucasian west, its profoundly embedded and risibly yet supposedly mainstream media are constantly doing, as is glaringly and enthusiastically attendant with these absolutely self-absorbed and utterly self-serving procedures that this somewhat hubristically perceived and quite asininely accorded in the process by these premeditatedly conceived and highly concerted acts of mendacious adventurism by the purported and, in all generalizations, preposterously respected MSM willingly assume and eagerly take in every conceivable manner open to them; and then having quite consciously chosen and categorically adopted these measures propagandistically and in typical lying fashion take to sickeningly hailing these perniciously loathsome deviants as reliable figures and the bedrock pillars of their respective societies, which evidently they aren't, but distinctly and very much to the contrary are instead consistently, intentionally, most inimically and unquestionably too to all those with eyes to properly see and who conscionably choose to use them intelligently, sagaciously and objectively, infectors with their aberrant behaviour of these very communities that regrettably they're a part of. And as such are hardly suitable role models for other communities or even countries where those who're living in them either unfortunately through their blissfully cultivated ignorance or equally so fundamentally MSM and "privileged elite" conjoined with each other dishonesty, outright lies, propagandized misinformation and the ruthlessly manipulative utilization for their own selfish, narcissistic and graspingly avaricious ends of a significantly feckless, thoroughly gullible and also an absolutely sadomasochistic western public - and most particularly so resident in the Britain and the United States - has for decades now been a common occurrence.

And I'd like to categorically emphasize that under no circumstances whatsoever that I could even fancifully imagine, and that's hardly likely to happen in my case, do I for a solitary moment regard such paedophiles or their otherwise but likewise predatory and sexually abusive ilk in such deviant behaviour, simply because the MSM and these deviants' colleagues, partners among the privileged elites and their many aberrant "positive" promoters among influential and powerful elements within any one specifically given country or a collection of them incomprehensibly and disgustingly, in my view, consider paedophiles or their undeniably enthusiastic supporters to be such, that I or other sane individuals must accordingly leap on board the same iniquitous bandwagon as them, and therefore in a highly irrational and nonsensical act of reasoning applaud these predatory deviants: paedophiles and other sexual abusers alike, as the exclusive and accordingly indispensable in every respect accredited "guardians and purveyors" of truth, justice and freedom for all. Concomitant too with the provision of unassailable equality of opportunity for everyone and all this unflinchingly it must be added under their impartial and discernibly, from their skewed perspective, benign influence and guidance as the "upright" upholders of entrenched moral standards, as they're markedly and dishonestly doing in the case of Emmanuel Macron.

Believe any of their evil, immoral and illogical nonsense and quite fittingly, I'd unhesitatingly and unapologetically say to you, you're completely mad! And not even the most highly skilled of brain operations, assuming of course that there's actually a brain there to work on in the first place, will in the least alter your entrenched and chronically sick condition.


  1. Neither the reality nor the spectre of paedophilia have any rightful place in public life, and most certainly not in the administration of any actual or supposedly claimed to be civilized society or country.

    And the malodorous stench of paedophilia, either systematically, self-servingly, most expressly and decidedly conveniently fumigated by the combined actions of the French and other western privileged elites, their countries’ ruling Establishment and together with the instinctive obsequiousness to do their bidding by their embedded so-called mainstream media in relation to the sordid environs of Emmanuel Macron’s house of scandal, but to other more discerning minds among the French electorate as well as the general western public, those who’re interested let’s say, is something which the more perceptive and obviously intelligent members of western society are fully cognizant that in this French presidential election campaign has quite literally emerged as the huge and visible but patently and suitably overlooked elephant in the room; but which these several vested interest players engaged in securing, as well as expectantly being massive beneficiaries of, an Emmanuel Macron victory are studiously ignoring and obdurately refuse to talk about!

  2. Pretending that something isn’t there, because someone or any number of likeminded persons involved either for quite perverse or else thoroughly self-serving reasons wilfully choose to delude themselves that that is the case when the opposite point of view is transparently obvious to anyone with a functional and comprehensively rational brain installed in their respective head, and furthermore that is unmistakably clearly and objectively working, is as mind-bogglingly stupid as taking to enthusiastically asserting that a highly unlikely, or even a totally impossible, occurrence is an infallible and absolute guarantee of becoming reality.

    And just as we saw in the case of Hilary Clinton the white western Establishment and well-heeled privileged elites, together with their embedded and so-called mainstream media are once again embarking on their characteristically stupid undertaking of doing precisely the same thing with Emmanuel Macron.